Chapter 15: The Culinary Tycoon

Swept the whole city

Yu Qingze and the others were so busy that the two tables were not enough, and many people were still waiting. The three of them were simply too busy.

He couldn’t do anything by the side of the pot, so he premakes bowl after bowl. He also helps out to collect money. Chang Le, who is responsible for washing dishes, carrying water, changing water, and collecting money, is also very busy.

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The three of them are all in circles.

They didn’t have time to breathe until the noodles and Liangpi they brought were sold out, and there were only four bowls left for themselves.

Now, the sun is just overhead.

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Chang Le suggested to buy some flour, make some noodles now, and continue to sell.

Yu Qingze shook his head and said, “No. This is it today! Let’s finish eating quickly, pick up grandpa, and go home!”

Chang Le doesn’t quite understand, business is so good, shouldn’t they continue to sell in this case?

Yu Qingze seemed to understand Chang Le’s doubts, he replied: “Today I’m just testing the market and spreading the news about the noodles. We can bring more tomorrow for those who heard the news today but didn’t get to eat. The curiosity will bring more customers tomorrow. Moreover, even if we try making more now, we don’t have a place to make enough.”

Chang Le looked at the food stall, and the place was indeed a little smaller, so he didn’t bother anymore. After lunch, he went to the Western District Vegetable Market to pick up grandpa who was buying radishes.

To end the business so early on the first day actually exceeded Yu Qingze’s expectations. He already analyzed the situation in the morning. The speed of cooking noodles was still too slow, mainly because one stove was not enough and the two tables were not enough. Before going back, he went to buy another stove and a pot. Ask the village chief to make another table when he gets back.

Yu Qingze looked up at the sun in the sky, it was so hot! The weather was already hot, and they were too busy to touch the ground, the three of them were sweating profusely.

It definitely cannot go on like this for a long time, people can’t bear it.

He then went to the umbrella shop to order three super-large parasols, and directly asked the master to make them into tarpaulin umbrellas, which would protect from sun and rain, but it would take a few days to get them.

From purchasing all these, he used all the money he made today.

After returning home, he settled the accounts and gave the the wages for Chang Le and Chang Hao. In fact, he earned a tael or two today, but he spent all of it on buying things.

“Wow, Big Brother Yu, do I get paid too?!” Chang Hao looked at the copper plates in front of him, and there was a small pile of them. He counted them one by one, and he was very excited about the money he made for the first time.

“Yes! You are very capable today. You have the same wage as your brother. But you don’t have to go tomorrow.”

“Ah? Why?” Chang Hao looked at him with some incomprehension, and also reflected on himself: “Am I not doing well enough? I will work hard!”

Yu Qingze smiled, touched his head, and said, “No, you are very capable, but you are still young, and you are still a child laborer. You can help grandpa at home. There is a lot of work in the fields.”

Chang Hao wanted to fight for it, and said, “But if I don’t go, you guys won’t be busy at all. Maybe the guests will leave if they can’t wait. What a pity.” He saw the busy situation today. If there were only Big Brother Yu and his brother, they would be too busy to catch their breath.

Yu Qingze insisted: “If we make less money, we will make less money. It doesn’t matter. We want to do long-term business. After the busy period of time, the traffic flow will stabilize and there will not be so many people. Moreover, if there are still so many people in a few days, I will find another helper to help.”

“Then I’ll go and help you for a few days first, I don’t want you to work so hard.” Chang Hao also had his stubbornness. He turned to his brother, hoping that his brother could help him.

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Chang Le was naturally understood the situation, so he didn’t say anything.

Chang Hao turned to Grandpa Chang again, looking eagerly at Grandpa.

Grandpa Chang was very happy and said, “As long as it’s not a disservice, let him go if he wants to go. He’s ten years old and a little man, so he should exercise and learn how to do things. Aze, don’t pay him. Such a little boy, what salary do you want?”

“I’m not doing you a disservice!” Chang Hao pouted, very dissatisfied, “Brother Yu, you see, I’m very useful.”

“Yes, you are very capable.” Yu Qingze didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and turned to Grandpa Chang again and said, “However, Grandpa, he is still small, his body has not grown, and it is not suitable for overwork, which will affect physical development. Besides, the work in the field… …”

Grandpa Chang waved his hand and said, “How can you be so tired with such a little work? Do more work to grow stronger! You have just opened up, so let him help you, there is me in the field.”

Yu Qingze was helpless, so he had to agree, “But the wages still have to be counted.”

He and Grandpa Chang argued a few more words. In the end, Grandpa Chang couldn’t beat him, so he had to agree.

