Chapter 66: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

So hot … with all this drought and whatnot!!!

“Okay, okay, the second child’s family is not having it easy. He is still a recruited son-in-law. It is benevolent enough for him to help us,” Old man Li said, referring to his eldest’s wife and scolding him for trying to find fault with Li Changfeng implying not that there is no food, but Xu Qing doesn’t give it, “It’s getting late, you go back quickly, or else your wife will be worried.”

Li Changfeng didn’t refute too much. After saying goodbye to the Li family, he drove the donkey that wasn’t thin at all, and went home while the moon was still in full bloom.

“Ah, the donkey is so fat.” Li Laosan’s little son was pulling on the corner of Wang Li’s clothes, his face was full of covetousness. The child didn’t know what a drought was. He only knew that there was food on the table these days, but he got to eat less and less, and there are not many days he felt full.

Li Laosan returned to his senses, touched the child’s head, and looked at Wang Li’s thin face, full of guilt and distress. Li Xiao’er went back to his room, locked the door, lowered his head. He was rummaging in the cupboard at the end of the bed looking for something.

When Li Changfeng came home, Xu Qing was completely asleep, because he was afraid that he would make too much noise, Li Changfeng cleaned up quietly and climbed into bed. Although it was summer, the temperature at night was still a little low. As soon as Li Changfeng went to bed, Xu Qing leaned over towards the source of the heat.

Li Changfeng hugged Xu Qing gently, put his hand on Xu Qing’s four-month-old belly, and caressed softly. In six months, the child will come out, and it will be the beginning of the spring of the coming year. He just hoped that God will open his eyes, the rain will come earlier, and the child will be able to live more comfortably.

A few days later, Xie Ama came to chat, “I went back to Jixiang Village yesterday, do you know what happened in that village?” Because he bought enough food in advance, Xie Ama was not very sad, he often came to chat with Xu Qing when he had nothing to do.

“What’s going on at this time?” In the year of famine, everyone was a little worried. ho lo lo novels. Xu Qing really didn’t know what was worth discussing.

Xie Ama didn’t understand Xu Qing’s thoughts, “With this the drought and famine now, people are really not in the mood, but it’s just that person is so free that he goes around all day and spouts nonsense.”

Xu Qing moved a few times and dragged his increasingly cumbersome body to sit down, “Then you tell me quickly, and don’t make people lose their appetite.”

Li Changfeng went to wander around, and Xie Ama was not afraid that he would hear, “It’s about the third child of the Li family.”

It turned out that Li family can no longer afford to indulge Li Laosan to achieve his own ambitions of eating and drinking to his heart’s content. Li family has a large population but very little food. If Li Laosan continued to eat like this, not to mention children, even adults might starve to death, so he discussed with his father that he would teach the village children!

He even went to Lizheng’s house for this matter. Lizheng is also very helpless. This third Li, the villagers wanted him to teach the children in the early years, but now when most of them can’t get enough to eat, he wants to teach.

“I don’t want any money for teaching, I just need some food every month.” After Li Laosan finished speaking, Li Zheng asked, “Do you think food is more important or money is more important?”

The price of grain in the rice shop in the town has skyrocketed. How much grain can a peasant family buy with their little money? ho lo lo novels. No one has enough to eat, but this person wants others to exchange their money for grain, which is really beautiful. (T/N: sarcastically saying Li Laosan thinks so easily, carefreely, for his own benefit, which is beautiful for him.)

Li Laosan was a little embarrassed, so he didn’t answer the question. He sat there sullenly and didn’t leave. Li Zheng then helplessly informed the villagers that Li Laosan would teach the children to study outside the village ancestral hall. If you want to send the children to go, just send. As for what the big guy Mr. scholar wants, things are not easy now, so whatever the people can give is what he’ll get.

“What’s the result? Does anyone send their children?” Xu Qing was really curious if anyone would send their children to study. Although everyone is not doing well these days, such an opportunity is also very good. It’s worth it, and the tuition fee is much less than it is during the stable period.

Xie Ama’s expression was also a little surprised, “At the beginning, there was no one there, but I heard that there are more than ten people sending their children, and they are all cheapskates. I thought that Li Laosan would not accept those children, and as a result, he unexpectedly accepted all.”

