Chapter 54: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

The bedsheets were fiery red, contrasting with the fair and slender body. Lin Fangliang worshipped every inch of Xie Yu’s body with passionate and burning kisses. It had been over two years since Xie Yu had last been intimate, and this bold and impulsive act overwhelmed him.

“Is it okay?” Lin Fangliang struggled to control his impending explosion and continued kissing Xie Yu’s round earlobe, softly asking.

Xie Yu blinked with moist eyes and weakly nodded. Lin Fangliang took his partner’s consent and gently and firmly parted the already moist entrance that had been eagerly waiting. Although his movements were slow and gentle, it still proved challenging for Xie Yu, who hadn’t experienced such intimacy in a long time.

The throbbing pain made Xie Yu furrow his brow. Seeing this, Lin Fangliang immediately suppressed his desire to thrust forward. He considerately asked, “Are you okay?” Xie Yu looked at Lin Fangliang’s sweaty face, filled with restraint, and nodded lightly. Despite the discomfort, there was a unique sense of sensation and stimulation.

Lin Fangliang lowered his head to kiss Xie Yu and slipped his hand under the covers, soothing the other’s rising desire. With gentle movements, he gradually felt that Xie Yu had completely opened up to him. Only then did he start to intensify his thrusts, accompanied by an indescribable pleasure that drove both of them to lose all rationality.

Xie Yu tightly clung to Lin Fangliang’s strong shoulders, desperately trying to retain a shred of sanity. But with each thrust, his sanity slipped further away. Finally, his body reached its peak, and the overwhelming pleasure made his soul almost detach from his own being.

It was only when Lin Fangliang left a scorching residue deep inside him that Xie Yu felt that he had fully embraced his partner’s nurturing, like the refreshing rain after a long drought, making him so comfortable that he didn’t want to move.

The long night stretched on, with red curtains billowing. The summer night sky was filled with starlight, and the incessant chirping of insects signaled the arrival of summer.


Summer is the most joyful time for children. As the weather warms up, adults in the family dress them in fewer clothes, and they become agile little monkeys. At the riverside near the village, mothers wash clothes while chatting about daily life.

The older children try their best to catch fish by the river. Ever since Xu Qing shared his fish recipes, people from several villages started catching fish for food. Even the restaurants in town began buying fish, which made these children even more excited. They would run to the river to catch fish whenever they had free time. The adults would sell the larger ones in town for silver coins, while the smaller ones were eaten at home to nourish their bodies. The fishing craze became increasingly intense, and as a result, the fish in the river became scarcer.

Li Changfeng thought about Xu Qing lately, not knowing what happened to him. He couldn’t eat much these days, so he decided to catch a few fresh and plump fish. He had followed the river outside the village for quite a while. Most of the fish there were just fingerlings, which wasn’t very interesting.

With a joyful mood, Li Changfeng carried the fish and opened the courtyard gate. A chubby black figure eagerly rushed over and circled around his feet.

“Alright, alright, when I process the fish later, you can have everything inside.” Li Changfeng closed the courtyard gate and smiled at the enthusiastic Xiaobao.

Just as Xu Qing finished cleaning the pigsty, he heard this conversation. “Give it food! It’s gotten so fat!” It had only been a month, and this Xiaobao was growing fatter!

“Well, if I don’t feed it, it’s still like throwing it away.” Although Li Changfeng occasionally disliked how the Xiaobao sought favor from Xu Qing, after raising it for some time, he had become more tolerant. “I caught these fish upstream. They’re fresh. I’ll steam them for you later.”

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After watching Xu Qing cook fish for so long, Li Changfeng also learned a thing or two. Now, he didn’t need Xu Qing to personally cook at home anymore. Li Changfeng only needed to watch from the side and offer a few pointers.

“Why did you go so far?” Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng’s wet trouser cuffs, furrowing his brows slightly. “We had quite a heavy rain a few days ago. Don’t wander around near the river when there’s nothing to do. It’s fine if we don’t have fish.”

Li Changfeng nodded obediently as he swiftly cleaned the fish. Although he felt gratified by Xu Qing’s concern, he also knew that he shouldn’t let him worry. A month ago, during the days when Xie Yu was getting married, Xu Qing had a good appetite, making him think that he was pregnant. But it turned out to be a false alarm. Since then, Xu Qing’s appetite had decreased, and even at night, he would wake up at the slightest noise. Once awake, he couldn’t fall asleep again.

During this period, Xu Qing had lost a considerable amount of weight, which deeply concerned Li Changfeng. However, Xu Qing didn’t feel any discomfort. He mentioned going to the pharmacy, but then attributed it to seasonal reasons, and the matter was postponed until now.

Xiaobao obediently lay by the side, attentively watching Li Changfeng gutting the fish, afraid that he wouldn’t save any for him.

Xu Qing looked at the two, a person and a dog, feeling helpless and a bit drowsy. Gazing at the scorching sun in the courtyard, he couldn’t help but say, “It’s hot outside. Once you finish, don’t go out. There’s nothing urgent these days.”

Li Changfeng fed the fish innards to Xiaobao, put the cleaned fish in a basin, and then went up to the eaves. “Don’t worry, I know my limits. Feeling drowsy again, right? You didn’t rest well last night. Take a nap. I’ll call you when I finish preparing lunch.”

