Chapter 27: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Having experienced the end of the world, Ji Cha has an intractable paranoia about food storage.

Even though the various grain resources he has stored in the warehouse are enough for everyone in the factory to eat for two years without blinking, he still cannot let go of the insecurity with such a time limit.

The only and quickest solution in sight is to plant more. And only the formation of a true self-circulating production chain can basically meet the dietary needs of livestock.

There is not much land in the factory, but if it really depends on manual labor, it is still quite laborious.

Potato planting requires a relatively loose and non-clumping soil environment. The soil texture in the factory compound is acceptable, but it still needs to be properly resowed with machinery.

Wang Lixin listened to Ji Cha’s plan for planting potatoes, and without saying a word, he went and found a hoe to work, and he did not forget to call his son, “work hard, be someone who is useful.”

Ji Cha hurriedly stopped them, and went to the warehouse where the machinery was stored at the back and took out the two cultivators. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. The cultivator is hand-held and small in size, and the length of land that can be stirred at a time is about one meter.

“Use this to take advantage of it.”

The power of the machine is far greater than the manual operation. The Wang family and their son, two on the same side, managed to accomplish Ji Cha’s plan separately in less than a few minutes and turned the 70-square-meter land for the potatoes.

Wang Lixin smiled while wiping the sweat from his forehead, looking at the cultivator in his hand, “This is a good thing.”

Ji Cha took Zhang Xing together to build the ridge with a hoe, and clearly defined the boundaries between the fields. It’s just that his actions are stupid, holding the hoe like a divine sword. Liang Jincheng is frightened when he saw it, and he was afraid that Ji Cha will hurt his own foot.

The remaining seventy plots used a lot of potato seeds, but the potatoes on hand were fresh and intact. There is no way, the seeds have to germinate temporarily by themselves.

The time is approaching the end of August, and in theory, most of the crops planted in autumn should be transplanted to the land at this time. Except for the thirty plots of potatoes planted in front of them, their progress has been a little slow.

Ji Cha has calculated in his mind, the big deal is to use the greenhouse earlier in the later stage, anyway, the crops have higher requirements on the temperature, and the moisture and sunlight can be regulated more flexibly.

Liang Jincheng couldn’t stand any longer. He wanted to step forward to help Ji Cha work. He reached out and stopped Ji Cha, “I’ll do it. Let me, you rest.”

Liang Jincheng looked around. Grandma and the women were busy tidying up a small piece of land for raising seedlings, while the men were busy tidying up a large piece of land between the fields. The only ones who were idle were Xiao Chao and him. The child was sitting and reading a picture book.

Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t stand Ji Cha’s stance that he wanted to disable himself every minute.

“I’m coming.” Liang Jincheng stepped forward and held Ji Cha’s hoe involuntarily. He only used one hand, and Ji Cha felt that the head of the hoe was rooted on the ground and couldn’t even be pulled out.

He could only let go of the situation, but he was still uneasy. He walked around Liang Jincheng, trying to convince him, “Senior, let me do it huh, you have never done this, you are not used to it.”

Zhang Xing clumsily wiped the sweat behind the two of them. Hearing that the two in front were still rushing to work, he clicked his tongue, “Ji Cha, you want to work so much, why don’t you take over my work then.”

Before Ji Cha spoke, Liang Jincheng looked back at him. Zhang Xing gave him half-hearted eyes, shrank his neck and simply turned his back to them to work.

He felt goosebumps all over his body, he felt the danger behind him.

“Really, come on, I’m skilled.” Ji Cha was still persuading.

Others don’t know Liang Jincheng like he does, and he knows that this is the big boss, he can’t hide his little flattering psychology. He just wanted Liang Jincheng in the room comfortably with the air conditioner on.

“Ji Cha,” Liang Jincheng stopped, looked up and asked him seriously, “You treat me as an outsider?”

“Huh?” Ji Cha was stunned to ask him, and subconsciously retorted, “No.”

Liang Jincheng then stopped talking and bowed his head to work.

Ji Cha stood next to him and felt that he had to explain, but he didn’t seem to know where to start, “I just think I work better.”

He hesitated.

Liang Jincheng stopped the movement of his hands again, raised his hand to hold Ji Cha’s wrist, and spread the blisters on his palm in the sunlight.

When the physical evidence was revealed, Ji Cha felt even more guilty. After retracting his hand, he couldn’t stand there anymore. He ran back into the house by himself, and simply went around the other door of the factory to the livestock area.

Chickens and ducks are basically in the free-range mode, and they are easy to feed every day. The piglets and meat rabbits need to spend a little more effort.

Modern feeding methods are often large-scale plant management, and piglets do not get much exercise. Just like now, the piglets are full of food and drink, and are bored in the pigsty that is not too big. When they see Ji Cha, some turn to look at him, and some continue to hum against the wall.

Ji Cha had spread a lot of hay in the pigsty, and at this time it was dyed with excrement, which looked very mixed. Read on ho lo lo novels. Please don’t support thieves. The hay will be changed again after two days, and the ones stained with pig manure and urine will be taken out and put into the compost bin for composting, thus forming a chain in the cycle.

As for meat rabbits, Ji Cha bought five-month-old ones. Before buying rabbits, he did some research on this breed of rabbits, and combined with what the farm technician told him later, rabbits of this breed are generally sexually mature when they are five to six months old and can start breeding.

The average female rabbit can give birth for about three years, four to five litters a year, and it is not difficult to give birth to ten cubs per litter. According to this method, Ji Cha felt that all the little rabbits were like white flowers fell down in front of him.

At present, the ratio of male rabbits to female rabbits in the rabbit cage is one to four, and the breeding scale is small. Ji Cha dared not use male rabbits as stud horses like in the breeding farm. One breeds fifty or so, he thinks about it. He felt his scalp tingling. What’s more, he doesn’t have the technology of a real rabbit farm.

The meat rabbit is white and fat, with pink ears, eyes and mouth, and it looks quite cute. He walked over and took a closer look. All seven female rabbits were grazing slowly, and only one female rabbit was nestled in the corner.

Wouldn’t this be already in heat, right?

Ji Cha was overjoyed and went over to open the rabbit cage to take out the female rabbit. The female rabbit has a very docile personality, so she stood motionless in Ji Cha’s hand. Ji Cha remembered the words of the rabbit raising guide, and turned the female rabbit over to look at it. The indescribable place was a little wet, and it was indeed in heat.

He couldn’t help laughing, and happily put the female rabbit back and gently touched her back, but when he turned to look at the male rabbits, he was a little worried: the female rabbit can give birth, the male rabbits are not ready yet.

There must be a wait here.

Ji Cha closed the rabbit cage and exited the rabbit pen. He didn’t pay attention when he turned around, and almost fell into Liang Jincheng’s arms.


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