Chapter 74 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

After speaking, he drove the donkey cart away without looking back. Old man Li chased to the gate of the courtyard, only to see the wheel marks in the snow, “Second child! Second child! Come back for me!”

“This little bastard! Third child, why are you standing still, you still don’t chase and apologize your second brother?!” Old Man Li was so angry that he grabbed Li Laosan, who was probing his head at the door of the main room, and roared.

“What’s the matter, what are you yelling for? Old man, what are you doing!” Li Ama asked when he heard the movement from the kitchen.

“If it’s not because of the good son you gave birth to! None of the kids give me a peace of mind!” Old man Li stomped his feet fiercely and went out angrily. He had to go stop Li Changfeng.

“What is this, did I give birth all on my own, how would they be born without you!” Li Ama touched his nose inexplicably.

Li Changfeng drove the donkey cart and soon arrived at Lizheng’s house. After talking for awhile, he left and went home. When Old Man Li and the others arrived, the person they were looking for was long gone, and he was ridiculed by Lizheng, who even said that old man Li didn’t recognize his own child, which was really cruel.

This time, Old Man Li felt not only distressed but also his head hurt!


Xu Qing was cooking dinner. Tuantuan was asleep at the moment, which just happened to allow Xu Qing to be able to do things with peace of mind for a while. As soon as the dishes were brought to the table, Li Changfeng came back with his body covered with wind and snow.

“I knew you would look like this. Go, the bath room has hot water prepared for you, go wash, and I’ll go see the child.”

Li Changfeng bowed his head and kissed Xu Qing on the forehead, “I have such a wonderful wife.”

“Smart mouth,” Xu Qing said with a smile, stretched out his hand, and patted the snow off of Li Changfeng’s body, then went to the room to pick up Tuantuan. The little dumpling should be awake by now.

After dinner, they wiped Tuantuan’s body and then the two went to bed.

Tuantuan slept in the crib next to the big bed. He babbled when he was alone. He didn’t cry. He just pulled the little quilt around.

“So you don’t have to go pay respect on the New Year day?” Xu Qing came to a conclusion after hearing Li Changfeng talk about what happened this afternoon.

“No, I don’t. You should be happy that we don’t have to go to New Year’s greetings, at least for this year.” Li Changfeng said with his arms around Xu Qing. There would be many people at the Li’s house, loud and crowded. Not just that, Xu Qing, who had just given birth not too long ago, and the young child traveling on a day of cold and snow, what if they get sick?

“You have a big heart, so you’re just going to let Tuantuan take after my surname?” Xu Qing lay on Li Changfeng’s chest, kissed his stubble, and asked with a smile.

Li Changfeng touched Xu Qing’s waist and said with deep eyes, “I was originally the recruited husband.”

Xu Qing grabbed Li Changfeng’s big hand that kept going down and asked inexplicably, “What are you doing?”

Li Changfeng pushed Xu Qing back on the bed, bit his ear and said softly and charmingly, “Make love to you.”

Xu Qing felt hot after hearing this. They seldom made out these days. Either they were disturbed by the crying of the child, or he was too sleepy and had no intention to do it at all. Even if Li Changfeng had intentions, Xu Qing often ignored him.

“The child hasn’t slept yet!”

Xu Qing stopped Li Changfeng from lowering his head. Li Changfeng mumbled without raising his head, “he’s already asleep.”

Xu Qing didn’t believe it, so Li Changfeng had to pull him up and let him see for himself. Xu Qing saw that Tuantuan was really asleep.

“Do you believe it now?” Li Changfeng pushed Xu Qing down on the bed again and turned him over. After not doing it for a long time, both of them were a little anxious. After a while, Xu Qing lay naked under Li Changfeng’s body, his eyes were all blurry, and he could only follow his body’s sensations and the movements of the man on top.

Mature content begins

Xu Qing put his hands on Li Changfeng’s shoulder, his legs naturally wrapped around the man’s strong waist, while his back was caressed by the big hands.

After Li Changfeng had done enough foreplay and felt Xu Qing’s high enthusiasm and his body was ready, he calmly entered Xu Qing, started to move. He buried his head and kissed Xu Qing passionately at the same time.

Li Changfeng’s dexterous tongue rolled over Xu Qing’s, constantly attacking Xu Qing’s oral cavity, feeling the most intimate and harmonious kiss between the two. Xu Qing’s body was trembling because of Li Changfeng’s actions.

