Chapter 70: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing’s eyes were full of softness as he looked at the soundly sleeping Tuantuan, this is his child he gave birth! Thinking about it, he felt that he was so awesome. Back in the apocalypse, he would have never accepted that he would be capable of having a child, but he was given a new life, and he felt that this was God’s compensation for him.

There is a man he can rely on, a child belonging to them, what else can make Xu Qing regret.

“Look at him, he’s blowing bubbles!”

Li Changfeng felt that it was very new, as if he had discovered something extraordinary, he shared it with Xu Qing, although Xu Qing also thought that Tuantuan was so cute, but, “keep your voice a little lower, you can see that Tuantuan’s brows are wrinkled!”

If he started crying, with their skills in coaxing children, they might not know how to even coax.

Li Changfeng immediately silenced, but kept staring at Tuantuan, “wife, look how much he looks like you.”

Xu Qing really didn’t think so, “Why can’t I see it, how can you and Xie Ama see it, he’s so wrinkled.”

Li Changfeng grinned, but didn’t speak. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He didn’t know who Tuantuan looked like, but he hoped to have a child who looked like Xu Qing, but this idea was immediately ruined by Xu Qing’s next sentence.

“And I’m a ger, this a little guy is man, do you want him to be like me?” Xu Qing said disgustingly.

“Like me! Like me! Look at him, those eyebrows! Those eyes! Aren’t they exactly the same as mine!” Li Changfeng changed his words immediately, and kept pointing at Tuantuan’s little face, occasionally touching his own face and Tuan Tuan’s, let Xu Qing compare, who knew that the stubble was too hard, stabbing Tuantuan’s tender little face.

“Wah wah wah wah ~~~!”

Tuantuan cried out immediately, trying to twist his body, but his strength was too weak to move, and he was even more anxious. Xu Qing quickly picked up Tuan Tuan and coaxed softly, “Good boy, Tuantuan, Ama is here.”

“Father is here! Father too!” Li Changfeng leaned closer, not to be left behind, Xu Qing rolled his eyes, “Shave the beard tomorrow!”

“I’ll go now! Be good!” Li Changfeng jumped out of bed and went to shave.

“Tuan Tuan,” Xu Qing lowered his head and kissed Tuantuan’s red cheeks. After kissing, he felt that the taste was not bad, so the unscrupulous one lowered his head and kissed fiercely. He poked Tuantuan’s little face, causing the cry that Tuantuan had just subsided to return!

Xu Qing was embarrassed all of a sudden, just as Li Changfeng entered the door, “Look at you, your beard made him crying even now!”

After Li Changfeng heard it, he hugged Tuan Tuan guiltily, walked back and forth, coaxed softly, Xu Qing smiled, lay down on his side, and looked at the two of them.

In the yard of Li’s house, Li ama was about to pack up. Translated on hololonovels dot com. He planned to go to Xu Qing and Li Changfeng tomorrow. Old man Li sat on the bed and looked at him.

“Why don’t you bring a few children there too, and recognize their cousin, or they won’t know where their second uncles live.” Old Man Li spoke and looked up at his wife.

He then thought for a while and said, “the three children would be too many. It’ll be so frustrating. The second son-in-law has just given birth, the children will be too loud.”

Li Ama put the things in his hands, “after just giving birth, too many people visiting would make him unhappy.”

“Then just take the eldest one. He’s ten years old this year, and he’s a half-grown man. He can help a little bit. The other two will have opportunities in the future.” Old Man Li thought for a while and made a decision.

“Okay, I’ll also bring the little clothes I made for my little grandson. Don’t tell me, this second son-in-law is also good, their first child is a boy! You didn’t hear the news, but he was eight pounds when he first arrived. What a lucky fat boy!”

Li Ama thinks that he will be able to see his youngest grandson tomorrow, not to mention how happy he is. He looked back at his husband and found that he didn’t seem to be in a good mood, “What’s the matter? Are you unhappy?”

Old man Li pulled up the quilt and sighed, “It’s a pity that he is not surnamed Li for such a fat boy who weighs eight pounds!”

Li Ama nodded, but what could be done? The second child is a recruited husband, so the child taking after the surname Xu makes sense. Still, he felt a little prickly in his heart, so he cleaned up and lay down.


