Chapter 41: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“What’s wrong with you?” Uncle Xie had already seen Xie Ama’s constant gaze towards Li Changfeng. Any man would immediately find out that his sweetheart was looking at other men! Xie Ama looked at Uncle Xie, who was sweating because of the farmwork, opened his mouth, but thought that it was still a matter of uncertainty, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to say it out loud at this time.

Uncle Xie looked at Xie Ama’s expression of hesitating to speak, and was extremely anxious, “What’s the matter? There’s nothing we can’t say as a family.”

Xie Ama turned his head and avoided Uncle Xie’s questioning eyes, “It’s nothing, just do your job.” This sentence made Uncle Xie annoyed, “What are you looking at young men for, they’re as old as our child!” If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

After listening to this sentence, Xie Ama held his breath and had to control the urge to hurt the stubborn idiot in front of him!

“Ama, who is that person in the Xie family’s field?” In the field of Lizheng’s family, a handsome ger of about fifteen or sixteen asked in a low voice while pouring tea for his family’s Ama .

Li Zheng’s wife, Xia Ama, after listening to his son’s words, tilted his head and looked at Li Changfeng a few times, “It’s the man from the Xu family in the back mountain.” Xia Yu pursed his lips, of course he knew who Li Changfeng was, he was thinking about the one who was not far from Li Changfeng! He had never seen this man in the village.

“Xiaoyu is talking about the person standing next to Li Changfeng. Speaking of which, I have never seen this person before!” Xia Feng, the elder brother of Xia Yu, spoke instead of his younger brother, and he met with Xia Yu’s annoyed look, talkative! If you’re not reading this on h olo lo novels, the ending might be missing, and there will be irrelevant sentences embedded within the chapter.

Li Zheng took a breath at this moment, exhaled a bunch of smoke, and looked through the smoke to the Xie family field, “Oh, that’s from the Lin family in town, but why is he here.”

As soon as Xia Yu heard it was the Lin family, he immediately thought of who Li Zheng was talking about, “Is that the Lin family from the Lin family clinic?” Xia Ama’s health has not been very good for the past few years, and it has always been the medicine prescribed by the old doctor Lin. So the clinic wasn’t unfamiliar.

Seeing Li Zheng nodded, Xia Feng was confused, “For real? Why didn’t I know Old Doctor Lin still have a son?” Li Zheng paid for his son’s military service, so Xia Feng didn’t go to the military camp.

Xia Ama poked Xia Feng’s head with one hand, “Doe we have to tell you which family has who in their house? Go back to work after a break. You been studying all day long, relax your muscles and bones at this time!” Xia Feng studies in the town, during this period of spring farming, considering the business of the farm, the academy deliberately gave the students a few days off, and Xia Feng also came back to help.

Although Lizheng’s family lived a good life, they have to spent some money to let their son study in the town, and another child was the age for marriage, and Li Zheng was also busy with the farm almost every day.

Xia Feng was told off by his own Ama, and caught a glimpse of Xia Yu’s mocking eyes, “Don’t laugh at me, nobody’s talking to you!” Xia Yu’s face immediately began to turn red, and he snatched Xia Feng’s hand in anger and stuffed a cup of tea, “Go to work when you’re done! You talk too much!”

Xia Yu, who had packed up his things, deliberately took the road not far from Xie family fields to go home. When he was about to walk through the fields, he couldn’t help but secretly looked at Lin Fangliang who was working hard. At this time, Lin Fangliang happened to hear Uncle Xie telling them to rest, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and nodded to Uncle Xie with a smile on his face. Uncle Xie was standing on the ground above them. Looking from Xia Yu, he thought that Lin Fangliang was purposely smiling at him.

“Oh my God! What am I thinking!” Holding his hot cheeks, Xia Yu hurriedly left with the basket on his back.


Xu Qing has already made a pair of “straw sandals”. After making the footwear, Xu Qing is also in a good mood, and even Xie Ge’er is in a good mood. “In the future, just follow the method I taught you, and if there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to come to me.”

Xu Qing held the straw sandals he made and nodded vigorously. This was the first time he made footwear, and it was worth remembering! “Brother Xiaoyu, today I will cook a new dish for you to try!”

Brother Xie immediately thought of the paocai (T/N: formally, I wrote it as kimchi, but one reader pointed out that it wasn’t. Paocai is a type of Chinese pickled vegetables) that Xie Ama kept talking about and the fish dishes they been eating, which recipes were all from Xu Qing, and couldn’t help but praised: “You are really good, you can think of these recipes, what are you making this time? Do you need help? “

Xu Qing pursed his lips and pointed to the bucket that Xie Ama had placed in the courtyard. Brother Xie looked at it, “Fish?”

“Yes, I’m going to make braised fish!”

Brother Xie watched Xu Qing quickly clean a spiny fish, remove the scales and internal organs, and then cut a slice on the head and tail of the spiny fish; the same on both sides. After cleaning properly, Xu Qing used his fingers to pinch and squeeze the fish to remove the fishy smell, and the fish would taste better.

“What are you doing?” Brother Xie watched Xu Qing making cuts directly on the whole fish, and both sides had the same number of cuts, “This makes the fish more delicious, do you have wine at home? It can remove the fishy smell.” Brother Xie nodded, took out Uncle Xie’s hidden wine and handed it to Xu Qing. Xu Qing rubbed some salt and wine on the fish and put it aside, “Marinate it for more flavor!”

