Ch 20: TGCIR

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With the mask, Xi Nan didn’t say anything anymore about Li Weilan’s plan.

Li Weilan put on the mask in front of them, and after trying it twice, he understood how the mask worked.

Just silently imagine in your mind the appearance and details of the face you want to change to and then ‘confirm’, the mask will fit your face perfectly, and even correct the discrepancies depicted in your mind, let the appearance looks exactly like a real person.

Making expressions or even squeezing the face will not have effects on the outer appearance. This mask feels no different from the real face. It can be said to be a very scary advanced technology. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

After the apocalypse, supernatural powers and supernatural products emerge in an endless stream, and it is not that the people at the Noah base didn’t know the boss’s supernatural powers, but they were just surprised at this moment. The big boss’ favors on Brother Li’s were just to be envious of.

“…” Xi Nan hesitated for a while, he really had the mentality of a big kid. These days, knowing Li Weilan’s character, he became more casual when he spoke and did things, and couldn’t help but asked, “Brother Li, let me try it.”

Li Weilan paused, and the corners of his mouth seemed to rise slightly, which was particularly heart-rending on the face of the ‘evil charm’ set he had changed to.

Li Weilan took off the mask and handed it to Xi Nan in front of him: “Then try it.”

Xi Nan put the mask on his face and tried for a long time, but the mask did not work, neither obeying orders nor changing the appearance.

Xi Nan was unhappy, but out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that Brother Li’s cold and stern face seemed to evoke a slight smile, and he immediately understood: OK, he shouldn’t be too curious and greedy.

It’s clear that it’s a gift from the big boss to the little wife. Even if Brother Li agreed to let him try, the big boss didn’t agree and didn’t allow him to use it at all!

Showing affection in public, dog man and woman! snort!

He wanted to just try a little bit, so but he was fed a mouthful of dog food to eat!

In front of the screen, Shen Cheng saw the system prompt with the word “bound” since the item was used in Li Weilan’s equipment bar. She looked at the fried hair little side character jumping over there and couldn’t help bending the corners of her lips: The equipment is bound, it is my cub’s thing. Others really can’t use it. There is also such a setting on his other equipments such as ‘Thunder’. Anyone who wants to steal it will regret to find that Thunder is just a scrap of iron. A powerful thunder skill, that can be used like his own arm in the hands of her cubs, will not work in the hands of other people.

Li Weilan and Xi Nan set off in a Humvee.

Shen Cheng looked at the prompt on the system jumped to [Remaining time: 18:00:00], and sighed in annoyance, alas, it seems that the next episode will have to wait 18 hours later.

After recharging the game, Shen Cheng still has 100 gold coins left. In fact, for Li Weilan’s space, if you want to maximize the use of it, you must expand the scale of available land.

Shen Cheng took a look: 100 gold coins can just open ten more fields, and with the current 10 fields, she has 20 fields that can be planted together.

Although what she’s doing doesn’t allow her to buy much for the time being, it’s still good that at least Cub will have some rice to eat. For now, the planting of vegetables that they eat should be put on the agenda.

Shen Cheng pondered for a while, and bought the expansion of the farmland with the remaining 100 gold coins.

She now has 20 fields!

After harvesting today’s paddy, the land is ready in no time to be planted again, her income will be 80G tomorrow!

Just thinking about it is very motivating!

While Shen Cheng was playing the game, all of a sudden, she took off her earphones, and her face became dark: there was a sound of knocking against the wall next door, and it was the sound of the head of the bed hitting the wall again and again.

She glanced at her watch: it was exactly ten o’clock.

“…” Ah, ah, I’m going crazy!

She was sure that the girl next door brought her boyfriend back!


Li Weilan and Xi Nan encountered several groups of homeless and zombies on the road.

It has been a whole year since the disaster happened, and the abilities of zombies have changed a lot from when they first appeared.

Li Weilan still clearly remembered that in the first week, the zombies were afraid of light, had a keen sense of smell but dull hearing, soft skin, slow movements, only a few large-scale clusters, and did not know how to use tools.

But now they encountered several groups of zombies, the sense of smell became more and more acute, and the skin was also very stiff. They even encountered a zombie with skin like steel on the road. No matter from any aspect, the threat of zombies to humans is much greater than before.

If humans faced this kind of zombies at the beginning of the end of the world, he’s afraid that before the appearance of the supernatural abilities, human race would have been completely wiped out.

Li Weilan and Xi Nan were both supernatural ability users, and the journey was smooth. Li Weilan collected the crystal cores of some first- and second-tier zombies along the way, and exchanged them with the people they encountered on the way.

The distance from Noah’s base to Tenglong base is not far. Just take a break or two on the road and you can arrive in about a day and a half. Along the way, the sound of their vehicle was probably heard from a distance, they had zombies following from a distance, some closer ones tried to get on the back of their car, only for their heads to be cut off by Li Weilan.

However, this pattern made Li Weilan to think deeply; if his guess is right, those zombies like the walking deads, although they walk very slowly, they are all following the direction of their car!

Their car is heading to the Tenglong base. Could it be that the goal of these zombies is the same as them?

Zombies walk slowly, their car drive fast, but even this kind of slow movements that seems to be done unconsciously will eventually come to an end.

Li Weilan’s brows were slightly wrinkled: we aren’t about to witness the sinking of a big ship, right?

Although the Tenglong Base is basically equivalent to dark and cold memories for him, there are many oppressed ordinary people in that base after all. As a human, he still has the most basic empathy.

In any case, he takes this doubt to heart.

