Chapter 7: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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Ji Cha: it’s so big … I mean senior’s coat is.

Ji Cha felt that the young couples, who did not know that the end of the world was coming, were still in love care-freely. Would they be prepared for the upheaval in the future?

Nonetheless, he was completely stunned and frozen in place.

This unfamiliar number knew his name, so he didn’t send the wrong text message.

The first one that said about wanting to kiss him was with a little restraint and shyness, and the second one was full of the aggression! Ji Cha also had a crush on one or two girls with big breasts before the apocalypse, but after the apocalypse, he was completely reduced to the bottom of the food chain. Please read on hololonovels for best reading experience. Baby, believe that.

Men and women in the post-apocalyptic era can be roughly divided into two categories: those who do not have the ability to protect themselves and must rely on others to survive, and those who survive on their own and run around for life.

Regardless of gender, the former will be beaten to death by the powerful people, and the latter will be beaten to death by themselves.

When he was in school, he listened to the teachings of his teachers – never fell in love early and never fool around. He sang the single march all the way to college. He finally looked forward to touching the little hand of beautiful sisters after the completion from the internship, but then the end of the world came. So in general, Ji Cha has not gotten much comfort from any girl so far.

In short, he was a horny old leftover man.

However, at this time, he was eager to get a handful of romance. Ji Cha, who was late in the spring, didn’t think that such a text message might come from a man because he thought the other party clearly knew his gender.

The man who is now taking a cold shower and thinking about masturbating; the man who sends him little *yellow text messages; the man who lurks beside him pretending to be a big tail wolf, waiting for an opportunity to eat him clean.

*(T/N: yellow = sexual in nature)

Ji Cha was thinking about how to reply to this text message, firstly, remind the girl to take it easy, and secondly, slowly inquire the girl’s information, but the mobile phone vibrated and the notification stating that a new message came in.

Ji Cha clicked on it.

“We have already arrived in City A, and just settled in the rental house, *Lao Ji, if you change your mind, let me know, and I will help you to ask for a leave from the supervisor, and say that you have something to do at home, and you will be late for a day or two before coming here. By the way, how’s it going?”

*(T/N: Lao = Old; here it is said in a familiar tone).

Wang Qinxue sent a WeChat message. This brought Ji Cha’s scattered thoughts back to business.

If things started on the same trajectory as last time, then Wang Qinxue would have survived the initial stage of the virus outbreak. This guy was his brother who had been through thick and thin with him for ten years after the end of the world, Ji Cha certainly didn’t plan to abandon him this time.

The formation of a post-apocalyptic team is extremely important. Anyone who can trust unconditionally is a treasure.

It’s just that how to bring Wang Qinxue over this side of the country is the key. He can’t let Wang Qinxue thought he was some lunatic.

Ji Cha thought for a while, typed it and sent it, “*Er Gou, do a good job over there, but be careful when you go out, and don’t worry about any crazy things that happen to you. I’m going home now and come over to play with you when I have time.”

*(T/N: Er = Second, Gou = dog, Ji Cha is calling him second dog because I think Wang Qinxue was like the second oldest or something in their dorm in like chapter 1. I don’t remember much hehe).

Wang Qinxue’s reply came back after a long while, “Alright then, see you at the beginning of school.”

The disappointment in the tone was obvious.

Ji Cha sighed, the conversation with Wang Qinxue brought him back to reality. Although he wants to hook up with a girl, the most important thing now is to prepare for the end of the world.

He frowned as he thought, and his fingers swiped meaninglessly on the screen of his mobile phone. Suddenly, an ad of jumped into Ji Cha’s eyes and caught his attention.

There is a widely circulated general phrase on, from birth to death, can meet all your needs. This slogan is really not bragging.

Ji Cha used to be a frequent visitor to this shopping platform, but it was just for a few pairs of socks, a pair of rackets and other small things. However, he doesn’t know if there is something here that he was thinking of buying, Ji Cha is still skeptical.

He tentatively entered “harvester” in the search box, unexpectedly, a large number of results popped up, for small and big harvesters.

