Chapter 16: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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Ji Cha: Hello, ML? How’s your wet dreams?

“Use it for driving of course,” Ji Cha said, “it’s clean energy, and I’m making a contribution to the cause of environmental protection.”

Although Zhang Xing seemed trustworthy, Ji Cha still gave out a set of rhetoric answer that he had prepared earlier.

“Cut it out,” Zhang Xing snorted, obviously not convinced by this statement, but he didn’t say anything after that, only said, “I’ll ask my knowledgeable friends, they know how to do it, are you in a hurry?”

“Urgent! I can’t wait to use it tomorrow.”

“No matter how urgently you need to modify it, it will still take a dozen days, and you have so many requirements.” Zhang Xing wiped the sweat from his forehead, “the body has to be strong, save energy, what else.”

“There is definitely no car that satisfies both, but how about modification? Bring the sturdy car frame, modify it, and finally install the charging power unit. It’s a lot faster, anyway, you gotta do it right, so for now, don’t think too much about that car.”

This remark is Zhang Xing’s first reminder to Ji Cha.

“Anyway, I’ll leave it to you. You don’t have to worry about the money, as long as it’s within 800,000 yuan, I can accept it.”

Ji Cha counted all his expenses later, this is the most money he can come up with.

He said earnestly, “For the sake of our descendants, we must make our own contribution to the remediation of environmental pollution!”

Zhang Xing, “…”

You want to modify, then modify, what’s with all this gibberish.

The next day, Ji Cha went to the orchard to bring the fruit trees. The boss asked to help Jicha deliver the goods, but he refused. He borrowed Cheng Dongliang’s small truck and pulled two trees at a time to the factory building, which took three trips to complete. It was planted in a pre-dug hole at the back.

The branches and leaves of the fruit trees have been pruned, but one can see that they are full of vitality. By the way, Ji Cha put a few bags of fertilizer bought from the boss in the side room.

Hope these trees live at least half a year, Ji Cha thought, he still wants to eat a few mouthfuls of fresh fruit in the last days.

It took three days for the well drilling team to drill two wells at the location set by Ji Cha. After Ji Cha paid the money, the person in charge of the well drilling team said, “It just happened that I received a business order yesterday, but it was out of town. I’ll go over there when this is cleaned up.”

“Out of town?”

“Yeah, I have to be out of town for a few months in a row.” The person in charge smiled. “Now drilling wells is only available in rural areas, and the business is becoming less and less. There is no way to find a job if you don’t go far.”

Ji Cha hesitated, but he only knew that it was impossible for him to persuade people to stay in S City, so he could only hold back.

“Safe journey.” He patted the person in charge on the shoulder, then stood at the door of the factory building and watched the car drive away.

The well drilling has been completed, and the expansion of the factory’s walls has also been completed. Now, only the renovation of the factory building, as well as the installation of wires, water pipes and other lines are left. The original tap water pipeline should also be replaced by a pump leading to the well.

Before this, Ji Cha still prepared to collect some clean water in the storage containers before the water source was completely polluted.

When all of this was almost completed, and after the workers left one after another with Cheng Dongliang, Ji Cha began to plan to store food in the factory.

After all, there are many people around with ulterior motives, keeping things in order isn’t very easy. There is not much to say now, but when the apocalypse arrives, it will not be so simple.

The little electric scooter was finally put aside by Ji Cha. He went to the town to buy an electric tricycle, and then purchased a few chargers from various nearby towns.

Safety comes first, nothing else is to be said.

Apart from Zhang Xing and Cheng Dongliang, who came to help occasionally, there was no one else in the factory building. He was not afraid to reveal the secret that he had a whole house of rice, noodles, grain, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.

“The car is already being refitted, and it may cost about 100,000.” Zhang Xing, who helped Ji Cha unload the goods, asked him suspiciously, “Although you said less than 800,000, can you still get money if it goes over?”

Zhang Xing is actually quite interesting. Although he would say two of the three sentences complaining about Ji Cha, you could still see his concern from these words.

At this time, there are only about twenty days left until the end of the world.

When Ji Cha was done working during the day, he would rush home immediately, for fear that something unexpected might happen to his grandmother.

The matter of Lin Fengxian has gradually dissipated the initial panic among the villagers, and turned into pure gossip.

After Ji Cha unloaded the last bag of rice, he carefully locked the heavy door of the grain storage room.

The layout of the two floors is very simple, and each room does not have the slightest sense of design, let alone any decoration. Jicha has one purpose for the entire place, that is to be strong and resistant to attacks. Every wall and every door has been thickened, and it is estimated that only a cannon can penetrate these structures.

Anyway, Ji Cha didn’t use this to defend against cannons, and he was very satisfied with this level.

The factory building has two floors, the upper floor is used for living and storage, and the lower floor is used for all kinds of machinery and other large items, as well as a small number of rooms. If you count it by room, there could be hundreds of people living in this factory easily.

When Ji Cha bought the grains, he bought enough that 20 people could eat for two years. Although it is said that more people the stronger the team, he does not intend to expand his team without any restraint.

After all, when the apocalypse arrives, the area where the factory is located will soon welcome troops retreating from the city, and this will be the first area in the country to restore order from chaos.

With the army there, a lot of riots and looting will be reduced. What Ji Cha has to do is to keep this little place of his own safe and sound until then.

Now the team members he’s counting are Wang Qinxue, Zhang Xing, and Cheng Dongliang. Including grandma, there are only five people in total. If Liang Jincheng can come over smoothly, as long as there is no large-scale crowd, Ji Cha, with this small team, is confident to resist a few dozen people. But it’s important for everyone to read only on Hololo novels though.

Moreover, at the beginning of the apocalypse, the evil nature of people have not been stimulated to the extreme, and there are a lot less troublemakers.

As for the remaining things now, one is to add more necessary supplements such as medicines and clothing, and the other is to beware of changes or signs of early apocalypse.

Basic medicines such as cold medicine and painkillers can be purchased on the internet, and there is often no limit to the quantity of such medicines. But this kind of medicine is actually very useless in the last days.

In other words, during the end of days, such minor illnesses and injuries are not enough for people to see as something that needs to be treated. It’s common to have broken hands and feet, but can’t you even withstand a cold?

Even though that was said, Ji Cha still made a purchase of all kinds of common medicines. In the next two days, a large number of consumables such as clothes and quilts were delivered together.

Before falling asleep at night, the perverted text message arrived as expected.

“What did you do today, are you still busy?”

Ji Cha occasionally replied to one or two text messages of the pervert, persuading him to prepare for the apocalypse, the pervert would then curb a little bit of his usual wretchedness and talk to him seriously.

For example, the opening greeting now makes Ji Cha feel like he is chatting with an old friend, and does not violate his mood at all.

“Busy, but not too tired.”

“I did a lot of things today, but I still spent a lot of time thinking about you, and I couldn’t help but miss you.”

The perverted sweet talk is as expected, easy to come by.

“Hey, can you speak more normally?” Although Ji Cha was harassed by such language not once or twice, he still couldn’t get used to it. He blushed slightly and asked the other party to find out if this pervert was from G city.”

“I’m in city A.” The pervert replied.

City A? Ji Cha tried hard to think. There are many of his classmates doing internships in City A. Who could this be?


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      You’re right. I feel the same way. Government system is completely broken during chaotic times like this I’m sure.

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