There is still a long queue at the gate of Tenglong Base. Just as their car has gotten not far from the base, a uniformed base staff comes to ask: “Are there any ability user in the car?”

Li Weilan sits coldly in the back seat with a maddening evil face, and his eyebrows draws up into the temples. Hearing this question, he only glances at Xi Nan, who is in charge of driving.

With a flick of his hand, Xi Nan creates string of water.

The staff glances at Li Weilan inquiringly, probably because he feels that the temperament of this person is full of ‘you don’t want to mess with me’. So, the staff asks Xi Nan, who is obviously the follower: “The ability person can enter the base without waiting in line, but the two of you still have to register your purpose and place of origin.”

In the end times, the origin refers to the name of their base.

Xi Nan, who has already made a plan with Li Weilan, replies simply: “We are from Noah base, this is Lan Li, the young master of our base. We heard that you were going to have an auction here soon, and there will be Dawn.”

Noah base?

The name is quite interesting, but the staff has never heard it before.

The staff is not too surprised about them coming with the purpose of Dawn, but unfortunately, Dawn is about to be out of stock. He doesn’t know if this bottle from the auction will be auctioned for a sky-high price.

The staff member contemptuously curls the corners of his lips, and while he scribbles, he speaks casually: “Every time there is Dawn, there are quite a lot of prospective buyers, you are not the first batch today. “

Xi Nan’s face shows a hint of nervousness, which falls into the eyes of the staff. The man who has been in charge of the city gate for a long time glances at their clothes and equipment, especially the blade that the man in the back holding onto with his eyes closed for a long time. It’s really two big fat sheep’. The staff smiles politely, takes out two ability user visitor badges from his clothes pocket, put them in Xi Nan’s hands, and says loudly to the people next to him: “Let them go!”

The small door of the Tenglong base specially designed for vehicles to pass slowly opens in front of them.

Xi Nan starts the car and closes the window before asking Li Weilan in a low voice, “Brother Li, what shall we do next…?”

“Go to the reception, it’s the tallest red building at the end of the road, and ask for the best house,” Li Weilan said with his eyes still closed, his face as steady as Mount Tai – no one could see that his murderous intent swelled as soon as he heard the staff’s voice.

It’s such a coincidence in the world that the first time coming back to Tenglong, he meets an old acquaintance!

“Okay, Brother Li.” Although he doesn’t know if Li Weilan has that much money, or if he can afford it, he has been ‘educated’ several times not to question the boss, so Xi Nan quickly starts the car and drives directly to the end of Main Street.


Shen Cheng entered the game to collect the harvest.

The first time she entered the game was to look at today’s daily tasks. It seems that this time’s daily tasks are not as troublesome as yesterday’s daily tasks:

[Daily task 1: Interact with the main character once 0/1 reward: 20 gold coins

Daily task 2: Check the status of the main character Reward: 20 gold coins]

“Interaction…” Shen Cheng repeats these two words, stretches out her hand and gently pokes cub’s serious face. Although he Cub is wearing a mask and changed his appearance at this time, how could a gramma not recognize her own cub.

Unsurprisingly, with this poke, the first daily task was not completed yet.

Interactive interaction, you must have each other’s actions to be considered interactive, right?

Now that there is no main control room at the base to type, how does she interact with the cub?

Shen Cheng sighs sadly, feeling her head hurts.

Li Weilan feels a light touch on his back.

He almost jumps up.

This seems to be the second time…

Li Weilan clearly remembers that the first time he left Noah’s base for Wal-Mart, she was silent on the way.

This time too, they drove a total of 18 hours on the road, and she didn’t move at all.

Don’t want to, or can not?

Li Weilan had never doubted ‘can’ before, but this kind of coincidence…especially the familiar feeling of being watched after he entered the base, made him consider ‘whether she doesn’t want to or can’t’ question.

Is it possible that it’s not that she doesn’t want to follow him 24/7, but that she can’t?

For example, she can’t accompany him when he’s on the road. The current sample observation data is still too small to make a direct conclusion.

If so, what is the reason?

Li Weilan sits with one leg crossed onto the other in an extremely unrestrained posture, but there are already question marks in his heart.

Shen Cheng opens the character interface at this time, and when she sees Li Weilan’s current state, she becomes confused.

What is my cub thinking? Why do you have a question mark on your forehead?

Thinking about the world’s top ten unsolved mysteries?

The question marks and dark clouds on his head are about to cover his entire head.

“Mr. Lan,” the staff member comes back at this time and hands over the black and gold card with both hands. He then bows his head respectfully, “We have verified your card, and it is indeed valid, and there are still 100,000 points in it. We’ve deducted 100 points from the house’s rent.”

This person’s attitude changes quickly.

Xi Nan looks at the staff’s expression with full of disdain: when they came in just now, the staff member was ignorant and asked them to prove that they had enough financial resources before serving them, and with the points in the card, it is simply a slap in the face!

They came here with the plan to show off and attract attention. Xi Nan firmly remembers this, and he has to play the role of ‘the dog beside the young master’ perfectly. He steps forward, takes the black gold card back, and gives the staff a blank look: “looking down on people!”

“Yes yes yes…” The staff apologizes repeatedly, but there is still a smile on his face. This order will give him a commission of 5 credit points, which is equivalent to his monthly salary. Compared with the big problem of eating, face is worthless.

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s go.” Li Weilan stands up, softly spitting out cold words from his thin lips, “We have to go shopping in the afternoon, it’s rare to come out, I heard that there are quite a few vendors here at Tenglong Base, and all kinds of things can be found there. We have some stuff to buy before we go back.”

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