Chapter 26 (part 2): Busy Farming in the Last Days

But now Ji Cha immediately felt that he was too rigid.

He did calculate the planting area of various vegetable crops early, but he ignored a very important point at the beginning. When he calculated, he did not take into account the different planting times and the planting cycle of various crops. For the sake of convenience, he directly and mindlessly assumed the production capacity and growth cycle of various plants as a value that would not change flexibly.

But in fact, this is a very flexible thing.

For example, now, there are not many types of crops that can be planted in autumn and winter. In fact, large plots of land are still vacant. You can plant more crops that can be produced in autumn and winter at this time, increase the planting area of potatoes, etc. After the harvest is completed in early spring, fertilize the land again and start the planting of spring crops.

Thinking of this, Ji Cha tapped his head hard, and took out a piece of paper to plan the planting of potatoes on it.

Country C has always regarded itself as a country with vast land and abundant resources, rich in materials and a robust and varied food culture. Potatoes are just an ordinary embellishment among thousands of daily food items.

But Ji Cha, who has experienced the end of the world, knows how amazing potatoes are. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Please read there. This kind of high-yield, nutrient-rich and relatively short-growth crops is the savior of the bottom of the barrel type of people in the post-apocalyptic era.

Not to mention, in fact, if you make good use of it, the transformation of potatoes can also be colorful. Ordinary people may not understand it in their lives, but in fact, before the end of the world, the action of turning potatoes into a staple food has already been carried out in relevant units in the agricultural field.

Potatoes can be stored in a dry environment for up to ten years after being processed into whole potato flour similar to flour, which is too suitable as a necessary food for storage.

Ji Cha calculated the potatoes he had saved, and decided to add 70 square meters of planting area of just a hundred square meters. He just took the remaining potatoes and sprouted them together with sweet potatoes. At that time, the two root crops would add up to 200 square meters, and the crops produced would be able to feed a lot of mouths and still leave a lot for planting.

Of course, they can’t just eat potatoes and sweet potatoes. Ji Cha also has many other crops that he wanted to sow. The first thing that came to his mind was Bok Choy.

As a very ordinary dish on the table, Bok Choy is only a little over one or two yuan per pound in the vegetable market, but in the eyes of Ji Cha who has read a lot of information, Bok Choy is simply a little angel.

Basically, the planting cycle of all green vegetables is only about one month, and with the temperature of S City, a small greenhouse in winter works just fine all year round. The planting method is also not as delicate. If you are casual, open the ground and then sow a handful of seeds, water and fertilize regularly, then the small shoots will be able to scramble to dig out from the ground.

Ji Cha remembers picking small greens when he was a child. Read on ho lo lo novels. Please don’t support thieves. He often picks the tall ones first. After pulling them out, cover them with plastic film. When they wanted to eat, the greens can be picked again, which is convenient and simple.

He bought a lot of small green cabbage seeds and kept them in the seed room. Most of the first wave of green vegetables were planted by relying on the seeds that are already there. If they want to plant more later, Ji Cha has already learned to save the seeds from the crops.

The seeds of green vegetables are rare because most people eat the green vegetables before they bloom and bear seeds. It is not difficult to save the seeds of green vegetables.

In addition to small green vegetables, Ji Cha also plans to grow peppers. Autumn peppers are generally planted in the current season and can be harvested by mid-December.

Ji Cha spent half the afternoon scribbling and drawing on paper, and after watching a lot of teaching videos he collected, he finally came up with a clue.

Now he can make a lot of snacks. It goes without saying that there is a large amount of meat in storage and the breeding of the livestock is fairly stable. The planting and harvesting of vegetables are also very fast, and there are also many that can be used to supplement meals with existing materials.

Soy beans, mung beans, etc. can be used for bean sprouts, which can be eaten in three or five days, and soybeans can be used to make various soy products, which is not difficult. In short, if you are not too picky about your diet for a while, you will still be satisfied with the current situation.

When Ji Cha came back to his senses, it was completely dark outside. He turned on the small lamp in front of him and ran to draw the curtains again, then he heard someone knocking on the door.

“Come in,” he said.

The door was pushed open from the outside, Liang Jincheng’s face was exposed, he leaned on the door frame and smiled at him, “It’s time to eat dinner.”

As he spoke, he walked over to Ji Cha again, and glanced down at the messy papers on Ji Cha’s desk, but immediately withdrew his gaze and asked, “What have you been doing all afternoon?”

Ji Cha was a little embarrassed. He picked up the stack of papers and said, “I’m doing the calculations on how to achieve the best output of produce.”

