Chapter 63: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


Li Changfeng didn’t even bother to clean up the sweat on his face. He lit the oil lamp and opened all the doors, but he didn’t find Xu Qing. Everything in the room was neat, and Xu Qing’s clothes were there. Li Changfeng, who forced himself to calm down and think, kept looking around. Wait, maybe he went to the Xie’s house!

Li Changfeng went running and received the attention of all the villagers on the way, “Isn’t that the husband of the one from the back mountain? What is he doing running so fast?” An uncle looked at Li Changfeng’s running back and wondered. He was reprimanded by his wife beside him, “What are you saying, be careful not to let people hear it!”

“Uncle Xie! Are you at home? It’s me, Li Changfeng!” Li Changfeng knocked on the door of Xie’s house panting, his palms sweating anxiously, afraid that Xu Qing would not be there.

Uncle Xie looked at Xu Qing who was picking vegetables with Xie Yu, and listened to the loud voice outside the courtyard, “This kid must have come to find Brother Qing! Coming!”

Brother Xie listened to Li Changfeng’s anxious tone, “he seems urgent, did something happen?” Xu Qing also wondered if Li Changfeng was injured when he went up the mountain. Thinking of this possibility, he was not in the mood to continue picking vegetables. “I’ll go out and see.”

Now that he has a child in his belly, although Xu Qing was anxious to know what happened, he also took his body into consideration and walked steadily and quickly. As soon as Li Changfeng saw Uncle Xie who opened the door, he hurriedly asks: “My wife…” Without speaking, Uncle Xie pointed his hand towards the house, “What’s going on in your house? You look so anxious and sweating profusely!”

Hearing that Xu Qing was at Xie’s house, Li Changfeng’s heart finally calmed down.

“What’s the matter? I see you are in a hurry.” Xu Qing walked to the courtyard gate and saw that Li Changfeng was not injured, and he was relieved. Translated on Hololonovels. So, please read there yeah? He was really afraid that something had happened to Li Changfeng.

Seeing his wife standing in front of him intact, Li Changfeng couldn’t help but wanted to go up and hug Xu Qing, but he realized that he was full of sweat, “I just didn’t see you at home.”

Xu Qing patted his head, “It’s my mistake, Brother Xiaoyu came to chat with me, and we were walking and talking, and came straight here. I forgot that I didn’t left you a message, I’m sorry, I made you worry.” His memory was getting worse and worse, but seeing Li Changfeng’s anxious appearance, he felt very warm and comfortable, and also felt a little ashamed.

“It’s alright, let’s go home.” Li Changfeng wiped his hands and held Xu Qing in front of Uncle Xie, “What are you in a hurry! Eat here with Uncle Xie! What kind of politeness are you showing to me, you boy!” Uncle Xie said these words making Li Changfeng not know how to refuse.

Xu Qing smiled and said instead: “It’s just that Changfeng hasn’t cleaned up, it’d be too good. Next time, next time we will come directly for a meal.”

“Yes, yes, you look at the stinky sweat on my body. I feel uncomfortable when I smell it!” Li Changfeng followed up on Xu Qing’s words. In this season with the drought looming, it’s not appropriate to eat at other people’s house. But if the Xie family came to their house to eat, they would all be welcome of course. After all, they stored enough food that could last until next winter, but the Xie family did not buy as many food as they did, so they declined.

“Okay, okay, you must not do this next time, otherwise, Uncle Xie will not be happy!” Uncle Xie didn’t think too much and answered Xu Qing cheerfully.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing returned to their home shrouded in darkness. Li Changfeng simply took a cold shower with well water, and after changing his clothes, he hugged Xu Qing who was picking vegetables, “wife.” Xu Qing felt that Li Changfeng’s body, after washing with cold water, was slightly cold, he tilted his head and smiled: “What’s wrong? You’re acting like a child.”

Li Changfeng took over the work from Xu Qing’s hands, pressed him to the side, and kissed Xu Qing’s face, “I feel that I miss you very much.” If there is no Xu Qing at home, no matter how good or new the house is, in Li Changfeng’s eyes it doesn’t have any meaning.

