Chapter 73 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing was cleaning the little boy, when he heard a familiar voice in his ear, “Xiao’er, you’re here! You came alone?”

Xu Qing looked at the little brother Li’s body, the soles of his feet were not much wet, it seemed that he came by cart, but Xu Qing just put down the question when he saw little brother Li’s face flushed a little after listening to his question.

There is a situation! Xu Qing reacted immediately, let Li Xiao’er sit down, and shouted at Li Changfeng, who was changing TuanTuan’s clothes in the room, “Changfeng, Xiao’er is here!”

“It’s cold outside, I’ll pour you some red jujube tea, it contains ginger candy, it’s a good thing to keep out the cold.” Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. After Xu Qing cleaned up, he washed his hands and went to the kitchen to pour red jujube tea for Li Xiao’er.

Li Xiao’er sat obediently in the main room, holding his hands, a little frown between his brows, and a little shy, he was thinking about how to talk to Li Changfeng and Xu Qing.

“Come on, have a drink,” Xu Qing gave Li Xiao’er the red date tea. Seeing that Li Changfeng hadn’t come out yet, he knew that he was still tossing, “I’ll go take a look, why does it took so long to change clothes.”

“It’s alright,” Li Xiao’er held the hot tea and took a sip. The sweetness in his mouth came down his throat and into his stomach, like the candy that man gave him.

“What’s the matter, taking so long. Your little brother is here, go out and have a look, let me do it,” Xu Qing took over Tuantuan who kept twisting and incooperative and urged Li Changfeng to go out. Li Changfeng was also helpless, he was afraid that he would hurt Tuantuan if he tried too hard, so he had to toss for so long.

“Second brother.”

When Li Xiao’er saw Li Changfeng coming in, he immediately put down the red jujube tea in his hand and stood up.

“How come you’re here. It’s almost New Year’s Eve and you’re still running around? Even if you run here, others will say something unpleasant when they see it. You are at the age for marriage, so you have to think carefully about everything.”

When Li Changfeng saw Li Xiao’er, he gently scolded him. Li Xiao’er had already figured out Li Changfeng’s temperament. He honestly lowered his head and listened to him before he sat down. At this moment, Xu Qing came in the hall, holding Tuantuan who just changed clothes.

“Look, Tuantuan. Look who is here.” Xu Qing handed the staring Tuantuan to Li Xiao’er’s arms, teasing him to recognize his relatives.

“It’s been a long time since I haven’t seen him. Tuan Tuan has grown so big,” Li Xiao’er was surprised when he looked at Tuan Tuan, who was much bigger than when he was just born.

“Isn’t he? Probably ate too much. So, what’s going on with you, tell me, what’s the situation?” Xu Qing has always had the temperament to open the skylight to speak brightly, and Li Xiaoge is also aware of it. He replied shyly.

“Someone came to propose a marriage.”

Li Xiao’er said a little embarrassedly.

“That’s a good thing, looking at your expression, you agreed?” Xu Qing put his arms around Tuantuan and said teasingly.

Li Changfeng didn’t speak, waiting for Li Xiao’er to finish speaking.

Brother Li smiled slightly, “Yes. My parents are satisfied with the marriage too, but second brother, second brother-in-law, you know, as long as the other party’s family’s conditions are better, father and Ama would be satisfied, but this is a major event of my life, and I am afraid that I will make a wrong judgment, so I thought about it, and I want you to check it out for me.”

Li Xiao’er also heard a little about Xie Yu’s previous marriage. He was afraid that he would be too blinded and could not see the good or bad, so he wanted Li Changfeng and Xu Qing to give him second opinion. After all, his family, all they see is the family background, and they won’t consider too much in regards to one’s character, although he thinks that person’s character is good.

“Then tell me, I’ll talk after listening,” Li Changfeng sees that Li Xiaoge’er is really interested, but he still had a clear head, and it’s good to be careful so as not to get hurt later.


Since Mrs. Deng likes to eat candy, after Li Xiao’er arrived at the Deng’s house, he went to a shop specialized in sweets and snacks not far away under Mrs. Deng’s advice to buy his favorite things.