He said and handed the papers to Liang Jincheng, “Well, it’s quite messy, but now I finally have a clue.”

Liang Jincheng casually took it and glanced at it. Seeing that Ji Cha had also carefully estimated everyone’s food intake, especially after putting a big asterisk under his name, he couldn’t help but ask, “What does this mean?”

Ji Cha followed his finger and took a look, and then explained seriously, “This means that I have left more for you to eat.”

“I look like I eat a lot?” Liang Jincheng laughed.

“You look very hungry.” Ji Cha replied honestly.

He couldn’t tell what the expression that often appeared on Liang Jincheng’s face meant, but that expression did look very hungry.

Ji Cha is still not clear, this hunger is real, but the target is not food but himself.

“I’m really hungry,” Liang Jincheng looked into Ji Cha’s eyes, barely resisting the urge to raise his hand and rub his head.

Ji Cha looked at him with wide eyes suspiciously.

Liang Jincheng put down the paper in his hand and smiled helplessly, “I mean if you don’t go down to eat with us, I’ll be really hungry.”

Only then did Ji Cha react, and apologetically turned off the lamp, “Let’s go, let’s go.”

As soon as the light of the desk lamp dimmed, the whole room fell into darkness.

For Ji Cha, such darkness made his eyes unable to adapt for a while. He tried his best to look at the faint light coming from under the stair outside. Because the curtains were drawn in the whole house, the interior was almost in complete darkness.

Ji Cha stretched out his hands and walked forward, wanting to go to the door and turn on the light in the bedroom first.

As for Liang Jincheng, after his body changed, his vision also changed obviously. Not only can he see things more clearly, even now he can see several times more clearly than Ji Cha in the dark.

Even the ignorant and anxious look on Ji Cha’s face at this moment clearly fell into Liang Jincheng’s eyes.

Ji Cha stretched out his hands forward as if begging for a hug, and with the expression on his face, Liang Jincheng couldn’t resist. He strode forward to Ji Cha, as if he inadvertently reached out his hand and let him bump into his arms.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Ji Cha realized that he was hugging a human-like object, and immediately realized that it was Liang Jincheng, so he wanted to step back to end the hug-like gesture between the two.

However, Liang Jincheng pretended to be startled by Ji Cha, took advantage of the situation and hugged Ji Cha tightly, and said with a low smile, “It’s too dark here, wait until I stand firm.”

He clasped Ji Cha’s waist with one hand, supported his shoulder with the other, and slowly stabilized his center of gravity.

Ji Cha still didn’t know how much his tofu was eaten by people with ulterior motives, but he was a little embarrassed, thinking that he ate Liang Jincheng’s tofu cheaply, “I was walking too carelessly.”

(T/N: eating tofu = taken advantage of by skin contact)

After the end of the world, there are not a few men who live together with other men, and it is not that Ji Cha has not seen people like that. For someone with looks and strength like Liang Jincheng, there would be no problem with taking both men and women.

Liang Jincheng stepped back, and when he spoke, the warm breath hit Ji Cha’s earlobe, making half of his ears a little hot. However, Ji Cha is still very honest and thinks that it was all very natural, but his lips are pursed.

Liang Jincheng lowered his eyes to see Ji Cha’s actions, God knows how much he wants to use his hands, or simply use his mouth to lift Ji Cha’s lips that are close to each other, and taste the flavor of his.

Just a moment of sweet reverie, he felt unbearable.

Liang Jincheng is almost glad that Ji Cha can’t see the naked desire in his eyes, staring at the other full of lust at this moment. Otherwise, Ji Cha would definitely panic.

Just when Ji Cha was wondering why Liang Jincheng hadn’t stood up straight yet, he suddenly took a step back and turned on the switch on the wall accurately.

The atmosphere downstairs is quite lively.

Only one lamp in the living room was turned on, the curtains were drawn, and the door was tightly closed, but the TV was on, and there was a very classic comedy New Year movie playing on it. Read on ho lo lo novels. Please don’t support thieves. The elders watched it seriously. Zhang Qinqin put Xiaochao on the small stool next to her and he was eating obediently.

There are still two places at the table reserved for Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng.

The factory was rebuilt by Ji Cha, and now everyone has naturally handed over the dominance of the place to him. Even Liang Jincheng sat on the side with a look like: happy with this arrangement.

If there is no Liang Jincheng, Ji Cha would be able to deal with being in this position without any problem. But in the face of big boss who held power of half of the S city base in his previous life, Ji Cha always felt an inexplicable invisible pressure.

What’s more, now the person who exerted invisible pressure was sitting beside him, looking at him tenderly with eyes that almost spilled out with loving and encouraging.

