Chapter 8: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“No, ever since he married my third brother, I put aside any other thoughts. After all these years, I thought…” Li Changfeng emptied his cup of wine. “I thought they would also be content, why would they even consider…”

In the second year after he left for military service, he received a letter from his brother, saying that he and Li Changfeng’s betrothed had become a couple. They were already a couple, so what difference did it make to say anything? He spent a whole year keeping himself busy, taking on all the menial tasks that others wouldn’t do, just to avoid stopping and giving himself more time to think!

By the third year, when he received a letter from home, he felt a sense of tranquility that made him realize he had truly let go and forgiven his brothers and his former lover. He lived without any distractions for two more years, until he returned to the village. As the one who had been hurt the most, he didn’t react at all, but his third brother started making a fuss about splitting the family, claiming that Li Changfeng still had feelings for his wife.

Upon hearing the answer he wanted, Butcher Liu also felt relieved. He refilled Li Changfeng’s cup from the wine jar. The wine wasn’t intoxicating, and he wasn’t afraid of Li Changfeng drinking more.

“I won’t hide it from you,” Butcher Liu leaned closer and looked around to make sure no one was listening, then whispered to Li Changfeng, “Someone sent a message to Liu Ama, saying that if you’re willing to marry into their family, you can directly become their husband!”

Li Changfeng hadn’t expected this turn of events. “Marry in?”

“Yes, are you interested? If you are, I’ll tell you who it is,” Butcher Liu leaned back, took a sip of his wine.

“Let me add one more thingβ€”it’s from the neighboring village.”

This piqued Li Changfeng’s interest. He was already twenty-five years old, and if it weren’t for his military service, he would have been married a long time ago.

Men at the age of twenty-four must accept an official marriage partner. Due to their military service, they can delay their marriage for half a year after returning to their hometown. Once half a year has passed, anyone who reaches the age of twenty-four must have an official marriage partner.

Moreover, in the neighboring village, nobody has any intrusive thoughts about their family. He would have peace and comfort at home.

“Well, I’m willing. My younger brother has grown up and understands things now. When I leave, he can have my room.”

“What are your requirements for your future wife? Hm? Don’t say anything inappropriate!”

Li Changfeng wasn’t an ungrateful person. “I’m not articulate and a bit slow, but as long as the other person isn’t lazy and has good character, that’s enough!”

Butcher Liu pondered for a moment, thinking of Xu Qing’s face, and quickly asked, “What about appearance? Do you have any requirements?”


Li Changfeng answered too quickly, leaving Butcher Liu a bit stunned.

Thinking that Butcher Liu didn’t understand, Li Changfeng explained, “As long as their nature is kind, even if they’re a bit ugly, they can still give a comfortable feeling. What’s the use if they look good but have a wicked heart?”

Butcher Liu agreed with this reasoning. Even that son from the Wang family, who was considered one of the best looking in the village, ended up…

“I won’t hide it from you. I’ve also met that young man. He’s straightforward in his demeanor and efficient in his work. The only thing is that he has some red bumps on his face, which can be a bit distracting. But he’s genuinely a good person. He’s twenty years old this year, and because of those bumps, he hasn’t been able to find a marriage match. He doesn’t have any elders in his family and wants someone to rely on!”

“Are you talking about Brother Xu from the neighbor village, the son of the Xu family in the back mountain?”

Butcher Liu was taken aback. “How do you know? Have you heard about the ‘ugly ger’ rumor?”

Li Changfeng shook his head. “I haven’t seen him, but my younger brother told me about it.” At that time, he even scolded his younger brother not to spread damaging rumors about others, little did he know it was about this person.

“Do you still have any interest, then?” Butcher Liu asked anxiously. This couldn’t be dragged on forever if Li Changfeng wasn’t interested!

“I am willing, but it would be a burden for him. I’m going to leave my family and I don’t have much savings.”

“Oh, that’s not a problem. As long as you two are not deceitful and treacherous, your days will be better sooner or later!”


The next morning, just as Xu Qing finished feeding the piglet and was preparing to go to the mountains, Xie Ama arrived.

“I’ve picked one for you. It’s from my mother’s village, the second son of the Li family, Li Changfeng. He’s twenty-five this year and had a previous engagement, but it was dissolved due to military service. If you find him satisfactory, I can continue telling you more. If not, I won’t waste any more time and will find another one!” Xie Ama looked at Xu Qing. This was a major decision in Xu Qing’s life, and he had to make the decision himself.

Xu Qing thought for a moment. If it was from the neighboring village, he wouldn’t know the original body’s previous circumstances. Even if it didn’t work out, there would be some distance, so it wouldn’t be awkward. The age was also suitable. “Alright, please continue.”

Xie Ama’s face immediately lit up with a smile when he heard that. He began speaking, “He has an elder brother, a younger brother, and a younger ger brother in his family. Except for the ger brother, everyone else is already married. He has also heard about your situation and said that as long as you don’t mind him leaving his family with nothing, it’s fine!”

