Ch 23: TGCIR

After receiving the daily task reward, Shen Cheng spent 160RMB to buy the acceleration with a heavy heart. After closing the game, she looked at her simple room and felt a little bit heartbroken.

It was like returning from a fairytale world to reality. The momentary gap made her feel empty inside.

Looking back, she seemed to have spent so much money playing games for the first time – adding up to 261 yuan so far, enough for a week’s food expenses.

Although the game experience was great, both the characters and the plot made her feel the joy of earning game coins and the fun of helping her cub, but if she spent money at this rate… Shen Cheng was sure she would go bankrupt in real life.

It was impossible not to play the game, and it was impossible to make the cub suffer.

She didn’t want to give up the game like that. For some reason, after watching the Tenglong Base, Shen Cheng suddenly felt that she had a responsibility for her own cub – whether he could live well, whether he would always live in the darkness like the ordinary people in Tenglong Base, all depended on the degree of participation of his own mother.

Shen Cheng wanted to see him grow up, to know the story behind his occasional expressions of melancholy, hesitation, and fatigue, to soothe his sadness, and to watch him achieve a successful life in the game.

However… she needed a lot of money.

She couldn’t save any more, the only way might be to start her own business.

But how?

Shen Cheng researched for a long time until she saw a news story: the country has opened up street stalls!

Shen Cheng suddenly remembered the small stalls she saw in Tenglong Base in the game.


Li Weilan felt his sleeve being pulled again.

His originally irritable and gloomy mood almost instantly turned bright.

Where was she going?

Feeling her light and slightly excited tentative tug, like a little girl, Li Weilan’s mouth unconsciously broke into a smile.

She wants to go for a walk on the street?

But didn’t they just go out during the day?

Li Weilan was a little puzzled in his heart, but still followed her intentions and walked into the night market.

The street market of Tenglong Base is more lively at night than during the day.

Shen Cheng thought for a moment and guessed the reason: the ability users in Tenglong Base had to go out with the team during the day to kill zombies and collect crystal nuclei, or work in their own respective departments. At night, the zombies became particularly active, and the overall dark environment was unfriendly to humans, so they naturally returned to the base to recharge.

This point is completely logical.

She didn’t expect that a mere game would have such meticulous details! No wonder it’s a five-star rated game!

This thought flashed through Shen Cheng’s mind, and she blinked her eyes, suddenly feeling a strong sense of immersion: the immersion of this game comes from its details, and perhaps the reason why people like her who usually play games for free cannot help but spend money is not only because of the exquisite characters, but also because of the world behind the story, which is so meticulously crafted that every detail is seamless.

Shen Cheng enthusiastically pulled Li Weilan and carefully looked at each stall.

This time, unlike during the day, she was not just thinking about buying, but observing the vendors from another perspective.

For example…how do they call out to sell their products?

And what do they sell, which stalls have the best business?

Her perspective was limited to one or two meters in front and behind Li Weilan, and Shen Cheng often had to look carefully for a while and then pull his sleeves. The little guy in her phone screen was obedient and considerate, following her every whim, even for these trivial requests such as asking him to step back two steps and walk forward two steps.

Shen Cheng looked at the system’s introduction to the items on the stall while feeling particularly warm in her heart: her family’s little cub is really well-behaved. Mother will definitely spend a little more money on you!

Li Weilan, who was being pulled by her, could feel that she was particularly focused this time.

During the day, she was more urging him to buy, but this time, she seemed to be curiously and attentively observing every detail on this street.

She stayed at two stalls longer than the others.

Are these two stalls special?

Li Weilan frowned slightly.

The first stall sells fruit: it displays some cut and fresh-looking fruits on its chopping board. Some girls with abilities who pass by usually buy one – the price tag is clearly displayed on each fruit, with only two prices – 5 credit points and 10 credit points.

Li Weilan’s shrewd brain almost instantly calculated the profits in it.

But even if there is profit, for someone who can easily give herself a hundred thousand credit points, such a small profit is nothing!

Or is it because she just craves for it and wants to have one?

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Yes, this “Guardian Angel” has only spoken once, but from her voice, she is still a young girl. Li Weilan thought that those who are less sensitive to prices are mostly women, and thought he had figured something out.

Without hesitation, he said to the man behind the stall, “Give me one with 10 credit points.”

“……?” Shen Cheng looked at Li Weilan, who bought a 10-credit-point fruit but didn’t eat it, and held it in his hand for a long time. A strange smile appeared on her face.