After discussing things, Yu Qingze first went to the village chief’s house, and then came back and started making liangpi noodles. Chang Le was making noodles for cold noodles, and Chang Hao and Grandpa Chang were washing radishes outside, cutting them, and marinating them.

The two were busy in the kitchen, and although they didn’t talk, Yu Qingze felt a touch of warmth.

The atmosphere was very warm and peaceful, and it made his heart feel hot.

Maybe Yu Qingze’s eyes stayed too long, and Chang Le, who was kneading the dough in front of the chopping board, suddenly turned around and just met his eyes.

Chang Le asked silently with his eyes:?

Yu Qingze quickly reacted, shook his head, and said softly, “Brother Le, it’s hard for you.”

Chang Le had a smile on his face, shook his head, and turned around to continue kneading.

Chang Le did the math. He earned more than 80 coppers from selling sour beans today, plus his and Xiaohao’s wages, it was a little less than 200 coppers. Originally, he wanted to give Yu Qingze a share since it was him who thought of the way to pickle sour beans, but the other didn’t want it, so Chang Le had to put it away by himself, secretly thinking about helping him do more work.

He has never made so much money in one day! Chang Le’s eyebrows and eyes are curved; he is very happy.

The three of them set off early the next morning. Because Yu Qingze didn’t have enough money to pay for a fixed booth for a whole month before, they had to go early to grab a good spot.

The second day’s business was as good as Yu Qingze expected!

The people who ate it yesterday brought their family members to eat again, and there were people who heard the news and came to taste the food curiously. Coupled with the passing traders, the food stall has not been empty since 8 o’clock.

Fortunately, there are two stoves today, and the speed of cooking noodles is much faster, but they were still busy!

“Boss, one small portion of liangpi and two portions of medium cold noodles, all of which are slightly spicy! Three more bowls of mung bean soup!”

“Boss, check out!”

“Boss, give me a big bowl of cold noodles! A pound of sour beans!”


“Hey, hey, here we come, customer, your small portion of liangpi and medium portion of cold noodles, mung bean soup… Customer, walk slowly, please come again… customer, your large portion of cold noodles is here, sour beans are here. All ready …”

Around noon, in a well-known old-fashioned pastry shop on South Street, a little ger came out with freshly baked pastries, and at that time, a young boy came in with a food box, he shouted loudly: “Ama Ama , there is a new delicious food stall on North Street, you can try it, I brought you a bowl.”

A new food stall? The little ger who had just left the door heard it, turned around, and entered the shop again.

“What kind of food stall, running around and sweating so much. Come here and I’ll wipe it for you.” The owner of the pastry shop came out from behind the counter and took out a towel from his arms to wipe the sweat on his son’s forehead.

The little boy raised his face to let him wipe his sweat, and said, “It’s cold noodles, and it’s delicious. Dad brought two bowls back for grandpa and the youngest. He asked me to bring a bowl to you. Look. , this is it, you can try and see.”

The little boy put the food box in his hand on the table, brought out a bowl of red, green and silky noodles, took out a pair of chopsticks and stuffed it into his hands.

The boss glanced at his son helplessly and said, “Okay, I’ll eat, you sit down.”

The boss was about to sit down when he saw the little ger who was leaving just now came back, and asked with a smile, “Mi Ge’er, do you still want to buy something?” (T/L: Ge’er = little ger/brother. It sounds better in Chinese so, I’ll use this term from now on).

The little ger named Mi Ge’er smiled and said, “No, I just heard your son said that he has new food, so I came over curiously to have a look.”

The boss husband heard it and understood, and he said, “Is your second young master still unable to eat?”

Mi Ge’er said sadly: “Yeah, my master is distressed, in this city, we have tried all the food we can find, and our eldest young master has brought a lot from Yunzhou, but nothing can make him eat more.”

The boss sighed, the second young master of the Cai family was very picky about food since he was a child, and when he got older, he became even more picky. Only few foods could enter his mouth. If it is not delicious, he will not eat it. In the long run, it is said that he will suffer from a disease called anorexia, which worries the Cai family. It is also because of this illness that the second young master of the Cai family has been frail since childhood and has not been out of the house for more than ten years.

Mi Ge’er also sighed, and then asked the little boy, “Brother, where did you buy the food you brought back?”

The little boy said with a smile: “It’s on North Street, diagonally opposite the Liu Ji Noodle Shop, the stall surrounded by a lot of people, just go to the one with the most people, we waited in line for a while to buy it.”

Liu Ji Noodle House, diagonally opposite. Mi Ge’er got the answer, thanked him, and turned to go to the North Street.

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In a big house in the south of the city, Mi Ge’er, carrying a snack in one hand and a food box in the other, quickly passed through the front yard and came to a rather elegant courtyard.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Master…” Mi Ge’er’s face flushed as he ran, and as soon as he entered the yard, he was pulled aside by a hand.

