Chapter 78: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng, who obviously didn’t want him to go to the field, with a funny look and said, “That’s not really a problem. Everyone has gone to the field to work. Even there is a customer, they can just call out. We’ll be able to hear them from the field. It isn’t far from our house anyway.”

After he said that, he put on a set of old clothes and placed Tuantuan in the cart, “Let’s go, you carry him to a nice place in the field; I’ll go get a hoe.”

Li Changfeng couldn’t refuse, so he had to do as Xu Qing said. He carried Tuantuan to the field and put him under a big tree, so that the sun would not dazzle the child’s eyes later. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing began turning the soil beside their son. They could see Tuantuan when they looked up, so they were not afraid of anything happening in such proximity.

It had been a long time since Xu Qing worked in the field. Just working for a quarter of an hour, and his arms began to feel a little aching, but when he saw Li Changfeng’s incomparably relaxed appearance, Xu Qing continued without admitting defeat. He was also a man. He couldn’t compare to Li Changfeng in the bed, so he had to at least save some face no matter what happened outside the bed.

In this way, Xu Qing, who wanted to save face, followed Li Changfeng to turn over the ground for five days until they finished the entire field. He felt so dead tired, and his back was sore. Fortunately, there were still a few days before the day of planting. If he had to continue this work and then move on to planting the next day, he would definitely be exhausted.

“We both worked in the fields for days, but how come you look like you’re not even tried.”

Li Changfeng was washing his muddy hands by the well. He looked at Xu Qing, who was slumped on the stool and didn’t want to move for a moment, and replied, “Oh, that’s because you were pregnant with Tuantuan and inactive for so long, otherwise you would definitely be better than me!”

Xu Qingdong didn’t dare to move. Any movement made the flesh on his body sore. He thought that the only place that was not in pain was his face.

Li Changfeng smiled. He walked behind Xu Qing, stretched out his big hand, and placed it on Xu Qing’s drooping shoulders.

“Oww! It hurts! It hurts!”

Li Changfeng had just started to massage Xu Qing with his hands, but the other kept yelling and couldn’t stand a bit of pressure, so he had to stop massaging the shoulders and moved to the arm.

“Ouch! It hurts here too! Don’t touch, don’t touch.”

No matter where Li Changfeng touched, Xu Qing was hurting, making him even more distressed, “You ah … Wait a bit here. I’ll go boil some water for you to take a hot bath. It’ll relieve the pain.”

Xu Qing nodded lightly, leaning against the wall, while watching Li Changfeng placed Tuantuan under the eaves. The little dumpling was kicking his calf, waving his hands, and giggling.

Later when taking a hot bath, Xu Qing dropped some spiritual water into the bathtub. If he waited for his body to slowly relieve the soreness, it would take some time. In a few days, it would be spring plowing. No way Li Changfeng could do it all alone.

After taking a bath, Xu Qing climbed into the bed. He originally wanted to coax Tuan Tuan to fall asleep first, but before Tuan Tuan fell asleep, Xu Qing had already gone to wonderland. Li Changfeng helplessly pulled Xu Qing closer, hugged him into his arms, covered the quilt, and reached out his big hand to touch Tuantuan’s warm cheeks, “Go to sleep. Your Ama has been tired these days, be good.”

After Tuan Tuan fell asleep, Li Changfeng turned off the lights, hugged Xu Qing tightly, closed his eyes, and fell asleep. These past few days of farm work made him exhausted. Afterall, there were many fields in their family.

The next day, the two decided to leave Tuantuan to rest at home.

“Is the Xu family inside?”

Xu Qing was sitting in the yard, with Tuantuan and Li Changfeng, eating snacks when he heard a crisp cry from the front door.

“Here! The courtyard door is unlocked, just push it open!”

Xu Qing thought to go open the door, but he was too lazy to move, “Xiao Bao! Come back!”

The big black dog Xiaobao, who already heard the noises from the gate, was already gone, ready to “greet”.

It might be a customer, so Xu Qing called him back.

The courtyard door was pushed open, and a smiling Ama came in. He was someone from the Deng family in the village, “Are you busy? I just came to buy some of your pickled vegetables! My little grandson loves to eat it.”

(T/N: Not the Deng family Li Xiao’er worked at.)

