Chapter 75: The Culinary Tycoon

Chang Le, Who Quietly Learned to Show Affection

The next morning, young master Shi indeed came again, and this time he came alone without the landlord’s son accompanying him.

As soon as he entered the shop, he looked around to see if he could spot the person he wanted to see. Then he picked up a tray from the side and ordered two dim sum. He then asked Brother Chang, who was nearby, “Waiter, is your boss here?”

Internally, Brother Chang rolled his eyes and smiled, saying, “Esteemed guest, our boss is very busy. May I ask if you have any business with our boss? Is it something related to business that you wish to discuss with him?”

Young master Shi raised an eyebrow and said, “Can’t I see your boss if it’s not related to business?”

Brother Chang smiled and said, “It’s not that, but apart from doing business, our boss is always with his fiancé.”

“Fiancé?” The young master Shi sneered and contemptuously said, “Are you talking about that mute ger?”

Seeing the disdainful smile on the young master’s face and hearing the disdain in his words, Brother Chang’s anger flared up. He replied coldly, “Even though Brother Le can’t speak, compared to those who may appear elegant and refined on the outside but often spew filth from their mouths, he is far superior. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“You!” Young Master Shi didn’t expect this waiter to be so sharp-tongued. He was quite angry and furrowed his brow. However, when several people entered through the door, he restrained himself from losing his temper. He sneered and said, “Hmph, you, as a waiter, are quite audacious!”

Brother Chang smiled and answered, “There’s no choice. It’s not easy to encounter a good boss. We, the helpers, all hope for a loving relationship between them, a harmonious family, and a happy and blissful life. It makes our work here more enjoyable. But there are always some ignorant people who know that our boss has a fiancé and still want to make advances towards him. We can only worry on his behalf.”

The meaning behind Brother Chang’s words was naturally understood by the young master Shi. He was taken aback, feeling choked, and let out a cold snort. Angrily, he headed towards the dining area. Why should he bother with a mere waiter? His target was the owner of this snack shop, Yu Qingze.

“Hey, esteemed guest, please settle the bill before dining. The counter for payment is over there. Please settle the bill first,” Brother Chang called out loudly from behind.

Young Master Shi halted his steps, glared at Brother Chang, and with a flushed face, went to the counter to pay the bill.

Seeing this, Brother Chang immediately entered the kitchen and approached Brother Le. He said, ” Brother Le, that Young Master Shi came again. As soon as he came in, he asked if Boss Yu was here, but I managed to put him in his place.”

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Brother Le stared and gestured, saying, “This person has come again?”

“Yeah, I told him that Boss Yu is engaged and has a fiancé now, but he still acts so arrogantly. It’s really infuriating,” replied the other person.

Brother Le frowned. This young master Shi seemed to come from a decent background. Why is he acting like this?

“Brother Le, Boss Yu will be back with the flour soon. That young master Shi will definitely approach him again. Think of a way to handle it. There are many customers outside, so I’ll go out and attend to them first,” Brother Chang instructed specifically before going out to greet the customers.

Brother Le kneaded the dough, his brows tightly furrowed.

He believed in Boss Yu, but it was annoying to have someone constantly bothering him. Moreover, that person knew about Boss Yu’s engagement and still acted this way. Their intentions seemed highly malicious.

No ger would want to see their fiancé surrounded by a group of fluttering butterflies.

Not long after, Yu Qingze returned. He and the flour porter entered through the back door and placed the flour in his room. Then, he went to the front counter to get money to pay the porter. He had bought a bit more this time but was short on money.

Young Master Shi had been observing the hall and immediately approached when he saw Yu Qingze, calling out, “Boss Yu, you’re back?”

Yu Qingze turned his head and saw the person, immediately feeling a headache. He forced a smile and said, “Young Master Shi, you’re here for some dim sum today too. Thank you for your patronage.”

Saying that, Yu Qingze took the money counted by Jiabao and went to the backyard to pay the porter.

“Uh, Boss Yu…” Young Master Shi saw Yu Qingze turning away and walking. He took a few steps and noticed someone waiting for Yu Qingze in the corridor. He retreated and stood still in front of the counter, waiting.

Jiabao looked at Young Master Shi and spoke, “Excuse me, sir, you’re blocking our checkout. Could you please stand aside?”

Young Master Shi glanced at Jiabao and moved a step to the side, standing beside the counter.

When Yu Qingze finished paying the flour porter and saw him off, he returned to the counter and had to record the accounts.

Just as he arrived at the counter, Yu Qingze saw that Young Master Shi was still there.

Yu Qingze: …

“Uh, Boss Yu, I have something to discuss with you,” Young Master Shi saw Yu Qingze and his eyes lit up. Afraid that Yu Qingze would leave again, he quickly spoke.

With no other choice, Yu Qingze walked over and asked, “What can I do for you, Young Master Shi?”

