Chapter 103: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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Xu Qing held Li Changfeng’s hand and softly said, “Thank you.” After a while, Li Changfeng sat up and asked, “What are you doing up?”

Xu Qing was confused, “I have to go back to the village. If Uncle Xie and the others can’t find me, they will worry.”

“Uncle Xie…,” Xu Qing suddenly remembered the collapsed village.

“How many people are left in the village?”

Li Changfeng was puzzled by the question, “What?”

Xu Qing looked at him, “Didn’t the back mountain of the village collapse? How many people are still alive?”

Li Changfeng was stunned and looked at Xu Qing, “Didn’t you go to take shelter with the village head and the others?”

Xu Qing was also stunned, “Shelter?”

After hearing Xu Qing’s puzzled tone, Li Changfeng thought for a moment and understood the situation. He then explained the situation in the village to Xu Qing and finally asked with a helpless and frightened tone, “Why didn’t you go to the town with Xie Ama?”

Xu Qing felt embarrassed. He thought he would be safe because he had his own space, but he never expected so many things to happen.

Seeing Xu Qing’s embarrassed look, Li Changfeng did not inquire further. He reached out his big hand wrapped in white cloth and touched Xu Qing’s hair.

“In any case, fortunately, you’re safe.”

Because he was afraid that Uncle Xie’s family would worry, Li Changfeng let Xu Qing send him out of the space with his injuries.

“It’s not safe to go out so late.”

Xu Qing looked at the dim surroundings and said.

“It’s okay, I…” Li Changfeng was about to say that he would be careful and that nothing would happen, when he heard villagers shouting not far away.

“Changfeng! Li Changfeng!”

“You guys go and check over there, but don’t go too far!”

“That’s Uncle Xie’s voice!”

Li Changfeng looked towards the nearby fire and said, “Let’s go over. Oh, wait for me for a moment.”

Xu Qing thought of Tuan Tuan in the space and immediately went in and brought him out.

“I’ll come with you.”

Li Changfeng picked up Tuan Tuan in his arms, but Xu Qing stopped him, saying, “You have a wound on your hand!”

Li Changfeng grinned, “It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

With that, he held Tuan Tuan in one hand and held Xu Qing’s hand in the other, walking towards the voices.

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“Uncle Xie! We’re here!”

The villagers were naturally surprised and delighted to see Li Changfeng and Xu Qing. Everyone was too busy to console or catch up with each other. Uncle Xie held Tuan Tuan, and Lin Fangliang and Uncle Wu helped Li Changfeng and Xu Qing. They all went back to the village together.

“We’re back! We’re all back!”

Xie Ama and Xie Yu, who had been waiting for Uncle Xie and the others to come back, heard Uncle Xie’s loud voice and immediately opened the courtyard door.

Upon opening the door, they saw Li Changfeng, Xu Qing, and Tuan Tuan in Uncle Xie’s arms.

“Thank goodness! Thank goodness!”

Xie Ama took the sleeping Tuan Tuan and affectionately kissed him.

Xie Yu also went to welcome Xu Qing into the house.

“Thank you all. I’ll come to thank you tomorrow. I’ll invite everyone one day to have a good meal!” Li Changfeng said, bowing to the returning villagers.

“Okay! Get some rest!”

“Let’s go, let’s go.”

After the villagers left, when Uncle Xie closed the courtyard door, he heard someone sighing among the departing people, “Li Changfeng is a righteous man. His house collapsed, and he has nothing, but he still wants to treat us to a meal.”

The person beside him nodded, “But if I found my wife and child, I would be happy enough to forget about my collapsed house.”

Uncle Xie frowned, closed the courtyard door, and walked heavily into the main room.

The room was filled with a new sense of joy, especially Xie Ama, who didn’t know how to describe his own joy.

“I’ll put Tuan Tuan on the bed, Ah Qing, why don’t you come rest with me?” Xie Yu called out.

“Have something to eat first, these few days you haven’t eaten well, you look thin,” Xie Ama said while busy setting up the table.

“You’re so considerate, Ama. I’ll take Tuan Tuan inside first, and then come out to help you with the cooking,” Xie Yu quickly said.

Li Changfeng was indeed a bit hungry. Since he returned to the village this morning, he had only drunk the ginseng soup that Xu Qing had made for him.

At this time, Xu Qing was not sleepy either. After drinking the ginseng soup, he did not feel any stomach pain, so he stayed with the others.

Xie Ama and Xie Yu went to the kitchen to work, leaving the rest in the living room.

Uncle Xie remembered what he had heard when he closed the courtyard gate and spoke up.

“Changfeng, your family has nothing left, but the house can be repaired. Everyone can pitch in to help, it’s not a big deal. But now that you invited the villagers to have a meal … with the money you have in your hands…”

Li Changfeng’s words at the courtyard gate were said after discussing with Xu Qing, so he naturally understood what Uncle Xie wanted to say.

