Chapter 99: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


The village head was stunned after hearing this news. The person in front of him was shaking and could hardly speak clearly.

“Back mountain, the stone on the top of the back mountain, cruhed the Xu family, Xu family, three people!”

Upon hearing this news, Second Wei wife’s vision blurred and he could hardly stand. Uncle Wei next to him held him up, feeling uneasy as three lives were at stake.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and come with me to rescue them! Dead or alive, we have to find them!” Village head’s expression was extremely grim. Not only had several lives been lost in the village under his jurisdiction, but also he didn’t know what trouble the notorious Li Changfeng might cause when he came back.

“I’m going too!” Second Wei’s wife stood up straight and said.

“What are you talking about? You still have a baby in your belly! I’ll go. You stay here and take care of yourself!” Uncle Wei pulled on his coat and grabbed an umbrella, following Village head and the others. As Uncle Xie was not in the village, Uncle Wei felt guilty and regretful if anything happened to Xu Qing. Why didn’t he pay more attention to him?

“That child had only just begun to enjoy a good life for two years, and now this… sigh.” The elderly person left in the village let out a sigh.

“Exactly, and there’s an unborn child too, such a tragedy.”

For a moment, even the mother who held him deceased child could not express the overwhelming emotions in his heart. Despite being poor, they often bought good food from the Xu family, who would always give them extra. How could such a good person be gone so suddenly?

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Before they even arrived at the Xu family’s house, they could see that things weren’t looking good. Several large rocks were pressed onto the roof, causing it to collapse, and several trees were uprooted and piled on top. If anyone was still alive under all that, it would be a miracle.

The group stood in front of the devastated Xu family home, with the sound of thundering rain in their ears. Some wiped their faces, unsure if it was rain or tears.


A black dog covered in mud and dirt from the rain howled mournfully on the hill across from the Xu family’s house. Not far behind the dog was a donkey licking its front hoof, which had been cruhed by the falling debris.

But with the rain pouring down so hard, they couldn’t hear the voice of Xiao Bao calling out for help from somewhere in the rubble.

“Village head, this rock is too big, it’s crushing the house…”

Wei Ama looked over and recognized the house as the one where Xu Qing and Li Changfeng lived. He couldn’t control his emotions any longer and began to cry.

Village head rubbed his eyes and stared at the massive boulder in front of him for a long time before saying, “Let’s go back.”

“Village head! Look! Look!”

A villager pointed frantically to the rocks on the mountain behind the Xu’s house. Even from this distance, it was clear that they were about to come crushing down.

“Quick! Quick! Let’s go back to the village!”

Upon seeing the situation, the village leader immediately gathered everyone and returned to the village. As soon as they left, a black dog and a limping donkey arrived at the Xu family house and squatted down in front of the giant stone.

Second Wei’s wife waiting for the news from the village head and his team. When they returned, he noticed Wei Ama’s swollen eyes and no sign of Xu Qing or his family. He immediately understood what had happened.

“There’s no other way, the giant stone is on the Xu’s house. I’m afraid…,” Uncle Wei said, his eyes starting to water again.

“Quickly, pack your things! Everyone, follow me! The mountain behind the village won’t hold for much longer! Hurry, if you want to survive, don’t just stand there!” Wei Ama shouted, trembling with fear.

“Listen up, everyone! Our ancestors once survived a flood! The terrain there is high! Children on the back, the elderly supported! We’ll leave in fifteen minutes!” the village head shouted to the villagers.

“Oh my God!”

“Quickly go! Go back and get things!”

“Don’t bring too much, you can’t carry it all! Hurry!”

At that moment, everyone started to panic and flee back home, frantically packing up their belongings.

After everyone finihed packing, they followed Village head and left together, holding umbrellas, supporting the elderly, carrying children, and somberly looking back at their homes.

“Let’s go.”

Not long after Village head and his group left, Xie Ama and Wu family ruhed back to the village by donkey cart to get their things, only to find an empty and deserted village.

“Don’t panic! Look, this is the mark left by Village head!” Wu Ama grabbed Xie Ama who was in a panic.

Xie Ama took a look and indeed, it was the mark that had been passed down for generations in their village, used to remind villagers of something important.

“Maybe Village head was afraid that the village was not safe, so he went to a safer place. Look at the footprints here!”

Xie Ama took a look, but still felt uneasy in his heart. “I’ll go check on Ah Qing in the back mountain.”

As Xie Ama took two steps forward, the two of them heard something sliding down.

Wu Ama was startled by the sound and quickly pulled Xie Ama. “Hurry! The mountain behind the village might collapse!”

As the two of them ruhed to the end of the village, Wu Ama mounted the cart and hurried in the direction they came from.

“But I haven’t seen Ah Qing yet!” Xie Ama sat in the cart, looking back repeatedly.

