Chapter 72 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Unexpectedly, Li Changfeng’s next sentence made Xu Qing stunned, “This, maybe he lives there alone, so there are no neighbors! It is more dangerous to bring a child into the mountains, there are branches, thorns, and mosquitoes. A lot to be worried!”

“But since he has a child, what about the child’s Ama? What was he doing with a child alone!” Li Changfeng still couldn’t understand.

“… Tuantuan, look, this is Xiaobao!”

The witty Xu Qing was silent for a while, and then began to tease Tuantuan again. Translated on hololonovels dot com. Li Changfeng touched his nose and continued to choose beans, without saying anything that made Xu Qing’s stomach hurt.

“Changfeng! Are you at home? I’m Lin Fangliang! It’s urgent!”

“I’m at home! I’m at home! I’m going to open the door. Wife, don’t come out.” Li Changfeng instructed Xu Qing, and hurried to open the door. Such an anxious voice was not a trivial matter.

“What’s the matter? Come in, it’s snowing heavily!” Li Changfeng opened the courtyard door and looked at Lin Fangliang, who appeared worried and panicked.

“I won’t go in. Changfeng, is Xiaoyu at your house?”

Li Changfeng shook his head, “No, what’s wrong?”

“Then has he come to find you?” Lin Fangliang asked eagerly.

“No, we haven’t seen him since we said goodbye last time.”

“Oh, OK,” Lin Fangliang said with a look of decadence, staggering about to turn around and leave, “You don’t even have an umbrella, and you don’t know what’s going on!” Li Changfeng grabbed Lin Fangliang.

Lin Fangliang looked at Li Changfeng blankly, “Xiaoyu disappeared, leaving only a letter. My in-laws don’t know where he went, and I can’t find him.”

Li Changfeng was stunned, “Hey, what’s going on here, you guys quarreled?”

Lin Fangliang shook his head.

“You bullied him?”

Lin Fangliang shook his head even more.

Li Changfeng paused, “Then you have a mistress outside?”

“How is it possible, I don’t want anyone except Xiaoyu in my life!” Lin Fangliang shouted vigorously after hearing this.

Xu Qing listened to the bursts of shouting at the gate of the courtyard, but couldn’t understand exactly what was being said.

He was a little uneasy in his heart, and when he was about to go out, Li Changfeng came back.

“Why are you alone?” Xu Qing looked behind Li Changfeng and saw that there was no one there, “Where’s Lin Fangliang?”

“Left to look for Brother Xie.” Li Changfeng sat down and said after drinking a sip of water.

“Look for?” Xu Qing immediately grabbed the word, “What’s wrong?”

It turned out that Lin Fangliang felt that Xie Yu was a little abnormal a few days ago, but he couldn’t find what the abnormality was. Xie Yu kept making clothes and shoes for himself. Lin Fangliang asked him to rest, but he said he was free and had nothing to do, so doing these will allow him not to be so bored.

He was also very enthusiastic at night, which made Lin Fangliang very happy. There was no *Dai Xiao in this dynasty, so there was no such thing as avoiding sex for a certain period after the funeral at home.

*(T/N: it’s a period of showing filial piety after the death of parents. This period generally consists of either 49 days, 100 days, one year, three years, and the shortest period is the end of the funeral (3-7 days). During this period, there are certain restrictions such as men wouldn’t cut their hairs, women wouldn’t wear make up, no marriage, no sex, etc.)

Unexpectedly, Lin Fangliang came back from the clinic to pick up something this afternoon, and saw that there was no one at home, but there was a piece of paper and a book in the main room. When he saw the handwriting, Lin Fangliang knew that it was written by the old man next door. The people who wanted letters written would look for this old man. In the letter, it’s said that Xie Yu, being unable to conceive after getting married, felt guilty and couldn’t bear to face his husband anymore, so he left. He left without any other words to Lin Fangliang.

“Lin Fangliang read the letter and went to the old man who wrote it. The old man said Xie Yu asked him to write it this morning. After hearing that, he searched the whole town. Then he went to the Xie house. The Xie couple also went out to look for Xie Yu after hearing the news from Lin Fangliang,” Li Changfeng shook his head, why didn’t Xie Yu think clearly before acting.

“Then what are you still doing! Hurry up and go find him!” Xu Qing immediately became anxious.

“Lin Fangliang already searched all the places that he should, but Xie Yu still isn’t found. Even if I go out to look for him, it’ll be in vain.” Li Changfeng reassured Xu Qing, “Besides, Brother Xie hid by himself. It’ll be hard to find someone who doesn’t want to be found.”

Xu Qing was sobered up by Li Changfeng’s analysis. Also, Brother Xie definitely didn’t want Lin Fangliang to find him, that’s why he left and hid.

“Why do you think he resulted doing such a thing?!”

Xu Qing patted his thigh and said loudly, Tuan Tuan in his arms was so frightened, he immediately opened his mouth and began to cry.

“Good boy, good boy, don’t cry, don’t cry.” Li Changfeng immediately took Tuan Tuan and coaxed, Xu Qing also knew that the child was frightened, but he was angry and anxious, “It’s going to be Chinese New Year soon, you tell me, where could he possibly be going!”

