Chapter 105 (End): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


Lin Fangliang immediately denied.

“Who has such big breasts on their chest like that?”

Xu Qing thought for a moment. If it really was a woman, besides the chest, there would also be the voice, and… Xu Qing glanced at Lin Fangliang. If the other party wasn’t covered with clothes, then down there should also…

“Didn’t you say the voice was different?” Xu Qing didn’t ask Lin Fangliang his final speculation, otherwise Xie Yu wouldn’t let Lin Fangliang off the hook.

Lin Fangliang immediately nodded.

“The voice was high-pitched and sharp, how should I put it, anyway, it’s different from us men and gers.”

Lin Fangliang couldn’t describe it for a moment.

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Xu Qing lowered his eyelids. Okay, it’s a perfect match.

“Why did the official arrest him?” Li Changfeng asked.

“Because he seemed very different, and they were afraid of causing unnecessary commotion.”

Lin Fangliang thought of what he saw at the time. That person was indeed different from them.

Not long after, Xie Ama’s voice came from next door, asking Xie Yu to help him with something, so Xie Yu left first.

When Xie Yu left, the expression on Lin Fangliang’s face became excited again.

“You guys definitely don’t know what else I saw.” Lin Fangliang lowered his voice mysteriously.

Li Changfeng wasn’t buying it and calmly played with the toy he made for Yuan Yuan.

Xu Qing’s heart moved. “What did you see?”

Lin Fangliang sat up straight and said, “But you have to keep it a secret and not tell my wife what I saw, or I’ll be in trouble!”

“Hmph.” Li Changfeng snorted disdainfully. After Xu Qing tugged his clothes, he reluctantly nodded.

“Of course, we’re not ones to blab.” Xu Qing smiled.

After Xu Qing and Li Changfeng both promised not to say anything, Lin Fangliang spoke up.

“That person was a rootless person, and there was nothing below!”

Indeed it was a woman! Xu Qing thought to himself.

Indeed it was a monster! Li Changfeng thought to himself.

After saying what he had been holding back for a long time, Lin Fangliang suddenly felt relieved and picked up the tea cup next to him, feeling comfortable.

“You can go now.” Li Changfeng said expressionlessly.

Lin Fangliang didn’t mind. He had spoken out the secret in his heart, and now he felt relieved. He leisurely opened his umbrella and walked back in the snowy weather.

Li Changfeng closed the courtyard door and returned to the main room to see Xu Qing deep in thought, thinking that he had been scared by the “monster” that Lin Fangliang talked about.

“Don’t think too much, the officials have arrested him, it’s okay, he’s far away from us.”

Xu Qing held Li Changfeng’s hand. “It’s okay.” He was also wondering how a woman could appear in this time and space. If she was really as Lin Fangliang said, she was naked, then she might have come from outside of this world.

However, as Li Changfeng said, she was far away from them.

After that, Lin Fangliang occasionally brought some information that made Xu Qing feel emotional.

The woman was brought to the government office, and she spoke in incomprehensible language. The county magistrate couldn’t make a decision, so he had to send her up to the higher authorities. This layer by layer transfer eventually sent her to the capital.

During this time, no one knew what had happened, but the woman became pregnant and her belly grew large, causing a stir among the people in the court.

In October, the woman gave birth to a girl who looked just like her. At the time of delivery, there were midwives and court doctors around her.

Unfortunately, the woman died in childbirth, and the baby girl followed her three days later.

When Xu Qing heard the news, he was preparing to make a cotton jacket for Li Changfeng. Although his skills were not as good as those of Xie Ama, he still had some expertise.

The clothes and shoes that Xu family wore were all made by him. Every time he saw his family trying on clothes he made, Xu Qing finally understood what Xie Ama had said – the warmth in the heart came from the clothes he made.

Tuan Tuan was now four years old, and Yuan Yuan was two years old. They were both at a difficult age, but compared to Tuan Tuan, Yuan Yuan had a calmer temperament and was less prone to fuss. Li Changfeng said to let him be.

Li Xiao’er finally had a child. It had been four months, but he still couldn’t let go of his worries. He used to worry about not being able to conceive, but now he worried about whether something might happen again. He didn’t even want to leave the house. Even when he went out into the yard, he was scared. Wang Lei had no choice but to let it be.

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng went to see Li Xiao’er once, but he kept his distance as if he was afraid something might happen. So Xu Qing and Li Changfeng didn’t visit him again, and only planned to congratulate him after the child was born.

Li Laosan’s wife gave birth to another ger, which made Li Ama unhappy. He felt that Li Laosan’s wife was burdening his third son and was afraid that his son might not have an heir. Li Changfeng scolded Li Ama and drove him away, and he never came back again.

“You’re making clothes again.”

Li Changfeng saw Xu Qing busy with his work when he came back from the field.

“Your clothes are all worn out. I’ve patched them up so many times that you can’t even wear them for work. I might as well make a new one.” Xu Qing put away the needle and gave Li Changfeng water to wash the dirt off his hands.

“I’m not afraid of wearing worn out clothes. Let me know what you want to eat for dinner. I’ll make you whatever you want.” Li Changfeng washed his face and leaned in to kiss Xu Qing.

“Father! I saw it!”

“I saw it too!”

Li Changfeng had just finished kissing when he was teased by the two soft childish voices behind him.

Xu Qing chuckled softly. Wasn’t this kind of life wonderful?


Thingyan: Now I see why the reviewers on NU were unsatisfied with the woman’s appearance. It really did not add anything to the story. I thought the author was trying to add another gender to this world, but the woman and both baby girl died?

Anyway, this is the end of the main story. Each of the 3 extras will be released every day for the next three days. They’ll be pw protected, so you won’t see them on NU. Come back to check tomorrow this time around.

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