I Want Xu Family to Never Show Up Again

Xu Zhiyuan stared at Bai Cheng aloofly. He couldn’t help but sneer when he saw the worn-out school uniform washed yellow and the shoes with raw edges. With obvious contempt in his eyes: “Or do you want to kneel down for me today, begging me to let you go? After all, you can’t afford to pay any money, and it’ll good to keep your father’s company in prison.”

When he was talking, he still looked at Mo Li from the corner of his eyes from time to time. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. After all, Mo Li wanted to protect Bai Cheng, and insulting Bai Cheng was equivalent to insulting Mo Li in person.


Seeing that everyone had decided to turn the target onto Bai Cheng, Chu Yawen stood up again to stand in front of Bai Cheng.

In the eyes of other teachers, students like Mo Li and Xu Jia with good grades are the good students. But in Chu Yawen’s eyes, Bai Cheng, this child, is the one that makes her the most distressed and regrettable.

Bai Cheng’s English grades in the senior high school entrance examination were close to full marks, and his grades in the first year of high school were also good. Later, after the accident, his grades gradually declined and became what they are now.

She didn’t want to give up on the child. So, she would find time to tutor Bai Cheng. Later, seeing that Bai Cheng always refused, she could only take care of him more in class, hoping that he could do well.

Although she is a teacher, she is just an ordinary person. The only thing she can do is to make her students walk on the right path as much as possible.

“Mr. Xu, I heard the reason when I came here. It was your son who instigated Bai Cheng first, and then Mo Li retaliated. If you want to punish someone, wouldn’t be fair to punish Xu Jia first?” She swallowed nervously when he met Xu Zhiyuan’s gloomy gaze, but she stood still firmly and did not look away.

“Xu Jia is already lying on the hospital bed, how are you going to punish him?” The head teacher originally heard that the matter was about to be resolved, but who knew that Chu Yawen would make a move, so he said angrily and loudly: “Ms. Chu, this matter is none of your business, so hurry up and go prepare for your own lessons!”

“But you guys don’t plan to punish Xu Jia at all!” Chu Yawen’s eyes that were very pure and lovely are now a little red: “You don’t plan to deal with Mo Li who beat up Xu Jia and you don’t plan to deal with Xu Jia who started all this , but only want to push the blame on Bai Cheng who has never done anything from beginning to end!”

Xu Zhiyuan stared at Chu Yawen for a few seconds, then took the lead to look away, and sneered: “It seems that the teachers of your school has a lot of opinion on me.”

“Ms. Chu!”

Now even the principal is not happy anymore, he stared at Chu Yawen threateningly, his hands were shaking with anger: “What does it have to do with you, you go back!”

The situation was turning for the better, but what is this Chu Yawen jumping about now?

“Teacher–” Bai Cheng also took Chu Yawen’s arm, looked at her gratefully, and then silently shook his head.

He had already made up his mind. If he really had to go to prison, he would definitely beat Xu Jia hard and drag him along with him.

Mo Li, who had been silent at this time, also spoke up. He looked directly at Xu Zhiyuan, “Do you know that Xu Jia made a mistake first?”

Xu Zhiyuan was waiting for Mo Li’s reaction, seeing how the other party was suffering because of his inability to do anything, he couldn’t help but reply with a little smugness, “So what if I know?”

What ability can a student like Mo Li have, and his parents are far away in City A. There is nothing he can do against an adult like him.

“Okay.” Mo Li knew what Xu Zhiyuan was thinking when he saw the man’s expression. Now that Xu Jia’s biggest backer had appeared, there was no need to endure any longer.

He looked at everyone in turn, and finally took out his mobile phone and made a call. He said directly as soon as the call was connected, “I don’t want to see half of the Xu family again.”

The voice fell and he hung up at once.

Then Mo Li grabbed Bai Cheng’s arm as if nothing had happened, yawned, and said, “Aren’t you tired of standing all the time? Let’s go back to the classroom and sit.”

Bai Cheng stared at him blankly and was dragged into the classroom without being able to react for a while. “You……”

Mo Li directly pressed Bai Cheng to his seat and frowned at Qu Ziyu who was standing in front of Bai Cheng, “You need something?”

Qu Ziyu also heard the conversation in the corridor earlier, knowing that Mo Li was not to be provoked, his face was a little embarrassed. He went and sat in his own seat.

Only then Mo Li’s eyebrows stretched out. He sat down in front of Bai Cheng and smiled at the youth.

Bai Cheng just sat down but Liu Chao rushed in and wanted to take him away.

Who knew that before he got close to Bai Cheng, he was stopped by Mo Li who was sitting in front of Bai Cheng by raising his long leg.

“If you take one more step, I’ll break your leg. I’ll do what I say.” Mo Li tapped the table and completely tore apart the skin of a good student.

Looking at Mo Li’s icy gaze, Liu Chao only felt a chill on the soles of his feet, and his scalp was numb from the cold.

Xu Zhiyuan outside the door felt this whole thing was silly. Mo Li was the second-year student in a middle school. Let their Xu family not show up again? What a joke! This young man really thinks he can do anything in this town and their Xu family is so easily dispensable?

Thinking that Mo Li was too embarrassed and wanted to run away, Xu Zhiyuan also strode into the classroom and found a stool to sit down nearby.

“Let me never show up again?” He sneered at Mo Li, “I’ll wait.”

Mo Li only treated him as non-existent, dutifully protecting Bai Cheng, and not letting others approach.

Bai Cheng was in a daze at the moment. He actually didn’t think that Mo Li had any way to deal with Xu Zhiyuan, an adult. He could only gently tug at Mo Li’s sleeve and whispered, “Don’t make trouble, but thank you for protecting me, I’m really happy today.”

“It’s all over, believe me.” Mo Li propped his chin. He couldn’t get enough of Bai Cheng’s face, he just wanted to kiss him.

More than half an hour passed without movement. Xu Zhiyuan used this time to assign tasks to his subordinates and hung up the phone. He stood up, and said with some joy in his eyes, “Have you pretended enough? I don’t really have time to play your little games. Just hand over Bai Cheng and I won’t bother with you.”

He didn’t expect his assistant to suddenly run inside the classroom hastily in the next second and said anxiously, “Chairman Xu, something happened. I suddenly got a call from the bank we cooperated with and they said that the collaboration regarding the loans were cancelled! If we suddenly want to get the money back, the funds we need to work around are not enough.”

Xu Zhiyuan was stunned for a moment. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. But before he could react, the phone he just hung up rang again. It was the subordinate who had just been assigned the task. He hurriedly said: “Chairman Xu, we were just informed that the arrest warrants have been issued because our business is suspected of selling illegal goods. Everyone is panicking now, do you know what happened!?”

Immediately afterwards, Xu family house was surrounded by the police, saying that some unlawful and prohibited items were hidden. His wife was very frightened.

A few minutes later, the siren sounded in the school. Xu Zhiyuan was sweating profusely on his head. He stood up abruptly and looked out the window. Before he even hung up the phone in his hand, a few armed men rushed over and seized him directly.


Sandy: I told you not to be too willful, chairman Xu. Now what?




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