Chapter 44: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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You know what happened here!!!

“It feels so good, so good! Come on, let’s do it again!”

Following that were waves of sounds that made Xu Qing blush and turn red. “What’s wrong?” Li Changfeng held Xu Qing gently, removing his hand from covering his mouth.

Xu Qing turned his head to look at Li Changfeng and silently said, “Let’s go back.” Li Changfeng glanced at the other side and shook his head at Xu Qing. “No, if we leave now, they will notice. I’ll cover your ears, just don’t listen.”

Helpless, Xu Qing buried his head in Li Changfeng’s chest, trying to avoid the sounds that could reach his ears with the wind. But the more he tried to escape those sounds, the louder they seemed to become!

Li Changfeng watched Xu Qing, with his head buried like an ostrich, and his eyes glinted with a dangerous light as he looked at the couple in front of them.

Before long, the sounds from the other side ceased. Xu Qing sighed softly in his heart, thinking it would take much longer. But it ended before even half of Changfeng’s time had passed.

“It’s almost over.”

Xu Qing listened to the rustling sound of them getting dressed, and soon heard the footsteps of the two leaving. “Finally, they’re gone!” Xu Qing stood up and stretched his muscles, while Li Changfeng carefully brushed off some grass dust from Xu Qing’s body. “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Xu Qing rolled his eyes and turned around to look at Li Changfeng, who was still brushing off the dust for him. “Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this,” he said, a bit short-lived.

“Are you disappointed?” Unable to say anything else in the face of Li Changfeng’s dangerous gaze, Xu Qing could only smile awkwardly and laugh it off. “We still need to find the rosewood, let’s hurry!”

As Li Changfeng and the others had just left the spot where the couple had engaged in their tryst, a familiar figure appeared behind them. It was one of the “performers” from earlier, Luo Jiao. He had only come back to see if there was anything he had carelessly left behind, but unexpectedly, he found someone he shouldn’t have found.

“Oh, it’s the two from the back mountain, and that man has a good physique,” he said. However, now that he had seen what he saw, he wouldn’t let it go so easily.

Finally, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng brought back a medium-sized sour branch tree to their home. Xu Qing took the initiative to let Li Changfeng tidy up, while he started washing their clothes soaked in the basin.

“Is anyone home? It’s Xie Yu.”

“Brother Xie!” Xu Qing opened the courtyard door and saw Brother Xie, who had already recovered, holding something and smiling at him.

“Come and take a look. Do you like it?” Brother Xie brought the thing in his arms closer to Xu Qing. “A puppy!”

Xu Qing was ecstatic and almost jumped up. It was a black little puppy! “I love it! I love it so much! Thank you, Brother Xie!” Xu Qing carefully took the puppy from Brother Xie’s arms. It had just opened its eyes not long ago, and his eyes were filled with love. He adored cats and dogs the most among all animals.

Seeing that Xu Qing genuinely liked it, Brother Xie also breathed a sigh of relief. He was worried that Xu Qing wouldn’t like it. “It’s one of the neighbor’s dogs who recently gave birth to puppies. They sent one to our house. Since your house is in the back mountain and there’s usually no one at home, this dog can also help keep an eye on your house when it grows up.”

Xu Qing nodded happily. “Brother Xie, you’ve thought of everything! Come in quickly. I was so happy that I forgot to invite you in.”

Brother Xie shook his head. “No need. I still have to go back and cook. Ama and Uncle went to work in the fields today, and I can’t help much. I need to prepare a good meal. I’ll leave now, come over to play when you’re free.”

“Okay, goodbye, Brother Xie!” Xu Qing closed the courtyard door, holding the puppy, and ran to Li Changfeng to show off. “Changfeng, look! Look! It’s so cute!”

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s joyful smile and then glanced at the little puppy that kept snuggling into Xu Qing’s arms. He felt somewhat dissatisfied. “Let me hold it. You go make a warm nest for it.”

“Yes, yes, yes! Be careful when holding it. I’ll go find something to make a cozy nest!” After Xu Qing excitedly left.

Li Changfeng looked at the puppy in his arms and gently poked its wet nose with his slender finger. “You little rascal, daring to take advantage of my wife!”

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“Woof woof… woof woof!” The black puppy, who had just been born a few days ago, desperately tried to avoid the rough hands of its owner. Little did it know that its cute and puppyish barks only amused Li Changfeng even more, making his actions faster and stronger!

When Xu Qing came over to pick up the puppy after setting up the nest, he saw Li Changfeng’s wicked large hand ruthlessly poking the puppy. “What are you doing? It’s still so small!” Xu Qing quickly snatched the whimpering little puppy from Li Changfeng’s hand, glaring at him.

Li Changfeng shrugged, spreading his hands. “I wanted to see if it would bark.”

Xu Qing took a deep breath. “It’s so small, how can it bark properly?”

Li Changfeng nodded obediently. “I understand. There won’t be a next time.”

“Well, that’s better! Xiaobao, let’s go and see your new home!”


Xu Qing gestured to the little puppy in his arms. “I named it Xiaobao. Isn’t it a nice name?”

Li Changfeng: “…It’s a nice name. As long as you like it.” And so, this little black puppy affectionately named “Xiaobao” became the first member of their family.



In a slightly shabby thatched house in Jixiang Village, a middle-aged man was bending over and sweeping the yard. “Ama, let me do it. Take a rest.” A gentle-looking man took the broom from the middle-aged man’s hand and skillfully started sweeping.

