Chapter 55: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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“What? Is he really pregnant?!”

Li Changfeng couldn’t believe what he heard. The sudden ups and downs makes him so excited that he felt a little dazed when he heard the news. He looked down at Xu Qing’s flat belly, carefully stretched out his hand, and gently touched it. Here, their child is growing inside, “Wife.”

Lin Fangliang touched his nose and said with heartfelt wishes: “Congratulations, Brother Li, I will be the godfather of this child!” Xie Yu also nodded, “Me too. Well, I’m going to cook some porridge at home, you take good care of brother Qing.” Li Changfeng said that Xu Qing had vomited up today, and when he wakes up, he will definitely be hungry.

Li Changfeng stood up and bent down towards Xie Yu and Lin Fangliang, “Thank you.”

Lin Fangliang hurriedly helped Li Changfeng up, “What are you doing! It’s worth doing this to our brothers! Don’t you look down on us!”

Xie Yu also avoided the moment Li Changfeng bent over, “As if our two families still need such politeness, then I won’t have the face to say that I want to be the godmother!”

Li Changfeng shook his head, stretched out his hand and patted Lin Fangliang’s shoulder, looking at Xu Qing lying on the bed, “For me, nothing is more important than his safety.” They didn’t understand. When he heard that Xu Qing’s illness was serious, how anxious and sad he was, he does not want anything, except that he could not afford to lose his beloved.

Lin Fangliang looked at the deep affection for Xu Qing in Li Changfeng’s eyes, and said very seriously: “Of course, I understand that, my wife is also my life.” Xie Yu simply didn’t want to see Lin Fangliang’s cheekiness, “I’ll go back first. .”

After seeing Xie Yu leaving, Li Changfeng pulled Lin Fangliang out of the room and asked in a low voice, “How is my wife’s body? Does pregnancy symptoms that bad!?”

“His womb is a little bit cold, that’s what I was about to tell you. If a ger is pregnant, it’s best not to use drugs, otherwise it’s not good for the adult or the child in the belly. You just need to force the sweat out, after a few times. It’ll be alright.” Lin Fangliang just finished speaking, when a patient came inside the shop, “I’ll go to work first, wait for Brother Xu to wake up, and I’ll come take a look.” Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

Li Changfeng nodded and returned to the room, quietly guarding Xu Qing.

Xu Qing had a dream. The dream was a place with beautiful scenery. He was looking for Li Changfeng everywhere by himself, but no matter how he called, or how he looked, he could not find Li Changfeng. Gradually, he became more and more anxious. Suddenly, he heard a bell-like clear sound of a child, which gradually calmed his restless heart.

He slowly approached the area where he heard the sound and found a chubby little baby, lying all alone on the lush grass, with his little hand grabbing the fine grass beside him and trying to stuff it into his mouth, but the little fat hand was too short, the grass was out of reach, and the small mouth followed with a pouting. Xu Qing was afraid that he would cry, so he immediately bent down and wanted to pick up the baby. Who knew that when he was about to touch the baby, the baby suddenly disappeared.

Xu Qing woke up suddenly, “wife, what’s the matter.” Li Changfeng watched Xu sober up, hurriedly and carefully lifted him up, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and picked up the bowl of porridge that Xie Yu cooked. After scooping a spoonful and blowing it carefully, he started to feed Xu Qing.

Since waking up, Xu Qing felt his whole body energized, aware of the unfamiliar environment around him, leaning on Li Changfeng’s familiar chest, listening to the words of concern from him, he wanted to open his mouth to speak, but was blocked by the porridge handed in front of his mouth, “Pour me a glass of water first, and I’ll rinse my mouth.”

Li Changfeng put away the porridge, ran out to get water and came back. After letting Xu Qing rinse mouth, he started to feed Xu Qing the porridge again. Xu Qing could feel the joy of the man in front of him while drinking the porridge, “Is there any happy event?” Xu Qing moved his nose and smelled the scent of traditional Chinese medicine in the air, “We’re at the Lin family clinic?”

Li Changfeng took out a handkerchief and wiped the corners of Xu Qing’s mouth, “It’s a very big happy event. Uncle Wu sent us here.” Xu Qing thought that he must have slept a lot of time, wouldn’t that make people wait? “Where’s Uncle Wu?”

“I asked him to go back first. When we leave, we’ll just hire another cart at the gate.” Li Changfeng helped Xu Qing to lie down on the bed, and cleaned up the dishes by himself, “You didn’t eat at noon, so eat some.” Seeing that more than half of the porridge was left unfinished, Xu Qing thought that Li Changfeng had been tossed enough by himself today, and he didn’t get to eat lunch, so he opened his mouth and said.

Seeing that Xu Qing’s care for him, Li Changfeng was so soft in his heart that he drank the rest of the porridge under Xu Qing’s eyes before taking it out to wash it, put it away, and return to the room.

“You haven’t said it yet, what’s the happy event.” Although Xu Qing was weak at this moment, his spirit was really excellent. Thinking that Li Changfeng hadn’t finished answering his own question, he continued to ask.

