Chapter 32 (Part 2): The Culinary Tycoon

Chang Le also looked at his younger brother.

Chang Hao scratched his head, with a constipated and depressed expression on his face, and said, “Grandpa, I forgot that the master assigned three sheets of homework today, and I will have to write it later when I come back.”

Grandpa Chang cooperated and said, “Then you still want to go to the city?”

Chang Hao said with a bitter face, “It’s been a long time since I went.”

“Your homework is important. Go back and finish it. Don’t go today and you can go later during the Mid-Autumn Festival to watch the lanterns in a few days.” Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Chang Hao glanced at the direction of the city in a particularly tangled manner, then said melancholy, “Okay.”

Grandpa Chang took Chang Hao to turn around and prepare to go back. Who knew that Chang Le would also turn to go back after seeing that.

When Chang Hao saw it, he hurriedly stopped his brother: “Hey brother, I’ll just go back with my grandfather. You and Big Brother Yu go to the city to see the lanterns. This is the first time for him to see the lanterns since Big Brother Yu just got here.”

When Chang Le heard this, he looked back at Yu Qingze subconsciously.

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “I really want to go see it.”

Chang Hao hurriedly said, “Brother, take Big Brother Yu. It’s the first time he goes to the lantern festival. He definitely doesn’t know what fun we have here. He has to be accompanied by a local.”

Chang Le was very confused. Just the two of them, a man and a ger go to see the lanterns on the day of the Gers together, this is not appropriate…

Over there, Grandpa Chang also opened his mouth and said, “Xiao Le, you can take A Ze there. Pay attention to your wallet. When there are many people, there will be many pickpockets.”

His grandfather had spoken up, so Chang Le nodded hesitantly and despised himself for a while. It was really inappropriate to have feelings about Big Brother Yu in his heart, but he must be the only one who felt it was inappropriate. Big Brother Yu was so magnanimous, he would not think too much.

Before Yu Qingze and Chang Le left, Chang Hao asked them to bring him snacks back.

Chang Le thought Chang Hao was telling him to buy the snacks, so he nodded solemnly and agreed. Yu Qingze couldn’t help laughing.

So, the four parted ways.

There are many people who go to the city on the official road. Although it is the day of the gers, it is not only the gers who will go there. There were groups of people who appeared to come together with their entire families, some were obviously a pair of ‘lovers’ at first glance, and some were men who accompanied their brothers to be the flower guardians.

Yu Qingze and Chang Le both walked relatively fast. Along the way, Yu Qingze deliberately found a topic to ask some interesting and beautiful things at the lantern festival, and Chang Le gave him a gesture and answered them one by one.

After such a long period of studying and training, Yu Qingze could recognize Chang Le’s sign language by 70% to 80%, allowing them to ‘chat’ along the way without embarrassment.

All in all, the journey was quite harmonious and smooth.

When they arrived at the gate of the city, it was just getting dark, and before they entered the city, they saw all kinds of lanterns shining on West Street, and the orange lights illuminated the night.

“It’s so beautiful!” As soon as he entered the city, Yu Qingze couldn’t help but exclaimed.

Although modern neon lights were also very beautiful, the alternation of light and shadow can also be combined into various interesting graphics, but those are relatively common to Yu Qingze, who was used to seeing them, and they did not attract his interest much.

However, now, in this different world, the streets of this city full of antiques, decorated with colorful lanterns as bright as day, all kinds of stalls and crowds everywhere, the scene was really lively.

The difference between day and night was really big. Although Yu Qingze was very familiar with this street, it was still like seeing it for the first time.

This kind of bustling scene that could only be seen in movies and TV before suddenly appeared in front of him, and Yu Qingze suddenly felt a little unreal, like watching a movie.

Until he felt that his sleeve was being pulled, he recovered from his stupor. He looked at Chang Le and asked, “Brother Le, what’s wrong?” Chang Le just saw that he was in a daze, so he teased him. Now that he saw him asking, he stretched out his hand and pointed forward, signaling to go shopping quickly.

Yu Qingze nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

The lantern festival was mainly held on the two main roads, the North and South Streets and the East and West Streets.

The two walked and looked around.

Yu Qingze experienced this kind of lantern festival for the first time, he was very curious and visited every stall.

“Brother Le, do you think this lantern looks good? It’s a little tiger. Would you like to buy it back for Xiaohao?”

Chang Le smiled and motioned him not to buy it: there are more beautiful ones ahead. If you buy it now, you will regret it later.

“Really? I’ll buy it later then.” Yu Qingze decisively put down the little tiger lantern in his hand and followed Chang Le to the front.

“Brother Le, what kind of lantern do you like? Let’s buy one.”

Yu Qingze’s eyes were surfing on the lanterns with flower patterns. All of them looked good. He didn’t know what Chang Le liked, so he asked.

Chang Le turned around and gestured to him.

At this time, a few gers and men in front rushed over, and a man at the end of the group accidentally bumped into Chang Le.

Chang Le staggered forward, Yu Qingze saw it and quickly stretched out his hand to wrap Chang Le’s shoulders and carried him into his arms, shielding his body from falling.

