Aren’t You Just a Child?

Xu Zhiyuan made a decision, got up, and called directly to take Xu Jia to the hospital. He wasn’t at ease with the school’s infirmary.

“Dad, where are you going? Avenge me first!” Xu Jia was still screaming on the bed, tears streaming down his mouth, but the medical personnel next to him wanted to rub the medicine for him, but he slapped him away.

“It hurts to death, don’t touch me!”

The medical personnel frowned and looked at the back of his hand, but also knew that the Xu family was not to be messed with, so he endured it and didn’t say anything.

And Xu Zhiyuan turned a blind eye to Xu Jia’s rude attitude. Translated on ho lo lo novels. Standing at the door, he looked at his watch and sneered: “I’m going to see what kind of bold character this Mo Li is.”

After that, he left the infirmary directly.

Hearing this, Xu Jia’s eyes lit up, and finally he stopped making a fuss. He lay flat on the bed and let out a long sigh, clutching the sheet under him angrily, but his eyes were full of twisted pride.

The last time he fought with Bai Cheng, he was not so badly injured, but his dad was still very angry. Although he made Bai Cheng kneel down on the surface, he secretly did a lot of tricks to torture Bai Cheng later.

As long as his father goes out in person, that bastard Mo Li will definitely be finished. He wants Mo Li to live rather than die! Thinking of this, he suddenly felt that the wound on his face no longer hurt, and he laughed.

The medical personnel on the side looked at him indifferently, and silently felt that Xu Jia should be beaten.

While Xu Zhiyuan was going upstairs, he saw Yu Gao running down to pick him up.

“You’re here!” Yu Gao breathed a sigh of relief, changed his arrogant attitude and approached Xu Zhiyuan. Although he had already told what happened on the phone before, he still described Mo Li’s attitude in more detail.

“His attitude sounds very rude.” Xu Zhiyuan pulled the corner of his mouth contemptuously after listening to Yu Gao’s description.

Sure enough, he is a young master who makes trouble everywhere, and this kind of person is the best to deal with.

“But it’s the Mo family after all.” Yu Gao whispered: “it seems that he has a good relationship with that student named Bai Cheng, and has been protecting him.”

Bai Cheng?

Xu Zhiyuan had the impression that he was just a child from a poor family. The last time he let this guy suffer, but he didn’t expect him to rush to find death so soon.

The two walked out of the stairwell, just in time to hear the principal talking to Mo Li in a low voice, “Young Master Mo, I know you’ve been wronged, but didn’t you just teach Xu Jia a lesson? Please, can you just let bygones be bygones? Our school will pay for the medical expenses and take care of everything.”

Mo Li only found it funny. His main purpose today is to show his support to Bai Cheng, and he wanted everyone to know that Bai Cheng was covered by him, so how could he be so generous to let things go so easily.

He glanced at Liu Chao, smiled and said, “The dean of education said that all students should be treated equally, then Principal, don’t care what my identity is, just treat me as an ordinary student.”

Liu Chao’s face turned red, and he felt powerless when he met the principal’s reproachful gaze. Mo Li didn’t want to let it go, and they didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t actually do anything to Mo Li, right?

If they punished Mo Li today, they whould be in trouble tomorrow.

The head teacher pushed Mo Li’s shoulder in disgust, came over and said anxiously: “Mo Li, why are making such a mess, I don’t care what your identity is. The situation is not that complicated, but you still have to make trouble with us.!”

“Teacher, do you always do things like this?” Mo Li avoided the head teacher’s hand on his shoulder, raised his head, and said without any fear: “The situation, the feelings and the dignity of the students, you all don’t care?”

It was clearly Xu Jia who moved first, but now no one is holding Xu Jia accountable.

If it wasn’t Mo Li who was standing here today, but Bai Cheng alone, then the charges and punishment should have been already implemented.

The head teacher was stunned for a moment, and said with an ugly face: “Didn’t you also do something to Xu Jia, what else is there to be dissatisfied with!”

“Mr. Meng!” Chu Yawen took the head teacher’s arm, shook her head and said, “Don’t force the child.”

The head teacher waved away Chu Yawen’s hand and said angrily, “Ms. Chu, what do you know! You are not the head teacher, are you even aware that I am the one in charge now!”

Just as the head teacher’s sharp voice fell, there was a sudden applause from the corridor, and when he turned around, he saw Xu Zhiyuan walking over while clapping his hands.

He glanced at Mo Li coldly and said lightly: “That’s right, how can it be revealed so easily.”

His shrewd eyes swept across the crowd, then locked on Mo Li with one glance, and squinted before saying: “I heard… you are from the Mo family?”

Mo Li met Xu Zhiyuan’s menacing eyes and said with no change in his expression, “My father’s surname is Mo.”

In Xu Zhiyuan’s view, Mo Li was just a child who only knew how to make trouble all day long, and he didn’t take Mo Li’s reaction too seriously, he turned to look at the principal and said, “I’ve heard what happened, I just saw Xu Jia, it would be a lie to say that I am not angry.”

He paused, looked at Mo Li with the attitude of speaking to his subordinates, and directly took the initiative in his own hands and said, “Since the matter has already happened, there must be a result. What about your parents?”

Mo Li still had no expression on his face, shook his head, and said softly, “In City A.”

A flash of understanding flickered in Xu Zhiyuan’s eyes. Since Mo Li’s parents are in City A, it is basically certain that he is from the Mo family.

And it is impossible for the family’s direct descendant to come to such a small city alone, so he must be from a side branch.

“Then how do you want me to forgive you now?” Xu Zhiyuan stared at Mo Li, and sneered like he was playing with a mouse in his hand: “You must know that Emperor Qianlong is far away. Since your parents are not here, naturally they can’t protect you. Besides, I, Xu Zhiyuan, have never suffered such a big insult in this H city.

Xu Zhiyuan saw that the faces of Liu Chao and the principal both changed color, looking a little anxious, his voice changed again, and said: “But who made you from the Mo family, I don’t want to make enemies with the Mo family, so I won’t move against you.”

Hearing the words, the principal was relieved again. His mood has been up and down a lot today; he felt that he was about to have a heart attack.

“Then what are you thinking?” Mo Li spoke very politely, using the formal word “you” used for the teachers; he seemed like a good student with excellent academic performance.

Xu Zhiyuan stared at Mo Li, and then slowly moved his sight onto Bai Cheng who was behind Mo Li.

He knew that this time Mo Li also came forward for Bai Cheng’s sake, which means that no matter what the reason is, Bai Cheng is very important in Mo Li’s eyes. Translated on ho lo lo novels. He looked directly at Bai Cheng and said with a smile: “Last time you took action against my son, I just let you kneel down and it was over, but this time…my assistant said that you guys didn’t want to solve it privately either, so sure, we can do it that way, you scum should be punished.”

When the principal and others heard this, their eyes lit up. Although Mo Li can’t be moved, there is no problem in moving Bai Cheng. Bai Cheng is just a murderer’s child.

In this way, Mo Li is fine, and the Xu family won’t be implicated.


Sandy: Ummm, chairman Xu, I suggest you move against Mo Li coz that’d be a little less bad than moving against his future wife #shiver



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