The shop is not very big, but it is very clean. Bright colored, sweet candies and snacks are neatly arranged which makes people have appetite at first sight. The owner of the shop is a young man. He looks smart, has a sweet mouth, can talk, good at business, and a gentleman. His name is Wang Lei, and it is this man who came to Li’s house to propose marriage.

Wang Lei is nineteen this year. There is an elder brother who is a ger. He is already married and also lives in the town. Now only Wang Ama, old man Wang, and Wang Lei are left in the family. The relationship with the neighbors is also very good.

Wang Lei was outgoing. He learned some skills from his uncle who was working as an accountant in a restaurant. He also went out and ventured. When he returned to the town, he found that there was no shop specialized in candies and snacks, so he had an idea and borrowed some money to start the business. Since the shop opened, the price is fair and the products are good. In addition, Wang Lei can do business, so he has accumulated a lot of regular customers, and it can be said that he has made some money.

However, he has not met someone he liked, so he refused to accept the introduction from Wang Ama for a long time. This made his parents to become anxious.

Wang Lei is not in a hurry, he is still away from the official match, and he doesn’t believe that he can’t meet a person who can make him interested some day.

Li Xiao’er stepped into Wang’s candy store one day following the direction that Mrs. Deng gave, and also stepped into Wang Lei’s heart.

In the past months, Li Xiao’er has been buying candy regularly. Wang Lei also inquired about Li Xiao’er’s situation and was even more attentive to him. Slowly, Li Xiao’er naturally felt Wang Lei’s intentions. He also thought that Wang Lei was really good, but he was afraid that Wang Lei would not be able to fully accept his conditions.

It happened that on one full moon day, and Li Xiao’er came to Li Changfeng’s place. He was originally planning to go back to town after lunch at his second brother’s place, but he thought that he hadn’t been home for a long time to see his parents. Deng family members also happened to come back on vacation. So, Li Xiao’er packed up, bought some things, and went back to Li’s house for a few days after stopping by at Li Changfeng’s house.

And those days happened to be the days when Li Xiao’er usually would come and buy candy. Wang Lei waited day after day, hoped and hoped, but he didn’t see someone he longed for to come. After a while, Mrs. Deng even made a joke, “Maybe he went home to get married.”

It was like getting hit by a bolt from the blue to Wang Lei! When he got home that night, he didn’t know the taste of the food, and his face was heavy. The Wang couple thought the shop wasn’t doing well seeing their son like that.

Under their questioning, Wang Lei spit out his heart and returned to the room with a frustrated look. Wang Ama immediately took this matter to heart, and asked someone to inquire the next day. Only then did he know that Li Xiao’er did not go home to marry but to visit his family. He told Wang Lei the news, and Wang Lei immediately came back to life full of blood.

After Li Xiao’er returned to town, Wang Lei took the initiative to attack and revealed his heart to Li Xiao’er. Li Xiao’er was straightforward and not a prideful person. He unpretentiously revealed his thoughts and feelings. Wang Lei was overjoyed, and he introduced Li Xiao’er to his family. The Wang couple’s worries were relieved. They liked the good tempered Li Xiao’er and finally could let go of their hearts.

Therefore, in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble, the Wang family proposed marriage to the Li family yesterday. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. They wanted to engage first, and they were not in a hurry to get married after the year ends.

Mrs. Deng’s family rushed back to the town yesterday, and Li Xiao’er also came back to Li’s house yesterday. In order to let Li Changfeng know about the proposal and let him check out the Wang family, Li Xiao’er came over by himself.

“Ama, did he agree?”

Li Changfeng asked after listening.

Li Xiao’er nodded, “Ama and everyone else were very happy,” Of course, it was because their son was able to marry into the town, didn’t he just give the family face in front of others?

“When is the date set?”

Li Xiao’er was a little shy, “On the second day of the second month, Ama said that the dragon would raise his head, it was the most auspicious day.”

“This is good. According to your words, Wang Lei seems like a diligent person with a flexible mind, so his character should not be too bad.” Xu Qing felt that after listening to Li Xiao’er’s words, Wang Lei appears to be much than that Ma Fugui. After all, not everyone will meet a wonderful person like Ma Fugui.


Translator: I really thought Xiao’er was gonna marry someone from the Deng family. God deng!


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