Chapter 58: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Liang Jincheng quickly discovered that someone was around him. He silently accelerated his pace, taking advantage of the darkness and the chaotic surroundings, and climbed over a high wall and crossed an empty field.

The area they were searching today used to be a small business district in the bustling downtown of S city, but now the prosperity was nowhere to be seen, only disorder and chaos.

Liang Jincheng went around to the back door of the supermarket, which was not surprising to find that it had already been violently destroyed. In this environment, two months ago, it was probably already like this. And after a long time, passing teams would often come in to check for resources, and in many cases, everyone would take something they needed, whether it was useful or not. So at this point, it was not necessarily possible to find any useful supplies or products.

But Liang Jincheng came with a clear purpose, and he estimated that the things he needed should not have been completely taken.

Sure enough, when he walked to the skincare counter, most of the things inside had already been looted, leaving only a few scattered items. Liang Jincheng searched through the shelf like a garbage dump and finally found some Vaseline and baby oil.

It was better than nothing, so he put the items in his backpack and continued to wander around the supermarket. The supermarket was quite large, with a small area dedicated to making prescriptions. Medicines were extremely scarce in the end of the world, and this area was even cleaner than what was scavenged in the supermarket. As long as it was medicine, it had been taken.

But Liang Jincheng still went in to take a look, and to his surprise, he found what he was looking for.

Lubricant, and even three bottles of men’s.

He carefully examined the lubricant in his hand and couldn’t help but think of Ji Cha, a smile appearing on his face that was originally expressionless.

Just then, Liang Jincheng heard an extremely subtle sound of plastic being crushed behind him. He seemed to be completely unaware and continued to collect all the lubricant he could see on the counter. The footsteps behind him were getting closer and louder, clearly more than one person.

Liang Jincheng pulled up the zipper of his backpack with both hands, and then slung the backpack over his shoulder with a casual flick.

“Don’t move.” A gun was pointed at the back of his head from behind.

Liang Jincheng slowly raised his hands. “Let’s talk.”

“Where did you come from? Take all the supplies from your car and give them to me!”

There was a group of people living here who used to be on the road and had a few guns and bullets. After the chaos of the apocalypse, they turned to robbing people.

Liang Jincheng and his team came over, all dressed neatly, obviously living well and not starving in the apocalypse. Robbing people like them would surely yield the biggest rewards.

“We don’t have any supplies in our car,” Liang Jincheng said as he spoke, his eyes still searching in front of him in the counter. After a while, he saw a bottle of eye drops scattered in the corner and thought he should bring it back for Ji Cha.

Ji Cha had said a few days ago that his eyes were dry…

“Don’t bluff, you don’t have supplies?” The gun on the back of his head was forcefully pressed against Liang Jincheng’s head.

He frowned, his gaze falling on a small piece of glass on the counter. The glass reflected his face and the face of the gun-wielding person behind him. There were three people standing behind Liang Jincheng, two of them in the corners, in a surrounding position.

All three of them had guns.

Liang Jincheng took half a second to roughly judge their speed of movement, and then suddenly acted as fast as lightning. First, he grabbed the gun behind him with a reverse grip, and then pulled the person towards him with force, using his body to block the other two people’s guns.

One of them was scared and, being used as a human shield, fired a shot that hit the heart. The situation suddenly got out of control, and Liang Jincheng took advantage of their confusion to quickly take away all three guns.

The remaining two people were scared and crouched on the ground, begging for mercy.

Liang Jincheng had no intention of killing anyone, he just asked for the details of the situation here. He learned that there was a small group here, with over twenty people, almost all of them had killed someone and assaulted women. It’s absolutely impossible to bring them into the base.

Liang Jincheng knocked the three out with ease, picked up his backpack, and walked away calmly, as if he had just finished shopping at the mall.

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The other team members returned one by one from their search outside, and they had tied up five live people and left three dead bodies outside the car. Qin Shuang was sitting under the car reading a book. Ignoring the background scene beside her, she looked as relaxed as if she were sitting in a coffee shop.

These people came with the intention of attacking and looting the vehicles, but they didn’t expect Qin Shuang to be lying in wait nearby. They were quickly subdued by the beautiful woman before they could even put up a fight.

As the other team members returned, it took them about an afternoon to fully assess the remaining resources and the situation of the group, and they made a map to take back with them.

As for the remaining people, they were left behind to figure out how to untie themselves.

There are many similar small groups outside the S city base, both good and bad. Although it is difficult to apply the pre-apocalyptic concept of good and bad at this time, there is still a general standard.

If someone is only seeking survival and doesn’t intend to harm their companions, they can be considered “good” in the apocalypse. Although this requirement is simple, many people still can’t meet it.

The other type of people are like those they encountered today; their evil side was amplified by the apocalypse, revealing what was already within them.

Liang Jincheng had done many audits on the former type of people on behalf of the base and brought them back to live inside the base. After establishing a basic chain of production and manpower, the S city base was no longer particularly welcoming to outsiders. At least, newcomers had to undergo strict inspections, and the military did not want small gangs causing trouble and disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of the base.

This approach has both good and bad sides. The good side is that life in the base is particularly peaceful, and people can maintain their livelihoods as long as they work hard. Although their happiness and satisfaction cannot compare to the past, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The bad side is that the people in the base are completely shielded from the dangers outside, and they have no idea what kind of people are forced to become in order to survive. Once they leave the base, they become like lambs in the jaws of wolves.

The off-road vehicle quickly returned to the entrance of the S city base and was checked by the soldiers.

At the entrance, some refugees who had made their way here were standing. Approximately ten people would arrive each day, and the majority of them would pass the screening. They gazed with envy as the off-road vehicle effortlessly gained clearance, hoping for a secure life within the base.

Liang Jincheng had a mission to protect the base, but in reality, there was only one person he wanted to protect.


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