Chapter 29 (Part 2): The Culinary Tycoon

After dinner, Chang Hao was writing in the main room, Yu Qingze and Chang Le were making noodles and Liangpi in the kitchen, and grandpa was making fairy tofu.

“Aze, the jelly fruit on the mountain is at the end of the season, and it’s almost gone. I’ve picked the whole mountain before, and in a few days, its gonna be probably all gone.” Grandpa Chang said to Yu Qingze while pounding the fairy leaves.

“Well, this is seasonal food, and there’s nothing we can do. I’ve already thought about a new food. I asked the village chief to make a snack cart. I’ll go to the blacksmith shop tomorrow to make a custom mold. When it’s ready, we can launch the new menu item.” Yu Qingze replied while pulling the noodles.

Unexpectedly, Yu Qingze had already started to think about new food, so Grandpa Chang curiously asked, “New food? What is it?”

Yu Qingze replied: “It’s a kind of food called ‘Udon’, I’ll improve it, and I’ll make it for you when I come back tomorrow. I just need to buy some more ingredients. The oil and flour left over from making Liangpi will be used to make it too.”

When making Liangpi, after preparing the dough, there will be a bunch of flour left. Yu Qingze fried it to make oil gluten. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Read there for the real latest chapters. During this period of time, after selling Liangpi, he has saved up quite a lot of oil and gluten. In addition to eating some, there was still a lot left. These leftovers can be used to make Udon, and there is no need to make from scratch.

“Okay, what you make is gonna be definitely delicious.” Grandpa Chang listened, praised with a smile, and sighed: “You say, how do you know so many recipes other don’t know, and you make them so effortlessly.”

When Chang Le heard the words, he quietly glanced at Yu Qingze, and then immediately turned his head back.

“I also learned it from my master.” Yu Qingze replied with a smile, put the pulled noodles on a clean bamboo pole, and found that one of his sleeves had fallen down, : “Brother Le, please help me get my sleeve rolled back up.”

Chang Le put down the plate in his hand, lowered his head, and rolled up Yu Qingze’s sleeves layer by layer, without looking at Yu Qingze the entire time.

Yu Qingze blinked, always feeling that Brother Le is a little strange today, he seems quieter than usual. Sure enough, he really didn’t sleep well, and maybe feeling a little unwell?

“Brother Le, leave these alone. I’ll finish the noodles here in a while. Go take a bath and rest, you don’t look well.”

Chang Le shook his head, indicating that he would go after all this was done. He sighed inwardly, even if he goes to sleep, he won’t be able to.

When Yu Qingze saw that he was taking a plate to put the batter again, he didn’t care that his hands were full of flour; he grabbed Chang Le’s hand, took the empty plate away, and wanted to pull him to wash his hands.

“Go take a bath and rest. I’ll finish this little bit of Liangpi in a while. Grandpa and I are not at ease when you’re like this.”

Chang Le was suddenly caught by his hand and was startled. He pulled out his hand, but also felt that he was overreacting and was at a loss. He was still pushed out of the kitchen by Yu Qingze.

Chang Le: …

“Go quickly.”

Chang Le was helpless, so he had to wash his hands, gathered clean set of clothes, and prepare to take a bath. He secretly thought: Chang Le, take care of yourself, don’t think about it today, sleep well! Big Brother Yu … Big Brother Yu is not someone you can think of!

Grandpa Chang looked at his grandson and sighed in his heart.


The next day, Chang Le’s face was better than the day before, and he was more energetic. He didn’t want to be at home. Rather than being at home, he might as well go work at the stall.

Grandpa Chang and Yu Qingze couldn’t refuse him, so they had to agree.

When they got to North Street, everyone works harmoniously to open the stall. Taking advantage of the slow period right after opening, Yu Qingze went to the blacksmith shop and the vegetable market; he handed the stall to Chang Le. Chang Leis now able to make cold noodles and Liangpi all by himself, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

When he arrived at the blacksmith shop, Yu Qingze gave the picture of the mold he had drawn to the master blacksmith, and then discussed with him for a while. He only went to the vegetable market after everything was settled at the blacksmith shop.

To make udon, the soup base is the key.

Yu Qingze went to the east and west vegetable markets and bought all the necessary ingredients. Some ingredients were not available, so he substituted them with other ingredients. There was no way to make a seafood soup like the authentic Udon, but the final product would still be delicious.

Returning to the food stall with large and small bags of ingredients, Yu Qingze saw Boss Liu standing beside their food stall, presumably waiting for him.

