Chapter 71 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing couldn’t laugh anymore, what are these words? So tired.

“The child is about to fall asleep, Ah Qing, take him back to the room to rest.” Xie Yu gently pulled Xu Qing and said with a smile, taking the opportunity to rescue Xu Qing.

Because Xu Qing has already given birth to a child, Xie Yu doesn’t call him ‘Brother Qing’ anymore. After all, Xu Qing is already an Ama.

Xu Qing and Xie Yu went back to the room and closed the door. Xu Qing breathed a sigh of relief, “I really can’t answer so many questions. When I was pregnant, I really didn’t eat anything so special.”

“It’s not good for Tuan Tuan to be out there too long too. Look how cute he is. Come, Tuan Tuan, look here, what are you doing?” Xie Yu teased Tuan Tuan gently, looking at the cute little appearance of the little boy, his eyes revealed envy.

Xu Qing knew what he was envious of at first glance, “You are still young, what should come will always come.” Xie Yu had a sad look on his face after hearing this, “But he just won’t come, this time Fang Liang didn’t come because his father was ill, and his condition was not particularly good.” This father was referring to the old doctor Lin.

When Lin Fangliang hadn’t married Xie Yu yet, old doctor Lin’s health already began to deteriorate. He has been taking medicine this whole time. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He’s usually OK on regular days, but the illness flared up when the winter came. Lin Fangliang built a heated kang at home but didn’t see old Dr. Lin getting better. This time, it was because the old Dr. Lin was not feeling well, otherwise Lin Fangliang would have come.

Regarding the physical problems of old Dr. Lin, Xu Qing heard from Li Changfeng a few days ago, and asked him to visit several times with the tidbits he made. Some of them even contained the spiritual spring water, but he still did not see old Dr. Lin feeling better. This only shows that the old doctor Lin doesn’t have many days left.

Xie Yu knew that old Dr. Lin really wanted to see his and Lin Fangliang’s children, but even his body was said to be recovered, he just couldn’t conceive! Seeing that old Dr. Lin was getting weaker and weaker, he couldn’t even achieve the old man’s wish. At this moment, he hated the Ma family so much.

“Look at me, why am I saying these things, today is a good day for our Tuantuan. Look, what is this?” Xie Yu shook off his sad face, took out a silver bracelet, and swayed it back and forth in front of Tuantuan who was popping bubbles, waving his little fat hand to grab the thing in front of him.

“You don’t really have to do this,” Xu Qing wiped the corners of his mouth for Tuantuan, and said to Xie Yu, who smiled slightly, “I’m giving this to the child, you can’t refuse. Isn’t that right, Tuan Tuan?”

Seeing that Xie Yu was smiling, but his eyes still sad, Xu Qing no longer refused and just quietly watched him tease Tuan Tuan.

After the full moon day passed, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng have been cooped up at home, because it was too cold outside. Even Li Changfeng didn’t want to go out.

Xu Qing was afraid that when the child was sleeping on the bed, he and Li Changfeng would accidentally press him, so he let Li Changfeng make a stroller, and then connect it to their big bed, so that he could take care of Tuan Tuan at night.

“This thing can drive all carpenters crazy.”

When Li Changfeng was making the stroller, he said with emotion. His wife is too powerful, and he can always think of many things that he could never think of.

“It’s not difficult. If it wasn’t for Tuantuan, I would have never thought about it. Because of him that I thought about it a bit more.” Xu Qing was afraid that he had said too much and wouldn’t be able to explain well, so he pulled Tuantuan out as a shield.

At this time, the little shield was happily eating the fruit powder paste fed by Xu Qing, and from time to time he would stick out his little tongue and lick the corner of his mouth with a contented expression on his face.

“I was thinking that we can put a logo of our own on the things we made.” Li Changfeng thought about the wooden dolls before. Although they were popular, there are now several woodworking shops doing this. There are not many people with better craftsmanship, what he does is much better than what others do.

Xu Qing really didn’t think of it before. Thinking of the various iconic brands of modern times, he became interested, “Have you come up with the design?”

“What I’m thinking of is a big hand holding a small hand, which means that adults and children are together.” Li Changfeng was a little unsure, and he suddenly thought, “What do you think? If you have something better, let me know.”

Xu Qing gently patted Tuantuan’s back, letting him eat smoothly. He was a little too anxious to eat just now, “I think it’s pretty good, you can make one and let me see it. If all goes well, just use it directly.”

“Okay, I’ll make one for you now, you can see.” Li Changfeng is also impatient. He took a suitable board and began to engrave it. After a quarter of an hour, the results came out. .


Xu Qing turned Tuantuan in a different direction, took the finished product from Li Changfeng’s hand, and looked at it, “You can carve a few more horizontal lines on the big hand. This kind of hand would look more like the hand of a peasant family.”

This is also true, Li Changfeng took it and added a few strokes, not to mention, it really looks better than his previous one.

“Are you two at home?”

Uncle Xie’s voice came from the gate of the courtyard, and Xiaobao, who was already very big and strong, flicked his tail and buried his head to resume his sleep.

“Yes, we’re home!” Li Changfeng quickly ran out and opened the courtyard door, “Why don’t you use an umbrella, the snow is so heavy.” Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Uncle Xie followed Li Changfeng into the house, and looked at the little dumpling eating, “Tuantuan, you’re eating fruit powder, so good.”

“Uncle Xie, sit down and relax,” Xu Qing moved to Li Changfeng’s side and made room for Uncle Xie, “Alright.”

“Uncle Xie, what’s with your face?” Li Changfeng and Uncle Xie are also straight-minded, they just ask some things directly.

Uncle Xie sighed, “old Doctor Lin went this morning.”

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing were startled, “This, how come…”.

Uncle Xie shook his head, “Yesterday, he suddenly talked a lot to Xiaolin and Xiaoyu, and I went there this morning. I heard from the person who brought the message said that it was Xiaolin who went in to give him medicine in the morning, but the body was already hard.”


Translator: This is so sad. He didn’t even get to see his little grandchild. Damn you, Ma family.


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