Chapter 51: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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When Zhang Ming opened the door, he saw a tall and handsome man standing in front of his courtyard door, holding something in his hand, “Who are you?

“I’m from the Xu family in the back mountain. This is a dresser ordered by your husband from my family. The deposit has been given and the things are ready. Check to see if there is any problem. If none, you give me the remaining payment.” Li Changfeng handed the things in his hand to Zhang Ming with a sullen face.

Zhang Ming took the things and looked at them. He was a little surprised. First, this is the husband of the “ugly ger” of the Xu family, and he was so handsome. Second, he could actually do woodwork! And this workmanship can be compared with the carpenter Zhao in the village.

“Jiaojiao, you came back just in time! The dresser that you ordered from the Xu family is delivered, and it’s ready,” Zhang Ming glanced at Luo Jiao who just came back, and immediately grabbed the things and held them up, trying to appear as a loving, caring, and of course, a charming husband in bed. Zhang Ming held Luo Jiao on the palm of his hands like some treasure. During the five years he was in the military, he had spent all day and night thinking of Luo Jiao. But at this time, he felt that Luo Jiao’s attitude was a little out of place.

Luo Jiao’s face was not very good, but when he saw Li Changfeng standing there, his eyes began to recover, and he took the things in Zhang Ming’s hand, looked at the two, then smiled at Li Changfeng: “It’s beautiful, I like it very much.” Then he glared at Zhang Ming, “What are you doing! Give him the money!”

Zhang Ming smiled and walked swaggeringly in front of Li Changfeng. It’s okay not to stand together. Once they stood together, Luo Jiao felt that Zhang Ming was simply the barren soil where Li Changfeng blossoms. “How much?” His house was one of the rare blue-tiled houses in the village. Thinking of Li Changfeng’s house, Zhang Ming felt a little complacent.

Li Changfeng still had no emotions on his face, “The deposit is forty coppers, the remaining amount is 80 coppers.” When Zhang Ming entered the room to get the money, Luo Jiao slowly piled up close to Li Changfeng, and said seductively: “If you have time, you can always come and accompany me~” Li Changfeng took a few big steps back, still not giving Luo Jiao any face. Luo Jiao was a little annoyed, this person! Really incomprehensible!

When Zhang Ming came out, Luo Jiao just skipped him and went back to the room. Zhang Ming thought Luo Jiao was being petty again and didn’t care, as long as this person is with him, it was nothing but a little pampering to resolve any issue, “Here, I wish you good luck. You and Xu family ger will grow old together!”

It was a sentence full of ridicule, but when Li Changfeng heard it, he nodded seriously, “Thank you!”

Zhang Ming: “…You’re welcome…” This man really couldn’t hear the ridicule in his tone?

Naturally, he didn’t understand. In Li Changfeng’s heart, nothing could be more pleasant than wishing him and Xu Qing to be together forever.

Luo Jiao gently opened the door of the main room and looked at Li Changfeng’s back, his eyes were full of unwillingness. There was no man he wanted who was not hooked by him in the end!

“This is the 80 coppers paid by the Zhang family.” Li Changfeng handed the money to Xu Qing, whi carefully placed the money into the wardrobe. This was Li Changfeng’s first earning.

“Trust me, I will definitely allow you to live a good life,” Zhang Ming’s flamboyant words brought Li Changfeng the determination that he had to work hard to make money and rebuild the house so that Xu Qing could live better.

Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng with a serious face, and his eyes were deep: “Of course, you are my man. However, the most important thing now is to make a new bed, this bed,” Xu Qing took a look the bed that was specially repaired by Li Changfeng earlier, “I always have a feeling that it won’t last long.”

Li Changfeng nodded firmly, of course, he needed to make a much stronger bed, after all, it was important for his “sex” life!

That night, Xu Qing was careful when he went to bed. After he gently covered the quilt, Li Changfeng strode open the door and entered the room.

Before Xu Qing could speak, Li Changfeng sat down on the bed, and immediately made Xu Qing feel that the bed started to sway again, “Be gentler!” His heart started to sway with the rhythm of the bed, he was afraid that the bed will collapse again, and they would have some fun tonight if that happens. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s nervous appearance, and felt like teasing him in his heart. He deliberately shook it vigorously a few times, causing Xu Qing to shout nervously: “Li Changfeng! If you still want to get into my bed, you give me peace of mind!”

Li Changfeng naturally understood what “get into bed” meant, and immediately stopped, and went to bed gently under Xu Qing’s watchful eyes, and fell asleep with his arms around Xu Qing.