“The current situation outside will not improve for a while. We have a lot of food and all the basic necessities here, so there is no need to worry about food, clothing and shelter, but we don’t know how long the situation outside will last, so I think we still have to make long-term preparations first.” Ji Cha cleared his throat and continued, “So I plan to start farming from tomorrow. Anyway, I originally wanted to make a plan for a plantation in this factory area, it is fortunate that everyone here could help.”

“This is natural, can we still eat and live here for nothing?” Zhang Qinqin said quickly.

Wang Qinxue also said, “Yes, whatever you want us to do, just say it. We might not be where we are now without this place. It’s all your credit. There’s nothing to say about it.”

A few elders were even more straightforward, “We’ve all cultivated fields for half our lives, and we know more than you kids. You can plant anything you want. I think we’ll have a lot of good harvest.”

Seeing everyone’s determination, Zhang Xing hurriedly said, “I’ve already learned to grow potatoes with grandmother anyway.”

Grandma smiled and said, “Xingxing is very smart and diligent, much better than my Chacha.”

Zhang Xing didn’t have any friendly elders in his family, and Ji Cha’s Grandma was gentle, so unexpectedly, she got along very well with the chaotic Zhang Xing.

“Then get a good night’s sleep tonight, and talk about specific things tomorrow.”

With a word from Ji Cha, the arrangements for this evening and tomorrow morning are nailed down.


In summer, the weather is hot, and it is still necessary to take a bath.

There are six bathrooms in the factory, and it is quite convenient to carry out the whole wash.

After Ji Cha took a bath, he looked at the remaining power in each battery. They were using it sparingly. It was a whole day of sunshine outside. At this time, the battery still had more than half of the electricity, and it was more than enough to take a shower.

Liang Jincheng didn’t have a change of clothes, so Ji Cha was going to go find find two clothes for him to wear from the storage room where he kept all the clothes.

“Fortunately, I bought a lot of clothes before, and there should be quite a few of your size, senior.” Ji Cha said and was about to go get the clothes, but saw Liang Jincheng standing in front of his wardrobe and didn’t move.

“Don’t be so troublesome, your clothes are fine. Can I borrow another set today? As for the clothes you put in the warehouse, I will find them myself tomorrow. Too much trouble.”

For the perverted Liang, this kind of opportunity to wear Ji Cha’s clothes in an open and honest manner is like holding the taste of Ji Cha on his body, and it’s easy to lick it seven times a night.

There is some truth to what he said. Ji Cha was so carefree that he didn’t think it would be a big deal to lend Liang Jincheng a set of clothes. He walked to the edge of the closet, opened the drawer first, looked at the pants, and picked out a larger size and handed it to Liang Jincheng.

Looking up, he found that Liang Jincheng was staring at his underwear.

Ji Cha looked down at the silly Superman underwear, feeling ashamed that he wanted to cover his face. He quickly defended, “I bought these underwear when I was in high school, and I forgot to throw it away. I don’t wear it now.”

Liang Jincheng, who was jealous and worried about how to get Ji Cha’s other underwear, cleared his throat and said righteously, “I’m going out in a while, if you don’t dislike me, I’ll take it out for you and throw it away?”

As he said that, he immediately squatted down and grabbed Ji Cha’s underwear in his hand, and emptied the drawer at once.

Ji Cha felt a little pity in his heart, but he nodded vigorously on the surface, “I’ll trouble you then!”

I’ll pick it back up in a while, he thought.

Liang Jincheng held a large number of Ji Cha’s underwear in his hand, and he felt that the air was sweet all of a sudden, and a single breath would make him dizzy! He tried his best to restrain his footsteps and walk out of Ji Cha’s room without stumbling.

After watching Liang Jincheng enter the bathroom, Ji Cha immediately ran out of the room.

Those underwears were not bought by him when he was in high school, they are his favorites now. He looked for a few possible trash cans upstairs and downstairs, but he didn’t see a trace of them. He wondered if it was the trash can that Liang Jincheng threw in the bathroom?

Ji Cha, who thought this possibility was very high, simply hid in the room and waited quietly for Liang Jincheng to come out of the bathroom.

After a while, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, Ji Cha listened to the footsteps of Liang Jincheng leaving, and after a few minutes, he was sure that Liang Jincheng would not come out. He stood up and ran into the bathroom with small steps, but the trash can in the bathroom was empty, and there was no underwear at all?

Ji Cha stood there and frowned, where did his underwear go?

But he couldn’t ask Liang Jincheng about such a thing. Ji Cha went to bed after a pity for a while.


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