Xu Qing nodded thoughtfully. That’s right, now the Li family’s yard is in fear that apart from the food that Li Changfeng sent that day, there will be no more food. The whole family has to eat. Li Laosan is not willing, but he had no way to refuse.

“Wife, I’ll go to Li’s yard! My little brother is gone!”

Li Changfeng ran home in a haste, followed by eldest Li.


Xu Qing stood up and asked suspiciously. Eldest Li hurriedly stepped forward and explained: “It’s just that Ama found some of his clothes were missing, and he was not at home yesterday. We all thought he was here with you guys, but when he didn’t come back today, I came to have a look.…”

Li Changfeng got the donkey cart ready and didn’t say much, “I’ll look for home. Xie Ama, please take care of my wife. I’m leaving.”

“What are you doing being so polite to me, just go,” Xie Ama also felt that it was a big deal. The unmarried ger disappeared, of course it was a big deal!

“Go, don’t worry about me.”

Xu Qing wanted to follow him, but he was powerless!

Xie Ama took Xu Qing to sit down and said in a puzzled tone: “This Li family has a big heart. Their son hasn’t been home for almost two days, and they only thought of looking for him at this moment. Are they blind?!”

Xu Qing thought about what eldest Li said, the family member was gone, some clothes were taken away, which means that the younger brother took it with him. Thinking about this, Xu Qing felt a little less worried, but in the blink of an eye, he thought again: did Li Xiao’er eloped with a man…! This is no less than his own escape!

Xie Ama also had such thoughts in his heart, but he didn’t say it out loud. Nowadays, the gers’ mind is not quite the same as back then, they had their own ideas.

Li Changfeng took eldest Li back to Jixiang Village, but there was still no one at home. He went to several gers in the village who got along with Li Xiao’er to inquire, but he did not ask why he was asking.

“Wait a minute!”

Boss Li suddenly remembered something and said to Li Changfeng: “I remember that my brother often went to Zhou’s house to find Chen Hong these days!”

“Why is Chen Hong at Zhou’s house?” Li Changfeng was confused, shouldn’t he go to Chen’s house to find Chen Hong? Why did he go to Zhou’s house to find it?

Boss Li patted his thigh and said, “This Chen Hong is married to that guy from the Zhou family! No, it’s been a bad year, and it wasn’t a big deal, so it’s normal that you don’t know.”

So, Li Changfeng and eldest Li went to Zhou’s house. Chen Hong was doing embroidery work under the eaves. Although Zhou Wen was a scholar, his family was not well-off. He could earn some trivial money for embroidering handkerchiefs. It’s also because Chen Hong is good at craftsmanship, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sell his work. People couldn’t eat food these days, so how many people would buy it.

Li Changfeng knocked on the courtyard door, Chen Hong put down his work and opened the door, “Big brother Li, Brother Changfeng.” Chen Hong didn’t expect Li Changfeng to come to him, just like Li Changfeng didn’t expect Chen Hong to marry Zhou Wen so quietly.

Li Changfeng saw that although Chen Hong had lost some weight, he was not haggard. He didn’t seem to have any grievances when he married into Zhou’s house. “Come in and sit.” Chen Hong generously invited the two of them to enter the courtyard. Li Changfeng politely refused. Chen Hong was at home alone, and it was not very suitable for the two of them to enter the door.

In order to save time, Li Changfeng gave a straight-to-the-point explanation. Chen Hong lowered his head and thought for a while, “He has been here a few times, and he doesn’t talk as much as before, and his temperament is much calmer.” He also knew a little about what happened to Li Xiao’er’s ears, “but the last time he came, there was some meaning of parting in his words, but he didn’t say much about this.”

“By the way, please keep this matter a secret, my little brother is just angry,” Li Changfeng said. Knowing that people’s words are terrifying, he instructed a few words before leaving, and Chen Hong responded one by one.

“Don’t worry, I know the seriousness of this matter, goodbye, Brother Changfeng.” Goodbye, you who belongs in the deepest part of my heart.

Li Changfeng and eldest Li didn’t receive the information they were looking for, so they had to thank Chen Hong and went to the town to ask acquaintances to see if they had met Li Xiao’er.

It was only when Li Changfeng’s figure was no longer seen that Chen Hong closed the courtyard door. Zhou Wen, who had been hiding in the corner since Li Changfeng and the others came to the door, walked out and stared at his courtyard door. He cleared his throat and opened the courtyard door.

