Chapter 49: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

NSFW Begins.

Xu Qing’s entire body was pressed down by Li Changfeng, their hands intertwined and raised above their heads. In the faint light, Li Changfeng could clearly see the two crimson spots on Xu Qing’s chest. Just by looking at them, he felt his mouth dry. Xu Qing’s eyes shimmered with a watery glow, and he slightly lifted his chest, bringing those two points closer to the man’s mouth.

Li Changfeng loved Xu Qing’s sudden burst of passion. He opened his mouth, and his lips and teeth slowly traveled down from the person beneath him, with his tongue touching the small red spot on the left side. He sucked it into his mouth and indulged in wanton play.

The moist and tickling sensation on his chest made Xu Qing involuntarily tilt his head back. Li Changfeng followed his movement and sucked the entire red spot into his mouth, biting it forcefully. Xu Qing bit his lips to suppress the almost escaped moans. The man, who had been paying close attention to his expression, intensified his actions, repeatedly teasing the tip with his tongue and intentionally making “tsk tsk” sounds, as if he wanted to force Xu Qing to make some satisfying sounds.

Gradually, Xu Qing became unsatisfied with the stimulation on one side. He looked at Li Changfeng and silently expressed his desire. Li Changfeng’s eyes flickered, and his other hand moved up from Xu Qing’s waist, gently covering the vacant spot on the other side, softly kneading it. Xu Qing tightly closed his eyes, his lips forming a line, clearly already immersed in the sea of desire created by Li Changfeng.

However, Li Changfeng seemed somewhat unsatisfied with this level of intimacy. He used his other hand to undo his own clothes, pressing against Xu Qing’s body. The sudden contact of their bare skin made Xu Qing even more aroused. He could feel every part of the person on top of him, unlike the softness of Xu Qing’s own body. Li Changfeng, who had been doing farm work for years, had a strong and firm body, not to mention the eight-pack abs that made Xu Qing yearn for them.

It wasn’t until the foreplay was nearly complete that Li Changfeng spread Xu Qing’s legs, encircled his waist, and pressed his hardened member against the already wet entrance. He only entered a little, then pulled back, and then went in a little more. This repeated teasing was driving Xu Qing to the brink of madness.

Xu Qing exerted force with the leg wrapped around Li Changfeng’s waist, pulling him towards himself when Li Changfeng was entering a little further. The satisfaction and slight swelling brought by Li Changfeng’s full penetration made Xu Qing completely forget the fear and loneliness from his dream. This man inside him, the man who merged with him, was heaven’s gift to him, his redemption and solace.

Li Changfeng watched Xu Qing’s face, slightly reddened with desire, as his chest heaved forcefully. He thrust vigorously while leaning in to kiss his lips. “What’s wrong? Can’t wait any longer?” Then, his large hand also slipped under the covers, caressing Xu Qing’s “proud” little brother.

Xu Qing let out a moan and couldn’t help but squeeze Li Changfeng tightly with the leg wrapped around his waist, pushing himself into Li Changfeng’s hand.

Li Changfeng skillfully stroked Xu Qing, gradually and deeply merging with his body. Xu Qing held onto Li Changfeng’s broad shoulders, alternating between tightening and loosening his grip, until he couldn’t resist raising his hand and sliding his fingers into Li Changfeng’s slightly disheveled hair.

Li Changfeng maintained his posture, targeting the sensitive areas inside Xu Qing as he remembered, noticing Xu Qing’s body tensing up. He knew he had found the right spot. With a seductive smile towards Xu Qing, he continued to vigorously thrust into that place.

Xu Qing felt momentarily lost in the presence of the person before him with that wicked smile and lifted his head to plant a kiss on his lips.

Li Changfeng took the opportunity to passionately kiss Xu Qing, layering one intense sensation upon another. The one who was lost in the moment was Xu Qing alone.

NSFW Ends!


Ma Fugui woke up in a daze, feeling as if there were tens of kilograms pressing down on him, making it hard for him to breathe.

But where was that snoring sound coming from?

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hoo! Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hoo…” The thunderous snoring sound came from beside Ma Fugui’s ear.

“Did I sleep in a pigsty? Wait, this color doesn’t seem right!” Ma Fugui struggled to open his eyes, and indeed, everything appeared red. “It looks somewhat like the room where I consummated my marriage with Xiaoyu.”

With a “slap,” Ma Fugui let out a miserable scream and sat up, covering his face. “Who are you? Why are you hitting me?”

He saw a big man with excessive flesh, um, no, there was a red birthmark on his forehead. This… was a ger? Turning over, causing the heavily decorated red bed to shake, the person impatiently complained with his voice ringing like a bell, “If I don’t hit you, who else should I hit? It’s early in the morning, and you won’t let people sleep! If you don’t want to sleep, get the hell out!”

Hearing the familiar yet unfamiliar voice, Ma Fugui, who was startled by the ger’s bulky body, felt a strong sense of unease. Stiffly, he lowered his head and tentatively pulled back the covers, looking at his own naked body, then stiffly glanced at the “massive” ger beside him and the surroundings of this unfamiliar room.