Zhou Ama watched his son take over the task meticulously, a mix of satisfaction and concern in his heart. He was satisfied because his son, Zhou Wen, was not only a talented student but also filial, never neglecting his responsibilities at home due to his studies. The concern arose from the fact that this excellent child was already twenty years old and had no intention of getting married yet. A few days ago, Xia Ama from the village came to inquire, and Zhou Ama was pleased, but Zhou Wen insisted that he had other things on his mind and planned to focus on the provincial examination this year.

Uncle Zhou, Zhou Ama’s husband, approached and saw their son working nearby while his wife wore a conflicted expression. “What’s the matter? What’s with that expression?”

Zhou Wen looked up at Zhou Ama and helplessly said, “Ama, what are you thinking about now?”

Zhou Ama glared at Zhou Wen in anger. “What am I thinking? Isn’t it about wanting to have grandchildren sooner?” Zhou Wen felt even more helpless. He was about to prepare for the provincial examination next month and had no time or energy to think about these things. Even if he wanted to, the other person might not be willing.

Every time Zhou Wen heard the rumors and gossip about Chen Hong circulating in the village, he felt uneasy. He had liked Chen Hong since childhood, but as he grew older, he noticed that Chen Hong had feelings for Li Changfeng. Zhou Wen admired Li Changfeng and genuinely wished them happiness. However, after Li Changfeng’s engagement, military service, and subsequent visits, Zhou Wen finally felt that he had a chance. But unexpectedly, the Ma family from the town appeared.

To support Zhou Wen’s education, his family had spent a considerable amount of money. They made ends meet by doing farm work, which barely provided for their basic needs. Fortunately, Zhou Wen achieved the title of *Tongsheng, which exempted him from military service. Otherwise, the burden on the family would have been even heavier.

*(T/N: “Tongsheng” (童生) refers to the title or rank given to a child prodigy in imperial China. It was a prestigious title bestowed upon exceptionally talented and intellectually gifted young scholars. The term “tongsheng” literally means “child student” or “child sage,” reflecting the exceptional knowledge and abilities of these young individuals.)

“What are you saying? Xiao Wen will be taking the provincial examination next month. Why are you bringing up these things now?” Uncle Zhou wasn’t a short-sighted person. If his son passed the imperial examination, he was confident that matchmakers would come knocking on their door for marriage proposals.

Only then did Zhou Ama close his mouth. If this truly affected Xiao Wen’s examination, he would regret it deeply.

“It’s alright, Ama. I feel like eating the dish you make.” Zhou Wen quickly changed the topic when he saw the self-blaming expression on Zhou Ama’s face. As expected, when Zhou Ama heard that his son wanted to eat the dish he made, he immediately regained his spirits and went energetically to the kitchen to cook.

Uncle Zhou smoked his pipe, looking at Zhou Wen with a smile. “Your Ama has always been like this, forgetting everything quickly. Don’t worry too much. Prepare well and even if you don’t become a high-ranking official, if you can bring back the title of a talented scholar for your father and Ama, I will truly be at ease.”

Zhou Wen put the broom away, washed his hands with some water, and said, “I understand, Father. Don’t worry.”

Uncle Zhou nodded in satisfaction. He was very pleased to have a son like Zhou Wen. It was as if the ancestors’ graves were emitting auspicious smoke.

In the evening, Li Changfeng waited in the room for a while, but he didn’t see Xu Qing coming in. Helpless, he went out and called Xu Qing again, “It’s cool outside at night. Come inside quickly and be careful not to catch a cold.”

Xu Qing was playing with little Xiaobao in the main room, and the puppy kept licking his fingers. Xu Qing had spiritual spring water on his hands, and Xiaobao loved it. After drinking it, he kept sniffing around. The little guy was extremely adorable.

“It’s warm in the main room. Look, how cute he is.”

Li Changfeng leaned over and looked at Xu Qing’s fair fingers being licked by Xiaobao’s pink tongue, feeling uncomfortable in his heart. He reached out and pulled Xu Qing’s hand away. Xiaobao, who lost the pleasant scent, protested with a whine. Li Changfeng found it annoying. Xiaobao hadn’t smelled enough yet!

“Don’t let him develop bad habits. Dogs should behave like dogs! Let’s go wash our hands.”

Poor Xiaobao was still in his nest, wanting to jump out and follow Xu Qing’s scent. But his short legs were too short, and he couldn’t even climb out of the nest. He could only “woof woof” inside the nest.

Standing by the well, washing their hands, and listening to the various sounds coming from the nearby village, it was quite lively. Li Changfeng said, “If you think the village is lively, when we rebuild our house, we can move to the village. It would be best to live near Xiao Ama’s family. Then you won’t find it boring.”

Xu Qing took the handkerchief from Li Changfeng and wiped off the water stains on his hands, shaking his head upon hearing this. “Forget it, I still prefer it here. It may be quieter, but it’s more comfortable. We can do anything without feeling watched or listened to.”

“Is that so? I feel the same way, especially at night. We can do whatever we want.” Li Changfeng pulled Xu Qing back to the room while talking.

“You’re daydreaming!” Xu Qing didn’t know what Li Changfeng was thinking in his heart. This guy was too mischievous!

“Alright, alright, I won’t tease you tonight. Let’s sleep.” Li Changfeng tucked Xu Qing in, his big hand holding him, sniffing Xu Qing’s unique scent, and contentedly rubbing against him. He loved these days.

“Why are you behaving like Xiaobao, always rubbing against people?” Xu Qing was tickled by Li Changfeng’s fuzzy head, and he rubbed his head with one hand while teasing him incessantly.

“I’m not just going to rub against you, I’ll also…” Li Changfeng leaned close to Xu Qing’s ear and whispered, causing Xu Qing to keep pinching him to stop his words. Laughter and joy filled the room.


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