Chapter 7: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing watched Aunty Xie leave, and he still had red cheeks. He actually agreed? However, Xu Qing thought for a while, rather than waiting to marry an unknown man two months later, it is better to take advantage of these two months to find one.

When Xu Qing finished cleaning up, the sky was already bright. He ate the rabbit he couldn’t finish eating last night and the corn buns Aunty Xie brought for breakfast. After the breakfast, Xu Qing still wasn’t quite satisfied. He couldn’t eat corn buns and abuse his stomach. To let a Southerner eat corn buns every day is truly a crime.

He took out the small pepper tree from the space and planted it in the vegetable garden in the yard. He also took out the wild ginseng he dug yesterday. Ah, it is very fresh. He will sell it at the market the next time he goes so, he could “marry” his wife.

The piglet in the pigpen was already protesting wanting to eat some hogweed while the sun was not even up yet. Thank you for reading on

When Aunty Xie returned home, Uncle Xie was sitting in the yard smoking a cigarette. Seeing his wife who came back with the basket in his arms, he was a little surprised, “You’re back. Why are you bringing it back?”

“No, take it. You help me with the meat this afternoon, I’ll cook it.” Aunty Xie handed the basket to the head of the house and said with a smile.

Uncle Xie: “Is it alright?”

“It’s not just that it’s alright. Today Liu Mo will be here at noon. You can go out and go around by yourself when he’s here. Don’t listen to us talk.” This old man likes to hide secretly in the corner and eavesdrop on others.

“I say, why are you so excited? I will prepare the rabbit for you, and also that thing you bought yesterday.” Uncle Xie has been greedy for game meat for a long time.

“Look at what you said. Talking like the meat I bought yesterday is not meat.”

On the other side, Xu Qing carried a basket full of hogweed and walked on the green-colored path. The warmth of the sun cast long and mottled shadows from the gaps between the trees and the leaves; it was both warm and cool.

Of course, it would be better if there was no one who would always point to him on the road.

“So unfortunate. After many years, why is he still so ugly? I made a bet with Liu San’er from the village next door that he would become beautiful,” said by a man in beige top with indignation to the fat man beside him.

“Do you think everyone is the same as yours who is getting more and more beautiful every year?” Said the fat man who curled his lips, yes, he was still a single dog.

“Ha ha, why don’t you tell your father and just marry the ugly ger. Although he is a bit ugly, when you turn off the lights, it’s just a matter of time.” The beige shirt man who thought of his wife deliberately teased the fat man. He didn’t care if Xu Qing, who wasn’t far ahead, could hear him.

“Go, go, hurry up. I’m going to try my luck in the mountains. Although I’ve been doing miscellaneous work in the military camp for the past five years, I might be lucky to catch something good. Then I will go to the next village to propose a marriage immediately.”

“Ha ha, I’m just kidding. Let’s go.”

Xu Qing listened to the sound of them leaving and exhaled a long breath. These kinds of people are better to stay away from, otherwise they will be entangled endlessly. It seems that they are the people who have just returned from military service. “What’s wrong with being ugly? Ugly won’t marry you anyway.”

Xu Qing, who made up his mind to marry a ‘good guy’, walked home quickly, and chopped the hogweed to feed the piglet. Xu Qing was going to clean up the house. He separated all patched clothes and unpatched clothes and stacked them up. He took out all the cotton wool that had been used for many years, the unused duvet covers, and put them in the room where father and mother Xu lived before.

It seems that he has to buy more cotton wool and quilt covers. Xu Qing looked at the clean room. In addition to a large bed, there was a big cabinet made by father Xu next to it. The clothes with patches were piled on top of the cabinet. There is no cloth without any patch. Poor, really poor. Thank you for reading on

Knock, knock, knock.

“Hey, it must be from the Liu family. I’m going to open the door, you put the food on the table.” Aunty Xie wiped the water on his hands with a napkin and ran to open the courtyard door.

“Quickly come in. I knew you would come this time. The food is almost ready.” Aunty Xie and Liu Mo grew up together since they were young. Liu Mo handed the basket in his hand to Aunty Xie, “this is my own sweet potato flour. Didn’t you say that you don’t have it at home last time? Take it.”

“Oh, by the way, how’s that thing going?”

He was really more concerned about Xu Qing‘s situation than eating. He came today to tell Aunty Xie about what he asked him to do the other day.

“You don’t worry about me handling these things. Oh, what’s the smell? It smells really good.”

As soon as he entered the courtyard, Liu Mo smelt something fragrant, “OK, eat first. Let’s discuss after the meal.”