There have been several heavy snowfalls in the past few days, and the yard is covered with snow white like layers of cotton spilled on the ground, and Li Changfeng is meticulously “destroying” the snow quilt in the yard by shoveling out all the snow, otherwise he will be able to settle down.

Xu Qing ate something and still lay on the bed with the child. Listening to the sound of Li Changfeng working in the yard, he suddenly fell asleep again.

Tuantuan hasn’t fully opened his eyes yet, but judging from the outline, this child’s eyes are not too small. He ate to his fullest just now, and he is spitting out small bubbles on his serious face.

“Wife! My little brother is here!”

Listening to Li Changfeng’s words, Xu Qing sat up and leaned on the bed frame. After a while, Li Xiao’er, who was dressed in blue, came in with a smile, “Second brother-in-law, I have to congratulate you, I heard that you gave birth to a fat boy. My nephew is a big fat boy!”

“That’s right, come and sit, it’s warmer here.” Xu Qing saw that there were still some snowflakes on Li Xiao’er’s body, and knew that the snow outside was only big not small, but Li Xiao’er didn’t get close to the bed, and only looked from a little afar, “There is still cold chills on my body, I’m being careful not to get you sick. I just couldn’t help but come and have a look at my little nephew. I’ll play with him when my body got warmer.”

“Your clothes are all wet. Go to your second brother and let him go to our room to find you something to wear. Be careful not to catch a cold.”

Li Xiao’er nodded repeatedly. After getting along for so many days, he also knew that Xu Qing was a straight-hearted person. He said what he said, and he would not have any polite words, so he talked to Li Changfeng, and Li Changfeng entered the room without saying a word. He gave Li Xiao’er the light red clothes that Xu Qing didn’t usually wear. Xu Qing thought that the color was not good-looking and made him look too feminine, but Li Xiao’er liked it.

After changing into the dry clothes and his body no longer cold, Li Xiao’er went into the room, sat on the bed and watched Tuantuan. Xu Qing looked at Li Xiao’er wearing this light red dress, not to mention it was really pretty, ” Your second brother bought this dress. I wore it once, and I never left the door with it. I think you look good in it, so just take it.”

Li Xiao’er said in surprise: “Really, are you really giving it to me! Such a beautiful dress!”

For Xu Qing, this is not a question of whether it looks good or not. “Take it, I won’t speak politely.”

“Then thank you second brother-in-law, by the way!” Li Xiao’er took out a small bag and took out an auspicious Ruyi lock from it, “this is for Tuantuan, you keep it.”

Xu Qing took the Ruyi lock, which was not light, “But it must have cost you two months’ wages!” Li Xiao’er pursed his lips and smiled, “What’s the matter, now I don’t lack anything.”

“Tuan Tuan, thank your auntie quickly,” Xu Qing put Ruyi Lock in front of Tuan Tuan’s eyes and shook it a little. Tuantuan’s eyes that had not been opened suddenly opened!

“so cute!!”

Li Xiao’er looked at Tuan Tuan’s dark and slightly sleepy eyes and cried out.

Xu Qing naturally liked it too. Just as the two were teasing Tuan Tuan, Li Changfeng came in, “Ama is here.

Li Xiao’er paused, looked at Li Changfeng, Xu Qing also turned his head, “I’ll get up now.”

“What are you doing getting up, ah, Tuantuan opened his eyes! Don’t get up, lie down, it’s alright,” Li Changfeng didn’t want Xu Qing to torment himself like this, “Xiao’er, you have to be more obedient. Ama just likes to nag, don’t take it to heart.”

Li Xiao’er nodded, and his mood suddenly became heavier. When it rained a few months ago, Li Ama asked Eldest brother Li to go to town to bring him back, but he and Mrs. Li now got along really well and have a relationship. Besides, although there are not many people, he and Mrs. Deng are comfortable around each other and can talk about anything, but when if he went back home, it will be different.

So, Li Xiao’er didn’t go back with eldest Li, which made Li Ama angry with the eldest and said that if he sees Li Xiao’er, he would break his leg.

Therefore, although Li Xiao’er buys some things from time to time and sends to Li’s house, he has never returned home. No wonder Li Changfeng warned him like this.

Li Ama brought along Eldest Li’s eldest son, Dà niú, and wandered around the yard, “Ama, the second uncle’s house is so beautiful.”

Dà niú thought that the second uncle’s house is much prettier than theirs.