Young Master Shi didn’t really have anything to discuss. His eyes flickered, and in his haste, he thought for a moment. Suddenly, an idea struck him, and he found an excuse, saying, “Well, you see, my elder brother’s health isn’t very good, and he can’t go out often. He hasn’t had the chance to taste your dim sum, especially the white fungus soup. It’s such a pity. So, I was wondering if it would be possible for you, Boss Yu, to visit my home as a guest and make the white fungus soup there?”

Jiabao, the young boy by the counter, was dumbfounded.

Why would this Young Master Shi invite Boss Yu to his house just to make white fungus soup? They don’t have such a close relationship like the Cai family and the Zhao family. They’re not even acquainted!

Yu Qingze: … Speechless.

“I’m really sorry, Young Master Shi. I have a lot of things to take care of in my small shop, and I can’t spare the time. Actually, you can take the dim sum back home for your brother to taste,” Yu Qingze suggested.

“How about you teach me then?” Young Master Shi’s eyes brightened. Private lessons would mean more time spent together.

Yu Qingze: …

Just at that moment, Brother Le came over with a plate of dim sum. He walked up to Yu Qingze, glanced at Young Master Shi, then picked up a piece of pastry, took a bite himself, and fed the other half to Yu Qingze.

Yu Qingze looked at Brother Le, smiled, and opened his mouth to eat the remaining half.

Young Master Shi: …

Jiabao couldn’t help but cover his mouth and chuckle.

Brother Chang, who had been secretly observing from the side, couldn’t hold back his laughter and burst out with a snort. He quickly turned his back. He didn’t expect Brother Le to have such mischievous moments. Young Master Shi would be infuriated if he saw that.

Brother Le put down his chopsticks on the plate and gestured, asking, “How is it? How does it taste?”

Yu Qingze nodded and said, “It’s delicious. Everything you make is delicious.”

Brother Le nodded in satisfaction but didn’t leave after feeding the dim sum.

Young Master Shi glanced at Brother Le and knew that he was Yu Qingze’s mute fiancé. He narrowed his eyes slightly and then smiled as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket, saying, “Boss Yu, you’re sweating. Let me wipe it for you.”

As he spoke, he reached out his hand, intending to wipe the sweat off Yu Qingze.

Yu Qingze quickly stepped back, avoiding him, and said, “Young Master Shi, please maintain your boundaries!”

At the same time, Brother Le grabbed the extended arm of Young Master Shi.

Both of them looked over and saw that it was Brother Le who was holding onto Young Master Shi’s arm.

Brother Le was furious, glaring at Young Master Shi. His eyes seemed to be spewing fire.

Young Master Shi exclaimed, “Ouch!” in a coquettish manner, pretending to be in pain. A tear squeezed out of his eye, and he said, “It hurts so much, why did you use so much force, this ger? You’re as strong as a man.”

Brother Le hadn’t really exerted much force earlier; he had just grabbed hold of Young Master Shi. But seeing Young Master Shi’s exaggerated reaction, he decided to fulfill his wishes and increased the strength in his grip.

“Ouch, it hurts!” This time, the pain was genuine. Young Master Shi blinked his eyes, furrowed his brows, and deliberately said to Yu Qingze, “Boss Yu, why is this servant treating guests like this? He’s so strong! It hurts so much. Please ask him to let go.”

Brother Le couldn’t speak, so naturally, he couldn’t respond to him.

“He’s not a servant, he’s Chang Le, my fiancé,” Yu Qingze took a step forward, placing his hand on Brother Le’s waist and guiding him towards himself. He said, “Young Master Shi, if there’s nothing important, my fiance and I have other matters to attend to. Please make yourself at home.”

Saying that, he embraced Brother Le and walked towards the backyard.

Brother Le shook off the guy’s hand, gave him a glare, and followed Yu Qingze to the backyard.

Young Master Shi bit his lip, rubbing his red wrist that had been squeezed. He was quite dissatisfied. This Yu Qingze was so clueless. Despite having good looks and a good figure, he couldn’t compare to a mute?

Many guests witnessed the scene just now and shook their heads. Those who were familiar with each other started discussing, wondering why this person had no shame. Boss Yu already had a fiancé, yet he was still trying to seduce him…

Young Master Shi heard the discussions and glared angrily at those guests before leaving.

Finding an ideal husband is not easy. This Yu Qingze has a good relationship with the Cai and Zhao families, and he himself has abilities. He will surely earn a lot of money in the future. Young Master Shi won’t give up so easily. Moreover, if he wants to leave that family, he must seize Yu Qingze. This is currently his best option.

In the backyard, Chang Le twisted a wet towel and angrily wiped Yu Qingze’s face.

Yu Qingze looked at him with amusement and said, “I thought you were going to kiss me directly. I had a little expectation in my heart.”

Chang Le glared at him, threw the wet towel in his face, and turned around to enter the kitchen.

Hmph, clean up yourself then!



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