Chapter 54: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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The fiery red sheets, the fair and slender body, and the chest that kept arching back, Lin Fangliang kissed Xie Yu’s entire body almost in adoration, hot and enthusiastic. Xie Yu had not had sex for more than two years. The excitement almost made him collapse.

“Is this alright?”

Lin Fangliang tried his best to suppress the swollen member that was about to explode, kept kissing Xie Yu’s round earlobe, and asked in a low voice.

Xie Yu blinked his watery eyes and nodded weakly. Lin Fangliang got the consent of the other party, and carefully and firmly pushed his scorching heat into the entrance that had been wet for a long time. Although his movements were slow, it still makes Xie Yu, who has not been doing such things for a long time, a little overwhelmed.

The feeling of swelling and pain made Xie Yu frown. When Lin Fangliang saw this, he immediately suppressed his desire to gallop, and asked thoughtfully, “Are you okay?” Xie Yu looked at Lin Fangliang’s forbearance. His face covered with sweat, nodded gently, although it was a little painful, but there was a special feeling and stimulation.

Lin Fangliang bowed his head and kissed Xie Yu, reached out his hand into the quilt, comforted the other party’s high-spiritedness, and then moved forward and back gently, slowly until he felt that Xie Yu’s body was completely ready, he began to accelerate vigorously when pushing in and out, with a vague sense of indescribable pleasure, making the two completely lose their minds.

Xie Yu clings tightly to Lin Fangliang’s strong shoulders, trying to keep a trace of reason, but every impact pushes his reason further and further, and finally, his body feels at its peak, a vivid sense of pleasure made his soul almost leave him.

It wasn’t until Lin Fangliang left a thick scorching heat in his body that he felt that he was completely nourished by the other party.

The night is long, the red tent is rolling, the sky is full of stars, and the sound of crickets is constant, indicating that summer is approaching soon.


Summer is the happiest time for children. When the weather gets warmer, the adults in the family put on less clothes for them, and the kids are active like little monkeys. The villagers wash the clothes in the river on the side of the village, while chatting about everyday life.

Some children were thinking of ways to catch fish by the river. Since Xu Qing’s method of making fish came out, people in several villages began to catch fish and eat it, and even the restaurants in the town began to buy fish, which made these children even more excited. They ran to the river to catch fish. The adults would get the money from the town, and the small ones would eat better at home to nourish their bodies. For a while, there was a craze for catching fish. The more intense it is, the fewer fish will naturally be in the river.

Li Changfeng didn’t know what was really going on recently, but Xu Qing couldn’t eat much food, so he wanted to catch a few fresh and plump fish to see if Xu Qing’s appetite would return. He followed the river outside the house and walked up a bit further! Most of the fish in the river by village are pretty much gone now.

Li Changfeng happily carried the fish and opened the courtyard door, a fat black figure rushed up enthusiastically, circling around Li Changfeng’s feet.

“Alright, alright, when I deal with the fish later, I’ll leave everything inside for you.” Li Changfeng closed the courtyard door and smiled at Xiaobao who showed his enthusiasm to him.

Xu Qing had just finished cleaning the pigpen when he heard these words as soon as he came out, “he’s been eating a lot lately. Grown so fat!” It’s only been a month, this little treasure is getting fatter as he grows up!

“If you don’t want, let’s just throw the innards away.” Although Li Changfeng sometimes dislikes Xiaobao earning love from Xu Qing, he has been raising it for a while, and he has become more tolerant towards Xiaobao, “I went to catch fish upstream, it’s fresh, I’ll make steamed fish for you later.”

Xu Qing has been cooking fish for a long time, Li Changfeng has also learned a few skills. Now Xu Qing does not need to cook the fish at home. He just needs to watch and give some pointers.

“Why did you run so far!” Xu Qing frowned slightly as he looked at Li Chang’s drenched trousers, “It rained a lot a few days ago, don’t go for a walk by the river, it’s okay if we don’t eat fish. “

Li Changfeng nodded his head and cleaned up the fish swiftly. Hearing the worry in Xu Qing’s tone, although he felt good in his heart, he also knew that Xu Qing should not be too emotional. Since the days Xie Yu got married a month ago, Xu Qing had eaten a lot, making Li Changfeng think his wife became pregnant, but not only did Xu Qing began to lose his appetite, at night he would have troubles, like waking up suddenly and couldn’t fall back asleep.

During this period of time, he lost a lot of weight. Li Changfeng was worried, but Xu Qing didn’t feel uncomfortable. He just said that he would go to the clinic to have a look.

Xiaobao obediently stood beside him, his dark eyes kept following Li Changfeng’s fish-cutting movements, for fear that Li Changfeng would not keep it for him.

Xu Qing looked at the man and the dog, but at the same time he felt a little sleepy. Looking at the hot sun in the courtyard, he said uneasily, “It’s so hot, don’t go out these days. Just stay home.”

Li Changfeng gave Xiaobao the fish innards to eat, put the washed fish in a pot, and went to the eaves, “Don’t worry, I know. Are you sleepy? You didn’t rest well last night, go to sleep, I’ll call you when the lunch is ready.”

