Chapter 86: Busy Farming in the Last Days

When Cheng Feng and Li Lingyun died, there was inevitably some turbulence among the upper echelons of the base. These days, Liang Jincheng had a lot of things to do, so much so that he hurriedly returned home late at night only to find that Ji Cha was not there. It wasn’t until he met Zhang Xing, who got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, that he learned that Ji Cha had stayed at the farm to work overtime tonight.

Liang Jincheng had come back just to catch a glimpse of Ji Cha, but now he missed the opportunity, and on the other hand, he had to go back to deal with urgent matters, so the two didn’t meet that day.

Ji Cha dozed off in the office for three hours, then got up and turned on the computer to organize the identity information of the people who came to collect the milk subsidy that day one by one, and pulled out all the qualifying family information in the base, carefully reviewing and placing them in other documents.

This special approach may make people feel unfair to some extent, but at present, Ji Cha couldn’t think of a more effective method. What he could do was to strictly follow the rules and not give people the opportunity to exploit loopholes.

Busy until the morning with almost no sleep, Ji Cha finally found time to go home for breakfast. Because he wanted to make dried mustard greens, the farm had hired some new temporary workers from outside these days.

Ji Cha returned to the farm to check on the production of the dried mustard greens, but unexpectedly ran into a conflict.

There were more than twenty temporary workers who had been hired, including two from the Thousand People Base. When Li Lingyun was still alive, the members of the Thousand People Base were considered domineering in the S Base due to Cheng Feng’s indulgence. Now that Li Lingyun was dead, they were like a pile of loose sand and dared not be arrogant anymore. However, while they had to be more restrained, whether the people in the base would or would not pick a fight with them was another matter.

Unlike before, when conflicts arose now, the members of the Thousand People Base also dared not do anything, and the other workers at the farm felt that they should give them a lesson, so they didn’t intend to intervene.

“What are you doing?” Ji Cha stopped the car and shouted loudly.

He quickly walked over and pushed aside the people who were pushing and shoving each other. “Are you here to work or to fight? If you’re here to fight, go outside and have a good fight. Afterward, put yourself in solitary confinement and don’t take today’s wages. Let your family go hungry too!”

As soon as they saw him, the originally sharp conflict calmed down a lot. After listening to both sides’ explanations, Ji Cha also had a rough understanding of the situation.

“Whatever the reason may be, the past is over and the troublemakers from before have been punished. Do you want to follow in their footsteps? We are all part of the same base and should not treat each other as outsiders. Newcomers should not feel special either. Here, whoever works hard can live comfortably, and whoever breaks the rules will be punished. Those who participated in the fight today will have three points deducted from their card, and those who repeat their mistakes will be sent to the black room.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present became quiet.

Fortunately, aside from this incident, the pickling of the dried mustard greens went smoothly, and it should be ready for sale in a week. By that time, two pigs in the pigsty should also be ready for slaughter. They could then use the dried mustard greens to cook with the pork and offer a new dish to the cafeteria, as well as provide better meals for the members of the base.

As Ji Cha went downstairs, Zhang Xing was going up and said to him, “Brother Liang came looking for you last night.”

After completing all of this, Ji Cha went home and slept for a while. He didn’t sleep long, waking up at half-past eleven in the morning. Lunch was only halfway done.

Zhang Xing knew about his relationship with Liang Jincheng, so he appeared more concerned about them.

Ji Cha rubbed his tired eyes and said, “I know, he probably won’t come back for lunch, so I’ll bring him some food later.”

The food at home was quite simple because there were many people to feed, and most of the meat and grains that Ji Cha had stored were already consumed. Now, the family received their food supplies from the farm, which were similar to the cafeteria’s ingredients. The only advantage was that Ji Cha had a significant share in the farm, so he had some control over certain meats and vegetables.

In simpler terms, if Ji Cha wanted to eat meat at every meal, no one could say anything. However, this privilege was not often utilized at home. Compared to the cafeteria, the food at home was just more ordinary.

Ji Cha’s grandmother was an excellent cook, and aside from overseeing work in the factory, she spent most of her time cooking three meals a day. Upon hearing that Ji Cha was going to bring Liang Jincheng some food, she hastened her work.

Zhang Qinqin helped take out the lunchbox on the side.

Grandma glanced over and said, “Get a bigger double lunch box from the cabinet below. It’ll get cold if we wait for Chacha to finish eating before sending it over. It’s better if he goes over and eats with Jin Cheng.”

“Okay,” Zhang Qinqin nodded and found a double-layered lunch box from below.

Ji Cha thought for a moment and decided to send a message to Cheng Feng’s computer in his office. He figured that Liang Jincheng should be there.

Indeed, Liang Jincheng was there, but the atmosphere in the room was far from relaxed like at home. In just one night, the high-level management of the base secretly underwent a major reorganization, and power struggles and hidden agendas were gradually exposed. Those who had thought they were in control suddenly realized that Liang Jincheng wasn’t ignorant of anything; he had simply been observing and waiting. And now that he had taken action, he had left everyone else with no way to retaliate.

The communication soldier was carefully watching the computer screen, trying not to make any noise on the keyboard, fearing that any sound would draw the attention of the people in the room.

“Excuse me, is Captain Liang in the apartment area?” the message read.

The soldier was startled by the message, should he reply or not? He looked at the source of the message and saw that it was from the factory. Wasn’t Captain Liang and the factory in the same family? The soldier typed cautiously on the keyboard, and with two clicks, he instantly attracted several pairs of eyes, the most fierce of which belonged to Liang Jincheng.

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The communication soldier stood up abruptly and almost knocked over the chair behind him. “Captain Liang, someone is looking for you!”

“Who?” Liang Jincheng frowned.

The soldier became even more flustered and stammered, “I-I don’t know!”

The subordinates, who had been intimidated by Liang Jincheng earlier, suddenly felt relieved when the focus shifted away from them. They all let out a sigh of relief.

“Get out,” Liang Jincheng ordered.

The messenger ran off in a hurry, while Liang Jincheng called out to him from behind, “Where did you get the information from?”

“From the factory!” The messenger replied.

Liang Jincheng ordered him to sit down and asked him to find out who the source was and what the matter was about. The messenger typed the message and received an immediate reply.

“Ask him if he’s coming back for dinner, if not, I’ll send it over.” The messenger read out the message.

Liang Jincheng’s fierce attitude, which seemed like a storm was coming, immediately eased up a bit, “Send the coordinates over, and let someone wait at the door later.”

Although those who didn’t understand were still afraid, the members of the ability user team who knew what was going on couldn’t help but smile and relax. With Ji Cha’s arrival, Liang Jincheng’s bad mood could turn into a bright day, so there was nothing to fear.

As soon as the electric scooter stopped, Ji Cha got off with a lunchbox in hand, and someone greeted him immediately at the door. He thought it was a search like before and was about to raise his hand, but the other person politely said, “Mr. Ji, please follow me, Captain Liang is inside.”

“Okay.” Ji Cha followed him inside, noticing a lot of differences. When Cheng Feng lived here before, the apartment guards were very strict, almost watertight. Now it’s much looser, but the atmosphere is still serious and apparent when entering the room.

As soon as Ji Cha stepped into the room, everyone’s eyes and Liang Jincheng’s footsteps greeted him.

“Let’s eat first, shall we?” Ji Cha put the food on the table, looked around, and whispered to Liang Jincheng, “Have they not eaten yet?”

Liang Jincheng nodded and said to everyone, “Go to the cafeteria and continue the unfinished business in an hour.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and hurried out.


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