Chapter 22 (Part 1): The Culinary Tycoon


On the main road outside the city, a young man was on his way with an oil-paper umbrella and a basket, and an old man was by his side.

Today’s weather is extremely hot, and the sun overhead seems to scorch the ground.

“Ugh, it’s really hot today.” The old man wiped the sweat from his face with a cloth towel, and said with emotion, “The boss’s house is really far away.”

The little snake basking in the sun in the grass on the side of the road heard the voice of the person and scurried away.

“Fu Bo, are you tired, why don’t we take a break?” Mi Ge’er was sweating on his forehead, and his face was flushed. Even though he was holding an umbrella to avoid direct sunlight, the heat on the ground still hit his face, it’s annoying.

(T/N: Bo = Uncle)

Fu Bo raised his head, looked into the distance, and said, “not going to rest, it’s getting late, better to arrive early. It’s not good for people to visit someone late and make trouble for others.”

Mi Ge’er nodded.

They went to North Street to find Yu Qingze this morning, but they didn’t see anyone at the usual place, and they searched around the North Street again but couldn’t find the familiar food stall. Later, he asked the young man who sells tea eggs next to Yu Qingze’s food stall, only to find out that Boss Yu was injured by the robbery and was resting at home.

When the two heard it, they were both stunned, how could such a thing happen? Immediately, they thought again: that’s not good. What if Boss Yu and the others don’t come anymore, and when the second young master gets tired of eating those porridges, what should they do? Boss Yu knows so much new recipes. If he doesn’t come, where can they find such a person in the future?

Also, Fu Bo wanted to discuss more about food with Yu Qingze. After he learned the proper way to handle the seafood porridge last time, he went back to try it a few times, and it was much better. The second young master of his family was finally willing to eat.

The two immediately returned to the house and reported to the master. With his permission, they went to the kitchen to get some food and gifts before visiting Boss Yu.

It’s just that this Niutou Village is far!

It’s really not easy for Boss Yu and the others to walk so far every day to set up food stall in the city.

The two hurriedly walked, asked people on the way, and traveled more than half an hour when they finally found Chang family house in Niutou Village.

What surprised Mi Ge’er and Fu Bo was that it turned out Boss Yu was only renting a room at Chang Le’s house.

“Who are you two looking for?” Grandpa Chang saw two strangers at the gate of the courtyard, so he came out and asked.

Mi Ge’er stepped forward and asked, “Grandpa, is this the house of Boss Yu Qingze?”

Grandpa Chang nodded and replied, “Yes, you two are?”

Mi Ge’er smiled and said: “Grandpa, I am Mi Ge’er, the servant of the Cai family in the south of the city. This is Fu Bo. We were fortunate to have a few porridge recipes from Boss Yu before. Our second young master likes those dishes very much. I heard it today that Boss Yu was injured, our master specially asked us to come and visit.”

Grandpa Chang had never seen Mi Ge’er and Fu Bo, but he had heard of them from Chang Hao. When he heard it was those two, he quickly let them into the house and said, “They have gone to the mountains, and they should be back in a while. Come in and sit, it’s hot, it’s hard for you to travel in this weather.”

Mi Ge’er and Fu Bo entered the house.

Mi Ge’er smiled and replied, “thank you, sir. Boss Yu is injured. We should of course take a look. This is a little thought from our master, please accept it.” After speaking, Mi Ge’er handed over the basket, inside was the gifts they brought – some fish and meat.

“Aye, you guys already came all the way here, what gifts! It’s enough. I’ll pour you some water.” Grandpa Chang put the basket on one side of the stool, then went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of cold boiled water for the two of them and while they were drinking, he brought them tow bowls of jelly.

“Come on, eat a bowl of jelly, cool down.”

“What is this?” Mi Ge’er asked in surprise, looking at the crystal clear jelly in the bowl. Another new food!

Fu Bo’s eyes lit up when he saw it.

“This is jelly, try it, it can cool off the heat.” Grandpa Chang said.

The two curiously picked up the spoon and took a sip. The cool feeling was immediately conveyed from the mouth to the brain. It was a very refreshing feeling. After eating a whole bowl, their entire body felt better, their brains that were dazed by the heat finally returned to life, and the exhaustion from rushing for more than half an hour on the road was relieved by a lot.

“It tastes good! Brother Chang, what is this jelly made of?” Fu Bo asked as soon as he finished eating.

Grandpa Chang smiled and said, “Aze picked some things in the mountains. You can ask him when he comes back.”

This thing is to be sold at the stall. As for whether to let Mi Ge’er and Fu Bo know, the decision is in Yu Qingze’s hands, and Grandpa Chang knows it very well.

Unable to get an answer, Fu Bo was not disappointed either. Boss Yu might have plans to sell such a special meal. Naturally, the recipe must be kept secret and not leaked at will, but he was even more curious.

He smiled and said, “Okay.”

Grandpa Chang accompanied the two of them to talk for a while. Seeing that it was getting late, he began to wash rice and cook. Fu Bo was going to help with cooking, but Grandpa Chang hurriedly stopped him and said, “How can I let you do it? You sit and wait for them to come back and let you taste different flavors.”

Fu Bo’s heart moved, “Boss Yu will be cooking lunch?”

Grandpa Chang laughed and said, “I don’t know yet. Let’s see when the time comes. Anyway, brother, just wait.”

