Chapter 55: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“There! There’s a child?!” Li Changfeng could hardly believe what he was hearing. The sudden surge of emotions was overwhelming, leaving him somewhat dazed. He lowered his head and looked at Xu Qing’s flat abdomen, cautiously extending his hand and gently placing it there, feeling the presence of their flesh and blood, their cherished child. “Darling.”

Lin Fangliang touched his nose and sincerely congratulated, “Congratulations, Brother Li. I’ll be the child’s godfather!” Xie Yu nodded in agreement, “I also want to be the child’s godmother. I’ll go home and make some rice porridge. Take good care of Brother Qing.” Li Changfeng mentioned that Xu Qing had vomited everything today, so when he woke up later, he would definitely be hungry.

Li Changfeng stood up and bowed to Xie Yu and Lin Fangliang. “Thank you.”

Lin Fangliang quickly helped Li Changfeng up. “What are you doing? Is this small matter worth such gratitude from us brothers? Don’t look down on us!”

Xie Yu also moved aside as Li Changfeng bent over. “That’s right! We don’t need so much formality between our families. I wouldn’t even have the face to be the child’s godmother!”

Li Changfeng shook his head, reached out to pat Lin Fangliang’s shoulder, and looked at Xu Qing lying on the bed. “For me, nothing is more important than his safety.” They didn’t understand just how anxious and saddened he felt when he heard about Xu Qing’s illness. He could give up everything else, but he couldn’t lose his greatest love.

Lin Fangliang looked at the deep affection in Li Changfeng’s eyes towards Xu Qing and said sincerely, “I understand. My wife is my life too.” Xie Yu didn’t want to see Lin Fangliang’s shamelessness anymore. “I’m going back.”

After Xie Yu left, Li Changfeng pulled Lin Fangliang out of the room and asked in a low voice, “How is my wife’s health really? It can’t be this severe even if he’s pregnant!”

“He caught a chill. That’s exactly what I was going to tell you. It’s not advisable to use medication when pregnant. It’s not good for both the mother and the baby. Just help him sweat it out a few times, and he’ll be fine.” Just as Lin Fangliang finished speaking, a patient arrived at the clinic ahead. “I have to go attend to them. When Brother Qing wakes up, give him a foot bath, and I’ll check on him later.”

Li Changfeng nodded and returned to the room, quietly waiting for Xu Qing to wake up.

Xu Qing had a dream. In the dream, it was a beautiful place with mountains and clear waters. He was searching for Li Changfeng everywhere, but no matter how he called or looked, he couldn’t find Li Changfeng’s figure. Gradually, he became more and more anxious. Suddenly, he heard the clear and crisp voice of a child, which gradually calmed his restless heart.

He slowly approached the source of the sound, only to discover a chubby little baby lying peacefully in the lush grass. The baby’s chubby hands were trying to stuff the grass into its mouth, but the hands were too short to reach. The baby pouted in frustration. Xu Qing was afraid it would cry, so he immediately bent down to pick up the baby. However, just as he was about to touch the baby, it suddenly disappeared.

Xu Qing woke up abruptly. “Darling, how are you?” Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing waking up and quickly and carefully helped him up. He wiped the sweat off Xu Qing’s forehead and then scooped a bowl of porridge that Xie Yu had prepared. After blowing on it to cool it down, he began to feed Xu Qing.

Ever since he woke up, Xu Qing felt a surge of energy in his whole body. He noticed the unfamiliar surroundings but found comfort in the familiar chest next to him. He listened to the caring words around him. He wanted to speak, but his mouth was sealed by the bowl of porridge handed to him. “Pour me a glass of water first. I need to rinse my mouth.”

Li Changfeng put down the porridge and hurried out to fetch water. After Xu Qing rinsed his mouth, Li Changfeng resumed feeding him the porridge. Xu Qing could feel the man’s joy in front of him as he drank the porridge. “Is there something good happening? And this scent in the air…” Xu Qing twitched his nose, sniffing the faint herbal fragrance. “Is this Lin’s Pharmacy?”

Li Changfeng took out a handkerchief and wiped the corners of Xu Qing’s mouth. “It’s a very big good news. Uncle Wu sent us here.” Xu Qing realized he must have slept for quite some time and made Uncle Wu wait for him. “Where is Uncle Wu?”

“I asked him to go back first. We can find a cart when we go back. I’m here with you.” Li Changfeng helped Xu Qing lie back on the bed and tidied up the bowls and chopsticks. “You haven’t eaten lunch. Have some.” Seeing that there was still a lot of porridge left, Xu Qing thought about how Li Changfeng had been through a lot because of him today and hadn’t even eaten his own lunch. So he spoke up.

Li Changfeng saw the concerned look on Xu Qing’s face and couldn’t resist. He drank up all the remaining porridge right in front of Xu Qing’s eyes before taking it out to wash and put away. Then he returned to the room.

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“What’s the good news?” Although Xu Qing felt weak all over at the moment, his spirits were remarkably good. He wanted to hear the rest of Li Changfeng’s words, so he continued to ask.

Li Changfeng sat by Xu Qing’s bedside, holding Xu Qing’s hand and reaching towards Xu Qing’s lower abdomen. Finally, he gently placed his hand on Xu Qing’s belly and lowered his head, looking at Xu Qing tenderly. “Wife, we’re having a child.”

