Chapter 46: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xiaoyou was poking the ants on the ground with a small stick when he heard the voices of Li Xiao’er and another man at the courtyard gate. Shortly after, Li Xiao’er closed the gate with an unpleasant expression. Xiaoyou asked, “Uncle, what’s wrong?”

Li Xiao’er forced a stiff smile at Xiaoyou and said, “Nothing, come on, Xiaoyou, let’s go inside.”

Saying that, he pulled the bewildered Xiaoyou back into the house. Although Xiaoyou was an unmarried young ger, he knew why Xia Ama had come knocking at the door. He had heard from a few of his good friends about what happened between Xia Ama and Chen Hong. If Chen Hong, one of the most outstanding young gers in the village, could end up in such a situation because of Xia Ama’s matchmaking, then who knows what could happen? He needed to stay away from Xia Ama!

However, later in the evening, Xiaoyou accidentally let slip what happened with Xia Ama. “Ama, today Uncle Xiao’er and Xia Ama had an argument!”

Upon hearing this, Li Xiao’er panicked and tried to cover Xiaoyou’s mouth, but the crafty little fellow slipped away and even made a face at him while running off.

As soon as Li Ama heard that Xia Ama had come and argued with his youngest son, he immediately took the matter seriously. Li Xiao’er hadn’t even explained properly, and this could be a grave offense to the matchmaker. It was not something to be proud of.

“Tell me, what happened exactly?” Li Ama’s tone made Li Xiao’er extremely uneasy. He had to quietly and meticulously explain the events of the afternoon. Unexpectedly, Li Ama became more delighted as he listened.

“Ah, you lad, how can you treat your elders like that!” After scolding Li Xiao’er in a hushed voice, Li Ama turned to the two sons-in-law who had recently returned and instructed them, “The eldest son’s wife, prepare an extra dish for dinner! The third son’s wife, go to Xia’s house and invite Xia Ama for dinner. Tell him it’s a small gesture of apology from our family to his youngest son!”

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Li Ama understood everything. He said it was an apology, but in reality, he wanted to find out if Xia Ama was really the matchmaker the village had been talking about, the one who arranged marriages for the men in town!

“Ama!” What is all this mess! How will he face people from now on, Li Xiao’er thought.

“It’s none of your business. Go to the kitchen and help,” Li Ama said, but he saw Li Xiao’er standing still in place. “What, do I need to invite you as well?”

Li Xiao’er had no choice but to suppress his frustration and rush into the kitchen.


It rained again at night, but Xu Qing and Li Changfeng were playing “Human Tower” and were not bothered by the sound of rain outside. The subdued voices inside the house blended perfectly with the rhythmic sound of raindrops, creating an undulating melody.


Xu Qing blinked his eyes, sensing the light coming in from the window, and knew that a new day had begun. “Don’t want to get up.” He lazily yawned and snuggled into Li Changfeng’s embrace, who held him tightly.

“Then sleep a little longer.” After all, it rained last night, and there was nothing much to do today. The wardrobe was sent to Second Wei yesterday, so they could take this opportunity to rest.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

“Someone is knocking on the door?” Xu Qing stuck his head out and listened carefully. “There really is someone knocking on the door!”

Li Changfeng gently pressed down Xu Qing’s head as he tried to get a better listen. He quickly put on his clothes. “You sleep, I’ll go check.” It seemed like having a good nap with his husband was impossible now.

Watching Li Changfeng leave, Xu Qing completely lost his sleepiness. He sat up slowly and dressed himself, wondering why there was no movement outside.

When Xu Qing entered the main hall, he saw Li Changfeng looking at Li Xiao’er, who had a bit of wet mud on him from rushing over.

“Second Brother-in-law, good morning.”

Li Xiao’er looked at the slightly blushing Xu Qing, who had just woken up, and timidly called out. He, well, he had come uninvited.

Xu Qing was still rubbing his eyes when he heard this rabbit-like voice. He focused his gaze and said, “Xiao’er is here! Oh, why are you all wet? Quick, come to my room and change clothes! Be careful not to catch a cold later!”

Li Xiao’er had sneaked out early this morning. It wasn’t even bright yet, but he had the courage to come alone. The road was muddy due to last night’s rain, and naturally, his clothes got dirty. When he heard Xu Qing’s words, Li Xiao’er was tempted but dared not move. Instead, he cautiously glanced at the gloomy-faced Li Changfeng.

Li Changfeng was well aware of Li Xiao’er’s gaze. He nodded slightly and said, “Go.”

Upon hearing this, Li Xiao’er smiled and followed the puzzled Xu Qing into the room. Meanwhile, Li Changfeng’s heart was filled with anger. The Ma family didn’t form a marriage alliance with the Chen family, yet they dared to make a move on his Xiao’er. It was truly infuriating!

