Chapter 52: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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Xie Yu struggled to prop himself up with his hand and stood up. His waist throbbed with a searing pain, a result of being forcefully lifted by Qiu Da. He looked at Luo Jiao and Qiu Da in front of him, his expression devoid of emotion, filled with resentment.

Luo Jiao scolded Qiu Da for a few more sentences, then turned around and noticed the expression in Xie Yu’s eyes. “Oh, Qiu Da is just someone who likes to joke around. Xie Yu, don’t take it to heart. It’s getting late, you can leave now.”

Xie Yu listened but remained unmoved. Instead, he slowly approached Luo Jiao. “Is it over just like that?” He was inexplicably abducted and nearly… and now they simply say, “You can leave!”

Qiu Da grinned upon hearing this. “Xie Yu, can’t bear to leave, huh? I don’t mind, but my little lover here is feeling jealous. We can meet again next time, can’t we?”

Xie Yu felt disgusted hearing those words! Luo Jiao had long been accustomed to Qiu Da’s behavior, and for them, it was a mutually beneficial arrangement. Those words didn’t mean much to them, but how could Xie Yu bear it? “Shut up!”

Seeing the expression on Xie Yu’s face, Luo Jiao also knew that if Qiu Da continued to make a fuss, things might escalate and their secret might be exposed!

Thinking of this, Luo Jiao quickly came forward to mediate. “What are you saying! You should apologize to Xie Yu! It was your fault to begin with! Hurry up!” Qiu looked at Luo Jiao with his back turned, and she gave him a signal with her eyes, indicating that he should stop. He reluctantly offered Xie Yu a half-hearted apology, saying something about missing his husband for a few days, and that he had been thinking too much. It’s just that seeing Xie Yu, he had done something so reckless.

Xie Yu knew exactly what these two were up to. If he exposed Qiu Da’s treatment towards him and Qiu Da’s relationship with Luo Jiao, these two would be ruined. However, he himself wouldn’t fare any better. Thinking of the loving and caring faces of his parents, Xie Yu could only grit his teeth and swallow his anger.

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Watching Xie Yu’s departing figure, Luo Jiao looked at Qiu Da with a half-smile. Qiu Da wrapped his arm around Luo Jiao and smiled apologetically, “What’s wrong? Feeling jealous?” Luo Jiao, looking at Qiu Da’s insolent face, suddenly slapped him across the face.

“What’s gotten into you?!” Qiu Da touched his face and glared at Luo Jiao, growling lowly. There would definitely be a mark on his face after such a strong slap! How could he go and find the widower from the neighboring village tonight!

“I slapped you to wake you up! Stay away from people you shouldn’t be involved with! If you think you’ve lived long enough and want to die, I still want to live a few more years!” After saying this, Luo Jiao stormed off in anger. Qiu Da knew he couldn’t do anything to him. This guy was cunning, and if he offended him, there would be consequences. However, Qiu Da rubbed his face vigorously. He really hadn’t considered the situation properly today. Why did he lay his hands on Xie Yu!


Lin Fangliang had just entered the village and saw Xie Yu standing alone on the road. “What’s wrong?” When Xie Yu heard Lin Fangliang’s voice, he turned around, looked at him, and suddenly felt relieved. “It’s nothing.”

Lin Fangliang approached Xie Yu slowly, then took a wooden box out of his pocket, grabbed Xie Yu’s hand, and placed the box in it. Xie Yu looked at the box in his hand, feeling nervous. How could he not understand such an obvious gesture?

“In a few days, I’ll come to propose in person.”

Lin Fangliang was even more nervous than Xie Yu. He was afraid that Xie Yu wouldn’t agree, terrified beyond belief. His eyes were locked onto Xie Yu’s expression while speaking, afraid to miss any information he desired.

Xie Yu tightened his grip on the wooden box, and his eyes grew slightly teary. Fate had given him a life of failures but also opened a door to happiness for him.

“I’ll listen to you.”

Lin Fangliang could hardly believe his ears. He looked at the faint smile on Xie Yu’s lips, feeling a burning sensation in his heart. He agreed! He agreed! “I, I’ll go prepare immediately!” After saying that, he stumbled and rushed away in a hurry. Xie Yu watched Lin Fangliang’s actions, feeling like laughing but unable to bring himself to do so. This person truly treated him well from the bottom of his heart.

When Xu Qing received the news from Xie Ama that they were getting married, he was also happy for Xie Yu. “Don’t worry, both Changfeng and I will be there!” Xie Ama bid farewell to Xu Qing with great joy and hurried back home. The wedding date was set for five days later, and they needed to prepare well!

“That kid is really something,” Li Changfeng admired Lin Fangliang’s efficiency, while Xu Qing was thinking about what gift to give.

“I can make wooden dolls for them!” Li Changfeng felt that it was time for him to contribute, so he immediately revealed his intention. The second marriage of a ger wouldn’t have any accompanying dowry furniture, so the Xie family didn’t hire anyone to make dowry items. Instead, they would invest more in silver and other aspects to avoid gossip about their son’s marriage.