“…” Where did the energy go that you didn’t buy anything during the day, but smiling so strangely after buying a fruit?

Forget it, if Zaizai wants to buy it, let him buy it.

Shen Cheng didn’t take this little episode to heart, thinking that her cub was tired from walking and craving for food. She turned her gaze to the stall across the street: both stalls sell clothes, but one obviously has more customers than the other, while the other can be said to have no customers at all.

The stall owner who has no customers is yelling loudly, and Shen Cheng sees a small bubble popping up on her head every second, and sweat is dripping off her face, but the goods in front of her do not seem to be reduced at all. The other stall that is always busy, on the other hand, has only half of its clothes left.

Why is it like this?

Shen Cheng put her finger on the items they sell.

Cleaned down jackets】

Cleaned woolen coats】

Cleaned fur coats】

This is the merchandise of the person who sells well. Her prices are also particularly cheap, with one item costing only about 5 credit points. Shen Cheng was quite curious about the prefix of these goods, and after thinking about it, she didn’t quite understand why the game had to specially bolded the three words “cleaned.”

“Their clothes…” bubbles popped up over Li Weilan’s head. “They’re all taken from dead bodies and cleaned up.”

Perhaps realizing her confusion, Li Weilan suddenly whispered something.

“!!!” Shen Cheng was stunned.

She turned her gaze to the other booth.

The same clothing was twice the price of this booth.

Perhaps for people in the game world, whether or not the clothes had been worn by dead people was not important. What was important was the scarcity of credit points, so the system particularly emphasized the three words “cleaned.”

For some reason, Shen Cheng’s mood was a little down.

However, she really couldn’t do this business of selling clothes. The reason she could make a fortune in the game world was mainly because there was almost no manufacturing industry for humans after the apocalypse.

With no new production on one side and the needs of the living on the other, surviving humans would naturally not be as picky as they were when resources were abundant. Even if the clothes had been worn by dead people, as long as they were warm and good enough, they would buy them.

Comparing it this way, the business of the fruit she had just seen…seemed more suitable!

Shen Cheng thought for a moment. She had originally wanted to drag Li Weilan along to take a closer look, but Li Weilan had already turned and entered a small alleyway next to them that seemed to have few people. He put down the small fruit box in the dark and smiled lightly at the empty space where no one was there. Another speech bubble appeared over his head: “Do you want to eat it? This is the one I bought for you.”

He stood quietly in the dark alley, looking at the fruit that had yet to move, and did not feel disappointed. He just smiled slightly and turned around. “I left it here, you can take it yourself. Don’t envy them. Whatever you want, I’ll buy it for you.”

“???” Mom….can’t eat it.

Shen Cheng widened her eyes and only heard her heart pounding at that moment. She almost felt her face burning hot in an instant. She touched it and found that it was flushed. Was her son too good at teasing her?

But after a few minutes, that heartbeat turned into a sour satisfaction: she was not as good as her cub. Her cub would spend money on her without hesitation, but she even felt reluctant to spend 1 yuan initially!

“Ah, mom is sorry!”

Li Weilan quietly glanced at the corner of the wall, smiled slightly, and turned to leave.

Shen Cheng, on the other hand, was reluctant to leave, and the camera kept focusing on the fruit box in the dark.

Not long after, a teenager with cat ears suddenly appeared from the darkness, he looked around cautiously and then quickly grabbed the fruit box on the ground and ran away, his agile figure melting into the shadows at the end of the street.

“!!! “That was a gift my cub gave me! Put it down! Thief!”

“Who let you take it?”

Shen Cheng widened her eyes. She was sure that her cub was talking to the empty air just now. Who was this wild child who would steal things like that? What’s worse, he didn’t even say thank you!

Ah, poor me, growing up to this age, I received a gift from my cub for the first time!

But a few minutes later, Shen Cheng’s sadness had not subsided yet, while Li Weilan appeared with a dark face, dragging the cat-eared teenager to the end of the alley.

He angrily asked, “Who let you take it?”

“Isn’t it you?” The cat-eared teenager kept talking with a mouthful of food, red liquid flowing down his mouth, “You just told me not to envy others!”

“… “Li Weilan was speechless for the first time.

He looked at the empty air and gradually became sad.

Looking back at the cat-eared teenager, he felt a little disgusted.

“Hey hey hey, big brother, don’t go!” The teenager grabbed his hand, “You promised to buy me something! Take me with you!”

“??? “

Both the person in front of the phone and the person inside the phone showed the same expression of having a headache at the same time.


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