Seeing him coming back, Boss Liu brought a plate of fried noodles and handed it to Yu Qingze, motioning him to taste it.

Yu Qingze was helpless, took two bites and said, “It tastes better than yesterday. This shredded pork is a little overcooked.”

“Well, I’ll do it again when I go back.” Boss Liu nodded, took the plate, grabbed the chopsticks in Yu Qingze’s hand, and turned back.

Yu Qingze: …do you have to be so cold?!

Putting things away, he washed his hands well, and instead of picking up Chang Le’s work, he went to serve the food and collected money.

Chang Le had a wound on his finger, and when Brother Chang saw it, he went to wash the dishes by himself. Seeing this, Yu Qingze was very satisfied, and immediately decided to shorten Brother Chang’s seven-day probationary period to three days. After today is over, he will be treated as a regular employee from tomorrow.

At noon, Mi Ge’er came over and said that their eldest young master was leaving for Yunzhou in the afternoon, and asked if the jelly and cold noodles could be packaged and brought back for the elders and his husband at home.

Yu Qingze simply gave them some dry cold noodles and cold skin, and then filled them with some chili oil, and other seasonings could be prepared by themselves. Sweet jelly is not easy to pack, and they did not bring jelly fruit today, but fairy tofu can be brought back soaked in water, but the water must be changed the next day.

After noting down everything that needs to be watched out for, Mi Ge’er took the products and went back.

The stall was so busy all day, Yu Qingze hardly found a chance to talk to Chang Le, but seeing that Chang Le was quite energetic, he felt a little relieved.

In the middle of the afternoon, the sky turned cloudy, and dark clouds were gathering on the other side of the sky, as if it was about to rain.

Seeing that everything was almost sold out, Yu Qingze decided to close the stall and go back early to avoid being trapped in the city when it rained.

On the way back, Yu Qingze told Brother Chang about making him a regular employee. Brother Chang was very happy, and he talked and laughed with Yu Qingze along the way, it was all small talk.

Chang Le pushed the cart and watched from behind, feeling a little uncomfortable. He felt that only a good brother like Brother Chang could be worthy of Brother Yu.

Look, how happy they are talking and laughing, and here he is…

At this moment, a thunderous roar sounded in the sky, the wind suddenly picked up, dark clouds rolled over, and a torrential shower came before they got home.

They hurriedly took out the umbrellas, but the wind was blowing and the rain was strong, so holding the umbrellas didn’t help much. Moreover, the umbrella was heavy, and it was still against the wind. Only Chang Le and Yu Qingze could hold it up.

“Boss Yu, there is a farmhouse over there. The rain is so heavy, let’s go and hide first?” Brother Chang hid under Chang Le’s umbrella and suggested. Yu Qingze also saw it, nodded and said, “Okay! Brother Le, go over there to hide from the rain. You guys go first.”

Chang Le nodded. He held an umbrella, Brother Chang pulled the cart, and the two went over first. In the back, Yu Qingze held an umbrella in both hands, Chang Hao pushed the snack cart, and the two slowly moved over.

When the group arrived at the farmhouse, Yu Qingze placed the snack cart and the cart side by side, put a parasol on top to protect against the rain, and then walked under the eaves with Chang Le.

Even after such a short distance, they were still drenched. Fortunately, it was summer and they wouldn’t easily catch a cold.

Several people were cleaning their faces.

Yu Qingze saw a leaf on Brother Le’s hair and wanted to help him take it off, but just as he reached out, Chang Le suddenly raised his head to look at him, and ducked his head back.

Yu Qingze: …Why am I being disliked again? What happened to Brother Le these past two days? It was never like this before. He used to touch brother Le’s head, but now he’s hiding from him like he’s a pervert?

Inexplicably aggrieved.

“…Uh, that, Brother Le, you have a leaf on your head, I’ll brush it off for you.” Yu Qingze hesitated, not sure about Brother Le’s attitude towards him now.

Chang Le blushed a bit when he heard the words, turned his head, reached out, and touched his head, and knocked down the leaves.

Yu Qingze: …

In the next two days, Yu Qingze found that this kind of situation became more and more common. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. The harmonious relationship between him and Chang Le before suddenly became a little awkward.

He found his small assist and asked, “What’s wrong with your brother these days? Is there something going on?”

Chang Hao didn’t understand either. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Yu Qingze was confused, is he really hated by Brother Le? Why does it feel like Brother Le is hiding from him?

He didn’t do anything…


Thingyan: Chang Le, you’re only pushing the other person away by being so weird. Just act normal, can you?


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