Ch 29: TGCIR

Li Weilan actually has a lot of questions that he wants to ask her.

He wanted to tell her that he didn’t mean to make it complicated for her, and if his request to “hear her voice” was the reason for her sudden disappearance, he would rather never have made that request.

But now, listening to her energetic, clear, and hopeful voice, Li Weilan suddenly realized that he might have been overthinking things.

Maybe things weren’t that complicated.

Maybe she was simply held up by other things.

Perhaps…he was not the only person she was observing, and like him in the past, those people also encountered some sudden situations, so she had to prioritize urgent matters and didn’t have time for him.

He was just…a little, really just a little sad that she didn’t even give a fake excuse or reason when she suddenly appeared and disappeared.

He would rather she lied to him and gave him any excuse or reason, than to explain nothing like now.

For him, all he could do was wait for the next sudden event to occur.

Knowing that it would inevitably come, but besides waiting, he could do nothing.

Helpless and caught off guard.

Shen Cheng had no idea why the kid on the screen was lowering his head again. His mood was switching back and forth between “happy” and “frustrated,” and his mood almost seemed to be seamlessly switching. Clearly, he hadn’t said a word, but it made people feel like his thoughts had become a mess.

“…” Did the game have a bug? The mood index was “happy” one second and “frustrated” the next, and then it became “annoyed” and “sorrowful.”

Cub, what do you want? Tell mother! Don’t keep it to yourself, you’ll get sick and no one will care about you!

Shen Cheng thought for a long time and still didn’t know what was going on, but in the game screen, the little person had already obediently smoothed the bedsheet, quietly crawled in, and lay down peacefully.

He closed his eyes and looked peaceful. Although Shen Cheng was still a little worried, she didn’t have a budget to continue spending money before setting up a stall tonight. At this moment, although she was extremely worried, the only thing she could do was tuck in the blanket for him, then poured a cup of warm water from outside and placed it by his bedside.

Seeing that the little person displayed as “[Sleeping]” status, Shen Cheng switched to the base.

She wanted to complete the base’s missions first to earn some money.

The situation in Noah Base was very good now.

Shen Cheng switched over to see the residents in the base and found that their morale was higher than ever before, and their mood was “happy,” “energetic,” and so on. She couldn’t help but smile, feeling happy herself.

Then she looked at the “Power Plant,” which was a “prison labor room” filled with hamster cages. Shen Cheng couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

The whole room was filled with little people forced to run in circles!

The bad guys with the name “Thunder” that made her the angriest before seemed to have abilities, but the stronger their abilities, the more they were just a group of hamsters selling their labor in this “labor room.”

There was a quarter of an hour break every hour, and they weren’t allowed to eat or sleep if they didn’t generate enough electricity every day, and they had to keep running until they generated enough electricity. Seeing these people who bullied girls and came to cause trouble in her home while her cub wasn’t there, now becoming a free resource for the base, she thought the people who made the game were quite clever. Although they make you spent money on the game, they didn’t make the players feel frustrated or angry, allowing them to use all kinds of resources wisely, which was really smart!

There were 200 hamster cages in the first-level labor room, and more than a hundred had been filled up. Shen Cheng clicked to see: Wow, these people are really interesting!

Previously, the group of NPCs with the name Thunder was inciting the wandering people outside to rebel, acting all villainous. Now, after being caught and forced to generate electricity like little hamsters, the incited little NPCs didn’t look as hateful anymore!

And some of them had already had their red colored character status faded, and when Shen Cheng clicked on their avatars, she found that their “sentence” was not long – they would be awarded the “Base Trial Resident” status in a few months.

The ones opposite them were the ones with the name “Thunder,” still as blood red as ever, clearly unrepentant and stubborn. She clicked on the “Thunder” group and saw that they would be stuck in their hamster cages until they broke out of their red status.

She was quite satisfied with this solution.

“[Level 1 Power Room: Current Power Capacity 65/100, Please Allocate 65 Units of Power].”

65 units of power…

After looking at the buildings and equipment in the base that required electricity, she realized that the Noah Base relied on solar energy before, but because the entire building was located underground, the solar energy produced was only enough for indoor lighting.

But now, with the electricity provided by the “Prison Labor Room,” many buildings can be put into use!

