Chapter 72 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“But I heard that he left with a smile on his face, sigh, this can be considered his mood before he passed,” Uncle Xie said with emotion.

Xu Qing lightly patted the dozing Tuan Tuan, his heart was quite complicated, he looked at Li Changfeng, who also had a complicated complexion, “Let’s go take the last look at Old Doctor Lin.”

Uncle Xie felt that the old Dr. Lin died without regrets, but Xie Yu didn’t think so. He felt that the old man died with regrets.

Xie Yu lowered his head and cleaned up the old doctor Lin’s room. Translated on hololonovels dot com. Thinking that he could not let the old man see Lin Fangliang’s next generation as he wished, he reached out and touched his stomach, his eyes filled with disappointment.

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng brought Tuan Tuan to Lin’s house. As soon as they arrived at the door, they saw a white cloth hanging in front of the door. On such a cold day, such a plain white color stings the eyes of those who came.

Lin Fangliang and Xie Yu were both sad and haggard, especially Xie Yu, who he had not seen for a few days. Xu Qing felt that the person in front of him had lost a lot of weight.


Li Changfeng patted Lin Fangliang on the shoulder, and he didn’t know what to say to comfort him. Lin Fangliang’s eyes were slightly red and swollen, caused by not sleeping for a few nights, “Changfeng, I didn’t expect him to go so early.”

Lin Fangliang was in great pain. Old Doctor Lin was his only family member besides Xie Yu. Since he can remember, old Doctor Lin was by his side, taught him medical skills, and took care of the trivial matters of him. He still thought about it. After he got married and slowly took over the clinic, the old doctor Lin would be able to take care of his health better and live a good life, how could he have known that…

“I’m really ashamed of being such a ger!” Xie Yu looked at Lin Fangliang’s self-blame and painful appearance, and felt uncomfortable for a while. He even thought that he should not marry into the Lin family. As soon as he got married, there was a drought. He didn’t live up to his expectations, and even the only thing that Old Doctor Lin wanted to see, he went without seeing it! If he hadn’t married Lin Fangliang, he might have had a child a few months old already by now.

“Brother Xie, don’t think too much, you have to take good care of your body. Old Doctor Lin took a lot of thought to take care of you.”

Seeing Xie Yu’s pale face, Xu Qing sighed in his heart, persuading him to pay attention to his body, “Tuan Tuan, don’t you think?”

Xie Yu turned his head after hearing Xu Qing teasing Tuantuan, “You shouldn’t have brought the child.”

“What’s wrong with this, old doctor Lin is not an outsider, how can we not send him off for the last time.” Xu Qing held the chubby little hand and said indifferently.

Xie Yu pulled out a smile and looked back at Lin Fangliang, who was entertaining the guests with his head down.

Old Doctor Lin’s life can be said to have saved countless lives and healed countless illnesses. Many people came to see old Doctor Lin for the last time. They didn’t stay for dinner. It was like the white cloth hanging at the door of the Lin family’s house, fluttering around with the wind.

When Xu Qing and Li Changfeng returned home, it was already evening. Although they were not in a relaxed mood, they still had the child with them. No matter how heavy their hearts were, they had to let go and cherish what they have. That is a blessing.

“Changfeng, don’t forget to engrave the three of us.” Xu Qing wanted to record every age stage of Tuantuan with wooden dolls.

Li Changfeng pinched the tip of Tuantuan’s nose, “Of course I won’t forget, I have already prepared the wood, and just waiting for Tuantuan and you.”

“You have to engrave it a little bigger, but don’t make it too big. We’ll keep one in our room, and the other one will be placed in his room when he can live by himself. This is our family portrait.” Xu Qing saw Lin Famgliang at the old doctor’s funeral, he felt the pain for him, but it also reminded him that their family of three should have a family portrait in order to have a sense of belonging.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you, what do you want to eat tonight?” Li Changfeng looked at the darkness outside and thought about what to cook for Xu Qing. During this time Xu Qing was pregnant, the meals at home were basically all made by Li Changfeng. Xu Qing would give him some pointers and occasionally cook a new dish while also training Li Changfeng’s cooking skills.

“I don’t have any appetite, don’t want to eat,” Xu Qing said listlessly as he thought of the funeral during the day and didn’t feel like eating.

Li Changfeng also has no appetite, but he can’t let Xu Qing be so hungry, “I’m going to cook some porridge. Please eat some, otherwise your body won’t be able to take it anymore. You see, we haven’t seen brother Xie only for a few days and he has become so thin.”

“Indeed, you say, why he doesn’t take good care of his body,” Xu Qing thought of Xie Yu’s face he just saw this morning.

“Don’t worry about others. I’m going to cook,” Li Changfeng poked Xu Qing’s head with a smile, and rubbed Tuantuan’s little face again before walking to the kitchen.

Xu Qing touched the aching head that was poked by Li Changfeng, and then touched Tuantuan’s red face with a smile in his eyes.

The death of the old doctor Lin did not have a great impact on Xu Qing and Li Changfeng. After more than ten days, the two were busy preparing things for the New Year. Xiaobao likes Tuan Tuan, so he just sits cross-legged beside Xu Qing and guards him.

“I suddenly remembered a story.” Xu Qing looked at Xiaobao who had been staring at Tuantuan in his arms, and said to Li Changfeng who was busy beside him.

“Tell me.”

“It is said that one day the owner went hunting and left his hunting dog at home to look after his children. When the owner came back at night, he saw the blood-stained blanket in the house, but he did not see his child. And the hunting dog, while licking the blood, looked at him happily. The owner was furious, and stabbed a knife into the belly of the dog. The dog cried, struggled a few times, and then went silent.”

Having said that, Xu Qing did not continue, but looked at Li Changfeng and asked, “Why do you think that master would do this?”

Li Changfeng smiled and said, “the child was eaten by this dog?”

Xu Qing shook his head, stretched out his hand and touched Xiaobao’s big head, causing Xiaobao to raise his head comfortably, “he didn’t expect that the dog’s cry would wake the baby sleeping under the blood-stained blanket at this time. Translated on hololonovels dot com. Only then did the master find a dead wolf lying in the corner of the house.”

Li Changfeng sighed, “What you see and hear about a lot of things may not be what you think! When you are alive, give others a chance to explain, so that you won’t have any regrets.”

“Yes, you are a sensible person.” Xu Qing praised Li Changfeng’s words, “But why didn’t he entrust the child to the neighbors or take the child up the mountain with him?”



Translator: I feel sad for the dog in the story 😢


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