Xu Qing glanced at Li Changfeng and suddenly remembered that they could make a pair of wooden dolls for the newlyweds. “Can you make figurines out of wood?” If they could do it, it would solve the problem of Xie Yu’s gift! It was also a great business opportunity! After Second Wei and Luo Jiao’s wooden crafts made by Li Changfeng became known in the village, they received orders for dowry items from two families that month, earning a considerable amount of money and satisfying the customers. As a result, more people came to their house to inquire about their services, and they had built a reputation!

Li Changfeng carefully asked Xu Qing about the process of making the dolls and pondered for a moment. “I can give it a try.”

“Great! Then let’s go into the mountains this afternoon to find wood!” As long as there was hope, they would give it a try. Xu Qing was deeply convinced of this.

In the afternoon, after Li Changfeng and Xu Qing went up the mountain, they encountered Zeng Ama and his husband again. Compared to their last encounter, the atmosphere was a bit awkward this time.

Since Li Changfeng took on two jobs from the village, Zeng Ama was unhappy with Xu Qing’s family, numbering in the hundreds, even thousands! Every time he passed by Xu Qing’s house, he would mutter sour words non-stop, causing Xiaobao to list him as “dangerous” and bark relentlessly whenever he saw Zeng Ama, regardless of how near or far he was. If Xu Qing hadn’t reprimanded him for not biting people at will, he would have rushed forward to taste the “flesh” long ago!

“You two lovebirds are wandering around the mountain again,” Uncle Zeng took the lead in seeing Li Changfeng and Xu Qing. He still greeted them with a smile, but as soon as Zeng Ama heard his words, he turned his head and happened to meet Xu Qing’s dark eyes. His face instantly drooped, and his complexion turned sour.

Xu Qing smiled in response to Uncle Zeng. As for Zeng Ama, who didn’t have a pleasant expression towards them, Xu Qing maintained a neutral expression. “Uncle Zeng is busy.” Li Changfeng nodded in agreement without saying a word. Zeng Ama, who remained silent in front of them, had been holding a grudge ever since he learned about Li Changfeng’s woodworking. Originally, their family was the only one in the village engaged in that business, and things were going well. But now, Li Changfeng using redwood for furniture attracted the curiosity of the villagers, who flocked to their door inquiring about it.

They weren’t even afraid of the potential dangers of using wood that had never been used before! What made Zeng Ama even more infuriated was that the two orders Li Changfeng received were completed just as the customers finished discussing them with his own family. Just like that, Li Changfeng took their business. It was enough to make Zeng Ama’s nose crooked in anger!

“Yes, if we don’t have enough wood at home, we have to go out and cut more.” Xu Qing caught a glimpse of the pine wood that Zeng Ama was holding and understood that it would take some time to convince the public to switch to using other types of wood for furniture.

“Then you carry on with your work. We’ll take our leave.” Although Zeng Ama had a bad attitude, Uncle Zeng had a smile on his face. As the saying goes, don’t hit someone extending a hand to you with a smile.

“Go ahead, go ahead.” Uncle Zeng waved his hand at Xu Qing and Li Changfeng, then resumed his busy work. After Xu Qing and Li Changfeng walked away, Zeng Ama complained to Uncle Zeng in a low voice, “Why didn’t you let me speak?!” He had tried to speak several times but was stopped by his husband’s warning gaze.

Uncle Zeng understood his wife’s temperament well. Although he talked a lot, his nature wasn’t bad, and he treated their family with wholehearted affection. The Xu family entering the same woodworking business did indeed affect their livelihood, and it made Zeng Ama anxious, causing him to be somewhat impulsive.

“What can you say? You’re just spouting useless words,” Zeng Ama grumbled as he struggled to pull the wood. Seeing his difficulty, Uncle Zeng let go of the wood he was pulling and took over. Zeng Ama pursed his lips. “In the past, our family was the only one doing woodwork in the village, but now! Can you expect me to smile at them?”

“Why wouldn’t we be happy that we can still do woodwork?” Uncle Zeng pointed at Zeng Ama with a hint of amusement. “This is a kind of succession. When I’m no longer around, there will still be someone in the village to take up woodwork. Regardless of who it is, it’s a good thing. Don’t always dwell on the negative.”

Zeng Ama had two ger sons, and they were both married off. No one could inherit Uncle Zeng’s craftsmanship, so Li Changfeng’s ability to work with wood was a relief for Uncle Zeng. He was afraid that after he was gone, the village would have to look for someone from another village to do the woodwork, which would not only be a long journey but also expensive.

Zeng Ama fell silent. The biggest regret in his life was not being able to have a descendant to carry on the family name. Uncle Zeng was also unwilling to take on apprentices, so it was all being wasted.

This time, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng went a little deeper into the area they had visited last time, but they didn’t go to places with many animals. Last time, Xu Qing could freely move around using his spatial ability, but now that he was with Li Changfeng, he couldn’t just “disappear.” So Xu Qing and Li Changfeng only ventured a bit into the mountainous area.

“I want to eat rabbit meat.”

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng crouched in the waist-high grass, watching a small chubby rabbit hopping around on the other side. Xu Qing silently said to Li Changfeng.


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