Chapter 31: The Culinary Tycoon

Oden and the Day of the Gers

Sure enough, when they opened the stall early the next morning, Boss Liu came over to look for Yu Qingze with a plate covered with a lid.

Yu Qingze raised his eyebrows: “Boss Liu, have you made it?”

Boss Liu nodded and said, “You know?”

Yu Qingze lifted the lid, and there was some Liangpi neatly placed on the plate. It looked like it was freshly made as it was still hot.

Yu Qingze sighed and said, “I knew that nothing could stop you, Boss Liu.”

Boss Liu succeeded in making Liangpi. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He was very happy, but he maintained a serious expression on his face and said humbly, “I just thought of it all of a sudden.

“Then your noodle restaurant can offer one more food item, which is good.” The gouging at the corner of your mouth leaked your emotions, so yeah, continue pretending!

Boss Liu shook his head and said, “I won’t sell it at my restaurant.”

Yu Qingze raised his eyebrows.

Boss Liu continued, “I just want to know how to make it, not to steal your business. Besides, you taught us a lot of ways to stir-fry noodles.”

You are right. Yu Qingze smiled and said, “Thank you, Boss Liu.”

Boss Liu shook his head and said, “It is I who should be thanking you.”

On the other side, when Yu Qingze and the others left the stall, Grandpa Chang made a special trip to his younger son Chang Sheng’s house. The following paragraphs will not be of the culinary tycoon. In order to continue reading the real chapter, please go down the page until you see the image of a lantern and click on that image. Stop reading now. Wang Qinxue ignored what the other two roommates kept saying he was stupid.

He simply sorted out two pieces of his own clothes before going out to the airport.

The other two had no choice but to ask for a day off for him. Fortunately, he only asked for a day off, and the department has not been busy recently, so the head of the department approved it easily. He only told Wang Qinxue to come back to the company on time, and he also revealed that he had the opportunity to become a full-time employee in this position.

Wang Qinxue was sitting in the taxi and texting his parents, thinking that he had never been back during the summer vacations, so it would be nice to take a look back this time. Both his parents only switched to the current model of smartphone half a year ago, and they are not used to it, so they usually respond slowly to messages. They were also reluctant to spend more money and generally would not open the data network during the day.

Wang Qinxue waited for a while without a reply, and was not in a hurry. He put down his phone and narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly, the body of the taxi swirled in a circle, and almost threw the defenseless Wang Qinxue out of the back seat. The driver was also startled and yelled at the outside, “how do you drive, courting death? Crazy driver!”

The accent is still southern. Wang Qinxue looked out from the car window and saw that the vehicle they had managed to avoid just now had already plunged into the ditch. “Nowadays, people drive like they want to die. You suddenly swerve while driving on this kind of road. You have taken the wrong medicine.” Are you all sick?”

Wang Qin learned, “It might be drunk driving, but you should be careful when driving.”

“That is, my wife and children are waiting for me to make money and go home. What can they do without me.” After chatting with the driver, Wang Qinxue’s mobile phone rang, and his mother replied to him.

“Not busy, what are you doing back here?”

“It just happened that there was something going on at my classmate’s place. He asked me for help. I’ll see if I have time to drop by and come home. I’ll contact you when I get there.”

Not long after this message was sent, Mother Wang suddenly called.

Wang Qinxue’s mother was very frugal, and would not spend money on phone calls if it wasn’t something important.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Wang Qinxue asked.

“Study diligently, have you been doing well in City A during this time?” Mother Wang asked.

“Very good, what’s the matter, something happened at home?” Both sides were subconsciously concerned about the other side.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, what can happen to me and your father at home?” Mother Wang said quickly, not wanting to worry Wang Qinxue, but she still wanted to tell Wang Qinxue a few words, “You have to be careful, outside is not like being at home, there are all kinds of things, and now people eat, drink, prostitute, and gamble, who knows what’s wrong with it, tsk tsk tsk, it’s scary!”

Wang Qinxue listened in the confusions, “What’s so scary, Mom, have you seen any news people forwarded you again?”

“Anyway, be careful. There are quite a lot of people who get sick for no reason recently,” Mother Wang said. “Don’t say anything that it’s all a lie. I’ve seen it myself.”

Wang Qinxue couldn’t help laughing. He still felt that Mother Wang watched too much news on the internet. After a few words of comfort, he casually hung up the phone.