Xu Qing kept yawning, his eyes growing teary as drowsiness overcame him. Even if he wanted to help, he no longer had the physical strength. He nodded at Li Changfeng and washed his hands before going into the room to rest.

When Li Changfeng finished cooking and brought the food to the table, he went to the room to call Xu Qing to eat. There, he saw Xu Qing lazily lying with disheveled hair, wrapped in a blanket, sound asleep. His face, which had become thinner in recent days, had a rosy complexion from sleeping. Li Changfeng couldn’t bear to wake him up, but thinking about how he hadn’t eaten much that morning, he mustered his determination and woke him up.

Xu Qing drooped his head and followed Li Changfeng to the dining table, looking listless. Li Changfeng served him a plate of food, but Xu Qing didn’t make any effort to pick up the dishes himself. It was clear that his mind was elsewhere. Helpless, Li Changfeng picked up a few pieces of fish and said, “Here, eat more. You’ve been losing weight recently.”

Xu Qing’s whole demeanor was absent-minded. He ate whatever Li Changfeng served him, directly putting the fish into his mouth.


“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?!”

Li Changfeng was startled when Xu Qing suddenly vomited on the floor before even swallowing the food. He hurriedly went to his side and patted his back, then poured a bowl of hot water for Xu Qing. “Here, rinse your mouth.”

With a pained expression, Xu Qing reluctantly took the bowl, but as soon as he took a sip, he vomited again. “Ugh!”

This made Li Changfeng extremely anxious. “What’s happening? Come on, let’s go to the town to see a doctor!” Xu Qing weakly waved his hand and said, “Forget it, maybe I caught a cold. My stomach feels uncomfortable.”

“Forget it? How can we forget about this! When it’s already like this, I’ll go borrow a donkey cart from someone. You rest for a while, I’ll be back soon!” Li Changfeng carefully helped Xu Qing back into the room, instructing him to rest. Then he hurriedly ran to the village to borrow a donkey cart.

As soon as Xu Qing lay down for a while, he suddenly propped himself up on the edge of the bed and started vomiting again. By the time Li Changfeng returned with the cart, Xu Qing had already fallen into a semi-comatose state, and the surroundings were a mess. Li Changfeng didn’t have time to worry about the mess. He grabbed the money bag from the cabinet, threw a coat over Xu Qing, and carried him on his back as he rushed toward the courtyard gate. Xiaobao, seeing the hurried figures of his two owners, also barked anxiously, but Li Changfeng was too preoccupied to comfort Xiaobao. He simply lifted Xu Qing onto the cart. Uncle Wu was driving the cart because Li Changfeng was worried about Xu Qing being alone and needing someone to take care of him.

As soon as Uncle Wu saw Xu Qing’s pale and weak appearance, he accelerated the speed, and before long, they arrived at Lin Family Pharmacy in town.

The pharmacy had no patients at the moment, and the Old Doctor Lin, was taking a nap in the backyard after having his meal. There were only Lin Fangliang and Xie Yu behind the counter, as the young apprentice had gone home for lunch.

“What’s happening?”

Xie Yu hurriedly approached when he saw Li Changfeng carrying Xu Qing in. “Let me take a look.” Lin Fangliang didn’t say much and immediately started diagnosing Xu Qing.

“How is he?!”

Li Changfeng anxiously asked Lin Fangliang, who was checking Xu Qing’s pulse. Xie Yu brought a basin of warm water from the backyard and placed it next to Xu Qing, using a cloth to gently wipe away the sweat on his face.

Li Changfeng expressed his gratitude to Xie Yu. Even though he shielded Xu Qing from the sun with his own body, he couldn’t prevent the effects of the oppressive heat.

The cool cloth against Xu Qing’s face instantly relieved the tension in his furrowed brows. Lin Fangliang withdrew his hand and examined Xu Qing’s eyes. “Has Brother Qing been experiencing a decreased appetite and poor sleep lately?” Li Changfeng quickly nodded. “And at night, the sound of insects outside is particularly loud, making it impossible for him to fall asleep.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Fangliang had a clue in his mind, but instead of directly stating the cause, he asked Li Changfeng to carry Xu Qing to a small room in the backyard. It was a resting place with only a bed.

Upon hearing Lin Fangliang’s words, Xie Yu recalled some early pregnancy symptoms. His eyes lit up, and when he looked up, he coincidentally met Lin Fangliang’s smiling face. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes discreetly. This person was really something. He made Li Changfeng extremely worried, but still managed to play with others’ suspense.

Lin Fangliang saw an opportunity to tease Li Changfeng and couldn’t let it slip away. He deliberately put on a serious expression and lowered his voice. “Brother Qing, this illness is not easy to deal with.”

Li Changfeng’s heart ached as he tightly held Xu Qing’s hand, his gaze fixed on Xu Qing’s pale face. In that moment, the small room was filled with a atmosphere of sorrow. This situation puzzled Lin Fangliang, leaving him at a loss for words. Xie Yu glared at Lin Fangliang, then quickly explained, “Don’t worry, Brother Qing is pregnant! It’s a great joyous occasion!”


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