Xu Qing stared blankly, looking at Li Changfeng’s serious and joyful expression and the hand covering his belly. He absentmindedly touched his still flat stomach and said, “Wait, this… I…” Xu Qing’s mind was a mess, not knowing what to say or how to say it.

Seeing Xu Qing’s confusion, Li Changfeng bent down and kissed Xu Qing’s forehead. “It’s true. These past few days, you couldn’t eat, all because of this.”

Xie Yu, upon hearing that Xu Qing had woken up, came in with clean clothes. “You’re awake. Feeling better?”

Xu Qing looked at Xie Yu in a daze. “I… am pregnant?” Xie Yu smiled and said, “Yes, indeed. Come on, you’re sweaty and uncomfortable. Let’s change your clothes.” Li Changfeng quickly thanked Xie Yu, took the clothes, and helped Xu Qing sit up, ready to change.

Seeing this scene, Xie Yu smiled slightly and left the room. He hadn’t intended to be in the way. After Li Changfeng clumsily helped Xu Qing change into the new clothes, Xu Qing fully accepted the fact that he was indeed carrying a child.

Ever since he and Li Changfeng had completely understood each other’s hearts, he had been trying to convince himself that he could have children. But he didn’t expect this day to come so soon. He couldn’t feel what was inside his belly, but life was truly miraculous.

“Do you want to sleep a bit longer?” Li Changfeng rubbed Xu Qing’s head and asked softly. Xu Qing shook his head. He had slept for too long, and his head was already feeling dizzy. He didn’t want to sleep anymore.

Suddenly, there was an urgent call coming from the pharmacy ahead. Xu Qing quickly propped himself up and said, “What’s happening? Go and have a look.” After instructing Li Changfeng a few times, he headed outside.

Ma Ama supported the bruised and swollen Ma Fugui as they arrived at the Lin family pharmacy. “Doctor! Come and take a look at my child! That heartless person! How could they be so ruthless!” Old Doctor Lin asked Lin Fangliang not to move and went to inspect Ma Fugui’s injuries. “They’re just flesh wounds. They’ll heal in about two weeks.”

Ma Fugui didn’t want to raise his head at all. Whenever he had an argument with Yang Xiaochun these days, it always ended up with him being beaten. And each time, it seemed that he liked to start by slapping his face. He felt like he had nowhere to lift his head anymore.

Lin Fangliang stood by the medicine cabinet, observing Ma Fugui’s miserable appearance, playing with the herbs in his hand. He increasingly felt that it was a brilliant idea for him and Li Changfeng to play matchmakers for Ma Fugui, this “strong” lad!

Xie Yu had just come out when he was stopped by Ma Fugui.

“Xiao… Xiao Yu?”

Ma Fugui always felt that this person was particularly familiar, but wasn’t Xiao Yu supposed to be at home? How could he appear here, and why did he seem so intimate with the man standing beside him?

Xie Yu didn’t expect to encounter Ma Fugui in this situation, but he politely nodded to Ma Ama and Ma Fugui. Ma Ama saw Xie Yu and pursed his lips. “What are you doing here?”

Before Xie Yu could speak, Lin Fangliang loudly said, “My wife is here with me.”

Ma Fugui stood up abruptly, “You got married?”

Xie Yu nodded but didn’t respond. Instead, he lowered his head and focused on his own tasks to the best of his abilities. Ma Fugui looked at Xie Yu’s lowered head and was completely unprepared for this news. He thought Xie Yu would wait for an opportunity to come and reconcile with him. Who would have expected this! Sigh!

Ma Ama immediately jumped up upon hearing that Xie Yu had remarried so quickly after leaving their family. He pointed his finger at Xie Yu and cursed loudly, “So that’s why you always slept in a separate bed from my son! Turns out you already have someone else!”

Upon hearing these words, Xie Yu raised his head and stared intently at Ma Ama. “Don’t assume everyone is as despicable as you think!” Lin Fangliang immediately shielded Xie Yu behind him and glared at Ma Ama displeasedly. “If you have a foul mouth, you should take some herbal medicine to clean it up! But from what I see, your condition is quite serious. You’ll have to drink herbal medicine for the rest of your life. You won’t be able to cure that foul mouth of yours!”

Ma Ama couldn’t tolerate such mockery and immediately wanted to launch an attack at Lin Fangliang. Ma Fugui quickly held him back and said, “Ama! Let it go! Let’s go back.” If he didn’t have injuries on his face, he could have made a scene in front of Xie Yu to assert his presence. But now, with his face looking like a pig’s head, and seeing Xie Yu’s restored and radiant face, reminiscent of his beauty during their honeymoon, he couldn’t lift his head anymore. It was simply too embarrassing!

Ma Ama struggled desperately, “What nonsense are you spouting! It’s him who speaks with a foul mouth! He said my mouth stinks! Huh? Do I have bad breath?! Do I? Let me go! Let me go! Today, I will definitely tear this guy’s mouth apart and make him understand whose mouth actually stinks!”


Thingyan: Ma Ama, wasn’t it you who made Ma Poopgui and Brother Xie slept separately? Damn this stupid old ger.


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