“Don’t worry! Village head will definitely bring Ah Qing with him. Don’t forget he’s pregnant and also carrying a child. If he forgets Ah Qing, Li Changfeng won’t let him off easily!” Wu Ama’s words made sense, and Xie Ama felt reassured.

After the cart had traveled a certain distance, they heard a thunderous rumble behind them. The small hill behind the village collapsed and landed right on top of it.

The donkey was startled and lifted its front hooves, causing Xie Ama and Wu Ama to fall to the ground. The donkey ran away in a panic.

“Come back! Come back!”

Wu Ama struggled to get up, covered in mud, yelling at the direction the donkey was running, but still unable to stop the donkey’s escape.

“The village is gone,” Xie Ama muttered, standing up and looking behind him.

Wu Ama looked back and felt a sense of dread. If they had stayed there any longer, they might have become wandering spirits.

In the ruins of Xu’s house, Xiao Bao sniffed around, and the donkey lay dejectedly on the ground, injured and lacking energy.

As Xiao Bao was about to return to where he was lying down, Xu Qing suddenly appeared holding Tuan Tuan. His face was somewhat pale and Tuan Tuan was awake. Although he opened the umbrella he was holding to shield them from the rain, their clothes still got wet.

Xiao Bao saw Xu Qing and immediately wagged his tail happily, running over to him and spinning around. The donkey also lifted its head and called out to Xu Qing.

“Good boy,” Xu Qing said, reaching out to touch Xiao Bao. Feeling the wetness of its fur, he frowned and turned his hand, pulling out a bottle.

Xiao Bao looked at Xu Qing with shining eyes and sat obediently, allowing Xu Qing to feed it some spiritual water.

After Xiao Bao drank it, Xu Qing went to the donkey’s side, pouring some spiritual water on its broken leg and feeding it some as well before putting the bottle back in his pocket.

“Ama, house!” Tuan Tuan sat on Xu Qing’s shoulder, looking at the collapsed house behind them.

Xu Qing suppressed the dizziness in his head, stood up, and patted Tuan Tuan gently.

“It’s okay. As long as your dad and I are here, we have a home.”

When he was holding Tuan Tuan last night, he was too anxious and might have caused a miscarriage. The temperature in the space was too low, so he covered himself and Tuan Tuan with the quilt. He still felt uncomfortable even after drinking the spiritual water.

Xu Qing looked at his house and realized they couldn’t stay there. He was afraid that something might fall on him and his family. He thought about going to the nearby village, but…

Xu Qing looked towards the village in the distance and was shocked to see that the back mountain of the village had collapsed! This was alarming!

Xu Qing hurriedly took Tuan Tuan and headed towards the village, but he stopped after taking only two steps. He saw another pile of debris fall from the opposite mountain.

Xu Qing couldn’t take the risk, as he had to take care of Tuan Tuan and the baby in his belly.

His pant leg was tugged, and Xu Qing lowered his head to see that Xiao Bao was biting his pant leg. When Xiao Bao saw Xu Qing looking at it, it immediately let go and walked a few steps towards the direction of the forest in the back mountain. When Xu Qing didn’t follow, Xiao Bao came back and bit his pant leg again.

Xu Qing had an idea and followed Xiao Bao, with the donkey following behind him.

The sky was getting dark, and it was raining again. Xu Qing had to carry Tuan Tuan up the mountain with difficulty. His face grew paler and he stopped to take a sip of water from his bottle before continuing.

He couldn’t stop at the bottom of the mountain as the temperature there was lower than outside. Even if he could endure it, Tuan Tuan might not. He had to go higher to make plans.

Xiao Bao led the way, and they finally stopped in the middle of the back mountain. Xu Qing’s clothes were wet from the branches along the way. There were mostly tall trees here, and they hadn’t seen many other living creatures along the way.

Xu Qing stopped in front of a cave, which was pitch-black inside. Xiao Bao went in and looked around before coming out and barking twice in front of Xu Qing.

Xu Qing carried Tuan Tuan, who had already fallen asleep, into the cave. The temperature inside the cave was warmer, and Xu Qing didn’t smell any other animal’s scent. He lit a match, and the scene inside the cave gradually became visible.

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Xu Qing was about to put Tuan Tuan down when Xiao Bao didn’t stop and went straight to the deepest part of the cave. Xu Qing was confused but he still followed.

There was a narrow path after a narrow path, and then a bigger cave. There was a small hole in the cave, which seemed to lead to the outside. However, it was not flooded with water despite the heavy rain outside. Xu Qing could only hear the sound of rain outside.

As there was light coming from the hole, Xu Qing put out the match. Xiao Bao lay down in the cave and began licking its wet fur. Xu Qing took out a blanket from his space and temporarily put Tuan Tuan on it, covering him with the blanket.


Thingyan: The Xu family donkey is the real case of winning by hugging the protagonist’s thick thighs lol


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