Chapter 26 (part 1): Busy Farming in the Last Days

A phone call at this time is inevitably confusing.

Ji Cha ran downstairs and saw his grandmother covering the microphone and whispering to him, “It’s your cousin.”

Ji Cha has only one cousin. If it is replaced by the general name, this cousin shouldn’t be called a cousin, but because Ji Cha’s father’s family situation, she has always been called a cousin.

In the last apocalypse, city A had a huge population, and not long after the apocalypse broke out, many public facilities were severely damaged. When Ji Cha tried to call relatives and friends, the mobile phone had completely lost that function.

So now he has no way of knowing whether his cousin tried to contact this side at that time, or for what reason.

His cousin, Zhang Qinqin, is two years younger than Ji Cha, but since she was a secondary school student, she has already attended a one-year class and now a kindergarten teacher in a local kindergarten. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Ji Cha and her usually only meet once when they visit relatives during the Chinese New Year.

And now that ten years have passed, Ji Cha’s memory is even less clear. He vaguely remembered that this cousin had a good temperament and was indeed very suitable as a kindergarten teacher.

“Hello,” he took the microphone, his tone hesitant, “Qinqin?”

“Cousin!” The voice over the microphone was panting, and after hearing Ji Cha’s voice, there was an obvious surprise, and the follow-up voice was deliberately suppressed, Zhang Qinqin said succinctly, “I have a child in the kindergarten here who can’t be sent home. Can we, can we go to your place first to avoid the current situation?”

There were other noises in the microphone, and Zhang Qinqin’s environment was obviously not safe.

“I’m not at home now,” Ji Cha just wanted to ask Zhang Qinqin about the situation so that he could make another judgment.

Then, as if she was afraid of Ji Cha’s rejection, Zhang Qinqin quickly added, “I can drive there by myself, just send me the address and locate it.”

If Zhang Qinqin can drive over directly, it is indeed much less riskier than Ji Cha going out to pick her up.

Inwardly, Ji Cha was greatly relieved, saying that he is selfish, Ji Cha is not someone who can risk his life to save people.

He hung up the phone and immediately sent Zhang Qinqin the location of the factory. Who knows how long the current network can last.

On the chat, Zhang Qinqin replied with an expression of [ok], and then stopped sending anything else.

Seeing Ji Cha put down his phone, grandma hurriedly asked him, “Cha Cha, what’s going on with Qin Qin?”

“She said that there is a child over there who can’t be sent back, and she is going to come to us to avoid the situation first.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Grandma nodded again and again, “The town’s kindergarten is not far from us, so it’s good to come here.”

But Li Xiuqin disagreed, “It’s like this outside, can a woman does all that and there’s even a child…”

Wang Lixin said, “If people say that they can come, then they can come. If we go out to pick them up, we may not be able to drive on the road. It will be thankless at that time.”

Li Xiuqin was choked by his words again, and had to stop.

Ji Cha still felt very uneasy after thinking about it, so he ran up to the top of the second floor and took out the binoculars to look into the distance. No one could be seen on the street in the nearby village. Occasionally, one or two figures that were obviously zombies.

Ji Cha is very afraid of death, especially after experiencing the end of the world, but the feeling of relief just now is more and more strangling his throat, making him feel uncomfortable.

He lowered his head and took out his mobile phone, found the call record just now and made a call, Zhang Qinqin answered it quickly.


“Which way are you coming from, I’ll pick you up.” Ji Cha said, although he felt frightened again, he felt more relaxed than before.

“No,” Zhang Qinqin quickly rejected, “I would have caused you a lot of trouble by coming there. I know what’s going on outside, and I can handle it. The distance is not far, and I’ll be there soon by car.”

“Then don’t hang up.” Ji Cha took a step back and said, “If something happens, I’ll know right away, so I can come in a hurry. Where are you now?”

“I’m coming from Xiashao Village now, and there are still five or six miles to go,” Zhang Qinqin’s voice was calm, much calmer than Ji Cha’s.

There was a faint voice of a child calling the teacher softly in the background.

Zhang Qinqin’s followed up words were obviously to the child, “Don’t be afraid, Xiaochao, we’ll go to the teacher’s brother’s house in a moment, and we’ll have dinner at that time.”