“Don’t worry, I brought everything that needed to be brought when I left,” including pots and pans!

However, Uncle Xie and Lin Fangliang thought that he was only talking about the money, so they were also relieved.

After eating, Lin Fangliang treated Li Changfeng’s wounds, and everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng slept in the guest room of the Xie family. Li Changfeng fell asleep, but Xu Qing was still awake.

So much had happened in these few days, and Xu Qing silently analyzed his actions.

He was too complacent. Even with the space, he couldn’t survive back in the apocalypse. Why did he think he would be fine now?

If he had followed Xie Ama and left, Li Changfeng would not have been injured.

Xu Qing turned his head and looked at Li Changfeng’s profile, then reached out and touched his cheeks.

“I’m sorry, and thank you. I love you.”

The next day, when Li Changfeng woke up, there was no one beside him. As he walked, his wound still gave him bursts of pain, causing him to furrow his brows. He opened the door and the dazzling sunlight pierced his eyes. Li Changfeng covered his eyes with his hand and took a while to adjust. The sun was up.

“Are you awake? Go wash your face and come eat. We’ve been keeping the food warm in the pot, afraid you might go hungry,” Xie Ama said cheerfully, in a good mood.

“Okay. And where is Ah Qing and Tuan Tuan?” Li Changfeng asked, no longer beating around the bush as he washed his face and didn’t hear their voices.

“They went out for a walk with Xiao Yu. It’s a rare sunny day, and they’re all sunbathing outside,” Xie Ama said as he quickly cleaned up the yard.

“Oh, and the morning meeting is being held today. You didn’t get called because of your injury, but you Uncle Xie went. You can just ask him about it later,” he added.

Li Changfeng nodded and limped to the courtyard gate. It wasn’t until he saw Xu Qing and his son outside that he felt relieved and settled down to eat breakfast.

It was almost noon when Xie Uncle returned.

“The village head said that the court has allocated funds to provide relief supplies for the homeless, so rebuilding houses won’t be too difficult for you guys,” Uncle xie said excitedly, with a hint of redness on his face.

“Plus, the mountain behind our village has fallen down, and almost every household in the village has some damage, so the village head said that our relief supplies will be more than double that of Anle Village and Jixiang Village!” Lin Fangliang was also a bit excited when he heard this news.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing smiled at each other, “Okay, then tonight we’ll borrow your kitchen Xie Ama, let’s make a feast for everyone. Let our fellow villagers come and celebrate this good news, and also thank everyone for saving our lives!”

“Great! Great!” Uncle Xie no longer worried about the Xu family would be lacking money and clapped his hands in agreement.

On that evening, a festive gathering was held in the village. The air was filled with happiness and optimism, as the people saw it as their chance to survive.

Xu Qing specially let the donkey and Xiao Bao out to wander around the Xu family’s back mountain. After they were “discovered” by someone, they were led to Xie’s house to be kept safe.

Over the following days, officials came to Xingfu Village one after another to inspect the disaster and determine the severity of the situation. It wasn’t until everyone in the village received their rightful compensation that they came to a realization that the disaster was truly real.

With the money in hand, the men in the village became motivated and began helping to rebuild houses for their fellow villagers. The village head arranged for the homes of those without shelter to be built first.

There were a total of nine houses, including Xu Qing’s, that were too damaged to live in. As a result, their houses were among the first to be rebuilt.

At night, Xu Qing looked at the stars outside and thought about something he had been considering for the past few days. “Changfeng, should we move over here?”

“Hmm?” Li Changfeng lowered his head to look at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing raised his head. “Move into the village, be neighbors with Xie Ama and the others.”

Li Changfeng thought for a moment and nodded. “Sure, when the kids are older, it’ll be good for them to have more playmates. It’ll also be nice to have more people around to help watch them.”

“This time we’ll definitely build a room specifically for selling groceries, and we’ll lower the prices by two coins as a way of thanking our fellow villagers. Is that okay with you?”

Li Changfeng laughed and said, “Of course, you’re in charge of the house, and I’ll work hard.” As he spoke, he leaned over to Xu Qing’s ear and said something with a mischievous smile.

Xu Qing’s ears reddened. “Don’t be silly.”

“Okay, I won’t be silly. But I might be later.”

Li Changfeng buried his head in Xu Qing’s neck and responded in a muffled voice.

Xu Qing looked at the roof, held Li Changfeng tightly, and closed his eye. He thought inwardly, “Tomorrow will be better than today.”

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Building houses was a major project, especially with so many houses needing to be rebuilt in the village. Construction began at the end of May and continued until September, when all of the houses in the village were repaired or rebuilt.

On August 15th, Xu Qing gave birth to a boy. Although he wasn’t as chubby as Tuan Tuan when he was born, Lin Fangliang examined him and found that he was very healthy. The child was surnamed Li after Li Changfeng and named Li Yukun. He had experienced the flood, so he had the character for “rain” in his name, and his nickname was Yuan Yuan.


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