In the mountains, Chang Le watched Yu Qingze pluck the pale yellow chrysanthemum-like white fungus from the dead wood one by one, and gestured anxiously aside.

Chang Hao translated: “Brother Yu, my brother said that this thing can’t be eaten. Some people have eaten it before, and the whole body is red and itchy, and there are blisters. This thing is poisonous.”

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “Did he pick it up and cook it directly?”

Chang Le nodded.

Yu Qingze said: “This thing is called Tremella. It can only be eaten after drying. You can’t eat it directly, you must soak it in water for at least three quarters of an hour. Otherwise, the skin will itch when exposed to the sun after eating. However, this is a good thing, nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, and it is especially nutritious, even better than the fir tree fungus, tea tree fungus and other mushrooms.”

Tremella mushroom

The two brothers were stunned.

Chang Hao widened his eyes and asked, “So good?”

Yu Qingze nodded, “It’s that good. So, please help me pick all these up so we can go back soon.” Best reading experience at ho lo lo novels.

The two listened and quickly picked it up. Regardless of whether it is poisonous or not, since Big Brother Yu said it is a good thing, it must be really a good thing.

“Pick the big ones, leave the small ones; we’ll come back and pick them when they grow bigger.” Yu Qingze instructed again.

“Can this also be sold for money?” Chang Hao asked again while picking.

Yu Qingze nodded, “It can be sold. But we won’t sell these, we will keep them for ourselves.”

Although there are many tremella in this forest, they cannot be sold in batches continuously, so let’s keep it for home. People here don’t know how to eat this anyway, and they don’t know its value, it is estimated that it won’t sell for a good price.

However, after they eat it all, he can ask the villagers to find it in the mountains and buy it back from them. Anyway, everyone here thinks that this thing cannot be eaten, and there should be no one competing with him.

Yu Qingze thought silently about his plans for the future, and sighed in his heart that it was the right time to come to the mountains today. Not only did he dug two bamboo shoots, he also found immortal leaves. Chang Le picked up a small half-frame of mushrooms and a handful of black mushrooms. However, the biggest surprise is finding this Tremella!

This forest, near the creek, has a lot of dead wood; it is damp, and many fungi grow.

When he was picking black fungus, he accidentally found a white fungus. He was so surprised, and then asked Chang Le if he had seen this thing. Chang Le led them into the woods.

And there it was, a large piece of Tremella!

Yu Qingze felt as if he had suddenly won five million, a huge surprise.

In his previous life, Tremella was basically cultivated artificially, and there were very few wild Tremella like this. Anything that is wild was very expensive.

The group plucked all the big white fungus in this small forest. Seeing that it was getting late, they went back. The big basket that Chang Le carried was already full of mountain treasures.

When they got home, they were surprised when they found that Mi Ge’er and Fu Bo were there.

Knowing their intentions, Yu Qingze said gratefully: “Mi Ge’er, Fu Bo, thank you for visiting me and also please relay my message to the old master Cai on my behalf.”

Mi Ge’er responded and asked, “heard you were robbed? How could it happen?”

Yu Qingze replied, “I ran into a few thugs on the main road and got into a fight .”

Mi Ge’er frowned.

Chang Hao said angrily: “Brother Mi, Fu Bo, you don’t know, we have been unlucky recently.”

Mi Ge’er asked, “Why is it bad luck? Isn’t the business very good?”

Chang Hao counted with his fingers, “Let me tell you, since we opened the food stall, first thieves have come to our house to steal Liangpi, and then a few days ago, we ran into someone who came to find fault and hide the bugs inside the food by himself, and he had the audacity to say to our face that our food was not clean, you say it’s hateful or not! Then the next day, when we went home, we encountered a robbery. In order to protect us, Brother Yu was injured and beaten with a lot of sticks, there are bruises all over the back, and a slash on the shoulder, such a long cut, his arm can’t even be lifted.”

Having said that, Chang Hao compared his palm, it’s just that long!

Yu Qingze was washing his face, and when he heard what Chang Hao said, the corners of his mouth curled slightly. Chang Hao, this little boy, also has the benefits of being young. At critical moments, he can always bring some unexpected surprises.

Like now. He was very well-informed with all kinds of news on the street.

After chatting with Mi Ge’er and Fu bo for a while, and the news he learned from chatting with customers and the owner of the small stall next to him when doing business, Yu Qingze has basically understood the identity of the Cai family in the south of the city – they’re the type of people he did not expect.

However, if he can have a good relationship with them, it will be unexpectedly helpful for future business.

When Mi Ge’er heard the words, he and Fu Bo looked at each other and said, “You guys have only opened for ten days, right?”

Chang Hao nodded, angrily and heavily said: “some inexplicable things happen every two or three days, why is it so hard to start a small business!”

At this time, Yu Qingze came over and pressed a wet towel on Chang Hao’s face, and said with a smile: “Go wash your face, looks like a mud monkey.”

The three of them were drilling up and down in the mountains, sweaty and dirty as mud monkeys.

Chang Hao smiled and walked away with the cloth towel. Yu Qingze said to the two of them, “Fu Bo, Mi Ge’er, you guys came here by coincidence today, and I’ll let you have a good time.”

Fu bo is most concerned about cooking, and immediately asked: “What new food are you going to make?”


Translator has something to say: This chapter is twice as long as a regular chapter (over 4,000 words) so, I split it into two ^__^


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