Ch 19: TGCIR

To err is to be human, and to change for the better is responsible behavior as a good mother. If you know that your cub is feeling jealous rather than something else, you need to give it enough security to make it feel comfortable.

If your cub’s mood remains low, it’s not just a minor task uncompleted, but the debuffs in the game will continue to wreak havoc. But how can you make it feel better?

During lunch break, Shen Cheng sat holding her phone, thinking hard. The lady next to her looked at her with a worried expression. She wondered why the young girl had been holding her phone every lunch break with a sad expression. She asked, “Shen Cheng, are you playing a game? Why are you so unhappy when you play?”

“Sister Ma,” Shen Cheng smiled shyly. She was usually a gentle and obedient girl in the company, soft and weak, and the older women loved to take care of her. Suddenly, she thought of Sister Ma’s cat at home, which she often posted pictures of in her circle of friends, and which looked so beautiful and enviable. It was said that Sister Ma was an expert at training pets. “Does your cat sigh and feel unhappy?”

As soon as she mentioned her beloved cat, Sister Ma became excited. She looked at Shen Cheng with a little appreciation, thinking that the girl had finally started a small talk. She said, “My cat is very proud. Sometimes when I feed the stray cats downstairs with the leftovers it won’t eat, it scratches my face if it finds out.” She stretched out her hand to show two shallow white scratches on her face. “But it’s also very well-behaved most of the time. One time, my husband and I had an argument, and it jumped up and meowed at him, not allowing him to speak loudly to me. Come to think of it, when it’s unhappy, I just have to coax it.”

Shen Cheng smiled at the thought of the cat being jealous. She asked Sister Ma, “How do you usually coax it?”

“Well, if it’s hungry, you have to feed it some small dried fish. If it’s unhappy, you have to stroke its fur more. If it’s just being difficult, you can sleep with it for a while. In short, you have to understand its mood,” Sister Ma said with a smile. “Personally, I like cats because of their pride, but cats are like masters, and everything has to be done according to their wishes. In short, you have to give it what it wants, not what you think it wants.”

It sounded a little convoluted, but it was still understandable.

Shen Cheng finally understood. In any case, she just needs to coax her cub well and treat the problem specifically. She can’t generalize.

Shen Cheng was lost in thought and couldn’t help but start thinking about something: what is the equivalent of the “small dried fish” for her cub?

In fact, from the fact that sending black cards and incense burners didn’t work, it can be seen that their own cub is not like those in other games who are happy the more expensive the gift is. Instead, the cub is so proud that he doesn’t care about the value of the gift, but only care about whether it’s thoughtful or not – for such a cub, you need to put your heart into it!

After thinking about it, Shen Cheng suddenly understood something and smiled brightly at Sister Ma, thanking her sincerely, “Thank you, Sister Ma! I understand now!”

“???” Sister Ma was startled by her heartfelt thanks and was silent for a moment before coming to her senses. But in her heart, she couldn’t help but think: this girl’s smile is really sweet, but it’s a pity that she’s an orphan in this big city with no one to rely on, it’s quite pitiful.

What’s there to thank for… she didn’t do anything special, she just chatted a bit… forget it, if there’s anyone else in the company gossiping about the little girl behind her back next time, she’ll speak up for her a few more times, which could be considered repaying this kindness.

Shen Cheng didn’t know what Sister Ma was thinking behind her back. She opened the game interface and clicked “home.”

Looking at the golden rice waves, Shen Cheng controlled the cursor with her fingers and drew a special pattern during harvesting.

“If this still can’t coax him, then it’s definitely a problem with the game mechanism…” Shen Cheng muttered to herself in front of her phone, checked the time and saw that her lunch break was over, and turned off the game.


In the afternoon, Li Weilan entered the space.

As soon as he opened the warehouse door, he saw that some rice had already been harvested in the golden wheat waves. From his perspective, he could only see that a few rows were missing in the middle, but he couldn’t see the pattern clearly.

There was no doubt that it was the credit of that person for cutting the rice like this.

Li Weilan didn’t know what she had done, but he couldn’t resist the tingling sensation in his heart like a cat scratching, and walked into the rice field.

He followed the cut rice stalks and gradually sketched out the outline of the lines in his mind.

From the clasped hands to the tiny bottom to the chubby middle, Li Weilan’s heart became more and more clear as the pattern in his mind became clearer and more precise. It was a heart formed by two hands clasping together, she was telling him that she was wholeheartedly devoted to him!

This was her explanation.

What he actually wanted wasn’t for her to coddle him or expensive gifts. For some reason, Li Weilan suddenly felt sweet and filled with honey in his heart, and his lips couldn’t help but curve into a smile.

He cut the remaining rice and piled it up in the warehouse before leaving to prepare for his journey.

Tenglong base still owed him a debt, and his intention in going to Tenglong was to make good use of the black crystal card.

He didn’t know how she had managed to save up 100,000 credit points, but his plan was to spend as much as he earned on this trip to Tenglong.

With such a large sum of money, if he let those unscrupulous merchants take even a half-percent advantage, he would be too incompetent.

Li Weilan’s plan was not only to dig into Tenglong’s secrets, but also to turn the tables and profit from it, so that he could demonstrate to that person that this “start-up capital” was only a small part of what he was capable of.

