Chapter 14 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“This is pepper grounds. It can remove the fishy smell. The peppercorns picked from the mounting have been grounded into powder, and it is quick and easy to use.” After putting the appropriate pepper grounds in, Xu Qing took out something similar to chili and sprinkled on the fish. It was Szechuan pepper. It doesn’t make the dish very spicy, just make it a bit numbing. Thank you for reading on

“Szechuan pepper? What is it?” Aunty Xie has never heard of this name before.

“It’s just a kind of seasoning. I planted a prickly ash tree. You can see if there are any young saplings in the coming year. You can also plant some to make it easier to cook.”

“All right, but why you put so much oil?” Aunty Xie said painfully when he saw the oil in the pot that was enough for his household to eat for three days.

“Ha ha, I like it with more oil.” Xu Qing said with a laugh. It made Aunty Xie to roll his eyes; who doesn’t like more oil, “you have to use less in the future. You have to think for the long term.”

“OK. Thank you for giving me a hand with the fire.” He poured the water into the pot as well as a few drops of the spring water. This Aunty Xie had poor health in his early years, and his body was weakened from the illnesses. Xu Qing took the opportunity to treat Aunty Xie. He also let the other drink some spring water before he cooked.

After the water boiled, Xu Qing put the fish head in and then the fillets after a while. The fish heads were too big so, he had to put them first. 

Slowly, there was a fragrant that made Aunty Xie breathed in greedily, “it smells so good. Brother Qing, you really have the skills.”

Xu Qing was also not very humble, “of course, everything I make is delicious.” It’s just that the seasoning was not sufficient so, it didn’t have that flavor he wanted. However, it was already better than it could have been with the help of the natural ingredients and the spring water. 

When he felt the food was ready, Xu Qing used a large bowl to scoop the fish out of the pot. Xu Qing took the chopsticks and handed them to Aunty Xie, “come and try it.” 

Boiled Fish-Sichuan–Shui Zhu Yu

Aunty Xie was not polite, and he directly picked a piece of fish that didn’t seem to have many bones. He ate carefully, “you, ah, it’s delicious, it’s so delicious! It’s tastier and more tender than pork.” Aunty Xie spat out the bones. The fish slices were glowing. This is meat! This is food!

“Told you. You eat first; I will cook the rice.” Xu Qing forgot to cook the rice in order to prove the taste of the fish to Aunty Xie. The fishy smell in the pot was so strong that he had to wash it first. 

“What kind of food do you have, I have it at my house. Your uncle just got home when I left to see you. Let him bring the rice over.” Aunty Xie was very happy and prevented Xu Qing from cooking the rice. Thinking of eating the delicious fish, he wanted to hurry home.

“Sure, uncle is welcomed too. Let him come over for dinner.”

“All right.” Aunty Xie left the courtyard with long strides.

When Xu Qing turned back to the yard, he saw the fish innards waiting to be thrown away by the well, “it seems that I have to raise a dog or a cat. Otherwise, it will be a waste.”

Before Aunty Xie and uncle Xie came, Xu Qing cleaned the pot several times. After making sure that there was no more fishy smell, he poured in the water, boiled the bath water to use later at night, and then washed his hands with the hot water.

It didn’t take long for uncle Xie to follow Aunty Xie with a wooden basin, “ha ha, I heard that the spiny fish made by brother Qing is delicious. Thank you for letting me try some. Today I cheekily brought my own rice.”

“Hey, what are you talking about? Come in, uncle Xie. Thank you for the rice. Let’s eat. The fish would not be very tasty when it gets cold.”

It felt like flowers blooming. While Xu Qing ate the delicious Sichuan fish beamingly. Li Changfeng, however, wasn’t having a great time.

“Do you know that this will not do you any good?”

As soon as mother Li came home, he was dragged by Li Laoyao to tell the news about Li Changfeng wanting to separate. Mother Li was no calmer then Father Li. The eldest Li, Li Laoyi, and his wife were also taken aback. While Li Laosan was pleasantly surprised listening to Father Li, he had his head down and was expressionless.

“I know,” Li Changfeng said, staring at Father Li.

Father Li took a mouthful of tobacco smoke. His face that has been weathered for years was a little ugly, “our old family is really ahead of the time.”

Li Changfeng was silent, but with persistence in his slender eyes.

“Laosan, what do you think?” Father Li called out to Li Laosan without even looking.

Li Laosan patted the dirt off his body, “divide then, there are problems anyway.”

Wang Li remained silent, but the eyes of the eldest Li’s wife flickered.

Although the eldest Li, Li Laoyi, was the oldest, he was a very honest man, and he didn’t understand why the second son wanted to be separated.

“Problems? You planted those problems.” Father Li picked up the stool under his butt and threw it at Li Laosan who hurriedly avoided before he got hit.

“Father!” Li Laosan couldn’t believe that his father would actually do something like that to him.

“Father, say something.” Li Laoyi pulled the old man to persuade Li Changfeng who remained silent. He had already decided. He could only go to his wife’s door as soon as possible after the family was divided. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

It was the first time that the eldest daughter-in-law saw her father-in-law gotten angry, and he was a little scared. He looked at Wang Li, who was with his head lowered, and felt a little irritated. If it wasn’t for this person, the family wouldn’t become like this.

Li Xiao’er and mother Li was sitting in the main hall, with several children stood by obediently, listening to the movement outside. Just when Father Li used a stool to hit Li Laosan, Li Xiao’er was about to run out, but was called by mother Li, “you, as an unmarried ger, shouldn’t go out and participate in this kind of matter.”



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