“Shh, why are you being loud, the second young master just fell asleep.” A little ger patted Mi Ge’er’s arm angrily.

In the pavilion in front, a young man who looked thirteen or fourteen years old, with picturesque eyebrows but an extremely pale face, was lying on a chaise. Hearing the noise at this moment, he frowned slightly, and woke up after a while.

“What are you arguing? I just fell asleep…”

“It’s all your fault for waking up the second young master.” The little ger beat Mi Ge’er on the arm. The young master is a light sleeper and easy to wake up when he hears a little movement. Now it’s good. He was woken up by Mi Ge’er within a quarter of an hour.

Mi Ge’er stuck out his tongue, then walked over with the food box, and said happily, “Second Young Master, I found a new food today, it’s called cold noodles, wanna try it?”

“What new food?” The young man didn’t even look at the food box, and said indifferently, “Didn’t i eat everything in the city already?”

Mi Ge’er didn’t feel annoyed when he saw the young man like this, he took out the bowl of cold noodles from the food box, grabbed the jade chopsticks, brought them to the young man, and said, “Second young master, you try it, I have already tried this one. It’s absolutely delicious! It’s not the same as other noodles!”

The boy gave him a sideways look, suspicious.

Mi Ge’er said seriously: “I promise!”

The young man looked at him and moved his gaze to the bowl in his hand.

Noodles, shredded cucumber, chili, beans, and, sesame? Can this be delicious?

However, he knew how much his family worried about his body. He barely propped himself up and sat up halfway, took the chopsticks and picked a noodle into the mouth, chewing slowly, his eyes lit up slightly.

Mi Ge’er looked at him nervously and expectantly, and asked, “How is it?”

The boy nodded, a slight smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and said, “not bad.” Then he picked out the shredded cucumber to eat.

Mi Ge’er is very happy, what the young master has been saying before was ‘unpalatable’ and ‘not delicious’, and he would spit it out as soon as he put it in his mouth. Now, he said ‘not bad’, which is already a good evaluation, and he has eaten it all!

“Second Young Master, this cold noodle, you have to take a big mouthful, eat the shredded cucumber and sour beans along with the noodles, it will taste good.” Mi Ge’er pointed to the beans in the bowl and said, “Hey, this, sour beans, it’s refreshing. It would be more delicious if you put more chili.”

Because the second young master usually eats less food, the cold noodles and Liangpi that Mi Ge’er brought back only had a little chili, for fear that his stomach would not be able to bear it. However, when Mi Ge’er eats it by himself, he put a lot of chili, and it is very enjoyable to eat.

“Really?” The boy replied, tentatively holding a large chopstick, and he eat it slowly, I feel that mixing it together is indeed better, and the taste is richer.

He hasn’t eaten food that fits his mouth for a long time. If he doesn’t eat, he would die, but he didn’t even want to look at the bad food they’ve been serving him.

“There is another one, called Liangpi. You can also try it.” Mi Ge’er motioned a little ger to bring the bowl of Liangpi.

The boy stopped and said, “I’ll go eat it.”

Mi Ge’er was pleasantly surprised, if the young master was willing to even go over, it meant that he had some appetite. He said: “Second Young Master, you sit here. Here is Liangpi.”

The boy sat down, took a bite of Liangpi, nodded, and ate a mouthful before putting down his chopsticks.

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Small stomach, full.

The two little gers were moved to tears when they watched his young master eat half a bowl of food, and decided to visit that food stall every day from now on!

In the next two days, Yu Qingze’s business was getting better day by day.

On the third day of their opening, Yu Qingze added another spicy flavor to the chili oil, which also won the favor of many customers.

On the fourth day, he introduced the new side dish: sour radish, the cold noodle or Liangpi with diced sour radish, which tastes even better, attracting a group of loyal customers.

The sour radishes and sour beans that Chang Le brings over every day are sold out soon after they open. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

Now that the supply of beans in their family is no longer sufficient, Grandpa Chang buys the beans from the others in the village every day, and goes to the field to pick them, arousing the curiosity of the villagers.

Cold noodles and Liangpi, sour beans and sour radishes, and ‘Yuji’s fresh bites’ have become popular throughout Tongshan City in just a few days.

But it also made the bosses of other noodle restaurants anxious.


The author has something to say: Yesterday, the name of Boss Wang was Wang Anshun, which was blocked, so I changed it to Wang Anfu. _(:3”∠)_

small theater:

Chang Hao: I have a good time with Big Brother Yu!

Chang Le: Follow Big Brother Yu to make money! happy…

Yu Qingze: Brother Le, follow me, you not only will be happy, but also ‘sexually happy’!

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