Brother Xie really felt that he has been enlightened. It turns out that the fish can still be prepared like this.

Because the fish has to be left marinated, taking advantage of this time, Xu Qing and Brother Xie prepared other dishes, and they can directly cook it right before the others come back.

Because he was afraid that the fish would be cold if cooked too early, Xu Qing decided to cook the fish last.

When it was already dark outside, Xu Qing began cooking the fish; the group should be back soon.

“The fire should not be too big, otherwise it will burn,” Xu Qing told Brother Xie, while adding oil to the pot, waited for the oil to be hot, then put the fish in, and asked Brother Xie to remove some firewood, keeping the stove a low fire, fried the fish until golden brown on both sides and put it in a bowl. Due to limited resources, Xu Qing just directly sprinkled the condiments on it and brought it to the table.

“Brother Qing is cooking fish again? the smell seem a bit different.” Sure enough, Uncle Xie’s loud voice came from the yard as soon as the dish was on the table. Brother Xie brought the hot water out, and when Lin Fangliang saw it, he hurriedly grabbed it out of Xie Yu’s hands, “Your body is not yet recovered! Let me do it!!”

Brother Xie looked at the bucket that was taken away by Lin Fangliang, and felt helpless, “It’s not too heavy, and you are a guest, how can you do these things.”

“Guest? I’m not a guest, I’m a junior who came to help! Come on, Uncle Xie, Xie Ama, come wash your hands!” Lin Fangliang raised the water directly in front of Uncle Xie and the others, quite attentive, causing Li Changfeng to roll his eyes.

The braised fish made by Xu Qing in the evening was very well received. After dinner, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng went home first, and Lin Fangliang stayed to chat with Uncle Xie. “Sir, do you still want this?” The gentleman shook his head gracefully.

After Li Changfeng made the hot water for Xu Qing, he took the pair of “straw sandals” that Xu Qing gave him and played with it, his eyes gleaming with warmth. This was the first time Xu Qing had ever made shoes, and it was for him.! This made Li Changfeng feel that his depressed mood, from when Xu Qing said Lin Fangliang was “handsome”, was immediately swept away!

“What are you doing?!”

As soon as Xu Qing entered the room after taking a bath, he saw Li Changfeng’s big feet struggling to stuff the “straw sandals” he made this afternoon, “Don’t wear them! They’re too small!” Xu Qing hurriedly stepped forward to stop him from destroying the sandals. Li Changfeng, who wanted to try it on, looked at his red feet and felt a little embarrassed. His wife obviously made his size, so why couldn’t he wear it…

Seeing that Xu Qing was really in a hurry, Li Changfeng had to stop, but he still put away the shoes. This was the first time Xu Qing had made shoes for him.

“My wife……”

Li Changfeng’s suggestive voice entered Xu Qing’s ears. Xu Qing pushed him, and found that the person holding him was motionless, only then did he helplessly say, “Aren’t you tired after doing so much work today?”

Li Changfeng naturally heard the compromise in Xu Qing’s tone, and his eyes suddenly lit up, “Am I tired, don’t you know if you try it?”

Xu Qing couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed the soft flesh on Li Changfeng’s waist with his hands, pinched it hard, and Li Changfeng’s suppressed the strange voice from escaping his lips, which made Xu Qing stunned for a moment, so he experimented, and Li Changfeng still made suppressed sounds. Is he ticklish?

“Wife…” Li Changfeng couldn’t bear it anymore, he grabbed Xu Qing’s hand that was looming around, wanting to do it again, and put him directly on the bed.

The moment the eager lips touched each other’s, both of them felt a strong throbbing deep in their hearts. Wonder that’s because they hadn’t done it for a few days, Xu Qing thought.

A pair of hands tightly wrapped around Li Changfeng’s neck and responded enthusiastically, which made Li Changfeng even more crazy.

Although Xu Qing’s kiss was a little clumsy, it made Li Changfeng completely unable to hold back and attacked directly, full of aggression. He held Xu Qing’s face with his big hands, and fed his long tongue into the mouth that Xu Qing had opened for him, stirring wantonly inside.

“It’s so cold…”

Feeling that his body was no longer wearing anything, Xu Qing involuntarily hugged the man in front of him. Li Changfeng’s hot body made Xu Qing gradually lose his self-consciousness, and he just wanted to indulge with his husband happily.

“Good…it’ll be hot in a while…” Li Changfeng said with a hoarse voice in an ambiguous language. He pulled Xu Qing’s arms around him, and pressed them against both sides of Xu Qing’s head.

He kissed the person under him, hooking his tongue to play. A big hand supported Xu Qing’s slender waist, and the other hand vigorously rubbed the two points on Xu Qing’s chest, constantly teasing.

Li Changfeng let go of Xu Qing’s breathless lips, bit his small earlobe lightly, and slowly rubbed from top to bottom, neck, shoulders, and collarbone. This made Xu Qing low-pitched gasping non-stop. After Li Changfeng felt that Xu Qing could bear him, he pierced Xu Qing with his member that had already been very ready, which caused the two to let out a sound at the same time and exclaimed satisfyingly.

Xu Qing felt that he was going crazy, Li Changfeng on his body was like a wild horse that only knew how to gallop fast, and the strong pleasure overwhelmed his reason. He can only follow the man’s vigorous actions again and again, and continue to be immersed in the endless pleasure.


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