Ch 50: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

The Response

Two days later, the demand for lychees continued to surge. However, Fu Da was well-versed in the strategy of using scarcity to drive demand. He consistently sold around five hundred kilograms each day, refusing to sell more. This left customers longing for more and crying out in desire. As a result, the reputation of Rui Shang grew even stronger.

On the other hand, at Father Su’s side, he received a notice that the picking quantity of lychees would double. While he could handle picking five hundred kilograms on his own, any more would be overwhelming. Unable to manage it alone, he had to enlist the help of a familiar villager. This brother from the village assisted him every morning for a little over half an hour, earning fifty yuan as compensation.

The increase in lychee picking was mainly due to the completion of the San Mu special area in A City Rui Shang. The vegetables and fruits picked every day have to be transported to City A.

Consequently, additional manpower was required on Su Mu’s side to meet Rui Shang’s demands. Recently, the incident involving sky-high prices for fruits and vegetables from San Mu had caused quite a sensation online. Especially given the numerous positive reviews, people in A City were extremely curious. Like Mutun City, A City was a first-tier city in China, teeming with wealthy individuals. Once the San Mu vegetable and fruit area opened, it was immediately crowded with the servants of the rich as well as those who wanted to criticize and scrutinize.

Ye Ying was a food exploration anchor. In response to the pleas of her livestream followers, she came to Rui Shang Supermarket to undertake an exploration activity for San Mu brand.

Initially, she was reluctant. Anchors like her usually arranged visits to stores in advance through negotiations, where the store would provide free dishes to achieve publicity goals, and the anchor would gain a significant increase in popularity, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome. However, Rui Shang was different from those other stores. It was a well-established high-end chain supermarket that didn’t need an anchor like her to help with publicity. Ye Ying attempted to contact the person in charge of Rui Shang in A City, hoping for some free fruits and vegetables. The outcome was obvious—she was given the cold shoulder.

In this day and age, viewers were paramount. Her fans wanted her to try San Mu brand, to see if their vegetables and fruits were truly as delicious as rumored. For her fans, Ye Ying had to oblige and prepare her wallet. Amidst the crowded crowd, she entered San Mu vegetable and fruit section.

Various vegetables were neatly displayed on the shelves. A mere glance revealed that they were different from ordinary vegetables. San Mu brand vegetables were vividly green, and the textures of their leaves resembled delicate works of art.

Ye Ying’s camera was an expensive one she had purchased, allowing her audience to clearly and intuitively see the scene.

“I like tomatoes. Yinyin, buy two.”

“Ah, ah, ah, I love spinach. Get it!”

“Am I the only one most interested in lychees?”

… Amidst the requests of her audience, Ye Ying purchased several types of vegetables and a few lychees before heading back home.

During the journey back, she smiled while bantering with her audience, but internally, she couldn’t help but feel heartache. Over a thousand yuan had vanished in the blink of an eye. Having enjoyed so many free meals before, now that she had to pay from her own pocket, she felt quite uncomfortable. She resolved that if the food turned out to be unsatisfactory, she would ruthlessly criticize San Mu brand.

Ye Ying was skilled in the culinary arts. Once she returned home, she went straight to the kitchen, showcasing the entire process live for her audience.

Before long, she had prepared three dishes and a soup: scrambled eggs with tomatoes, braised eggplant, cucumber salad, and a pork and spinach soup. Several lychees were also arranged on a fruit plate, ready to be served.

Braised eggplant

She could be considered a seasoned food enthusiast. During the cooking process, the aroma emanating from the vegetables had already captivated her. Ye Ying was certain that San Mu vegetables and fruits were definitely not just for show. However, the truth could only be revealed after tasting.

“So, I’m going to start eating now.”

After greeting her fans, she couldn’t wait any longer and started tasting the dishes.

The tomatoes were sweet and sour, the eggplant had absorbed the soup and was full of flavor, the smashed cucumber was refreshing and heat-relieving, and the spinach soup was light and relieved grease. Finally, a lychee to finish. If she weren’t live streaming right now, Ye Ying would have screamed without hesitation. It was really delicious! Much better than anything she had ever eaten before.

She finally understood the joy of the people in Mu Yun City!

Ye Ying’s long-time fans knew that unlike those gluttonous anchors, her appetite was small. She would usually taste a little during her explorations. Her good eating habits, along with never deceiving her audience, had helped her accumulate a large fan base.