After comparing the settings that required electricity one by one, Shen Cheng selected the following four:

[Communal Kitchen: Electricity Consumption (10), Requires Chef to Cook Basic Meals, Can Produce Communal Hot Meals]

[Hot Shower Room: Electricity Consumption (10), One of the Residents’ Favorite Entertainment, Taking a Hot Shower after Work Every Day]

[Projection Movie Theater: Electricity Consumption (40), Open Daily from 10pm-12am, Watching a Movie Together after Work is a Boost for the Residents]

[Treadmill: Electricity Consumption (5), If Someone Has Not Committed a Heinous Crime Worthy of Being Locked in a Hamster Cage, Then Buy a Treadmill for Them].

After selecting these four facilities, Shen Cheng opened them in turn.

The residents of the base, including those still running in their hamster cages, heard the system’s broadcast:

[The base has now opened the communal kitchen for making hot meals.]

[The base has now opened the hot shower room, which is available for use from 7-8am and 9-10pm every day.]

[The base has now opened the projection movie theater, open every night from 10pm-12am.]

[The base has now opened the treadmill.]

The girls looked at each other, and Yan Hongyu widened her eyes in shock. How could she feel a bit thankful for those foolish people who came to deliver heads?

She even felt that this group of “sinners” who had been turned into a source of electricity were a bit pitiful!

Even if she hated them, after knowing how the big boss “made the best use of everything” from them, her anger dissipated.

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But the hot shower, movie theater, and treadmill… Yan Hongyu’s eyes gradually turned red. She looked at the girls around her, who were also stunned. She heard someone whisper hoarsely to the person next to them, “Zhou Fei, pinch me, am I dreaming?”

Yes, I’m not dreaming, right?

Going to see a movie with her boyfriend before the apocalypse was such a beautiful memory. But when the end of the world arrived, order disappeared, and the world descended into chaos. Every night, humans who could not enter the bases could only choose to hide like rats.

Even in the bases, the ability users had to rush around for survival. Not to mention occasionally taking some time to rest, even thinking about resting seemed like a mistake.

So everyone hoped that the apocalypse would end soon.

Living soberly in this world, knowing that this lifetime they can only hide and cannot return to the good life of the past, is really despairing.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, many people committed suicide, but if they had come to Noah, could they not have been desperate after experiencing the entertainment facilities here?

On the other hand, the men in the “prison” looked at the residents of the “Noah Base” outside reveling and cheering. Those who had already regretted being trapped in a hamster cage regretted it even more. And those who had hated Noah were even angrier because they had underestimated the enemy and didn’t take such a big and good piece of land. Now they were trapped on the treadmill every day and couldn’t do anything!

After allocating the facilities, Shen Cheng completed Daily Task 2 and received the daily reward of 50G. She didn’t stop for a moment and went straight to the mall.

But it was frustrating that maybe the condition of the common cold was too small, she looked through the mall and couldn’t find any special medicine to treat it.

It seems that Daily Task 1 really had to be endured by the player’s own immunity.

Shen Cheng sighed lightly with worry and switched back to the “Main Character” interface.

Li Weilan’s face was showing a vague blush, and his breathing was slightly rapid. With each breath, there were tiny bubbles that could be seen.


Shen Cheng didn’t feel dirty or disgusting like it would in reality. Perhaps it was because seeing cub in such a weak state was rare, and instead she felt a sense of pity for him. She looked around the room and found a towel to wet, struggling to wring it out before placing it on his forehead. Then she went to the kitchen and made a pot of rice porridge, leaving it in the room for him.

Fortunately, in the game, cooking and making porridge only required two clicks with your fingers, and didn’t require long wait times. During her lunch break, Shen Cheng completed the task and placed the food and warm water at Li Weilan’s bedside before logging out to continue with her afternoon work.

As soon as she logged out, Li Weilan, who had closed his eyes, suddenly opened them. There was no trace of drowsiness left in his tired, chaotic eyes.

His clear eyes flashed slightly, and when his gaze fell on the warm water placed at the bedside, he let out a soft sigh.

What did he do to deserve her care and attention?

He had to get better quickly, so as not to cause her any trouble or worry.

He was no longer a child, and he felt both moved and guilty about how much she worried about him.

He did want more of her attention, but perhaps the way to get it was not by pretending to be weak. While it might make her pay more attention to him, the consequences could be that she would only see him as a weak object in need of help, rather than a trustworthy companion or an equal friend.

With these thoughts in mind, Li Weilan drank half a cup of water and finally settled down. He lay in bed, closed his eyes, and remembered that she had promised to talk to him all night once he was better.

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