Chapter 5 (Part 1): The Culinary Tycoon

Catching a Thief

“Brother! Are you okay, brother?” Chang Hao ran as fast as he could, like a little bullet, rushing into the crowd and standing in front of Chang Le, looking up nervously, observing his brother’s expression, afraid that he might be at a disadvantage or treated unfairly.

When Chang Le saw him approaching, his eyes brightened slightly, shaking his head to indicate that he was fine.

Chang Hao breathed a sigh of relief, then turned around and looked at the people around, furrowing his brows as he asked a man in his forties, “Village Chief uncle, what’s happening?”

His brother couldn’t speak, and even if he had a valid argument during situations, he couldn’t explain it clearly, and others couldn’t understand his gestures, which would put him at a disadvantage. Chang Hao had encountered it a few times, so whenever he saw someone surrounding his brother, he became extremely nervous.

At that moment, Grandfather Chang also arrived, pushing his way into the crowd and standing in front of his two grandsons, partially shielding them. He asked the people around, “What’s going on? Why are you all gathering together?” Why are you crowding around my grandson?

Seeing the grandfather and grandsons arrive, someone said, “Hey, Chang Hao and his grandfather are here. We can find out what’s going on.”

The Chang brothers’ uncle, Wen Li, was also present. He still remembered how Chang Le and Chang Hao gave him a hard time yesterday, so when he saw Chang Le being surrounded by people, he had no intention of stepping forward to help. He crossed his arms and watched the commotion from the outskirts of the crowd.

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At that moment, seeing Grandpa Chang and Chang Hao arrive, Wen Li immediately pushed through the crowd and went to the center. He said to his grandfather, “Dad, you finally came. I don’t know what trouble Brother Le has gotten into this time.”

Grandpa Chang glared at Wen Li and coldly said, “How can Brother Le get into trouble? Can’t you hope for something good for once?”

Chang Hao also gave his aunt a disdainful look and then turned his gaze to the village chief.

The village chief cleared his throat and gestured for everyone to be quiet by raising his hand. He said, “Everyone, stop talking and be quiet!”

As soon as the village chief spoke, the villagers fell silent and looked at him.

The village chief looked at the grandfather and grandson and said, “Uncle, here’s the situation. When we came to the fields this afternoon, we saw Brother Le holding down a man from another village, not letting him go. You know, Brother Le doesn’t speak, so we don’t know the reason. The man kept cursing Brother Le, saying that he was inexplicably pinned down by him. They have been arguing, so we waited for you to come and ask Brother Le what happened.”

When Chang Le was young, he was introverted due to his physical condition and rarely interacted with the villagers. It was only after his parents passed away that he had to shoulder the heavy burden at home, forcing himself to interact with outsiders and gradually becoming more outgoing.

Although many years had passed, besides his grandfather and younger brother, no one in the village understood his gestures. So now, the villagers relied on the grandfather and grandson to translate.

While the village chief was speaking, Yu Qingze finally approached and squeezed into the crowd, standing beside Grandpa Chang.

Upon hearing the village chief’s words, Chang Hao, Grandpa Chang, and Yu Qingze noticed that Chang Le had one hand gripping the wrist of the man tightly, rendering him unable to move.

The man had a dark complexion and was tall and sturdy. He had a pair of triangular-shaped eyes, and his clothes were covered in mud. Upon seeing his mute relative approaching, he immediately started threatening them.

“I’ve been saying that this mute is going crazy for no reason! I didn’t do anything. I was just passing by, and he grabbed me! He’s about to break my wrist! You better make him let go of me, or I won’t let you off!”

The man was much taller than Chang Le and had a larger physique, yet he couldn’t break free from Chang Le’s grip.

Some villagers around them voiced their opinions, saying, “Brother Le wouldn’t just randomly grab you. You must have done something to provoke him!”

“Yes, Brother Le never causes trouble! Quickly, tell us, what did you do?”

Someone nearby sarcastically said, “Well, you never know. Maybe Brother Le did something.”

Another villager immediately retorted, “Huzi Ama, just because your chicken pecked at the vegetables in Brother Le’s garden and he chased you out, doesn’t mean you can speak ill of Brother Le like that. We all know Brother Le’s character.”

*(T/N: Ama = Older female, like aunty, but here, it is for older gers.)

“What do you mean? What are you saying! Am I such a petty person?”

“Well, then I don’t know.”


As the argument escalated on one side, the man with triangular eyes became bewildered.

“What? Ger!” The man with triangular eyes stared at Chang Le as if he had seen a ghost. How could a Ger have such great strength?!

Immediately, he thought of something and scolded Chang Le, “You, a Ger, grabbing onto a man and not letting go. Have you no shame? Ah! Let go of me!”

Chang Le glanced at him and silently exerted force with his hand. The onlookers could hear the man cry out in pain, saying, “Ouch, it’s going to break!”

Everyone burst into laughter. Brother Le was born with incredible strength, yet this man dared to provoke him. Ridiculous!

“Tell us! What dirty deed did you do to provoke Brother Le?”

The man screamed, “What did I do? Which eye of yours saw me do anything? You didn’t see anything, yet you open your mouth and spew a bunch of shit!”

The villager was also hot-tempered and rushed forward to kick the man with triangular eyes, but someone quickly grabbed him.

“Enough, stop arguing for now!” The village chief shouted, and silence fell. The village chief looked at Chang Le and said, “Brother Le, you explain what happened.”

Everyone watched Chang Le expectantly, waiting for him to speak up.

Chang Le glanced at his right hand. If he wanted to explain clearly, he needed both hands to gesture. But he was afraid that if he let go, the man would run away, so someone had to hold onto him.

“I’ll hold onto him. You talk to Xiao Hao,” Yu Qingze walked over to Chang Le’s side and grabbed the man’s hand, saying to Chang Le.

Chang Le looked at Yu Qingze suspiciously.

Yu Qingze chuckled. He felt underestimated by Chang Le. So he handed his wooden crutch to Chang Hao to hold and used his other hand to grip the man’s other wrist. With a swift move, he subdued the man by pinning his hand behind his back, effortlessly forcing him to kneel down.

The man exclaimed in pain as his body involuntarily dropped to his knees. He tried to stand up, but his shoulder was held down, and his wrist was tightly restrained, preventing him from getting up.

“What are you doing! I didn’t do anything! Is there no justice anymore?” The man shouted.

“Behave yourself!” Yu Qingze lifted his injured leg and pressed his knee against the man’s back, keeping him firmly in place.

“Great skills!” The villagers praised Yu Qingze for his swift actions.

Chang Le also stared with wide eyes, wearing an incredulous expression. He had used brute force to restrain the man, but Yu Qingze had effortlessly handled the situation with a simple pull and press!


“Wow! Big Brother Yu, you know martial arts too!” Chang Hao, the young boy, looked at Yu Qingze with admiration in his eyes.

Not only did he cook delicious food, but he also knew martial arts! So amazing!

The two brothers synchronized their thoughts, and Chang Le also felt the same. He secretly admired Yu Qingze’s skill and strength.

Seeing that the man had stopped resisting, Yu Qingze looked up and smiled at Chang Le, saying, “Brother Le, you can let go now.”

Chang Le’s face blushed slightly. He had initially doubted Yu Qingze, but now…


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