Sitting on the bed, Li Xiao’er watched as Xu Qing rummaged through the wardrobe to find clothes for him. His heart felt warm. The reason he came here was because his second brother doted on him the most in the family.

“Second Brother-in-law, I came empty-handed. Are you not mad?” Li Xiao’er felt a little anxious in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face. He asked Xu Qing with a cheerful smile.

Handing the clothes he had found to Li Xiao’er, Xu Qing noticed the cautiousness in the other’s eyes and couldn’t help but find it amusing. “What are you saying? If we want to buy something, it will be me and your second brother buying it for you. Hurry up and change, I’ll go make breakfast.”

Li Xiao’er took the clothes and gave Xu Qing a sweet smile. After Xu Qing left, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. When he was about to change his clothes, he realized that these clothes were new! Clever-minded Li Xiao’er understood everything and could only feel touched as he changed into the clothes Xu Qing gave him.

“What’s wrong? Why do you have such a frown early in the morning?” As Xu Qing walked into the kitchen after washing his hands, he saw Li Changfeng sitting in front of the stove with a serious expression.

Li Changfeng saw Xu Qing and slightly composed himself. He then explained the whole story of what happened.

“Seems like the Ma family is really something. Aren’t they afraid of stirring up trouble with all these rumors and gossip?” Xu Qing still couldn’t understand why they were in such a hurry to get married.

Li Changfeng smiled sarcastically. “I heard that many people have been listening to these rumors and specifically going to the Ma family’s grocery store to join in the fun. They even sell more things now compared to before.”

This left Xu Qing speechless. So, business could be done like this!

Li Changfeng reached out and rubbed Xu Qing’s cheek. In a low voice, he said in a discussing tone, “I need to go back and clarify things with them. You stay at home with Xiao’er. This matter is not suitable for your involvement.”

Xu Qing nodded. “Finish breakfast before you go. There’s no rush at this moment. I’ll prepare dinner at home and wait for your return.”

Li Changfeng kissed Xu Qing’s forehead, nodded, and didn’t say anything else. However, the atmosphere was filled with warmth.

Even standing outside the kitchen, Li Xiao’er could feel the cozy atmosphere between the two inside the house. It’s great that his second brother finally found someone who understands him.

After Li Changfeng finished breakfast and carried a bundle of pigweed on his back, he rushed to Jixiang Village. Xu Qing stayed at home with Li Xiao’er, making cloth shoes. However, it was Li Xiao’er who was teaching, and Xu Qing was learning.

“You’re really amazing. You’re so good at everything at such a young age!” Xu Qing admired the dexterity of Li Xiao’er’s needlework, which was like a hidden weapon in his hands. But when it came to his own hands, it felt more like a black tool resembling an iron hammer.

“It’s nothing. You haven’t seen what Chen Hong from our village can do. He’s amazing. Not only can he replicate other people’s embroidery patterns, but he can also come up with his own patterns and sell them!” Li Xiao’er felt that chatting with Xu Qing was a pure enjoyment. He didn’t need to worry about how to continue the conversation. It felt so relaxed.

This was the first time Xu Qing heard the name Chen Hong from somewhere other than Li Changfeng and Chen Qi. He was also curious about what kind of person Chen Hong was, to knowingly understand the other party’s character and still be willing to bet his own happiness.

Listening to Li Xiao’er’s admiring tone, Xu Qing became even more curious. “What’s he like as a person?”

Li Xiao’er paused his work and thought for a moment. “Well, he’s good-looking, but that’s not all. He embodies all the qualities that my mother and grandmother like! I really admire him. We’re about the same age, and since my brother and his brother are good friends, we’ve grown up together.”

After saying that, Li Xiao’er smiled apologetically at Xu Qing. “So, the two of us are often compared by my mother and grandmother.” Of course, he was the one being talked about, but Li Xiao’er genuinely felt that he couldn’t compare to Chen Hong.

Talking about comparisons reminded Xu Qing of the eccentric person he met—Zhonghua!

“It’s not about comparisons. He has his own strengths, and you have your own. Maybe he even secretly admires what you’re good at, thinking he can’t compare!” Xu Qing’s words made Li Xiao’er laugh happily. No one had ever said that to him before. It was really interesting.

The two in the courtyard were laughing freely, but the one who came specifically to inquire about the situation became more thoughtful.

Luo Jiao cautiously pressed his ear against Xu Qing’s courtyard gate, wanting to listen carefully to the sounds inside. And what did he hear? It was the sound of Xu Qing laughing and joking with a man! Luo Jiao had seen Li Changfeng leaving from the end of the village. He straightened his body, took out a pink handkerchief from his pocket, wiped the sweat off his face, and had a self-satisfied look on his face.

It seemed that this “ugly ger” wasn’t a serious person either. His own man hadn’t gone far yet, and he already brought in a wild man.


Thingyan: Lousy Jiao, not everyone is like you sheeesh


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