“No, we’re not busy” Li Changfeng got up and entered the main room. He opened the store, “How many do you want?”

Deng Ama was pulled by Xu Qing and sat together enthusiastically. Xu Qing also stuffed a handful of snacks in the other’s hand. Hearing Li Changfeng’s question, Deng ama hurriedly replied, “Two jars!” Then he turned back and smiled at Xu Qing. He said: “Your pickled vegetables, not only my grandson loves to eat it, even us adults like it. After eating it, my mouth would still be so greedy!”

Xu Qing raised the corners of his mouth, “This thing is appetizing, and it’s a good side dish. Our family loves it too, especially Tuantuan’s grandfather.”

Deng Ama’s face was wrinkled with laughter, looking at Tuantuan and boasting: “It’s been a long time since I saw Tuantuan, he’s really the same every day.”

“Deng Ama, here it is.”

Li Changfeng packed the pickled vegetables and gave them to Deng Ama, who took out the money pouch, and gave Li Changfeng ten coppers. After teasing Tuantuan for a bit, he returned to the village.

A few days ago, everyone was busy in the fields. In the evening, when there was nothing at home to cook, the adults would send the children to Xu family grocery store to buy the things they need. This was like a modern grocery store; it had all the basic necessities.

“Look at my idea. It’s only been a few days, and we’ve made almost two taels of silver. “Xu Qing said to Li Changfeng as if asking for credit.

Li Changfeng of course nodded straight, and he never stopped listening to his wife’s words and ideas.

But soon, the Xu family grocery store was no longer the only store in the village.

It had only been three days. Xie Ama personally came to the door to complain, “The Zeng family is really shameless! They know what your family does, but they really dare to copy!”

The Zeng family that Xie Ama said was the carpenter Zeng’s family. Zeng Ama suffered from the Xu family on the furniture business, and he was not happy at all. Now, seeing Xu Qing and Li Changfeng opened a grocery store like this at home, he immediately learned the same way, and began to sell candies and snacks. The price was a tad more expensive than that of the Xu family. Because Li Changfeng bought a hundred kilograms of goods, the selling price of the goods was naturally much lower. Zeng Ama was worried when he bought the goods. He was afraid of losing money, so he bought less, and the purchase price was naturally higher.

But in Xie Ama’s eyes, no matter what, as long as someone opened a store to copy the Xu family, it was not right.

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng didn’t go to the village very much. They really didn’t know about it. Hearing that Xie Ama was so angry for them, Xu Qing really felt that Zeng Ama was a little unbearable, making everyone uneasy. He and Li Changfeng were still confused though, “What’s the matter? It’s not that we can stop anyone from doing business. You have seen it. In the short time you came here, three families have come to us to buy things, which means that the opening of the store in the village has not had a great impact on us, isn’t it? “

Xu Qing put Tuantuan in Xie Ama’s arms, and said something that made Xie Ama wanting to be angry but couldn’t really.

Li Changfeng was also quietly engraving the doll by the side. Yesterday, a person came to Anle Village and ordered a child’s doll. Anyway, the day to plant the fields hadn’t arrived yet for a few more days. Li Changfeng couldn’t just sit still, he needed something to do. At this moment, after listening to what Xie Ama said, the couple did not have much emotional ups and downs.

“Looking at the calm expressions on you two’s faces, I guess it’s not a big deal. I was just worried. Tuan Tuan, do you want to thank Ama?”

Xie Ama saw that Xu Qing and Li Changfeng didn’t take it seriously. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He felt that they had a plan, and that was why they were not so anxious, so he began to put his attention on teasing Tuantuan. He was going to town to see Xie Yu this afternoon. He didn’t know when he would be back. There was not much do at home, and the old man alone could handle it.

After Xie Ama left, Xu Qing held Tuantuan and looked at Li Changfeng’s non-stop hands, “I didn’t think about it much at first. If our family can do this, other people can also.” Just like making wooden dolls. At the beginning, their family’s dolls were very popular, but now, Xu Qing didn’t even want to mention it too much.

“What’s the matter? Our family is not at a loss no matter what. You heard Xie Ama’s words; the selling price at the Zeng family store is a copper more than ours. As long as there are peasant families, people would still come to our store to buy the goods.” Li Changfeng was not worried about being robbed of business. He was confident in his heart, and he was not afraid of capsize.


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