Chapter 3: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

Isolate his sweetheart?

The originally noisy cafeteria became obviously quiet the moment Bai Cheng entered, and then many people looked over.

“God, have you seen his expression? It’s so fierce.”

“Why did he come to the cafeteria?”

“It’s dirty.”

Mo Li paused at his feet, looked around, and found that many people were looking at them, to be precise, looking at Bai Cheng. Read on hololonovels and support the website so we can continue creating translated works.

There is malice in their eyes.

He thought Bai Cheng didn’t come to the cafeteria just because he didn’t have money, but now, looking at the attitudes of the people around him, in this hostile environment, he wouldn’t like to come if it was him.

He didn’t know about Bai cheng’s high school life, and Bai cheng rarely mentioned it in his previous life. Fortunately, now he has the opportunity to know.

Bai Cheng was accustomed to the gossip around him, his face was still gloomy and indifferent, and with the scratches on his face, he looked even more vicious.

He knew that others would be uncomfortable seeing him, so he didn’t plan to eat in the cafeteria.

When he got to the rooftop carrying the food, he found that Mo Li was still following him.

“How do you—”

He frowned fiercely, remembering what happened to Mo Li, gritted his teeth and tried to put it mildly: “As you can see, if you want to get along well with other students, stay away from me.”

Mo Li didn’t say anything, just lowered his head and ate quietly, looking very shy.

Looking at his dead skinned face, Bai Cheng was not good at really blasting people off the rooftop. He was also hungry, so he ate quietly in the shade of the rooftop.

Little did he know that Mo Li’s eyes kept falling on him.

The fierce Bai Cheng was very different from the Bai Cheng he knew, but whether it was his soft-hearted nature or his quiet appearance while eating, it didn’t change at all.

“Stop looking at me, why don’t you eat yourself?”

Bai Cheng quickly found that Mo Li was staring at him in a trance, and stared at Mo Li coldly.

Mo Li shook his head and swallowed the meal with a big mouth, but his eyes fell on a void somewhere.

Why is Bai Cheng isolated?

Is it because of rumors or something else?

Could this be the reason why he didn’t go to college?

He knew that Bai Cheng had no parents, no relatives, and it was not impossible for him to give up his studies if he was under pressure from the school and financial pressure.

After chewing the food slowly, he seemed to inquire about the situation at Bai Cheng’s house unintentionally. Read on hololonovels and support the website so we can continue creating translated works.

“Do you have a brother?”

He knew that Bai Cheng had no brothers, so he just opened his mouth to test.

“Yes.” Bai Cheng raised his eyes.


Mo Li was stunned.

“I have a brother.” When talking about his younger brother, Bai Cheng’s eyes brightened. He stretched out his hand and gestured, about one meter tall, “So tall, he is twelve this year, and he is going to junior high school.”

Looking at Bai Cheng’s appearance, it didn’t look like he was lying at all, but Mo Li had never heard Bai Cheng mention it.

He suddenly realized that there were more things he didn’t know in his last life than he had imagined.

Bai Cheng saved him in his last life, but he never did anything for Bai Cheng.

Perhaps because he was in a good mood now, Bai Cheng glanced at Mo Li and said casually:

“Are you from city A?”

When Mo Li heard the words, he was separated from his thoughts. He was a little stunned, but he still smiled and said, “You know?”

Hearing Mo Li ask, Bai Cheng responded with a baffled expression, he frowned and said, “Didn’t you say it when you were in class?”

Mo Li spread his hands, “I thought you had been sleeping.”

Hearing this, Bai Cheng seemed to smile, and the very shallow smile disappeared in a blink of an eye.

He turned his head twice and finished his meal, leaned against the guardrail and closed his eyes in the sunlight, “Since you were in such a good school, why did you transfer?”

When Bai Cheng closed his eyes, Mo Li’s gaze couldn’t help falling on his light-colored thin lips. After a while, he looked away and sat next to Bai Cheng, leaning his head against the guardrail, and continued:”For someone important.”

Bai Cheng pulled the corners of his mouth and snorted, mocking himself a little, but didn’t answer.

Seeing that Bai Cheng was in a good mood now, Mo Li asked tentatively, “What about you, why are you fighting?”

At first glance, the injuries on Bai Cheng’s body were left over from the fight. Unfortunately, Bai Cheng just glanced at him irritably and didn’t answer.

In the class in the afternoon, Qu Ziyu remembered seeing Bai Cheng in the cafeteria at noon, pouted and whispered to him: “You went to the cafeteria at noon? I heard that you asked Mo Li to help you buy food. Isn’t it too much?”

Anyway, it’s class time now, and he doesn’t believe that Bai Cheng really dares to do something to him.

Sure enough, although Bai Cheng, who was lying on the table, opened his eyes and glanced at him coldly, he did not respond at all.

“Bai Cheng!”

At the same time, the math teacher noticed that Bai Cheng was sleeping, called his name, patted the blackboard and said, “Have you slept enough, tell me how to solve the fifth big problem.”

Bai Cheng moved slowly, stood up and read the eye book first, pursed his lips, shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“This is the most basic question. It’s already the third year of high school. Why are you still like this? If you can’t even pass the junior college, where are you going!” The math teacher frowned and yelled loudly.

Teachers don’t like Bai Cheng, who has failed every subject.

Who would have thought that Bai Cheng raised his eyes and said, “I’m going to work, not college.”

Hearing this, the math teacher just felt that the mud in Bai Cheng couldn’t support the wall, and trembled with anger, “Promising!”

Then he called Bai Cheng to sit down. Read on hololonovels and support the website so we can continue creating translated works.

The students himself said they were going to work, what else could they, the teachers, say?

This kind of rubbish is a waste of time!

A student in the class suddenly laughed and said, “Teacher, what can a murderer’s son do?”

When the voice fell, the room was silent at first, and then a few people sneered in a low voice.

Bai Cheng stood in the sight of everyone’s ridicule, his expression remained unchanged, he just pretended that he hadn’t heard of the murmurs.

Mo Li squeezed the pen. The son of a murderer?

“Everyone be quiet!” The math teacher frowned, “What nonsense, let’s just continue with class! ”

“I’m right.” The boy didn’t know how to restrain himself, stood up and looked straight at Bai Cheng, pointed at him and said sharply: “My mother knows that there is a murderer’s son in the class, and she is nervous about me every day. Why does this kind of scourge has to go to school with us!”

At this time, a girl also said: “And I also heard that Bai Cheng also killed people when he was a child. He was not sentenced because he was too young. His father is still in prison.”

In the third year of high school, every student was very busy. In addition to studying a lot every day, they also had to beware of Bai Cheng’s approach, which was annoying.

Bai Cheng still pretended not to hear.

No matter what others say, he will mostly endure it silently.

The circumstances of his family did not allow him to be self-willed, and even if he simply had a fight with these students, he could not bear the consequences.

He clenched his fists and sat down while listening to the mockery and abuse in his ears.

His silent attitude suddenly made these people more arrogant, and some people even coaxed Bai Cheng to drop out of school quickly. Read on hololonovels and support the website so we can continue creating translated works.

The cacophony was loud and harsh.

“classmate.” At this moment, Mo Li stood up.

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