When the man saw that he bumped into someone, he apologized embarrassedly and left.

“Everything OK? Did you get hurt somewhere?” Yu Qingze asked with his head lowered; he didn’t let go of the hand that held Chang Le’s shoulder.

Chang Le was half leaning in Yu Qingze’s arms, his hands pressed against Yu Qingze’s chest. The touch of his hands was firm and warm, and his nostrils caught a whiff of the unique scent belonged to Yu Qingze. Chang Le’s face immediately turned red, he quickly propped his hands away, pushed Yu Qingze who was hugging him, then lowered his head and shook his hand to indicate that he was fine.

Yu Qingze looked at Chang Le’s blushing ears, pursed his lips, and smiled, and said, “Brother Le, there are so many people on the street that we might be separated, why don’t you pull my sleeve?”

Although he really wanted to directly say hold my hands, Yu Qingze knew that if he really said it, Chang Le would definitely be unwilling, so he could only ask the other party to hold his sleeves.

Hearing this, Chang Le clenched his hand tightly. There was still that firm and warm touch on it. The heat on his face rose a little before it went down. He was embarrassed to be seen by someone he knew. He looked at the crowded street, there were indeed a lot of people, but he still shook his head, indicating that he would follow Yu Qingze closely.

Yu Qingze was helpless and said, “Okay, let’s walk next to each other. Hey, there are people juggling over there, let’s go and see?”

Chang Le nodded. He also liked to watch juggling.

The two walked side by side, chatting, mainly it was Yu Qingze talking, Chang Le lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at him, let alone make gestures at him.

People came and went on the street, and it was no exaggeration to describe it as rubbing shoulders. On this way, they had to avoid the oncoming crowd from time to time, so every now and then, the two shoulders would touch and the bodies bumped into each other.

Chang Le was still shy about what happened just now in his heart, so a little bit of contact could set off another wave in his heart.

I want to get close, but I am afraid to get close.

I want to touch, but I’m afraid to touch.

The ice and fire collided back and forth in Chang Le’s heart, he felt really tangled.

As for Yu Qingze, he hoped to have more people that would push him closer to Chang Le. It was best to be like the buses and subways in many big cities in the 21st century during the rush hour. There was no gap between people at all. Everyone would be naturally stuck together.

Yu Qingze let out a laugh, looked at the young man next to him, and felt that his thinking was a little crooked. He felt like he was going to go crazy.

Why do you always want to hold and touch Chang Le?

Yu Qingze smiled bitterly in his heart and let out a long sigh.

It must have been too long, both physically and mentally.

He wanted to have a caring and loving family, a warm and happy home.

He really wanted.

He had been thinking about it for more than twenty years.

It was just that he hadn’t met someone he liked before, so this kind of thinking was not so obvious then. Now, when he finally came across someone he admired, his thirst was like a tsunami, so powerful that it almost engulfed him completely.

When they got to the juggling place, there was already a circle of people around.

When Yu Qingze saw a person squeeze out, he quickly pulled Chang Le’s wrist and pushed in from that place. The two finally crammed in and stood in a place where they could see the jugglers performing.

The performance in the circle was sword swallowing.

They saw the man raised his head, put a long sword with a cold light into his mouth, and slowly swallowed it bit by bit, until he took the whole sword in with only the hilt was left outside his mouth.

The people around couldn’t help holding their breaths while watching the performance. As the man swallowed the sword inch by inch, everyone’s mouths were wide open, watching intently.

Yu Qingze was not very interested in sword swallowing performances. His focus was on Chang Le, who was beside him. Chang Le, however, was engulfed in the performance, the expression on his face was worried, shocked and admired, and his concentration was no less than that of a performer.

When the man swallowed it all and spread out his hands to show it, the crowd suddenly let out a burst of exclamation and thunderous applause.

“Wow! Wonderful!”


Chang Le also applauded vigorously.

After a while, the performer slowly took out the sword again. Only then did Chang Le’s expression completely relax. It seems that he had been worried about the performer.

When people came over with a plate to ask for a reward, Chang Le was still staring at people’s throats, with the words clearly written on his face, how could he swallow a big sword?

In fact, Chang Le had seen this performance many times, but he was still shocked every time.

Yu Qingze’s mouth twitched slightly, and he took out five coppers of money and threw it on the plate. Chang Le noticed this and he also gave two coppers of money. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. After the performance, the crowd dispersed, and the two of them walked forward.

Yu Qingze looked around to see what else was fun on the street, so that he could bring Chang Le over to see.

Chang Le was still thinking about the performance he saw just now. He was puzzled, so his pace slowed down a bit. He didn’t pay attention, and the two of them were separated by the crowd.

By the time Chang Le noticed, he could no longer see Yu Qingze’s figure. He walked around in place, stood on tiptoe, and watched for a while, but he couldn’t find Yu Qingz. He couldn’t help but feel anxious.

I lost Big Brother Yu!

Just as he was anxiously preparing to walk forward, a hand reached out, and held his left hand.

He was startled and was about to throw it away when he turned around and found that it was Yu Qingze who was holding his hand.

“Brother Le, there are too many people, let me hold your hand.”


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