Ch 48: TGCIR

When Shen Cheng heard the clear and slightly shy “Master, good afternoon” from the screen, her attention was completely focused on the small figure on the screen.

My cub called me master!

She cleared her throat and calmed down her emotions a bit. She felt strange in her heart and thought to herself: “Wouldn’t it be better if my cub called me ‘mom’? As a mother, I would love to hear that instead of ‘master’!”

Normally, she would only secretly call him cub in her heart, afraid that he would think too much. But now, he even addressed her as ‘master’? The play between master and servant felt strange to her.

However, when she looked into the eyes of cub on the screen and thought about the sacrifices he had made, Shen Cheng looked at the task and felt that it was perfectly reasonable for her to fulfill his wish.

She smiled and said, “As your master, I have the obligation to fulfill one of your wishes. Think about it and tell me, what is your wish?”

Li Weilan was taken aback by her words and asked, “What do you mean?”

He turned his head to look at Fu Yanzhou and Xi Bei who were still standing still in the room, and his brow twitched twice. If these two weren’t here… then his wish would be…

But with two third wheels by his side, there were some things he couldn’t say directly.

The demand and tone of her words today seemed like a girl proclaiming her sovereignty.

The feeling in Li Weilan’s heart was very subtle and couldn’t be verified, but he just had that kind of cognition.

For some unknown reason, Li Weilan didn’t want them to know the real situation. He lowered his eyes slightly, thought for a moment, and said seriously to her, “I want my master to accompany me for a day, okay?”

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but cover her chest, feeling that her heart was about to melt from his cuteness.

Although she knew that the cub’s “accompanying” could only be through the screen, she could hear the extreme longing and seriousness in his voice.

“Okay,” she replied without thinking.

The corners of the cub’s mouth once again formed a dimple. He smiled adorably and sweetly, blinked his eyes, and made a small request, “Just the two of us, okay?”

Shen Cheng stared at his little dimple without blinking, and in a daze, she nodded in agreement, feeling particularly pleased to be charmed by him. “Okay, okay, I’ll agree to anything you say.”

As soon as she agreed, a new prompt appeared in the game:

【Intimacy Display (Second Time) Completed. Intimacy Display 2/3, Envy Count 2/3】

【You have agreed to the main character’s request. The game has generated a blank character for you. Please customize the character and accompany the main character to complete today’s task. The countdown for the task is 24:00:00】

Shen Cheng was startled, and sure enough, a new icon appeared in the upper left corner of the game, showing “Character Projection (Remaining time: 24 hours)”.

She clicked on it and entered the face customization mode. She thought about it and tried to make a little person that looked as close to her own face as possible, although not completely similar, it was definitely her own template.

Rounding it off, today was the day when she would accompany her cub to complete the task!

After customizing the face, the game prompted her to select skills and talents for the character. As it was a temporary character projection, Shen Cheng estimated that she could only use it for 24 hours, and the game displayed that she would accompany cub to complete the task today. Shen Cheng recalled how the other members of the team had coveted the nanny, so she chose the ability of a “Druid”. In simple terms, it could attack, heal, and taunt… occasionally it could also act cute.

Considering that cub was weak and vulnerable in her heart, Shen Cheng actually intended to complete today’s task entirely with her projection, and fly with cub!

She controlled the character to walk to the entrance of Noah Base. After saying the words “I promise to do whatever you say,” she suddenly felt her breath disappear. The warm smile on Li Weilan’s face almost disappeared in an instant, making Xi Bei, who was standing next to him watching the show, shiver. She quietly pulled Fu Yanzhou’s sleeve, signaling him to “It seems that Brother Li is about to go berserk. Let’s not watch the show and leave quickly.”

Fu Yanzhou blinked in confusion, looking at her hand pulling his sleeve with a bewildered expression: “Are you telling me to leave? This is my room… You all came rushing in, and now you want me to leave… What does this mean?”

He selfishly tugged at his own sleeve, biting his lip and staying silent.

Just as the stalemate continued, the sound of the gate opening suddenly came from the control room of the base.

Li Weilan’s heart trembled: he had guessed something.

Xi Bei couldn’t pull Fu Yanzhou to watch the show. Seeing Li Weilan disappear in a flash, she couldn’t help but stamp her foot and complain in a coquettish voice: “Don’t you want to watch the show?”

Fu Yanzhou shook his head in confusion.

“Forget it, ah…” Xi Bei looked at his handsome but thin face, which was vaguely innocent and confused. She helplessly stomped her foot, but then she was delighted again: this handsome man was single! She hadn’t settled accounts with her brother yet! What kind of meat forbidden rule? If Brother Li hadn’t suddenly shown up like this, she would have been fooled by her brother.

She chased after Li Weilan, and the faint fragrance of flowers on the girl’s body still lingered in the air.