Li Changfeng sat beside Xu Qing’s bed, took Xu Qing’s hand and stretched it out to Xu Qing’s lower abdomen, and finally placed it gently there, looking down at Xu Qing tenderly, “Wife, we have a child.”

After hearing this, Xu Qing stared at Li Changfeng, who had a serious and happy face, put his hand on his abdomen that was covered by Li Changfeng, and touched his still flat stomach in a daze, “No! I … this is …” Xu Qing was so confused, he didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

Li Changfeng saw Xu Qing’s helplessness in his eyes, bent down and kissed Xu Qing’s brow, “It’s true, you have been troubled these few days, and it’s all made by this little guy.”

When Xie Yu heard that Xu was sober, he came in with clean clothes, “Wake up? Are you feeling better?”

Xu Qing stared blankly at Xie Yu, “I’m … good.” Xie Yu smiled when he heard the words, “Come, you were sweating. You must be uncomfortable, change into these clothes.” Li Changfeng quickly thanked Xie Yu, took over the clothes, helped Xu Qing up, and prepared to change it for Xu Qing.

When Xie Yu saw this scene, he smiled slightly, and then opened the door and went out. He never thought of being a light bulb here. By the time Li Changfeng awkwardly finished changing Xu Qing’s clothes, Xu Qing completely accepted that he now has a child with him.

Ever since he and Li Changfeng had become a couple, he tried hard to convince himself of the fact that he could have a baby, but he never thought that this day would come so quickly that he was a bit startled at first.

“Still sleepy?” Li Changfeng rubbed Xu Qing’s head and asked softly, Xu Qing shook his head, he slept for too long, now his head was a little dizzy, and he didn’t want to sleep anymore.

Suddenly, there was an urgent cry from the clinic in front, and Xu Qing quickly stood up, “What’s the matter? Go and have a look.” Li Changfeng made sure Xu Qing was OK before walking out.

Ma Ama helped Ma Fugui, who had a bruised nose and a swollen face, to the Lin’s clinic, “Doctor! Come and see my child! That black-hearted one! How could he be so ruthless!” Old Doctor Lin told Lin Fangliang not to move and went over by himself to look at Ma Fugui’s injury. “It’s all flesh wounds, and it’ll be fine after more than half a month.”

Ma Fugui just doesn’t want to look up. These days, when he quarrels with Yang Xiaochun, the final result would be that he himself got beaten up. That person likes to slap his face first. He simply did not dare to raise his head in front of people.

Lin Fangliang stood beside the medicine cabinet and looked at Ma Fugui’s miserable appearance, separating the herbs in his hands. He felt more and more that he and Li Changfeng, the matchmakers for Ma Fugui, picking such a “strong” ger was absolutely genius!

As soon as Xie Yu came out, his steps halted when he saw Ma Fugui.

“Xiao … Xiaoyu?”

Ma Fugui felt that this person was very familiar, but shouldn’t Xiaoyu be back in the village? How can he appear here, and he looks very close to a man standing beside him.

Xie Yu didn’t expect to meet Ma Fugui under such circumstances, but he politely nodded to Ma Ama and Ma Fugui. Ma Amo pouted, “Why are you here?”

Before Xie Yu could say anything, Lin Fangliang said in his hearty and loud voice, “He’s my wife, why can’t he be here with me?”

Ma Fugui couldn’t believe it; he stood up abruptly, “You remarried?”

Xie Yu nodded and didn’t answer, but lowered his head and arranged things in the clinic. Ma Fugui looked at Xie Yu’s lowered head, he was completely unprepared. He thought that Xie Yu would wait for the opportunity to come and ask him to let him return, how could he know! Ugh!

As soon as Ma Ama heard that Xie Yu had been remarried to the Young doctor Lin, he jumped up and pointed at Xie Yu and cursed: “I knew why you always sleep in separate beds with my son! It turns out that you had someone outside already!”

When Xie Yu heard this, he raised his head and stared at Ma Ama intensely.

“Don’t think everyone would be always so tolerant!” Lin Fangliang directly protected Xie Yu behind him and looked at Ma Ama unhappily. “If you have a bad mouth, you should drink a few doses of Chinese medicine! But I see that you are very ill, and even if you have been taking medicine for a lifetime, that bad mouth still can’t be cured!”

Ma Ama couldn’t hold back from such sarcasm. He wanted to meet Lin Fangliang with a hot head, but Ma Fugui hurriedly grabbed him, “Ah! Forget it! Let’s go back.” He didn’t want to make trouble in front of Xie Yu and brush his sense of existence with him looking like a pig head, but seeing that Xie Yu has recovered his ruddy face, he looks like the beauty when they were newly married, he couldn’t even raise his head, how embarrassing!

Ma Ama struggled desperately, “What nonsense are you talking about! It’s his mouth that is not clean! He said that I have a bad mouth! Ah? Do I have a bad mouth?! You let me go! Let me go! Today, I must tear this kid’s mouth to pieces and let him know who really has the bad mouth!”



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