Because of this plan, it was worth discussing what supplies, personnel, and identity he should bring to Tenglong.

When Shen Cheng logged into the game, a new prompt popped up from the system.

【Daily Quest 2: Raise the main character’s mood to happy or above. Completed.】

Gold coins: 50.

“Ah, has the cub’s mood improved?” Shen Cheng was quite happy about it. “It seems that as long as you use the right method, cub is easy to please.”

After clicking on the completed button, another system prompt appeared:

【It seems that there is a meeting going on in the base. Go see what they’re talking about.】

“Huh?” Shen Cheng searched around and found the little people in the base sitting in a meeting room.

“Brother Li, if you do this, you might greatly offend the management of the Tenglong Base…” What Xie Nan wanted to do was to go to the Tenglong Base, pick up his friend, and buy medicine for his sister, so when he heard Li Weilan’s plan, he almost instinctively showed hesitation.

Tenglong Base had nearly 100,000 residents, a number that was worlds apart from their Noah Base, which only had a few people although their Noah Base had all kinds of black technology.

Xie Nan had discovered something in recent days. As long as they paid a little attention, zombies couldn’t even find this underground base. The only thing they needed to worry about was the possibility of mutant beasts burrowing out from underground.

But even so, Noah’s security was much higher than any other aboveground base, giving people a sense of safety that was even greater than that of city walls.

Xie Nan was certain that as long as they opened up recruitment, the twenty small rooms in Noah Base would soon be overcrowded.

So Xi Nan thought that there was no need to have a direct conflict with the people from Tenglong at this time. They should focus on making Noah’s security, technology, and talent top-notch first. They should only confront Tenglong when there is a fundamental conflict of interest, right?

Why use economic means to “sanction” Tenglong now?

Li Weilan looked at him quietly, did not speak directly, turned to Yan Hongyu and asked, “What about you? What do you think?”

Yan Hongyu hesitated for a moment.

She had also been living in the end times for more than half a year before she was caught by those people. But because she had not been to Tenglong, she had no idea about the size and strength of this base.

Ignorance breeds courage, not to mention that for her, Li Weilan was the god who saved the remaining twenty women.

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She lifted her chin and said, “I’ll listen to you.”

Xi Nan hesitated for a moment, “Brother Li, I’m not trying to oppose you. It’s just that there are only two of us going on this trip. I’m afraid that something might happen, and I don’t mind, but if you get trapped there and can’t get out, Tenglong is a big base. Also, since we’re gonna be buying ‘Dawn light’, it will attract attention.”

Li Weilan’s dark eyes lingered on his face.

Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu couldn’t be said to be good or bad. Their different behavior at present was only due to different standpoints.

For Xi Nan, perhaps the most important thing in his life was his sister. For this purpose, he sought stability and did not want to take risks.

But Li Weilan was different.

What he wanted was to get all the “Dawn light” and then destroy them all!

This thing should not be passed down in the human world!

Because those who have gained fame and fortune because of it are not worthy!

He came back from hell, and he will definitely make them pay.

Shen Cheng looked at their conversation and probably understood the plot.

Now, her own cub is ready to cause trouble at a base called “Tenglong.” She understands that it’s probably a game preparing to open up new maps and gameplay for her. But the subordinate next to him is worried about his safety, afraid that he will get caught up in Tenglong base.

Since it’s a new map and her own cub wants to go, of course, she agrees!

Shen Cheng thinks this should be a series of tasks, and the hint the game is giving her now should be translated as: Is there any pay-to-win task props that can reduce the danger of your own child in the new map?

Shen Cheng looked for it and actually found this item in the system store:

[A mask that can be transformed at will: This is a new “human skin mask” made by a shape-shifting ability user, for only 299, it can give you any face you want. Of course, no face is also possible! Remaining uses: 10/10]

“…” The last introduction is a bit gimmicky, but looking at the description, it should be something like the ancient “human skin mask”! With this, her own child won’t be recognized anymore!

Zaizai, don’t worry about causing a ruckus, mother will earn money and buy you a mask!

Shen Cheng looked at the price below, which is labeled [300 gold coins], and counted her remaining gold coins. She had a little hesitation: she didn’t have enough gold coins to buy this mask.

Shen Cheng currently has a total of 199 gold coins left.

She only hesitated for a moment before recharging 100 yuan – first recharge 100 yuan and get 100 yuan bonus, leaving 100 gold coins to buy the mask and placing it directly on the table in front of cub.

Hey hey hey, with this, you can be as reckless as you want!

Shen Cheng rubbed her hands and sat in front of his phone, watching the little person in the screen seemingly stunned by the mask that appeared out of thin air on the table, with a happy smile on his face.

Except for Li Weilan, the other two little people all had “!!!” exclamation marks on their foreheads, their eyes widened, and their faces froze.

Looking at their expressions, Li Weilan didn’t know why he felt a little delighted in his heart. He coughed lightly and took the mask, which appeared out of thin air. It felt like human skin, even with a hint of warmth. He said to the two people in front of him, “Don’t worry, our base owner just has this kind of style. It’s good to get used to it early.”

Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu looked at him in shock, completely unable to understand what “getting used to it early” meant.

To be honest, this kind of boss who appears out of nowhere and may stare at you at any time to see if you are working overtime properly… is super terrifying!

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