But what were they seeing now? The anchor had actually cleared the entire table of food! And there was an expression on her face as if she wanted more!

This unequivocally demonstrated the deliciousness of San Mu vegetables and fruits. Indeed, when Ye Ying regained her senses, she excitedly exclaimed, “I sincerely recommend it. If you have the opportunity, you must try San Mu vegetables. It’s really worth it! You all just saw it—I didn’t get paid to advertise! Everything I said is from the bottom of my heart.”

Seeing her seemingly euphoric, her audience helplessly began to comment.

“I want to experience the anchor’s joy too, but there’s no Rui Shang in my city!”

“Same here, I’m crying.”

“Haha, luckily there’s a Rui Shang near my house. I’m going out to buy now.”

“Upstairs is just here to incite envy! Wealthy folks, don’t leave! I’m begging for a purchasing agent!”

Upon seeing this comment, several fans from A City with average backgrounds immediately saw this as a way to make money. The profits from being a purchasing agent were quite significant, so a few people were tempted.

However, becoming a purchasing agent was a future consideration. At present, Su Mu was truly impatient with having to water the garden every evening. She entrusted the watering task to Grandma Chen, who was not well-off, and another elderly lady.

Finally, her hands were free. Every day, she would keep an eye on the progress of the house or experiment with making delicious food.

This made things easier for Gu Shi and the others. Besides handling some official matters each day, they spent the rest of their time eating and drinking with Su Mu. Within a few days, they had gained two to three kilograms.

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Both Gu Shi and Tang Hui were naturally thin, and now that they had put on some weight, they appeared much healthier. However, He Fu had always had a balanced figure. The few kilograms he had gained were a catastrophe for him. He became quite plump, his face had rounded out, and only he knew that his six-pack abs were about to disappear.

He didn’t want to turn into a greasy middle-aged uncle, so reluctantly, he had to set aside two hours each day for exercise to barely maintain his figure.

Su Mu’s culinary journey continued until the foreign seeds grew large enough to be transplanted. He Fu secretly let out a sigh of relief. He had finally escaped the days of eating, drinking, and exercising simultaneously.

Su Mu was extremely skilled at enlisting help for transplanting. The four to five acres of land were filled within just two days.

She had planted several unique types of vegetables, such as kale, purple lettuce, and Chinese cabbage. Even when they were still seedlings, they stood out from the rest. This amazed the villagers who came to help with the transplantation.

Once all the vegetables were transplanted, the houses at the foot of the mountain were also completed. Tang Hui provided the construction team with blueprints for the interior design, and they helped complete the work.

The custom-made furniture from a couple of days ago had already arrived at Huayuan Village. They were just waiting for the new house to be cleaned before placing them properly.

The foundation area of the new house was relatively large, covering about four acres, with a building area of around half an acre, equivalent to over 300 square meters. This left a considerable amount of open space in front of and behind the house, which currently appeared a bit vacant.

Su Mu intended to buy some grass seeds and sow them. Once the grass grew, it would become a natural green carpet. She also planned to plant some fruit trees and flowers around it, gradually beautifying the surroundings.

With the completion of the house, there was still a period of time needed for ventilation before they could move in right away.

While waiting to move into the new house, the Dragon Boat Festival arrived.

In China, the Dragon Boat Festival was considered a relatively significant holiday. Gu Shi and the others were planning to go home to celebrate.

A few days before they left, Su Mu’s mother specially made zongzi (sticky rice dumplings) in advance and prepared rich gifts for them to take back home.

When it came to food, Gu Shi and the others were always willing to accept. They were even more touched by the gesture. After staying here for so long, they knew that Su Mu’s parents truly treated them as their own children. No amount of food allowance could compare to such genuine care.

Su Mu also helped make the zongzi. The ones she made were delicate and exquisite, comparable to the decades of skill her mother had.

Back in Interstellar, only National Day was celebrated with such grandeur. Other holidays were almost negligible. However, later on, she became really homesick. After counting the days, she celebrated some important festivals—Tomb-Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and New Year’s—by making traditional foods for each occasion.

That’s how she honed her zongzi-making skills.

After all, she was the one who had set the trend for interstellar cuisine. Under her influence, these holidays gradually became traditions in the interstellar world as well.

Every Dragon Boat Festival, the aroma of zongzi filled the air. Walking on the streets of the alien world, Su Mu felt like she was returning to a warm home.



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