Chapter 58: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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After entering the space, Xu Qing stared fixedly at the hundreds of bags of rice. It had been a long time since he had eaten rice! All he had at home was corn! However, the thought of taking out the rice and having to explain many things, possibly causing unnecessary trouble, made Xu Qing’s desire for rice fade away.

Thinking about his own body and the child in his belly, Xu Qing walked to the side of the Spiritual spring Well and drew some Spiritual spring water. He drank it down and then looked at the small ginseng and herbs transplanted in the space. He noticed that they were gradually growing bigger, which was a good thing.


When Luo Jiao heard that Xu Qing was pregnant, he couldn’t contain himself and brought the customized dresser Li Changfeng made, thinking of an excuse to visit. Li Changfeng was tidying up the backyard, wanting to clear some space to store the wood. Since Xiaobao was fully capable of guarding the house now, the courtyard gate was left slightly ajar and not closed.

After listening to the sounds in the yard, Luo Jiao gently knocked on the distant door. But what he heard from inside was a heavy panting sound, which made Luo Jiao’s whole body go weak. It sounded exactly like the sound Li Changfeng made when they were together in his dreams. He intentionally touched his well-combed hair at the front door, adjusted his clothes, and blushed as he gently pushed open the courtyard gate.


When Li Changfeng heard the commotion in the front yard, he dropped what he was holding and quickly approached the courtyard gate. He saw Xiaobao proudly hopping and stepping on someone’s face. Seeing Li Changfeng, Xiaobao even gasped as if showing off, as if saying, “Look at me! Look how amazing I am!”

Li Changfeng frowned. He had intended to scold Xiaobao and lift the person beneath it, but when he saw Luo Jiao’s face clearly, he stopped in his tracks. He struggled to restrain the urge to burst into laughter, cleared his throat, and said, “Oh, it’s from the Zhang family. What happened here? My Xiaobao is overly protective of our home and must have thought you were a thief, which is why it came to ‘attack’ you! I apologize for the inconvenience.”

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After saying that, Li Changfeng pretended to reach out his hand to help up Luo Jiao, who was in a messy and painful state on the ground. Just as Luo Jiao was about to touch Li Changfeng’s hand, he suddenly withdrew his own hand and said with self-reproach, “Oh, goodness! How could I forget the difference between a man and a ger? I apologize. Please take care of yourself and get up on your own.”

After speaking, he called Xiaobao to him, his face showing innocence while his heart was secretly scheming. Seeing Luo Jiao’s hand still reaching towards the air, unable to retract it in time, Luo Jiao suppressed the bitterness and frustration in his heart and tremblingly propped up his body. He patted the dirt on his body that was covered in Xiaobao’s footprints and took out a handkerchief from his pocket, vigorously wiping the face covered in Xiaobao’s saliva.

Taking a deep breath, Luo Jiao said, “It’s okay. I noticed the door was open when I knocked, so I pushed it open myself.” Little did he know that a black dog would jump straight onto his face. Although it didn’t bite him, its mouth kept licking his face, which terrified him!

“Oh, so what brings you here?” Li Changfeng looked at Xiaobao climbing up his pants leg and asked Luo Jiao. He didn’t want Luo Jiao to take advantage of his absence and bully his wife!

Luo Jiao saw that Li Changfeng was avoiding looking at his disheveled appearance and thought that Li Changfeng was considering his feelings. So, he didn’t mention his own sorry state and was about to explain the purpose of his visit. However, he noticed that the dresser he had brought with him was missing from his hand. He looked around and realized that he had thrown it aside when Xiaobao jumped on him earlier.

Luo Jiao walked over, picked it up, and lowered his head, only to see that the dresser had loosened at the corners due to the heavy impact. Immediately, Luo Jiao changed the prepared explanation and said, “You know, I don’t know what happened. I’ve only been using it for a few days, and it has become loose and wobbly. So, I wanted to let you take a look.”

Li Changfeng took the dresser that Luo Jiao handed over. Seeing the visibly thrown box, a hint of mockery flashed in his eyes.

“I suppose this is the first thing I ordered at your house. If there’s a problem with this item or if it’s not well-made, what do you think the villagers will say if it gets out?” Luo Jiao softened his voice and looked at Li Changfeng, who seemed lost in thought.

Li Changfeng played with the box without raising his head. “So, what do you suggest?”

Luo Jiao lightly covered his face with a smile. “I’m just afraid the situation will escalate, so I came to discuss it quietly with you. How should we handle this?” The meaningful words caused Li Changfeng to furrow his brows in impatience. However, he realized that if this tumor was not removed, it could be fatal. He suppressed his impatience and pretended to be tempted. “Alright, I’ll listen to you. Wherever you want to discuss it, we’ll discuss it there.”

Hearing this, Luo Jiao’s heart raced. “Then let’s meet in the small forest a bit beyond the village when the moon is halfway up tonight. Don’t be late~.” After saying that, he gave Li Changfeng a flirtatious look before reluctantly leaving.