Fu Yanzhou’s nose twitched slightly. His sense of smell, taste, and touch were all too sensitive, and the faint pollen scent on her body still lingered in the air.

Just like her personality, it was distinct and impossible to ignore.

Li Weilan hurriedly ran to the gate and saw a woman walking slowly towards the gate.

He had never seen her before.

From her delicate clothes, flawless and snow-white skin, black hair, and beautiful cheeks, she didn’t look like a woman from the wasteland at all.

But even though he had never seen her true face, Li Weilan could hear his own heartbeat.

Thump thump, thump thump.

Faster and faster, more urgent.

He had never seen her face in his dreams, but as soon as he saw her, he knew that it was definitely “Her” face!

It was identical to “Her” voice, and perfectly matched “Her” personality.

However, when she looked up at him quietly, Li Weilan shook slightly: No, this doll-like woman had no soul.

Where is “She”?

Is this just a shell?

Is “Her” true soul somewhere else?

Seeing cub on the screen stunned, Shen Cheng didn’t think too much. She pressed the front, back, left, right, and skill buttons on her phone, familiarized herself with the character’s skills, and lightly shook the staff in her projection hand, smiling as she called out to him, “Let’s go! I still have 24 hours.”

Li Weilan heard her voice: 24 hours?

Could it be that there was a time limit for her to create this body?

But then, doubt was instantly overwhelmed by ecstasy.

It was really her!

He carefully examined her face.

Even if this was just a soulless clone, he could almost find that familiar place from her hollow eyes.

Other people’s footsteps came from behind, and Li Weilan hurriedly said to her, “Wait for me for a moment, we will leave soon.” Turning around, he saw Yan Hongyu and Xi Nan walking towards him with suspicion. He said to them, “Fu Yanzhou needs some fish for his research. I will be back within a day.”

When he spoke, Yan Hongyu could only see a woman who was blocked by him.

Li Weilan didn’t want them to know who it was… Yan Hongyu didn’t plan to ask more and just nodded lightly.

【Swear sovereignty in front of the base personnel. Mission completion reward: 200G】

A mission completion prompt popped up in front of Shen Cheng. She looked at Xi Nan who was whispering gossip behind her and wanted to tell him, “I hear you, no matter how low your voice is.”

“I hear you gossiping outside with your lover.”

“I hear you calling me your master.”

“I hear you couldn’t stop laughing behind me…”

But since your gossip helped me complete the task, I won’t pursue it.

Li Weilan held her projection hand and the two little people on the screen walked shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, and cutely left the base together.

When there was no one around, Li Weilan suddenly stopped and didn’t rush to do the task of collecting fish for research. He said to her with a particularly serious tone, with a hint of guilt, “Did I make things difficult for you?”

“???” Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment.

She didn’t quite understand what he meant by making things difficult. It was indeed a little difficult to accompany someone for 24 hours, but tomorrow was Saturday, which was a rest day, so it wasn’t too difficult. Her soft and mellow voice made a puzzled sound, “Huh?”

“… ” It seems he was overthinking.

Li Weilan immediately realized that materializing this avatar probably wasn’t a punishment for her. Seeing this, his speculation about her changed again.

Could it be that she wasn’t the monster he had thought before, but really his guardian angel, or some kind of deity?

After all, the things she did…were things that only gods could do.

“Would it be difficult for you to spend 24 hours with me?” He changed his approach.

My cub is so considerate.

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Shen Cheng smiled foolishly in front of the screen.

She asked cub: “Would it be difficult for you to call me Master?”

Cub looked at her quietly and shook his head: “No, everything I have is given by you.” He paused and said very seriously, “No matter what you want me to do, whether it’s to call you Master or something else, I am willing to do it willingly.”


This was the second time today that Shen Cheng wanted to say this sentence.

Even though she knew that cub was just a paper person, listening to his sincere voice and looking into his eyes, Shen Cheng even felt that when he said this sentence, he was more passionate and serious than the men in reality, as if to him, she really was his only one.

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but feel shy, she couldn’t even look directly into his eyes. She pursed her lips and said, “Let’s go, there’s only a little over 23 hours left. I want to accompany you to finish this task.”

The lake where the mission is located is rated “extremely high” in terms of danger, and the projection that Shen Cheng controls only has a validity period of 24 hours. She only hopes to accompany cub to finish the task today, which can be considered a complete experience.

“Would me calling you ‘Master’ make you happy?” Cub suddenly asked this embarrassing question behind her.

The feet of the small person controlled by Shen Cheng shook, almost tripping herself over. She turned around, looked at cub with embarrassment, and couldn’t help but protest in a low voice, “Just call it once, I I I I am not your master… “She added in her heart:” I am a mother fan of you.”

“Then what do you want to do for you?” Li Weilan asked hesitantly.


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