The car drove for about an hour, and when the numbers on the meter jumped, Wang Qinxue felt pain in his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, and the airport finally arrived.

The capital airport was overcrowded, and Wang Qinxue felt that he had come a lot earlier, otherwise he might not be able to catch the plane.

By the time he got everything done and sat in the waiting room, it was only two o’clock.

He took out his mobile phone to contact Ji Cha, “I’m waiting for the flight.”

Before the text message was sent, a huge commotion suddenly sounded on the side.

Wang Qinxue turned his head to look, about six or seven meters away from him, a woman suddenly fell to the ground with convulsions, her body was shaking and looked painful, sometimes showing the whites of his eyes and sometimes full of red blood.

The people around were obviously frightened by the abnormality, and subconsciously spread out.

Wang Qinxue took two steps forward. ho lo lo novels. When he was a little overwhelmed, some people had already contacted the airport staff, and some people claimed to be doctors came forward to check the woman’s condition.

As suddenly as the situation broke out, before anyone could approach, the woman suddenly stopped struggling, and lay still as if dead.

Only then did everyone slowly come back to their senses, and they all gathered around and tried to help in whatever way they could.

Wang Qinxue noticed that the woman was not completely unconscious, at least her fingertips were slowly scratching the smooth marble floor of the airport lobby.

It’s good that people are still alive. In any case, life is more important than anything else.

Wang Qinxue knew he couldn’t help her, and began to step back. It was at this time, separated by the crowd, that he saw that the woman jumped up in an instant, her back was bent somewhat like a living person, and her mouth with delicate lipstick was wide open. Looking at the people around her with some confusion in her eyes, but the way she looks at people seemed to be looking at food.


The people around the woman were obviously more overwhelmed by this scene, but in just a few seconds, the woman’s originally muddy eyes regained its focus, and she stared at one of the doctors who was closest to her, and reached out her hand to pull him towards her.

The woman who was weak and fell to the ground not long ago suddenly seemed to have infinite strength, and she lifted the tall doctor abruptly.

There was exclamation sounds at the scene, and two young men immediately came up behind, hugging the woman’s arms one by one and pulling her away from the doctor.

In just two minutes, the riots spread.

Fortunately, the staff at the airport came quickly, and they controlled the scene appropriately. While arranging the female passenger to be taken away, they comforted the others.

Wang Qinxue sat down in his seat again and listened to the conversation over there, “I don’t know why, but I heard her talking on the phone with someone, and she collapsed like she had some cramps.”

When he thought about the nearly car accident in the taxi when he came here today, and what his mother was telling him on the phone earlier, he felt that the world was a little crazy right now.

Fortunately, he got on the plane smoothly and on time. He was still excited to go home.

Before getting on the plane, he sent Ji Cha a text message, which was quickly replied, “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

Ji Cha put down his mobile phone, and with the news that Wang Qinxue boarded the plane successfully, his heart was a little more calm.

In the few hours in between, he could just do some work.

Grandma is an experienced farmer, so she didn’t object when she knew that Ji Cha was going to transform this whole place for farming.

“This place was originally a good land. You checked the fertilizer and got the fertilizer right. What kind of vegetables can’t be grown?” Grandma followed Zhang Xing to see the many electric machines behind it.

“It’s more convenient for you to have these things now. We didn’t have such things when I was younger. It’s also a great thing to raise a cow. If the old cow in the family died, it would be a long time to cry.”

It is summer now, and many crops with long growing seasons can no longer be planted. ho lo lo novels. However, although the old saying is to harvest in spring and harvest in autumn, under the current technology, it is not impossible for vegetables and fruits to be planted out of season. Even if it can’t be accurate and scientific, Chang Le has made almost perfect preparations.

Shelves of plastic greenhouses, and thickened film. Even if you don’t grow out-of-season vegetables, these things are still useful in winter.

In a low altitude area like S City, even if the growth period of crops is taken into account, there are actually many things that can be grown in the four seasons.

The first thought of Yu Qingze is potatoes and sweet potatoes that can be planted in late summer, and what food crop is cuter than these root crops. Their ability to adapt is super strong, they can grow in many rough conditions and grows much longer, and they’re relatively less picky about the weather. Planting in summer and harvesting in autumn, planting in autumn and harvesting in winter, only potatoes and sweet potatoes can do it.


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