With thoughts of the pleasure they would have that night, Luo Jiao failed to notice the disgust in the man behind him.


After leaving the space, Xu Qing arrived at the entrance of the main hall and saw Li Changfeng bathing Xiaobao in the courtyard on such a sunny day. It was strange that Xiaobao enjoyed bathing so much; one could say he really relished it. “Bathing Xiaobao again?”

Li Changfeng looked up and saw Xu Qing lazily walking out. He held back Xiaobao, who wanted to rush out and greet Xu Qing. “You’re up. Did you sleep well?”

Supporting his waist, Xu Qing stretched his muscles a few times under the eaves. He didn’t want to walk into the courtyard; the sun was scorching, and he would feel like sleeping again in no time. “It’s alright. I found that I sleep better during the day than at night. By the way, how did your day go?”

Li Changfeng quickly finished bathing Xiaobao, poured some water, and placed the specially-made bathtub for Xiaobao to the side. He took out two bulging money bags from his pocket and said, “Let’s go, let’s count in the room!”

Xu Qing weighed the two money bags in his hand, his eyes gleaming. After returning to the room, he opened the bags and counted them. There were a total of 120 taels! “Did you sell everything?” Xu Qing and Li Changfeng had set the prices for all the items the day before. The total amount for all the wooden dolls was 120 taels.

Li Changfeng nodded. “I went to the residential areas in town and knocked on doors one by one to sell them. Surprisingly, even the cheaper ones made from pine wood sold well, while those who appreciate craftsmanship bought the ebony ones. There was one family, three generations under one roof, that bought twenty taels’ worth of items. They even asked me to visit their home after I found suitable wood materials to carve the dolls.”

Xu Qing safely stored the silver and exclaimed, “So, it means our future business has already been secured in advance!” Li Changfeng nodded. “This money is enough for us to repair the house. You can decide where and how to renovate, and I’ll follow your lead.”

Xu Qing’s eyes lit up. “I can make it into whatever I want?” Li Changfeng chuckled and nodded. “Of course, you’re in charge of our home, aren’t you?” Xu Qing was overjoyed. Finally, he could live in the large tiled-roof house he had always wanted!


At night, Luo Jiao waited anxiously until Zhang Ming fell asleep before carefully getting dressed. He closed the door and sneaked out. He arrived at the location where he had agreed to meet Li Changfeng in the afternoon, but there was no sign of him. “Could he be playing a trick on me?” Bitten by bugs and mosquitoes in the woods, Luo Jiao scratched himself incessantly, feeling uneasy about Li Changfeng’s absence. Could he have misjudged again and been fooled by Li Changfeng?

Suddenly, a pair of big hands came from behind Luo Jiao, covering his eyes with a cloth. The next moment, the hands began to undress Luo Jiao, and a large mouth relentlessly nibbled at Luo Jiao’s neck. The hands on his body and the kisses in his ears made Luo Jiao’s legs go weak. “You damn devil, I didn’t expect you to be so impatient! Mmm, faster!”

Before long, Luo Jiao was completely naked, and the person behind him also removed his clothes. He guided Luo Jiao’s hands to a tree and pressed them against it, then slapped Luo Jiao’s constantly swaying buttocks and made him moan uncontrollably. Following the hand on his waist, Luo Jiao arched his back, and the person behind him forcefully entered him!

After a short while, the two engaged in intense movements. Gradually, the person behind grew unsatisfied with the position and flipped Luo Jiao over, facing each other directly. They went at it so vigorously that Luo Jiao’s throat was almost hoarse from the pleasure. Due to their vigorous actions, the cloth covering Luo Jiao’s eyes became loose and fell to the ground.

Luo Jiao blinked, wanting to see Li Changfeng, who was already immersed in him. However, what he saw was Qiu Da’s extremely lewd face! “How could it be you?!”

“Who else could it be if not me? Behave yourself properly for me! Watch how I thoroughly teach you a lesson today, you little brat!” Although Luo Jiao was angry at Li Changfeng’s slip of the tongue, he quickly immersed himself in the violent and stimulating sensations brought by Qiu Da. Before long, the two reached climax and finally calmed down.

Qiu Da dressed himself and slapped Luo Jiao’s buttocks with a palm. “You can’t hold back after such a short time of not having me, huh? My wife came back yesterday, and you knew that. Why are you pulling this stunt on me?” If it weren’t for the fact that these secret activities with Lu Jiao pleased him more than his wife, he wouldn’t have wanted to come to this forest at such a late hour. Besides the mosquitoes, the leaves were also prone to pricking.

Luo Jiao put on his clothes and stopped his actions upon hearing these words. “What do you mean? When did I say we would do it here?!”

He never even thought about doing it with Qiu Da here! He knew this place was close to the village and could easily be discovered!

Qiu Da stared at Luo Jiao unhappily. “Did I say that for no reason? If not me, then who were you waiting for? Could it be that useless person from your family? Didn’t you say he’s most incompetent at satisfying you?”

“Qiu Da!”


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