Li Am looked at the big house in front of him, thinking that Li Changfeng once said that after the house was built, his family too suffered from the drought and famine because the money in his hand was not enough. Originally, he was skeptical, but when he saw what was in front of him now, Li Ama felt that he had misunderstood Li Changfeng.

“You have to be more sensible later, and you have to greet properly when you see your second uncle’s wife.”

Dà niú nodded obediently. He had met Xu Qing before. Although he didn’t have much contact with him, he felt that the second uncle’s wife must be a very good person.


Li Xiao’er followed Li Changfeng out of the room, standing under the eaves and called out.

“Auntie! It’s auntie! Ama, look!” Dà niú was very excited to see Li Xiao’er. When he was a child, the person he was with the most was Li Xiao’er, and the two were only five or six years apart, so they got along better.

“Hmmph, people who does’t come home still have the heart to come here!”

Li Ama has’t seen Li Xiao’er for a long time. When he suddenly saw him at the house of Li Changfeng and Xu Qing, he felt uncomfortable again. He and his husband were looking forward to it at home, waiting for their little son to come home, but there was no sign of Li Xiao’er. Very good, without giving any notice, he just ran over by himself.

“Ama, Da Niu, come in quickly, it’s cold outside, Xiao’er, go and pour some hot tea,” Li Changfeng talked casually as if he couldn’t understand Li Ama’s dark face.


Li Xiao’er hurriedly responded, blinked at Li Changfeng, and went to hide in the kitchen.

“Let’s not talk about him, second child, bring the grandchild to me to have a look. I’m not here to see you today.” Li Ama entered the room and felt it was really warm, but when he thought of the purpose of his visit, he said hastily.

“Why don’t you drink the hot tea first? I’ll bring him to you later, don’t worry, you’ll see him soon.”

Li Changfeng pressed Li Ama down and he himself sat down too. He stuffed Da Niu with a handful of small dried jujubes that Xu Qing often ate when he was pregnant.

Li Ama looked at Li Changfeng’s actions, and smiled with satisfaction, but after seeing Li Xiao’er’s figure, the smile on his face disappeared instantly.

“Ama, drink some hot tea to warm up your body,” Li Xiao’er approached Li Ama cautiously, and Li Ama snorted softly, “My heart is cold, what’s the use of drinking hot water. Put it aside and save yourself the trouble.”

Li Xiao’er smiled shyly, “Ama.” He tugged at Li Ama’s clothes and called out softly, “You haven’t seen Tuantuan, have you?”

“Tuan Tuan?”

Da Niu wondered, “What is that?” Li Xiao’er rubbed Da Niu’s head with a smile, “It’s the big fat boy from the second uncle’s family! He’s so cute, sweet and soft, big and fat. So, he was given a nickname, Tuantuan.”

(T/N: Tuan = round/dumpling)

As soon as he heard that he was the youngest grandson of his own family, Da Niu’s ears gradually perked up listening to Li Xiao’er.

(T/N: btw, Da Niu means big cow. What a name!)

When Li Changfeng saw this scene, he quietly turned around and entered the room.

Xu Qingz was about to get dressed.

“What are you doing, lie down,” Li Changfeng took the clothes in Xu Qing’s hand, and forced Xu Qing to lie back on the bed. Translated on hololonovels dot com. Xu Qing didn’t dare to exert any effort now, “this is the first time Ama come here, I haven’t gone out to see him, isn’t this a bit unreasonable?”

“What’s the matter, don’t keep tossing yourself, he just wants to see Tuantuan, he must think that you are in good health and recovering well after all this tossing, maybe instruct you to do something. Just lie down. There’s me over there.”Li Changfeng couldn’t bear to let his wife unnecessarily toss around after giving birth to a child.

“Look at what you said, so you mean I just lie here? I don’t have to worry about anything?” Xu Qing simply leaned on Li Changfeng’s arm, pinched the muscles on Li Changfeng’s arm, and whispered softly.

Li Changfeng stretched out his hand and touched Tuantuan’s little nose, which made Tuantuan shrank back, “Yes, don’t worry about anything.”

Hearing this, Xu Qing was also at ease and laid back down comfortably, “Take the child out and let Ama take a look.” Since he was here to see the child, he had to be happy.

“I know, I’ll bring him back later. Here, cover up.” Li Changfeng pulled the quilt for Xu Qing, shook his slightly cold hand, and then stretched out his hand to hug the little dumpling.



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