As soon as the words were spoken, there was a sudden violent crash on the other end of the phone, Ji Cha took a breath, and hurriedly asked, “Qinqin, Qinqin?”

After a while, Zhang Qinqin’s voice came out again, and she seemed to grit her teeth, “It’s okay, I just ran into a living dead.”

The journey was relatively smooth a part from that little hiccup, and Ji Cha finally saw a car coming towards the factory in the binocular.

He hurriedly ran downstairs and went straight to the door, opened the door inside first, and then quietly waited for the car outside to approach.

“You waved from the window so I know it was you.”

Though the window of the car, a hand really stretched out and waved, Ji Cha opened the door with confidence, but he was not completely relieved, and walked carefully to the front and back of the car and looked at it, only after bending over to check the bottom of the car, he confirmed that only Zhang Qinqin and a child were coming, so she was allowed to drive the car in.

Zhang Qinqin parked the car steadily at the back of the factory, with a large dent in the front of the car body, which was probably the accident Ji Cha heard in the car just now.

Zhang Qinqin got out of the car, there was some blood on her forehead, but her eyes were still clear. She went around to the back row and hugged Xiaochao from the child safety seat. Ji Cha saw the boy named Xiaochao clearly, and he was only three years old. Around the age of two, he leaned on Zhang Qinqin’s arms with an ignorant expression on his face.

“Aiyo, are you injured?” Grandma pulled Zhang Qinqin, “Come into the house and get some bandages, Chacha, come quickly.”

Zhang Xing stared at them, and couldn’t help but said, “Come, come along and bring the child too.”

Xiaochao hid in Zhang Qinqin’s arms all the way and did not dare to speak.

Babies at this age are always very popular with the elders. Grandma came up to hug him and asked, “Have you eaten, what do you want to eat, grandma will make it for you.”

It also happened that both Li Xiuqin and Wang Lixin came here on an empty stomach, so they just made a lunch.

There are still a lot of fresh ingredients in the kitchen, but they all need to be used immediately. In addition to all kinds of meat, the food that can be stored for a long time also contains some soy products, such as tofu, vegetables, corn kernels, pea kernels, etc. .

For example, the fresh vegetables in the refrigerator in the downstairs kitchen are freshly grown.

From the end of August to the beginning of September, there are many good seasons for the cultivation of crops in autumn and winter. Now the factory has generally settled down, and Jicha is also ready to concentrate on the cultivation and breeding industry. After all, there will be no convenient supermarkets and no online shopping.

Almost all their food, clothing, housing and transportation are obtained by their own hands, and the early preparation of Ji Cha is just to make this process a little mechanized and easier.

The unexpected arrival of Zhang Qinqin and Xiaochao obviously eased the mood of grandma and Li Xiuqin. The two went into the kitchen one by one and discussed what to cook for a while.

Wang Qinxue didn’t forget to whisper, “Save some food.”

The two waved their hands to show that they knew.

Ji Cha found the simple medicines prepared before, and helped Zhang Qinqin to disinfect the wound on her head with alcohol, then sprinkled Yunnan Baiyao, and finally wrapped it carefully with gauze.

“The wound is not big. Now the weather is hot, the wound has healed quickly. It should be scabbed in a few days.” Ji Cha cut off the medical tape, put down the things in his hand and said to Zhang Qinqin, “how come you’re bringing a child at this time?”

Xiaochao sat on the far sofa and watched cartoons with the tablet that Zhang Xing found for him. Now his mood is much more stable than when he came.

Zhang Qinqin took a mirror and looked at the wound on her head and smiled, “It was too sudden, our school is small and there are not many teachers, so it happens that the three classes of the elementary, middle and the rest of the classes each ask the teachers to send the children home. A few kids started biting, and in the end it was just me and another teacher who split up and sent them back.”

“I brought six children, and the first five went well. There are still people in their family who are not in trouble, but Xiaochao,” Zhang Qinqin lowered her voice and looked at Xiaochao at the same time, “His family only has grandparents. Hi grandma already turned when I went to his house, the two old people were gone, and I couldn’t just throw a child out, so I brought it here first.”