“I am back.”


After Li Changfeng and eldest Li arrived in town, they separated to find people they know to ask. The first place Li Changfeng asked was Lin Fangliang, and he was also the first to get THE news of Li Xiao’er’s whereabouts.

“Did you say he went to the Deng family in town to take care of the sick Mrs. Deng?”

(ERROR CORRECTION. T/N: In one of the previous chapters, I wrote it was the son of Deng family that was sick. Turns out, I understood the sentence wrong. It’s the old ger of the Deng family that was sick.)

Lin Fangliang nodded, “Mrs. Deng lives alone. His family went to another town to do business, and there is no one to take care of him at home. So, they were looking for someone to look after Deng Ama in those days, but Mrs. Deng was unwilling. When your little brother Li came to get the medicine refill, he heard someone talked about it and he said he wanted try it. “

Seeing that Li Changfeng’s face was calm, Lin Fangliang continued: “I didn’t know that Mrs. Deng would really agree to this. He asked brother Li to prepare to come to town in the past few days, and stay and eat with him. ho lo lo novels. A month salary is four hundred and fifty coppers, which is very generous at a time like this.”

Lin Fangliang really didn’t know why Li Xiao’er didn’t even tell the family about it and came out alone, “Don’t worry, this Deng family is all good people, although their business is not very big, they’re still trustworthy. In addition, the Deng family has no man, the residence is close to the government, and the security is good. Brother Li just has to take care of Mrs. Deng’s three meals a day, concocts his medicine, talks to him, and relieves his boredom, which is much better than being unhappy at home.”

No one wants to see someone who almost ruined their whole life, at least not for the time being.

“Then please show me the way, I’ll go see him.” Li Changfeng felt less worried when he knew where Li Xiao’er was, but he still had to see his little brother’s employer so that he could learn more and be finally be relieved.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Although the Deng family’s house is not big, it is relatively strict. Li Xiao’er stood in front of the expressionless Li Changfeng, “Second brother, I really didn’t do it on purpose. I promised that I could come directly, but Mrs. Deng had a fever that afternoon, and there was no one at home, so I had no choice. I couldn’t just leave him alone, so…”.

“You scared us. You are already old enough to know what’s big, what’s small, and what are the consequences!” Li Changfeng scolded Li Xiao’er, and Li Xiao’er listened obediently, from time to time, nodding his head to show that he was indeed wrong.

But after Li Changfeng finished speaking, Li Xiao’er said, “You and the second brother-in-law are the only ones who were scared…”

Li Changfeng glared at Li Xiao’er, “What are you talking about! Big brother isn’t following you everywhere today?!”

Li Xiao’er stopped talking, drooping his head, he looked sullen. Li Changfeng sighed, “Okay, Lin Fangliang also told me something about the situation here, and I have just met Mrs. Deng, so I feel at ease. Are you going back with us to let the family know, or I can go and tell them on your behalf.”

Li Xiao’er immediately chose the second option, “Thank you second brother! You are so kind!”

“If you have nothing to do, go home and take a look. After all, you are not married yet, so there are still some things that you have to do.” Li Changfeng felt that he was really worrying too much. Before his child was born, he was already acting like a father. Life is hard.

“Understood, and I’m also thinking about the situation at home. If I have a job, the family won’t be so poor.” Li Xiao’er knows about the food problem at home, and the three children always make trouble for not having enough to eat. His nephews still wanted to eat meat, and he felt uncomfortable looking at it.

“Okay, I’m going back, I have to find Big Brother, and I’ll make it clear to the family when I go back.” Li Changfeng asked Li Xiao’er to go back inside, and he and Lin Fangliang, who was waiting outside, went to find Big Brother Li on the street.

By the time Li Changfeng and eldest Li returned to the Li family’s yard, it was almost evening. After listening to Li Changfeng’s words, the Li family’s husband and everyone were immediately excited.

“Is this true?! Xiao’er really went to take care of that person! What’s the salary like?!” The most excited one was Li Ama who kept asking Li Changfeng one question after another.


Translator: Chen Hong got married? Why didn’t Chen Qi invite Li Changfeng, his best friend? Oh, the betrayal.


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