Xu Qing’s face warmed slightly. Li Changfeng had always said these heart-felt words only in bed. Now his face is getting thicker and thicker. Is it because of his pregnancy that they haven’t done it for too long? Thinking about it, Xu Qing turned his eyes to Li Changfeng’s crotch.

Li Changfeng was a little embarrassed, “It wasn’t because of that. I just missed you.” After speaking, he felt wronged, “No, I thought about that too, but it’s not what I’m thinking right now.” Xu Qing listened to Li Changfeng’s mumbling and felt dizzy, “All right, think, think all you want.”

Li Changfeng’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, “Do you think so too?” Xu Qing was stunned, and after he congested what Li Changfeng meant, he hurriedly wanted to explain, but the other party sighed: “But now that you’re carrying a child, even if you think about it, I can’t give it to you.”

Xu Qing was speechless, as if he was so thirsty!

(T/N: thirsty = lusty/horny)

After dinner, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng sat at the table in the yard to enjoy the coolness. The dry season is approaching fast, and the impact on their home is not too big, but it is a little troublesome in terms of water use. Xu Qing doesn’t know how to take out the spiritual spring in the space.

“It’s getting late, let’s go and rest.” Seeing that there were more mosquitoes, Li Changfeng wanted Xu Qing to go back to the room to rest. At that time, there was a knock on the courtyard door.

“Knock, knock, knock, knock!”

In the back mountain, there’s only the house Xu’s family, and it was already nighttime, Xiaobao’s howling voice was almost echoed, “It’s me, Lin Fangliang.” Lin Fangliang stood alone outside the courtyard gate and heard the dog barking inside. He heard the voice of Li Changfeng and said immediately.

Li Changfeng went to open the door, Xu Qing went to the kitchen and poured a bowl of tea. When he walked to the main room, Lin Fangliang and Li Changfeng were already sitting there. Lin Fangliang thanked Xu Qing and took the tea. Xu Qing saw Lin Fangliang’s hesitance, like he has something to say, but didn’t know how to say it.

“What’s the matter? Just say it straight away if you have something to say. What are you hesitating about?”

Lin Fangliang looked at Li Changfeng and said, “Today, brother Li’s family came to my clinic to see the doctor.”

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing glanced at each other, Li Changfeng looked at Lin Fangliang, “Go ahead.” Please don’t let it be Li Laosan doing something stupid again.

“It’s your youngest brother, he, his ears .. he’s now deaf.” Lin Fangliang had seen Li Xiao’er at Xu Qing’s house, so he recognized that it was Li Changfeng’s family. He came back today to pick up Xie Yu, thinking of Li Xiao’er’s injury, he came to notify Li Changfeng. After all, little brother Li was in a bad state.

“What?!” Xu Qing exclaimed in disbelief! “When we met him the other day, he was still doing fine, how could it be in such a short time!”

“Do you know what’s going on? Is it serious?” Li Changfeng couldn’t help but asked Lin Fangliang. Li Xiaoge was the youngest child in the family. It can be said that Li Changfeng raised Li Xiao’er as his own child. It was so strange that he suddenly became deaf, which made Li Changfeng unacceptable for a while.

Lin Fangliang didn’t mind Xu Qing and Li Changfeng’s gaffes. It was human nature. Anyone who heard that something happened to their relatives would find it unacceptable. “He was injured and temporarily gone deaf. It depends on his resilience during this time, if the situation is not good, then…, but not necessarily, my father has seen this kind of thing a few times, and some people recover within a few days, really.”

Xu Qing is really worried, Li Xiao’er is a good boy, and he is still so young. If he is really deaf, it will be a big blow to him. “Let’s go right now.” Li Changfeng shook his head, “You are pregnant, this has already happened, there is no need to hurry, Fang Liang, do you know how my brother was injured?” Why was he so severely injured? And why hasn’t anyone come to inform him?

