Chapter 88: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Shaved? Not cut?”

Li Changfeng lifted his gaze and watched Xu Qing pulling his hair. He knew that once it grew too long, Xu Qing would usually trim it. Only nuns and monks shaved their hair completely.

“I should just cut it.”

Xu Qing contemplated the idea and realized that getting a buzzed haircut just because of the heat would cause more trouble than it’s worth. The cons outweighed the pros.

“I can cut your hair for you after I finish this. You cut mine too, it’s getting a bit too long.” Li Changfeng quickened his hands and said to Xu Qing.

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“Okay,” Xu Qing shook water off of his hands and waited for Li Changfeng to finish.

“Shall we eat fish tonight?” Li Changfeng thought that Xu Qing hadn’t eaten fish for some days, so he asked.

Xu Qing shook his head, “No, let’s eat cold salad tonight. It’s hot, so I wanna eat something that reduces the heat. Cold cucumber, stir-fried shredded pumpkin, and a vegetable soup. How does that sound to you?”

“How about we have some porridge tonight as well? It’ll be more refreshing to eat along with the cold salad.” Li Changfeng often kept a bowl of herbal tea in his room at night because he tended to get thirsty, and porridge would be a good option.

Xu Qing thought about it and nodded in response.

During dinner, Xu Qing suddenly remembered Li Xiao’er’s pregnancy, “I’ve been so busy these past few days that I almost forgot. We haven’t gone to congratulate Brother Li on the happy event yet.”

Li Changfeng took a bite of the cold cucumber and nodded in agreement with Xu Qing’s suggestion. “Sure, I don’t have much to do these days, so it’s a good time to visit Xiao’er.”

“Alright. Tuan Tuan, come here and have some rice paste,” Xu Qing said after finishing his meal. He scooped some rice paste and offered it to the little ball. Nowadays, Tuan Tuan enjoyed both fruit powder and rice paste, and sometimes Xu Qing would also treat him with some minced meat.

After finishing dinner and cleaning up the kitchenware, Xu Qing went to take a bath while Li Changfeng and Tuan Tuan enjoyed the cool breeze in the yard. As he heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Li Changfeng couldn’t help but reminisce about the time when the bathtub was just made. His heart was filled with passion and desire then.

In the middle of the night, the bodies of a strong naked man full of strength and a soft beauty were constantly rising and falling. Under the man was a thin and fair body. Because of the constant movement of the person above, the beauty’s face was flushed.

Li Changfeng inserted both hands into Xu Qing’s sweaty hair, lowered his head, and kissed Xu Qing’s cheek, “Is that enough?”

Xu Qing panted like a fish jumping out of the water with his mouth open, “Enough, hurry up.”

Li Changfeng smiled when he heard the words, the movements of his lower body accelerated, going deeper. Xu Qing couldn’t bear it. He felt uncomfortable but enjoyed it at the same time. Since they couldn’t make too much noise, he had to control his whimpers, hoping that Li Changfeng would finish soon.

What Xu Qing didn’t know was that his repressed expression of enjoyment and discomfort aroused Li Changfeng’s primal nature even more, making him not want to end it sooner, but to do it longer.

“Hurry up!” Xu Qing couldn’t stand this kind of torture anymore and urged.

“Hurry up? Do you know that the last thing you can say right now is “hurry up”?” Li Changfeng smiled charmingly and buried his head into Xu Qing’s neck.

A big hand hugged Xu Qing’s waist. Li Changfeng buried himself even deeper, causing Xu Qing to gasp for breath. It seemed that the night was still young!

Xu Qing woke up the next day feeling a slight soreness in his waist and legs. If it wasn’t that they had something do today, he didn’t know if he would be able to get out of bed.

Li Changfeng smiled and wrapped his arms around Xu Qing. “Are you feeling sore? Let me give you a massage,” he offered, his large hands moving in a somewhat erratic manner. Xu Qing swatted the naughty claws away. “No touching for three days! Do you still want to sleep together tonight?”

Li Changfeng quickly withdrew his hand, cleared his throat and said, “Let’s go have breakfast. I have already prepared the meal.”

Once they arrived in town, it was still a bit early in the morning. The family of three went directly to the Wang family’s house to visit Li Xiao’er. Since he was pregnant, Wang Ama took care of him at home. The doctor advised him to rest and recuperate in the early stages of the pregnancy, as he was a bit weak.

Wang Lei and his father were at the shop, so it was Wang Ama, who warmly welcomed Xu Qing and Li Changfeng, especially after seeing the chubby Tuan Tuan. He was curious about how they raised him to look so energetic, so he asked them for some tips.

Although Li Xiao’er became a mother for the first time, he was still in good spirits. Xu Qing provided him with some advice based on his personal experience. After a while, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng took their leave.

“Wang Ama seems nice,” remarked Xu Qing, who was nearly overwhelmed by Wang Ama’s hospitality. While Li Changfeng wasn’t accustomed to such fervent enthusiasm, he didn’t dispute Xu Qing’s assessment, “Indeed, he seems like it.”

Xu Qing smiled and grasped Li Changfeng’s big hand gently, causing him to look up from hugging Tuan Tuan. The passersby who saw them thought they looked like an enviable family of three, with a well-behaved and cute child.

Xu Qing basked in the blessing gazes of the passers-by, feeling very happy. However, Li Changfeng leaned in and whispered something in his ear, causing Xu Qing to feel breathless.