Although Zhang Qinqin’s father and Ji Cha’s father are brothers, the relationship between the two is not friendly. This is because Zhang Qinqin’s father likes to gamble, owes a lot of debts, and does not want to make progress, so he beat Zhang Qinqin’s mother until she passed away at a young age. However, Zhang Qinqin is sensible and motivated, and her relationship with her father is not good.

At this moment, Ji Cha still inevitably asked about her father’s current situation.

“Then now over there, uncle…”

Zhang Qinqin laughed because of his cautious tone, “My dad, I don’t know where he is now, he went out to hide from his debts at the beginning of the year, who knows where he went to hide, I haven’t spoken to him for almost a year, right? He doesn’t care about me, otherwise I’ll go directly to him, why would I come and find you.”

Ji Cha smiled, “You can stay here anyway, just take care of Xiaochao. I think that child is quite pitiful.”

Zhang Qinqin nodded and said again, “It’s so chaotic outside, do we need to go out?”

“Not really, you can stay at home if you can, and don’t go out unless otherwise.” Ji Cha said firmly, “You can tell, nine lives will not be enough.”

“Yes,” Zhang Qinqin nodded, then stood up from the sofa and let out a long sigh of relief, “Fortunately, there is still a place where I can live in peace at this time.”

“We’re all a family,” Ji Cha patted Zhang Qinqin on the shoulder and showed a smile.

So now it’s really stabilized.

Ji Cha ran back to the upstairs room and silently calculated the current situation in the factory.

Liang Jincheng, himself, Wang Qinxue, Wang Lixin, Li Xiuqin, Zhang Qinqin, Zhang Xing, these seven people can be considered to be able to protect themselves. The remaining Xiaochao and grandma are the two who need to be protected. However, if only working ability is counted, then only Xiaochao can be excluded.

In the post-apocalyptic period, there will be small group riots that usually do not exceed fifteen people. Even if there are more than fifteen people small groups, if there is no strong leader, they will often split into two or three in a short period of time.

The most effective and cohesive small groups are instead groups of five to seven people.

In this case, Jicha is not so worried about safety issues in the factory. What’s more, Liang Jincheng has awakened his superpowers and … abilities? Ji Cha is not quite sure what to call it, but there is no doubt that his combat power can easily deal one against five.

Before the end of the world, Ji Cha found some self-defense equipment during his purchase rampage on taobao. In his opinion, weapons such as bows and crossbows that can attack at a long distance and have huge lethality are the first to be considered, but such weapons were not legal before the end of the world, and even the all-purpose taobao website can list only some lifelike toy bows and crossbows with greatly reduced lethality.

Ji Cha was not sure whether such a bow and crossbow could shoot through human bones, but he still purchased two as a precaution. His plan is not to kill zombies with these but at least form a certain degree of resistance to human beings with evil intentions.

In addition, the more lethal products that could be bought on taobao website other that the toy bows are the three-section sticks.

After the apocalypse broke out in country C, the struggle between people was not as fierce as what was shown in traditional European and American TV dramas or movies. Of course, the intensity here does not refer to the degree of conflict, but to the means of resolution after the outbreak of the conflict.

Unlike the proliferation of guns in Europe and the United States, very few people in China have access to firearms. At least after Ji Cha experienced the end of the world, most people still stay in the stage of self-defense with knives and sticks or slashing each other. The conflict of cold weapons is much more avoidable than that.

Ji Cha felt that a tool such as a three-section stick that could defeat the enemy at a long distance should be sufficient when not facing a large group of attackers.

As a weapon or similar metal utensils that can be used as weapons, he kept it in a room. Each room with things of that nature are both on the second floor and the first floor, clearly marked for the purpose of easy access.

After figuring out the problem of labor at hand, Ji Cha decided to start planting. After all, if you can plant a day earlier, you can harvest it a day earlier, so don’t waste a minute or a second.

The potatoes planted now are autumn potatoes. Potatoes can generally be divided into two seasons, spring and autumn. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Now, in the later stage of this wave of autumn potatoes, greenhouses need to be added to keep warm after the weather is cold.

The yield per mu of autumn potatoes can generally reach two tons. Converted to a unit familiar to modern people, it is about equal to one square meter of planting area that can produce three kilograms of potatoes. In this way, the 30 square meters of potato planting area planned in front of the season tea, if If it goes well, about 90 kilograms of potatoes can be obtained.



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