“Don’t worry, it’s late today. I’ll go to the town tomorrow to find Lin Fangliang.” Li Changfeng coaxed Tuan Tuan and pulled Xu Qing back.

“That’s the only way, alas.” Xu Qing felt that he had to sigh all his anger out for a year.

The next morning, Li Changfeng only went to town for a little over half an hour and then came back, causing Xu Qing to be confused, “why did you come back so soon, how can you find people like that?”

Li Changfeng laughed: “It doesn’t count as finding him, well Brother Xie went back by himself!”

Xu Qing was startled, “he came back?! What’s going on? Is he okay?”

Li Changfeng put the donkey in its house, turned back to Xu Qing and said mysteriously, “It’s not very good.”

Now Xu Qing is even more anxious now, “What’s the matter? You say it quickly!”

“It will take seven or eight months with a big belly before giving birth. You tell me, how could this be good!” Li Changfeng, who was most reluctant to bear Xu Qing’s anxiety, stepped forward and kissed him, and said immediately.

“Pregnant?!” Xu Qing’s heart skipped a beat, for fear that Li Changfeng was joking.

“Of course it’s true, it’s been three months, but he and Lin Fangliang just didn’t find out.” Li Changfeng couldn’t help laughing when he thought of Lin Fangliang’s stupid expression.

“Then we have to go and have a look, hurry up,” Xu Qing asked Li Changfeng to prepare the donkey cart, and went to change clothes.

Xie Yu originally was going to just leave the letter and go far away. Translated on hololonovels dot com. He thought Lin Fangliang would gradually forget himself and marry someone who could carry on his lineage for him. Only then he would come back, but he only walked for one night and just arrived In the next town, he thought that since he left without saying goodbye to his parents, he did not know what the chaos would be like at home.

So he decided to go to Xie’s house, of course while avoiding Lin Fangliang along the way. As a result, when Xie Yu was renting a cart the next morning, he suddenly vomited from motion sickness. He never got motion sickness. The donkey cart owner uncle also said that it was similar to when his wife was pregnant. His wife didn’t get motion sickness at ordinary times either.


Thingyan: See, I hate people who does thoughtless shit like that. Give the guy a break, his father just died and now he had to bear the disappearance of his wife?


  1. Stela says:

    And he even have the nerve to say that when marries another wife nd child then he would also come back wow…. I didn’t expect him to be this selfish nd heartless…its not even be called idiocy

    1. Iris says:

      he wouldn’t come back to LF. he’s not really selfish or heartless as you say, rather he’s insecure, having no child in those times was a sin you know, against grandparents, parents, ancestors. For old folks probably worse than being a murderer. And he really wanted to gift a grandson to LF father while he was alive. He was burdened by expectations. just because LF doesn’t care about not having a child doesn’t decrease the burden. There are neighbours, there are rumours, and even the smallest rumours can kill people.
      YUYU is not selfish. He gains nothing but looses a lot. That’s not selfishness, that’s stupidity.

      1. Moonrabbit says:

        Agreed! Repeat after me! : “that’s not selfishness, that’s stupidity”

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Why are you all hating him so much? Xiao Yu should be hugged instead!
    He’s so pitiful…
    If you want to know why I think so, let me point out one fact you all seem to have forgotten:
    Xie Yu is suffering from depression. At it seems to be quite severe.
    The fact that he left like that and even made such stupid excuses for himself to let Lin Fangliang remarry before he returns etc, is really idiotic, I agree.
    But from Xie Yu’s perspective at that time, there was no other solution.
    Yes, he made a mistake by rashly leaving like that, but that’s only normal for someone in his situation, others would have acted way more excessive… like Li Xiaoyu (that matter the night before ML took him back home).
    He had been mistreated for 5 years by the Ma family, and got traumatized and spent at least 2 years just lying in bed, unable to even stand up straight.
    Then there was the matter with that medicine and the enstrangement between him and his former husband. After that was the divorce, where he was just informed and immediately thrown out.
    When he finally got his own, real marriage with a loving husband, his sickly body was unable to get pregnant for months straight.
    Having an unstable mentality and acting on a whim like that is quite understandable, given his situation. It’s just that from my point of view, he’s not the only one at fault. It still takes two hands to clap.
    It already started back when MC was pregnant, or even before that, that we as readers could see how stressed Xie Yu was, because of not being able to get pregnant. And if I recall correctly, it seems that only Xu Qing noticed how severe his pressure was.
    Especially in this ancient setting, someone unable to get pregnant is basically equivalent to a useless person. (In this case, he was basically an “almost-genderless”-person, at least from his own view)
    Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to point out that he really wasn’t thinking straight and most likely wasn’t aware of what kind of result his actions had to those close to him. And he as a person is just so pitiful. I seriously want to hug him!!!

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  4. Andra says:

    Thank you for the chapter. Yeah, the pressure can kill someone, I’m glad he didn’t take even more drastic measures. Xu Qing noticed something wrong with him, but what about his husband, he didn’t notice. Granted his father just died, but this depression was not a new thing. Should’ve expected his anxiety and depression to spike with the death of his father in law, and how ‘he failed him’.

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