What Li Changfeng said was: “What’s the matter? Didn’t you have enough last night? Be good, I’ll give more to you later.”

Give it to your sister! What a nice atmosphere he was having! The good feeling was ruined just like that!

Li Changfeng watched Xu Qing walk away in a huff, thinking that his wife was thin-skinned and easily embarrassed.

As the days passed, the weather grew increasingly warmer, but the farmers’ faces remained joyful. They had a bountiful harvest this season, and felt grateful for God’s blessings.

Not long after the autumn harvest, the distribution of the fields and food in the Li family was settled. The family separation was already in place, but little did they know that a big event was about to happen.

“What?! You said that Xiao’er and the third brother’s wife both had a miscarriage?!”

Li Changfeng didn’t look any better as he shared the news, “Apparently, after the autumn harvest at the old Li family, Mother wanted to celebrate the successful season and invited Xiao’er and Wang Lei for a gathering. Who knew that for some reason, the third brother’s wife bumped into Xiao’er, and just like that, they both had a miscarriage on the spot.”

After hearing this news, Xu Qing felt a mix of emotions. Since they hadn’t been informed to come back, they had no idea that such a tragedy had occurred.

“Have you visited Xiao’er?” Xu Qing asked. He was worried that Li Xiao’er might be overwhelmed with grief.

Li Changfeng nodded, “I’ve seen him. The doctor said that he hurt his body, but there is no major problem as long as he recuperates properly. Although the Wang family was heartbroken, they didn’t blame my brother. Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel at ease.”

Xu Qing breathed a sigh of relief. He had been worried that the Wang family would be unreasonable and blame Li Xiao’er for the miscarriage. “What about the rest of the Li family? Such a big event would surely have caused quite a stir.”

Li Changfeng scoffed, “Hmmph, they don’t have the nerve to cause trouble for Xiao’er. Their loose tongues caused this tragedy. There’s no use in trying to hide it now. But,” he added, thinking about Li Laoson’s wife’s condition, “the doctor said that the third brother’s wife may never conceive again. His pregnancy was further along than Xiao’er’s, so his body has been completely damaged.”

Hearing Li Changfeng’s words, Xu Qing sensed that there might be more to the story than just a mere accidental collision between two pregnant gers. However, since Li Changfeng didn’t elaborate much, it was likely a bad thing. “Now that we’ve heard, we should go back and check on them,” Xu Qing suggested.

No matter what happened, they still needed to show that they cared and offer condolences. However, when Li Changfeng and Xu Qing arrived the Li family’s courtyard, they weren’t let in. Well, not really, at least Li Ama opened the door, took the supplements they brought, but they were not allowed inside. Xu Qing looked at the whole thing helplessly, “Let’s go. let’s go to the town to see Xiao’er.”

Xu Qing was flabbergasted, but he understood the Li family’s desire for privacy during this difficult time. He wouldn’t want to see outsiders either if he were in their shoes. Although he didn’t know whether he was considered an outsider. Xu Qing glanced at Li Changfeng.

The two decided to leave and just visit the Wang family’s residence. When they arrived, they found Wang Ama tidying up the courtyard, and even Wang Lei was present.

Li Changfeng and Wang Lei went to have a conversation, while Tuan Tuan was taken away by Wang Ama. Xu Qing considered that it may not be suitable to bring the child in at a time when Li Xiao’er had just lost a child.

Li Xiao’er was lying on the bed, looking pale and much thinner than before. Even though Wang Lei and Wang Ama did not blame him for the incident and offered him comfort, Li Xiao’er could not shake off the guilt and sadness. After all, it was his first child, and it was difficult for him to forget the loss.

“Second brother-in-law…”

Seeing Xu Qing enter the room, Li Xiao’er’s eyes moistened at the corners. He didn’t know why, but it was as if his grievances were on the verge of spilling out.

Xu Qing looked at Li Xiao’er’s frail appearance and noticed a bowl of medicine placed on the table nearby. Holding the bowl with his back towards Li Xiao’er, Xu Qing discreetly added a few drops of spiritual spring water to it while the latter wasn’t looking. Xu Qing was concerned that Li Xiao’er’s recovery process might be prolonged, and thus decided to add a few extra drops for good measure.

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“Here, drink it while it’s still warm,” Xu Qing said as he helped Li Xiao’er up and handed him the bowl of medicine.

“Drinking medicine won’t bring my child back, what’s the point?” His words were accompanied by tears streaming down his pale cheeks.

“Who says he won’t come back? This child won’t leave until he’ll be able to come out of your belly one day. You just need to take care of yourself now.”

Li Xiao’er seemed to be holding onto a glimmer of hope at Xu Qing’s words. “Is that true? Will he be the next one?”

“Of course. My aunt told me this, so it must be true. The most important thing right now is to take good care of your body. You need to be ready for him when he comes back to your side.” Xu Qing wasn’t sure if his words would be effective, but he hoped they would offer some comfort to Li Xiao’er.

“Then…I’ll take good care of myself. I want him to come back. I never meant for him to leave like this. I can’t bear the thought of him never seeing the world,” Li Xiao’er choked up but drank the medicine in one gulp.


Thingyan: Well, of course it is the famous third brother’s family. Both husband and wife are amazing ๐Ÿ™„


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