Ji Cha’s heart was not big in the first place. From the very beginning, he was only going for the purpose of being self-sufficient for a small family. Whether he could be well off in the future, that’s another story.

He is used to being a small person, and he is very easily satisfied.

Ji Cha searched all kinds of tools that he thought of on the website in one breath, but he didn’t expect to find a lot of what he was searching for.

Not only a lot, but they also had a variety of different functions.

As for things like most machines which are diesel powered, it’s entirely possible to convert it to a rechargeable one when after he bought it. Maybe it will affect the performance of the machine a little, but compared to the overall mechanization convenience, this is not a problem.

When it comes to charging, Ji Cha has already made his own plans in advance.

He was so immersed in his own world that he didn’t notice Liang Jincheng had taken a bath of suspicious length.

After finding what he wanted, he took a rest for a while, and couldn’t help but open the text message and read it again.

His memory from almost ten years ago was laboriously searched.

Which girls does he know?

When Liang Jincheng came out of the room, Ji Cha was lying on the bed, with one leg on the other, dangling leisurely with the faint smile on his face.

Liang Jincheng’s cheeks were suspiciously red. He sat down beside Ji Cha silently, and the other side of the bed immediately collapsed a little under the weight.

Ji Cha followed the slope and rolled next to Liang Jincheng, then handed him the text message interface with a smile on his face.

Liang Jincheng was stunned by his almost abrupt move.

The two used the cheap shower gel that came with the room, and the smell was very unnatural. Ji Cha’s turning over brought a small air current, pushing the scent from his body into Liang Jincheng’s nose, smelling fresh and delicious.

It was obvious that the two of them used the same product, but Liang Jincheng still felt that the aroma of Ji Cha’s body was like aphrodisiac. His atrium was full and uncomfortable, and he couldn’t find a way to vent.

“Look at this text message.” Ji Cha was afraid that Liang Jincheng would think he was making a fuss, so he reluctantly put away his smile and made a serious appearance.

Following his voice, Liang Jincheng shifted his gaze to the glowing interface.

What was displayed above was a text message he sent to Ji Cha with another number.

Liang Jinchen was a little startled, his throat tightened at the moment, and his heart is suddenly pinched together. He thought that Ji Cha knew the source of the text message, and subconsciously opened his mouth to explain, but he heard Ji Cha happily said, “I can’t believe it. Now there is a girl so enthusiastic, senior, how do you think it would be appropriate for me to reply to her?”

“Reply?” Liang Jincheng’s eyes opened slightly, and then hesitantly asked, “girl…?”

Does he take the person across from the text message as a girl?

Ji Cha nodded and looked at Liang Jincheng with some envy.

The other party’s ripped muscles are all over the body, Ji Cha wants to be compared with him, but is consciously turned into a waste in seconds.

“Senior, you must be chased often. I’m not very good at talking to girls. Can you think about it for me?” Ji Cha was looking forward to it, and handed his phone into his hands.

Liang Jincheng looked at Ji Cha’s soft brows, and the sullenness that had just swelled up in his heart dissipated and finally turned into helplessness. He couldn’t get angry with Ji Cha.

It turned out that he didn’t receive Ji Cha’s reply, not because the other party was too shocked and didn’t know how to reply, but because he took the person across from the text message as a girl.

“We have to travel tomorrow,” Liang Jincheng pushed the phone over, then held Ji Cha’s hand very naturally, and put it next to Ji Cha’s ear, “Go to bed early.”

His voice was low, and at this moment, it had a slightly sultry undertone, making the hearts of those who hear it go numb.

Just out of the bath, Liang Jincheng’s hair was soft, and a few strands hung down on his forehead. He restrained his usual sense of distance. His eyes were deep and shinning, his eyelashes were sticking with water vapor, and he was so focused like he could almost see through people’s hearts.

Ji Cha was stunned for a moment, so handsome…

Then he got even more jealous.


Iron: Is he just doing this to seduce Liang Jincheng? Doesn’t seem so dumb to me, Ji Cha. I can see through you haha


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