You are such a good person


Bai Cheng rejected Mo Li, looked down at his toes, and knew in his heart what Mo Li wanted to tell him.

He recalled the complicated expression on the worker’s face when he mentioned the word “regret” just now. Bai Cheng was touched and a little sad.

“I know that if I drop out now, I will regret it in the future.” He looked up at Mo Li, tucked his hands into his pockets, took a few steps, and stopped, “I also want to go to school, but—”

“Since you want to, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Mo Li’s temper came up. He was afraid of scaring Bai Cheng, so he tried his best to restrain his emotions. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He raised his hand and pressed it on Bai Cheng’s shoulder with control, but Bai Cheng still stumbled back half a step and leaned against the brick wall behind him.

Both of them were wearing navy blue and white school uniforms, and they were about the same height. From a distance, it looked like Mo Li was fighting with Bai Cheng.

A few passersby stopped subconsciously and walked around them.

Seeing Bai Cheng looking up at himself, Mo Li’s hand was a little heavier, he squeezed Bai Cheng’s shoulder tightly, and gritted his teeth: “If you are short of money, you just come to my house every night, help me clean the house, and I will take care of your dinner. I’ll pay you five hundred a day.”

Five hundred a day is not a small number for Bai Cheng, his eyes moved slightly, and he heard Mo Li continued: “If you are worried about your studies, I will tutor you, I will change teachers for you, and I can help you with anything you need! You! Just what are you worried about?”

Seeing Bai Cheng swallowed and a little shaken. Mo Li lowered his head and touched Bai Cheng’s forehead lightly, “Bai Cheng, you have to be responsible to me.”

Bai Cheng suddenly looked at Mo Li with a blank expression, what did he say?

He saw Mo Li pursed the corner of his lower lip, and said with gritted his teeth: “I promised the head teacher that you will be in the top three in the first examination, you can treat my kindness as a donkey’s liver and lungs, but you can’t be so irresponsible. As soon as you leave and don’t go to school, everyone will laugh at me!”

Someone as soft-hearted as Bai Cheng would be embarrassed to drop out of school after hearing this.

In order to make Bai Cheng go to school with peace of mind, Mo Li had used all the hard and soft methods. If Bai Cheng was still stubborn after all this, don’t blame him for being ruthless.

That was to say, he had the patience to face Bai Cheng. If anything, he would just directly put pressure on people and the school. When the time comes, who would dare to agree to Bai Cheng’s application to drop out.

Even if he forced him, it was for Bai Cheng to go to school with peace of mind.

Fortunately, when Bai Cheng heard that he would cause trouble for Mo Li, he lowered his head to hold his forehead and shook his head with guilt: “No way, how can I get into the top three in the exam? I just listened to the teacher in class now. I couldn’t understand and i couldn’t keep up.”

But he couldn’t think of any way to save Mo Li’s face. If he really walked away like Mo Li said, Mo Li would be laughed at by others.

“As long as you study well, I guarantee you will get good grades.” Mo Li patted him on the shoulder and looked at him with confidence. His tone was earnest and heartfelt, “You have to trust me.”

Silently waiting for Bai Cheng to give the final answer, he heard the sound of a sprinkler coming from the road behind him. Mo Li glanced back and took out the school uniform jacket from his backpack. He pulled the zipper down and covered his and Bai Cheng’s heads with the it.

He could smell the disinfectant in the air around his nose. Mo Li didn’t like the smell, but at this moment, only Bai Cheng’s handsome and tender face was left in his eyes. He wanted to take a bite.

Fortunately, Bai Cheng couldn’t see through his thoughts as he was still thinking about the last sentence Mo Li just said. Finally making up his mind, he looked up at Mo Li and said: “I trust you, and I’ll be responsible for you.”

In fact, Bai Cheng was responding to Mo Li’s previous words, and he didn’t think much about it until he said it out loud. Why did it come out so strange?

Only then did he realize that the surrounding light was blocked and dimmed, and the atmosphere was a little weird.

His head was still covered with Mo Li’s jacket, and he could smell Mo Li’s comfortable and clean scent when he raised his head slightly.

Awkwardly, he stretched out his hand and pulled the jacket down and stuffed it back to Mo Li. He glanced at the other party and mumbled, “It’s just a sprinkler…”

Using a piece of clothing to block some water mists, sure enough, people from a big city acted more lavishly.

After such an interruption, Mo Li reluctantly took back his lust. He missed the feeling of holding Bai Cheng who was wearing nothing, and hugged the school uniform tightly, intending to send Bai Cheng back.

“Are you still going to drop out?” He glanced at Bai cheng absent-mindedly, and said casually, “If not, come to my house tomorrow night.”

“Five hundred a day is too much.” Bai Cheng didn’t refuse, walked beside Mo Li, and looked at him honestly: “You have already agree to let me have dinner, the money is…”

“Then two hundred, it can’t be any less.” Mo Li interrupted him and sighed. Others can’t wait to get more money, but Bai Cheng is stupid.

In the last life, the pair of rings for the two of them were bought by Bai Cheng.

Seeing Mo Li’s expression of impatient discussing this, Bai Cheng couldn’t say more, so he could only thank him again, except that he didn’t know what to talk to Mo Li.

Mo Li didn’t like to see his polite appearance. He was a little impulsive just now. At this moment, his desire and dissatisfaction were inevitably obvious, he pouted and said: “don’t say thank you. You said before that you want to repay me. Since you don’t want to pay with your flesh, then I just need you to study hard.”

Feeling that he was speaking in a tone like that of an old man, Mo Li was even more annoyed. For the current Bai Cheng, his mental age combined can be Bai Cheng’s father.

Damn it, wouldn’t that make him an old cow gnawing on tender grass.

Bai Cheng didn’t know what Mo Li was struggling with. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He looked at Mo Li’s strange expression and thought that he had encountered something difficult. After thinking about it, he asked, “You said you came here for one person, did you find that person? ?”

“I found him.” Mo Li gave him a gloomy look.

“How is he now?” Bai Cheng asked hastily.

Mo Li glanced at him again with that complicated and weird expression before saying, “he’s much worse than I thought, I really don’t know how he would be without me—”

After speaking, he stopped. Seeing that Bai Cheng’s attitude towards him was less alienated and closer, Mo Li also relaxed and said: “But fortunately I know now, what do you think of me?”

“Ah?” Bai Cheng looked at Mo Li and said as best as he could, “You are a good person, are all people in big cities the same as you?”

“Good person?” Mo Li raised his eyebrows.

Bai Cheng nodded and muttered in a low voice, “It was just a funny and bluffing thing to say about paying with flesh and whatnot. You’re not that kind of person.”

Hearing this, Mo Li was suddenly choked, and was embarrassed to say that he did exactly this to Bai Cheng in his previous life. Even now, he was also greedy for Bai Cheng.


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