Xu Qing couldn’t stand the long-lasting and intense kisses. He felt that he was about to suffocate, but his waist kept undulating with Li Changfeng’s violent movements. Li Changfeng naturally knew his wife. After he felt it was enough, he fulfilled Xu Qing’s wish and withdrew, causing Xu Qing to gasp for the hard-won fresh and slightly cold air.

Li Changfeng felt his whole body was worn out at this moment. His head tilted backwards and his body taut.

The layers of white snow outside the window brightened the entire black night. Nonetheless, everything else became unclear. Was it the touch of Li Changfeng or was it not? While the two bodies intimately entwined, they also brought about a harmony between the two people’s heart and soul.

Mature content ends

The next day, Xu Qing slept until early in the morning before getting up. Tuantuan had already finished having his fruit powder. The little limbs stretched out on the stroller. The candy and snacks placed on the large table by the courtyard gate were only a few left. It was prepared for the village children when they came to the Xi family house to pay New Year’s greetings. After saying auspicious words, the children would grab candies and other goods prepared. The event granted a lot of fun for them.

Xu Qing felt a little hungry since he woke up. When he entered the kitchen, Li Changfeng had just finished killing the New Year chicken and he was about to pluck the feathers. Seeing Xu Qing walking over in an awkward posture, he asked, “it still hurts?”

Xu Qing shook his head, “It’s not the pain, it’s the soreness. Anyway, thank you for your hard work. I saw that all the snacks and candies in the main room were prepared well. The children already came and grabbed a bunch.”

“What thanking me! Come, I prepared porridge for you in the pot, eat it first. My hands are dirty, you can help yourself.” Li Changfeng cleaned the intestines of the chicken and gave it to Xiaobao who was squatting beside him.

Xu Qing picked up the porridge, blew the hot air, and drank it slowly, suddenly feeling much more comfortable in his stomach. “By the way, have you posted the couplet yet?”

“Not yet, I’ll post it in a while,” Li Changfeng picked up the kitchen knife, and with a few strokes, he butchered a whole chicken into small pieces.

“I can do it. You wash your hands well with hot water, or Tuan Tuan will dislike the smell on your hands.”

Although there were only Xu Qing and Li Changfeng in the family, the dishes were not few. Chicken, duck, pork, some tofu, and side dishes almost filled the entire table.

As soon as lunchtime arrived, Li Changfeng hung a cannon at the gate of the courtyard, and the family stood at the entrance of the main room, watching the snowflakes falling all over the sky and listening to the thunderous sound of the cannon. Xu Qing and Li Changfeng looked at each other and smiled. This was their first year and the first gathering event for a family of three.

When eating lunch, Li Changfeng deliberately put a small piece of fat into Tuan Tuan’s mouth. Now that Tuan Tuan has eaten his first meat, he can continue to be fed some minced meat if everything worked well.

After lunch, it was time for the villagers to walk around to greet others. Li Changfeng and Xu Qing were reluctant to take Tuantuan out, so they prepared some snacks and waited for others to come over.

At the beginning, only the children came, and gradually the adults in the village also came to visit. Xu Qing and Li Changfeng also warmly entertained them. They talked about what to plant next year and when it would be best to plant. Some people also talked about Li Changfeng. When it comes to baby cribs, Xu Qing also took the opportunity to lower the price a bit and offered discounts during the Chinese New Year, which provoked several people with young children at home to order the goods on the spot, and some even ordered for their relatives.

Later in the afternoon, fewer people came to Xu Qing’s house. Xie Ama and Xie Yu also came to visit at this time. Since the old doctor Lin was gone, Lin Fangliang felt that it wasn’t good to celebrate Chinese New Year at home, so he and Xie Yu went back to Xie’s house instead.

Xie Yu was now nearly four months pregnant. After so many days of nourishing, his body has improved a lot, and he has gained some weight. He looked elegant and handsome.

“Come here, I came to see my lovely Tuantuan.” Xie Yu was wearing a purple robe. When he looked down at Tuantuan, the delicate blue silk fell on his shoulders. With his back facing the courtyard door, a snow-white scene appeared, making Xu Qing stunned for a long time, what a beautiful man!

The beautiful man hugged Tuantuan, gently coaxed, and teased him, looking gentler and more seductive, which made Xu Qing feel restless in his heart. If he had a camera, he would have photographed it long ago! What a pity! Pity!

“Have you seen enough?”

Just when Xu Qing looked obsessed, a gloomy voice suddenly came from his ears.


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