The days passed, and the weather was getting hotter and hotter. In a blink of an eye, a month passed. Most of the pedestrians on the street were wearing summer clothes. Old Doctor Lin saw that the day of Lin Fangliang’s official match was getting closer and closer. But this kid insists on not talking about whether he will succeed with that Xie family child. Let’s say it is, but the time is approaching fast for an official match, and yet, he hasn’t even proposed the marriage. Really can’t guess what this boy is thinking.

Since Lin Fangliang expressed his intentions to Xie Yu in front of the old Xie couple a month ago and had a chat with Uncle Xie, he has been running to Xie’s house every time he’s free. At first, Xie Yu would hide from him. Xie Yu slowly went from panic and tangled to helpless, and now, he also began to accept Lin Fangliang.

The Xie couple never asked about this matter. They just followed Xie Yu’s attitude. The people in the village discussed it for a long time, thinking that this brother Xie is really capable. Both times, it was someone from the town. Some people were unhappy of course, but they thought that even if it’s a man from the town, Xie Yu might just end up with the kind like the Ma family again.

Especially the younger brother Xia of Lizheng’s family. Every time he sees Xie Yu, he would look at the other with critisizing eyes. He doesn’t understand why Lin Fangliang, who has not married yet, looks at a divorcee.

Today, Xie Yu just came back from Xu Qing’s house when he happened to meet Xia Yu. Xie Yu was just about to open his mouth to say hello, Xia Yu turned his head and left in a huff. Xie Yu felt it was a little funny. He was a few years older than Xia Yu, so he could see Xia Yu was infatuated with Lin Fangliang.

Xie Yu didn’t mind Xia Yu’s actions though. In his eyes, Xia Yu’s actions were more like a child who couldn’t get snacks and was throwing a tantrum at adults.

Xie Yu retracted his gaze, turned around, and happened to see Luo Jiao. Xie Yu tightened his fists; he still remembers what happened that day when he looked at Luo Jiao.

Luo Jiao looked at Xie Yu, who was slightly uncomfortable, and raised his eyebrows, “Aren’t I considered your savior? Why don’t you even want to say hello?”

Xie Yu reluctantly opened his mouth to Luo Jiao, but he didn’t make a sound. Helpless, he had to nod at Luo Jiao, which was considered a greeting.

Seeing that he really had nothing to say to himself, Luo Jiao laughed, waved at Xie Yu, and left. Looking at Luo Jiao’s leaving figure, Xie Yu remembered the scene when he returned from the Wu family a month ago and was kidnapped into the room by those dark hands.


“Don’t move!”

Xie Yu, who was restrained, immediately found out who was holding him! It is the Qiu Da in the village! This person usually has dirty hands and feet, and often does things like stealing chickens and dogs. His wife had a fight with Qiu Da a few days ago, and he went home angrily. He still hasn’t come back yet. This matter is also talked about in the village for several days.

Qiu Da took advantage of the situation and he buried his head on Xie Yu’s neck and took a deep breath, then sighed in intoxication: “It’s really fragrant! You really deserve to be the village flower.”

Xie Yu felt extremely disgusted, he desperately pulled Qiu Da to suppress his hands, but Qiu Da was unmoved, and even let Xie Yu struggle with interest, “So lively, alright, I can’t be hard on a dead person!”

Xie Yu’s eyes widened in shock at this sentence, and he struggled even more in a trance. There was only one thought in his mind! That is to break free and escape! This thought was running wildly in his mind! Suddenly he thought of something, and a madness flashed in his eyes.

“Ah! Hiss! You lunatic!”

Da Qiu screamed and covered his hand that was bitten by Xie Yu and cursed. Xie Yu broke free and ran to the gate immediately. How could Da Qiu let him run out? if Xie Yu goes out and yells, this is going to be a big matter.

Not caring about the bleeding wound on his hand, Qiu Da strode forward and directly covered Xie Yu’s mouth and carried him up. Xie Yu was just recovering from an old illness, how could he withstand such a toss! Just as the two were entangled, he heard the door being opened!

Xie Yu’s red eyes stared at the door, hoping that someone would hear the movement and come up to check, but the person he saw did not pay attention to the pleading in Xie Yu’s pleading eyes, and just looked at the situation calmly and closed the courtyard door immediately.

“What are you doing!” Luo Jiao stepped forward and pulled away Qiu Da who hadn’t noticed him coming, “Are you crazy!” Qiu Da hurriedly looked at Xie Yu who fell to the ground panting when he saw that it was Luo Jiao, smiled apologetically at Luo Jiao, “Why are you here?”

Luo Jiao slapped Da Qiu’s hands away, “Why can’t I come! Your wife isn’t at home, I thought you were worried about me, but I didn’t expect to see you being a bastard as soon as I walked in!”

When Xie Yu heard this, his pupils shrank deeply! Luo Jiao and Qiu Da, they are in a secret relationship. No wonder he closed the courtyard door without shouting to save him!


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