Xu Qing was yawning non-stop, and his eyes started to tear up. He wanted to help, but he didn’t have the energy anymore. He nodded to Li Changfeng, washed his hands, and went into the room to rest.

Li Changfeng finished making lunch, brought it to the table, and went to the room to ask Xu Qing to come out to eat, but he saw Xu Qing laying down, his hair a little messy, and sleeping soundly under the quilt. He was sleeping so peacefully that Li Changfeng couldn’t bear to wake him up, but thinking that Xu Qing hadn’t eaten much this morning, he toughened his heart and woke Xu Qing up.

Xu Qing followed Li Changfeng to the dining table with his head down. He looked listless. Li Changfeng filled his bowl with food, and he just ate quietly. Li Changfeng picked up a few pieces of fish, “Come on, eat more, see how thin you’ve become lately.”

Xu Qing’s whole person was in a trance, he would eat whatever Li Changfeng gave him, and put the fish that Li Changfeng placed in the bowl directly into his mouth.


“What happened?!”

Xu Qing hadn’t eaten much yet, but he suddenly vomited. Li Changfeng hurriedly stepped forward to stroke his back and poured a cup of hot water for Xu Qing, “Come on, rinse your mouth.”

Xu Qing took the cup with an uncomfortable expression, but just took a sip, and vomited again, “ughh!”

This made Li Changfeng so anxious, “What’s the matter, let’s go, let’s go to the town to see the doctor!” Xu Qing waved his hand weakly, “Forget it, maybe I caught a cold, and my stomach is upset.”

“No way! I’ll find someone to borrow a donkey cart. You rest for a while, and I’ll be right back!” Li Changfeng carefully helped Xu Qing into the room, and after telling the other party to rest, he immediately went to the village to borrow a donkey cart.

Xu Qing just lay down there for a while, and for some reason, he suddenly propped himself up by the bed again and vomited. When Li Changfeng borrowed a cart to come back, Xu Qing was already in a semi-conscious state, and the bedside was also in a mess, and Li Changfeng didn’t care much anymore. He took the money pouch from the closet and dress Xu Qing. He ran to the courtyard gate carrying Xu Qing on his back. Xiaobao saw the hurried backs of the two masters, and was also anxiously “barking”. He called out, but the concerned Li Changfeng couldn’t care about comforting Xiaobao, he put Xu Qing on the cart. Uncle Wu was the driver, because Li Changfeng was afraid that Xu Qing would be alone in the cart without anyone taking care of him, so he could only trouble Uncle Wu to drive.

As soon as Uncle Wu saw Xu Qing’s pale and lifeless appearance, he also accelerated, and it didn’t take long for them to arrive at the Lin’s clinic in town.

There were no patients in the clinic at the moment. Old Doctor Lin took a lunch break in the backyard after eating. There were only Lin Fangliang and Xie Yu in front. The shopkeeper also went home for lunch.

“What’s going on here?”

When Xie Yu saw Li Changfeng entering the door with Xu Qing on his back, he hurried up to meet him, “I’ll take a look.” Lin Fangliang didn’t say much and directly diagnosed and treated Xu Qing.

“How’s it going?!”

Li Changfeng nervously asked Lin Fangliang, who was taking Xu Qing’s pulse. Xie Yu took a basin of warm water from the backyard, brought it to Xu Qing, and wiped the sweat on Xu Qing’s face with a handkerchief.

Li Changfeng thanked Xie Yu gratefully. It was a hot day, even if he used his body to shield Xu Qing from the sun, he still couldn’t prevent the impact of this sultry day.

The warm handkerchief pressed against Xu Qing’s face, instantly loosening his originally frowning brows, Lin Fangliang withdrew his hand, and looked at Xu Qing’s eyes again, “Brother Xu, has his appetite been declining recently, and has trouble sleeping?” Li Changfeng nodded hurriedly, “Even if the noise of insects outside was louder at night, he couldn’t sleep.”

After hearing this, Lin Fangliang had a feeling, but he did not directly explain the cause. Instead, he asked Li Changfeng to place Xu Qing in a small room in the backyard. There was only one bed there, and it was a place to rest during the days.

When Xie Yu heard Lin Fangliang’s words, he remembered some of the pregnant gers’ early reactions, his eyes brightened, and he looked up at Lin Fangliang’s smiling face, and rolled his eyes indecently, this person is really, just looking at Li Changfeng’s worry, but still hanging other people loose.

Lin Fangliang managed to tease Li Changfeng for a while, how could he give up this opportunity, so he deliberately looked heavy and lowered his voice, “Brother Xu, his condition … is not easy to deal with.”

Li Changfeng felt severe pain in his heart. He held Xu Qing’s hand tightly and stared at Xu Qing’s pale face. For a while, the small room was filled with a sad atmosphere, which made Lin Fangliang stumped. Xie Yu was getting impatient, glancing at Lin Fangliang fiercely, so he hurriedly explained, “Don’t worry, Brother Qing is pregnant, this is a big happy event!”


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