Seeing Xu Qing’s interest, Xie Ama quickly relayed Li Changfeng’s words about Xu Qing and explained the reasons for Li Changfeng’s decision to leave his family. This matter couldn’t be kept a secret to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

“Can I secretly meet him?” Xu Qing liked the way Xie Ama described Li Changfeng, but he still wanted to meet him in person. He had to rely on his instincts for this matter!

“I knew you would have this request!” Xie Ama said proudly. “That’s why I asked the person you bought piglet from last time to have Li Changfeng help him deliver piglets to the market tomorrow. We’ll go early in the morning and observe from a distance. If you think it’s good, we’ll officially send a matchmaker to propose, and then we can arrange for you to meet each other!”

In this custom, when the groom’s family seeks a son-in-law, they send a matchmaker to the bride’s family. Once they receive the consent of the bride’s family, they can privately meet and determine the wedding date. When the time comes, the groom himself wears groom’s attire and rides a donkey or a cart to the bride’s family. After the ritual ceremony, the marriage is considered complete.

“Alright, I’ll come to find you tomorrow morning!” Xu Qing was even more satisfied when he heard that he could meet openly.

“Oh, and yes, remember, the clothes made from the fabric you gave before. You better dress nicely tomorrow!” Xie Ama took out the clothes made from the fabric Xu Qing bought last time and handed them to him.

Xu Qing looked at the neatly folded three pieces of clothing in front of him and felt a bit dumbfounded. “So fast! Oh, wait a moment.” Saying that, Xu Qing hurried into the house, retrieved forty-five wen coins from his space, wrapped them in a piece of cloth, and when he came out of the house, he didn’t take the clothes from Xie Ama’s hands.

“This is your payment. If you don’t want it, then I won’t wear these clothes. I won’t wear such new and good-looking clothes. Maybe that Li Changfeng will reject me if he accidentally sees me tomorrow!”

“Nonsense!” Xie Ama quickly interrupted Xu Qing’s rambling and took the money from his hand, stuffing the clothes into Xu Qing’s arms. “Remember to wake up early tomorrow morning. I’ll be waiting for you!”

“Okay, thank you, Xie Ama and Goodbye!”

After Xie Ama left, Xu Qing tried on all three pieces of clothing. “Hey, I have to admit, when it comes to making clothes, this man is not much worse than the women in my past life!”

Carefully folding the three new clothes and placing them in the wardrobe, Xu Qing picked up a patched garment and prepared to go into the mountains. Since he was “marrying” this “bride” who had suffered so much in this aspect, he had to earn more money and have a grand wedding!

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This time, his main goal in going into the mountains was to find medicinal herbs. The more precious the medicinal herbs, the more valuable they were.

Occasionally, small animals would hop and bounce in front of him, seeing that he didn’t harm them, so they no longer hid from him. However, due to the nature of animals, they kept their distance from Xu Qing. Few people had ventured deep into the forest before, so their sense of danger was not strong.

Indeed, this time Xu Qing didn’t engage in activities around the outskirts of the mountain. He went straight to the depths of the forest, where there were numerous ancient trees, and the air was filled with the atmosphere of a primeval forest. Even if he occasionally encountered wolves and bears on the way, he would enter the space and wait until they left before coming out.

Occasionally, when he spotted medicinal herb seedlings that could stop bleeding and resist cold, he would move them into the space. These needed to be planted because he wouldn’t frequently come to these deep areas in the future. Planting them in the space could also provide a temporary solution.

“Oh! Good stuff!” Xu Qing discovered an extremely precious medicinal herb. It was small, only a single blossom. Lingzhi, also known as Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi mushroom, consists of a pileus and a stipe. Based on their color, they are classified into six types: red, yellow, white, green, black, and purple, with purple being the most valuable. This one was a red Lingzhi, the lowest grade, but it was still quite valuable!

“This thing can’t be sold. I’ll keep it!” Even if he sold it in this small town, he feared it would attract criticism, and that’s not what he wanted.

Afterward, Xu Qing found the herb Huanyang Ginseng, which tonified the kidney yang, nourished Qi and blood, and invigorated the spleen and stomach.

He also found Duzhong, a root with functions of dispelling stasis, reducing swelling, promoting Qi circulation, and relieving pain. Xu Qing didn’t collect too much of it; these were already enough. They weren’t flashy and wouldn’t decrease in value.

He also picked some fresh and tender ferns in the forest. Ferns also had the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. Moreover, Xu Qing, who had been eating meat these days, wanted to have some vegetables and change the taste. If the villagers found out that he was tired of eating meat and intentionally eating wild vegetables for a change of taste, they would scold him to death!

When Xu Qing returned home, he didn’t rush to cook. Instead, he entered the space first, selected a small plot of land, and planted the herbs he had dug up in the woods. Only then did he exit the space.

After a simple dinner, Xu Qing took a bath using the spiritual spring water, washing his body, hair, and face. Yes, that’s right, he washed his entire body with the spiritual spring water. After a while, he felt much lighter and took a comfortable breath. He had to improve his appearance to find a good “bride”!

Now he didn’t need to worry about the bumps on his face anymore. In less than ten days, they would heal.



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