Lin Fangliang paused, “It should be, Brother Li, your family did it.” Li Changfeng heard the words, his face darkened immediately, Lin Fangliang continued to explain the reason: “this injury was serious, and Li Xiao’er’s face had a palm print. That’s why my father said who made such a serious injury, if it was reported to an official, he would be beaten, who knows,” Lin Fangliang looked at Li Changfeng and continued in a low voice, “it was said that Li Xiao’er accidentally hurt himself.”

Such an obvious excuse, no one will believe it after listening to it. Who knows, except for the old man Li, although the other people’s faces are ugly, they still didn’t say a word. Li Xiao’er couldn’t hear and couldn’t read, so naturally he couldn’t communicate.

“Also, Li Xiao’er’s condition may not be very good. After all, it is difficult for anyone to accept this matter, not to mention, this matter may have been done by his closest family members.” Lin Fangliang did not comment too much. The people of the Li family … Li Xiao’er is already of age, so it is a pity that such a thing happened.

Xu Qing really had no choice but to be in a hurry, “Chang Feng, let’s go, just in case the younger brother needs our help, this…”.

Li Changfeng had a sullen face, thought about it, and said to Lin Fangliang, “Don’t rent a donkey cart tonight, I’ll take you back, and then we’ll go to the Li family.” He turned to Xu Qing and said: “I’ll take you to the Xie’s house. Tonight we’ll disturb Xie Ama and the others. If you’re at home alone, I will not be at ease.” Summer is the season of the wild animals in the back mountain. If something was to happen, he would be very regretful.

Xu Qing accepted Li Changfeng’s plan, and after a brief tidying up, the three returned to Xie’s house and explained the situation to Xie Ama. After a while, Li Changfeng, Lin Fangliang, and Xie Yu drove away in the dark.

Xu Qing felt it was such a pity. It’s okay if Li Xiaoge’er was to recover, but if not, it will ruin his whole life! Xie Ama listened to the whole story and sighed, “That child is at the age to discuss marriage. Now that this happened, causing trouble, it’s really annoying!”

Xu Qing hadn’t slept very well that night. He was thinking about Li Xiao’er, how he would live in the future, and how to face it. After a simple breakfast at Xie Ama’s house, Xu Qing went home. After feeding the piglet, chickens, and Xiaobao, Xu Qing paused, and then arranged the room originally intended for the children.

Li Changfeng drove the donkey cart home in the afternoon. The sun was scorching hot, his forehead was covered with sweat, but his face was calm. You could not tell whether he was in a good or bad mood.

Xu Qing hurriedly poured herbal tea for Li Changfeng and sat on the side to wait for Li Changfeng to speak. Li Changfeng finished drinking the herbal tea and said, “It was caused by the third child.” Then he explained how the Li laosan went mad and how Li Xiao’er was injured. “As for Ama, he said that Xiao’er may be ruined, and although Li Laosan is wrong, he is going to take the exam next month, if he passes, he will compensate the little brother.”

“What if he doesn’t pass the exam?” Xu Qing asked the same question as Li Xiao’er.

Li Changfeng shook his head, “Ama’s meaning is that one person in the family has already been ruined, and they can’t destroy the second one, so I just gave the third child a heavy beating.” But when he thought of Li Xiao’er who hadn’t eaten anything since he got home, Li Changfeng began to sigh again, “Xiao’er hasn’t eaten anything since he got home. He always buries his head and hides in the room, and he doesn’t want to come out no matter what.”

Xu Qing can understand Li Xiao’er’s behavior. Anyone who has such a thing happened to them will find it difficult to accept. Even if he accepts it, it will take a long time to adapt. Besides, it is his own brother who has caused such a scourge. “So, this means this matter is not going to be reported to the official?”

Li Changfeng nodded with a sullen face, “I didn’t agree either, but Father, Ama, and even the eldest brother all think this way that Xiao’er is a ger, even if he is not good, he will still marry out the door, but this third Li, haha, they entrust all their hopes, including their lives, to him!”


Li Laosan: That’s right. My future is bright. Can’t be tainted by some minor family affairs.


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