Aren’t You Just a Child?

I want to change the head teacher

Everyone looked in the direction Mo Li pointed, and they saw the head teacher with a frightened face.

Liu Chao was about to break out in a cold sweat. Could it be that Mo Li wanted to arrest the head teacher as well?

“I, what did I do?!” The head teacher never thought that the fire could burn his head, he cried out in panic, for fear that he would also be charged with some unwarranted crime. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Seeing how Mo Li dealt with Xu Zhiyuan just now, it subverted his three views. At the same time, Mo Li was no different from the devil in the eyes of everyone.

“Didn’t the teacher always think that Xu Jia was right, and that it was Bai Cheng who was wrong?” Mo Li turned around and said.

He could see that the overall attitude of the class had a lot to do with the inaction of the head teacher.

The head teacher’s face turned pale, and he wasn’t the only one who thought so. Many teachers felt that Bai Cheng was a muddy mess and couldn’t support the wall.

Seeing Mo Li staring at her, he was really scared. Xu Zhiyuan could be taken away just like that, and it would be much easier to deal with ordinary people like him.

He still had his wife, children, and family, so he couldn’t afford to be slandered in such a vague way!

“What’s wrong with this? I’m also an ordinary person. What if I want to be nice to students who study well?” The head teacher gritted his teeth and said, “If Bai Cheng was a good student, I would have protected him well no matter what others say.”

The average grades of the entire class would always be lowered because of Bai Cheng, deterring the head teacher from getting bonuses. He didn’t like Bai Cheng and wanted Bai Cheng to leave his class. Was that a problem?

Hearing this, Bai Cheng’s light-brown eyes dimmed a little, he knew that his studies were really bad, he was a hindrance to the class, and the teachers were disappointed in him.

Since the accident at home, he became more and more unable to concentrate on his studies. After missing one or two lessons in high school, all the courses were out of touch. At first, he still had the energy to ask the teacher. Later, he fought with Xu Jia, and everyone came to be aware that his father was a murderer.

From then on, the classmates avoided him, and the teachers looked at him in a strange way. He seldom talked to people, and after that, he didn’t even want to go to school anymore, so there was no need to listen in the class.

“Are they not your student if they don’t study well?” Mo Li suddenly stood up and said sharply.

At this moment, he couldn’t wait to cover Bai Cheng’s ears and not let him listen to such hurtful words. He confronted the head teacher directly, even if he was just a student, his tall body was still extremely oppressive.

The head teacher was not even taller than his chin, he raised his head and took a step back, gritted his teeth and said: “Mo Li, don’t try to put any trumped-up charges on me, don’t think you can do whatever you want, this is a society ruled by law!”

As he said that, he quietly took out his mobile phone and planned to record it. If there was public opinion on the Internet to protect him, he would be fine!

However, Mo Li easily grabbed his struggling hand and said lightly, “What do you think I’m going to do?”

The head teacher’s face turned completely pale, Mo Li had the same flat expression when dealing with Xu Zhiyuan just now.

“Young Master Mo…” Liu Chao couldn’t help but want to say something nice for the head teacher, but he felt that it was not good to get involved in this matter. What if he got caught up in the fire? Is his position as the dean of education would be in danger then?

Bai Cheng grabbed Mo Li’s arm at this time, pursed his lips, and said with worry hidden in his eyes: “Don’t do it.”

No matter how powerful Mo Li was, as a student, he shouldn’t hit the teacher.

Mo Li could tell what Bai Cheng was worried about with just one glance. He raised his hand and rubbed it on Bai Cheng’s head, then pushed it back before looking back at the head teacher and said: “Did you see that Bai Cheng, who has always been hated by you, thinks that I shouldn’t do anything to you because you are a teacher, but when did you treat Bai Cheng as your own student?”

As he said that, he let go of the head teacher’s hand, turned around and pointed behind him: “If the teacher only looks at the grades, why do we need to sit in this classroom?”

The head teacher was reprimanded in public like this, he gritted his teeth, and wanted to refute, but he heard Mo Li continued: “Don’t say anything about you would have protected him if he was a good student. You’re just giving excuses.”

The clam voice was more humiliating than a roar, the head teacher clenched his fists and bit his lower lip in shame.

He was a teacher, what qualifications does a student have to make irresponsible remarks about him?

Worrying that if he couldn’t rebut Mo Li, he would really lose his job, so he took a deep breath and raised his head to glare at Bai Cheng: “I don’t think I did anything wrong. I didn’t see any self-motivation in Bai Cheng. His stay in the classroom was just a waste of teaching resources and affecting other students!”

Bai Cheng only felt that the head teacher’s eyes were piercing his heart like knives. He looked away, knowing that he would not make any big scene, he lowered his eyelids and said, “I aready planned to—”

“Then I want to show you that in the first-level examination of senior year, Bai Cheng can be in the top three in the class by his own strength.”

Mo Li interrupted Bai Cheng directly, staring at the head teacher.

When the head teacher heard this, he almost laughed out loud, what a joke, the person who was last in class for so long would get the top three in their top class?

Looking at Mo Li up and down, he thought that the other party was still just a child, and it really was impulsive.

“Mo Li!” Bai Cheng was also stunned, he nervously grabbed Mo Li’s arm and said, “What are you talking about?”

Mo Li pressed his hand to reassure him, turned back to the principal and spoke lightly: “Didn’t I say there would be punishment before? Let’s change our class teacher.”

Hearing that it was just a change of head teacher, the principal and the others all breathed a sigh of relief, and even the head teacher smiled as if he had survived the catastrophe.

“Okay, change it today, change it today.” The folds on Liu Cha’s face were all connected together. Neither he nor the principal thought that this matter would be solved so easily. They were excited to say the least.

Seeing that it was all right, the head teacher seemed to be able to save a little face in front of the students, and snorted softly: “Okay, I’m going to see how you can get Bai Cheng to the top three in the test, but don’t get caught for cheating.”

“If he could, remember to apologize to Bai Cheng.”

Mo Li didn’t care about the knife in his words and said directly to the head teacher.

He then turned around and pulled Bai Cheng back to his seat. They had been arguing for so long today and haven’t even finish the afternoon class.

When the principal and others saw the situation subsided, they quickly left, but Chu Yawen came over and patted Bai Cheng on the shoulder, as if she believed that he could get good grades in the test and said, “You got this! If you don’t understand, just come ask me.”

Chu Yawen was a new teacher who only joined last year. She looked very young and had a good energy. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Bai Cheng was very obedient when he was in front of Chu Yawen. He nodded solemnly. He couldn’t say the words that he wanted to drop out of school.

Mo Li on the side didn’t hate Chu Yawen, but Bai Cheng’s embarrassed look with his head bowed, caused him to clenched his teeth in jealousy.

As soon as Chu Yawen left, Mo Li’s true nature was revealed. He lifted Bai Cheng’s chin to make him look at himself.

“Look at me.”


Sandy: Wish I was in that class to see some action like that.



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