Ma Fugui swallowed hard, his trembling hand pushed the person next to him. “You… Ah!!!”

Before Ma Fugui could finish his sentence, an impatient Yang Xiaochun picked him up and threw him out, slamming the door shut. “Get out! Stop dilly-dallying! Useless wimp!”

Naked and thrown to the ground, Ma Fugui winced in pain, gritting his teeth. The Ma family couple, who hadn’t slept all night, heard the commotion and hurriedly rushed out.

“Fugui, my poor Fugui!” Ma Ama helped Ma Fugui up with a pained expression. “That damn Yang Xiaochun! He’s really crossing the line!”

“Yang Xiaochun?!”

Ma Fugui heard the name, and all the pain in his body was forgotten. This name… It couldn’t be that fat, ugly, stingy, and quick-to-violence Yang Xiaochun he was thinking of, right?!

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Old Man Ma covered Ma Fugui with the clothes he had brought and gestured for Ma Ama to get up. He helped Ma Fugui to their room and said, “It’s none other than Yang Xiaochun from the Yang family! I’m telling you! How could you get so drunk and confused like this?” Ma Ama sat down and angrily slapped his thigh, “What kind of misfortune has our family fallen into! Our innocent son didn’t marry well! Instead, he was forcefully wedded to a piece of junk! It would have been better if he remarried that infertile Xie Yu!”

Ma Fugui looked around their room as he made his way back, what was there to be confused about? But now, he couldn’t believe that he had actually married the abandoned Yang Xiaochun! And he still didn’t know how it happened! How he got married! No one had informed him beforehand! How could this be happening?!

“What is going on here? I just went out for a drink, and how did this… sigh!”

Ma Fugui was so angry that he didn’t know which language to use to express it.

Ma Ama yelled after listening, “Don’t mention drinking to me! If you hadn’t drunk! You!” He was struggling to catch his breath, and Old Man Ma hurriedly came forward to comfort his chest. Ma Fugui had a face full of grievances. He was the one kept in the dark about this!

After catching his breath, Ma Ama looked at Ma Fugui’s appearance and felt even more frustrated. What is all this? “If you hadn’t been drunk, how could you, how could you climb into the bed of that fat ger, Yang Xiaochun? You’ve always liked good-looking people! How is it that when you’re drunk, you end up…”

“Me?! I climbed into Yang Xiaochun’s bed?!! Me! I…” Ma Fugui looked incredulous. He knew where the Yang family lived in town, but he didn’t even know where Yang Xiaochun’s bed was! How did he end up in Yang Xiaochun’s bed?!

“What is going on here?! How did I end up in his bed?! And how did I become married to Yang Xiaochun in just one night?!” Ma Fugui’s furious roar couldn’t erase the reminder of the red color that filled the room. He had already become married to the unsightly ger, Yang Xiaochun.


Brother Xie was outside the courtyard, drying the laundry. Uncle Xie, who had returned from the market, had a joyful expression on his face.

With a big smile, he opened the courtyard door and came back, “Father, did something good happen here? You’re smiling so happily.”

Uncle Xie put the basket on his back into the kitchen and felt relieved and content after clearing some things. From the moment Brother Xie left home until now, he truly felt at ease.

“Your son is asking you a question! All you do is smile!” Xie Ama held freshly collected eggs in his hands. He intended to take them to the market to sell.

Uncle Xie wore a smile, sat on a stool under the eaves, and slowly began rolling a dry cigarette. “Ma Fugui got married!”

Upon hearing this, Brother Xie paused for a moment in his actions but quickly resumed what he was doing. Xie Ama, on the other hand, gave Uncle Xie a stern look. “What does our family have to do with it? Don’t mention the Ma family to me! Disgusting!”

Uncle Xie took a drag of his dry cigarette and shook his head at Xie Ama. “He really did it this time. He rejected our good son and married that stingy and violent Yang family son from the town. Tsk tsk, unusual taste!”

“The Yang family son?! You mean the one that recently divorced, chubby Yang Xiaochun?” Xie Ama became interested upon hearing that Ma Fugui had married such a person.

Uncle Xie smacked his lips and nodded. “I heard that Ma Fugui got drunk yesterday and somehow ended up sleeping with the Yang family son. The Yang family came to demand an explanation. You know Ma Ama’s personality. He refuses to admit anything and even invited that… that officer from the yamen!”

“You mean Wu San’er!” Xie Ama said with hatred. If it weren’t for him supporting the Ma family from behind, their son wouldn’t have to divorce!

“Yes, yes! That wretched dog! And guess what happened!”

“What is there to guess? Just tell me!”

Uncle Xie rubbed his nose. “Well, it turns out that the Yang family had some connections with that officer from the yamen. In front of Wu San’er and Ma Fugui, the officer directly declared that today was a good day and it’s better to get married sooner rather than later! So, they proceeded with the wedding. Ma Fugui was still asleep while being married off to the Yang family ger.”


Ma Ama: What the hell did their family do to deserve this?

Thingyan: LOL B***h, you did a plenty. Where’s my list of Ma family’s good deeds? Someone take it out, thank you.


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