After lunch, Aunty Xie asked Uncle Xie to tidy up the dining table, pulled Liu Mo into the room, and closed the door.

“Quickly speak, are there any candidates?”

Liu Mo touched her bulging belly, “I have taken a look at it these days, and I have visited a lot of people. In the end, I think I found a good match, that is, the second child from the village head Li family.”

Of course, the village head he referred to was the one from the Jixiang village. “Li family second child; isn’t he called Changfeng or something?” Aunty Xie had an impression that he was an honest child. With so many brothers in the family, it would be easy to recruit him. However, “didn’t he have a marriage contract with someone named Wang?”

As soon as Aunty Xie talked about it, Liu Mo patted his thigh, “isn’t it? But it happened five years ago before the recruiting of soldiers. Old man Li asked his second son to replace the third to join the military. He even reported using the second’s name from the start.”

“Is there really something like that?” Aunty Xie had never heard of this matter.

“What’s more absurd is that the next year the second Li left, old man Li let his third son marry that Wang person. He couldn’t even wait for five years. Changing the groom just like that. I bah! If it wasn’t for the third Li’s fame and talent.”

Aunty Xie was taken aback. He had heard that the Wang family had married the Li family, but he really didn’t know that they had changed the groom.

“Don’t think that the second child is a bit older, I just don’t think that he is as superficial as the other guys. He is a capable man, and now his situation at home is not very good. The original fiancée became his own brother’s wife. No one can stand this.”

Seeing Aunty Xie nodded, Liu Mo lit the fire again, “moreover, there are a lot of people in the family so, the third son of the Li family is clamoring to separate from the family. TSK TSK, who doesn’t know that the old man Li just wants to drive his son out.”

Separate? Aunty Xie’s eyes lit up. This is really a good candidate without any baggage.

“Ah, let me tell you, when you go back, ask your man to invite the second Li to have a meal at your house. Then you explore the wind. I’m telling you that brother Qing has no other requirements, he just doesn’t want anyone cumbersome.”

Liu Mo’s eyes widened suddenly, “oh my. He he, isn’t this just the marriage gift it by God? OK, will do it like this. I will let someone pass you the message tomorrow evening at the latest.”


Li Changfeng was walking home with a large bundle of firewood on his back. He is a tall man, about 1.85 m, with a neat appearance and horizontal sword eyebrows. It’s just that his skin is a little dark making him look very serious when he flattened his lips.

As soon as he walked through the door of the house, he heard his third brother talking loudly with the family.

“Divided, must be divided. He helped me with the military service. I owe him. And I will pay for it, but the family must be divided.” Father Li breathed in a mouth full of smoke and sat silently in the courtyard while the eldest and his wife were also sitting in front without speaking.

“Father, you give me the word.”

Li Laosan was told several times by his father that the separation of the family would not be approved, and he was a little dissatisfied.

“After the family is divided, where would the second child live?” Mother Li, who had been silent for a while, said.

“We can build a house for him to go live.”

When Li Changfeng heard this, his heart twitched violently. This was his third brother, the brother he has been protecting since they were children.

No one in the yard talked anymore, and Li Changfeng didn’t go in either. He gently put the firewood down and stood by the woodshed outside the yard. He patted the dust on his body, looked in the direction of the yard again, turned around, and walked outside, but not long later, he saw Butcher Liu standing at the intersection with a smile.

“Uncle Liu,” he greeted.

“Changfeng, let’s go to uncle’s house for a drink. I came specifically to ask you.”

Li Changfeng thought about what was going on in the yard and nodded. He followed Butcher Liu. If he went back now, he could only face his family with embarrassment.

“Changfeng is here? Come in now. Aunty will prepare the food and drink.” Liu Mo looked at Li Changfeng and immediately entertained him with enthusiasm, which made Li Changfeng a little confused. He had the feeling something was wrong; the enthusiasm is a bit too much.

“Come. Sit down.”

After Butcher Liu watched his wife secretly winking at himself and turned to leave, he began to chat with Li Changfeng.

“The third Li is making trouble again?” Butcher Liu asked while putting a fried bean into his mouth. Thank you for reading on

Li Changfeng took a sip from the cup full of wine and nodded silently. His family’s and butcher Liu’s house were close so, they were familiar with each other.

“What are your plans?”

Li Changfeng took another sip without frowning, “separate then, it will be quiet after that.”

Thinking of the task given by his wife Butcher Liu thought for a while and asked Li Changfeng, “what do you think about marriage?” Although he wasn’t too obvious, it was also to find out if there was any one in Li Changfeng’s heart.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good to talk about recruiting someone.


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